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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2967 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2967
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“Yes.” The human emperor was only conscientious, how could he still look high like before, the support of the Saint Tree was deprived, and his strength was not good enough, he could only pretend to be a grandson.

Just wondering in his heart, ‘who is Qing? Could it be the Saint Tree? But why don’t i know this kind of thing?’

“Let’s go out.” Yang Kai greeted with a sense of excitement, stretched out his hand to pat the tall tree trunk, and turned to the outside.

The human emperor followed closely behind him and followed suit.

Walking out of the mist and returning to the palace, there was a movement of fierce confrontation immediately in his ears, sometimes mixed with bursts of miserable howls and roars.

“It’s very fierce.” Yang Kai scanned his eyes and found that there were people lying on the ground. More than 20 princes and princess lay down, basically all with broken arms and legs, and a few looked injured. It’s quite heavy, with a large pool of blood around him, and don’t know if its dead or alive.

As for the guards who had been guarding the saint tree, they were basically beaten down by half. At this moment, in the sky, the thirty meter long red dragon figure stalked the sky, spraying out a mouthful of hot dragon’s breath. A series of exquisite dragon clan secret technique bloomed, scurrying around those ant-like human beings.

The Human Emperor was shocked when he saw this, and his eyes couldn’t hide the shock.

Although he knew that the dragon clan were not easy to provoke, he never expected it to be so tough.

Basically, all the powerhouses he can mobilize are gathered here, and there is still no way to take the dragon clan. Instead, there are heavy casualties. Moreover, the battle situation in the sky is obviously not optimistic. Although the red dragon is huge, the goal is obvious, but every time the attacks are powerful and terrifying, and those who are still able to act will be killed or injured if they are hit.

In the blink of an eye, two more emperor realms were sprayed by the dragon’s breath, and they were covered in fire falling from the sky.

“Stop, stop!” The human emperor hurriedly shouted.

The prince and the princess and the guards who were still able to act heard the words and retreated one after another, pulling the distance from Zhu Qing. They were taken aback when they saw Yang Kai and the human emperor.

Because at this moment, Yang Kai was actually standing in front of the Human Emperor, and the Human Emperor stood three steps behind him like a follower, and his expression was unprecedentedly anxious.

“Imperial Father!” The second princess muttered. She has the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm. Among the princes and princess, the cultivation level is the most powerful, and has been entangled with the little black dog, and did not directly confront Zhu Qing. So the injury was not too serious, but she looked a little troubled, and her clothes were tattered, and the ‘spring’ was leaking. She looked at the Human Emperor in surprise, and wanted to ask what was going on, but she couldn’t say it anyway.

“Scoundrel!” The human emperor was furious, without warning, and made everyone stay still for a while, “These two are the guests of this emperor. You are not good at entertaining, and actually have conflicts with the guests. This is simply not putting this Emperor in the eyes.”

There was silence, and the second princess felt even more dizzy.

‘This…Is it right?’ The reason they made their move was entirely because they were instructed by the human emperor to unite the power of everyone to take down the dragon clan, but in a blink of an eye, their Imperial Father actually gave another completely different expression.

Is this still the Human Emperor?

However, the 3rd prince were quick to see the opportunity, and hurriedly knelt down and said: “Imperial Father calm down his anger, I’m just exchanging pointers with the guest, there is no intention to neglect the guests.”

“Exchanging pointers?” The Human Emperor held a calm face, took a secret look at Yang Kai, and found that this guy had a dull expression, and as soon as he raised his hand, he patted the third prince.

He slapped the third prince on the chest with a fierce palm, and flew him out, bleeding in midair.

The Human Emperor angrily shouted: “Are there no one of you to exhange pointers? To use number to bully the less, really shame my royal family’s face!”

Regardless of the serious injury, the third prince got up and knelt again, and said tremblingly: “Imperial Father calms down his anger, I’m wrong.”

“I’m waiting to know what’s wrong!”

Those princes and guards knelt down quickly, even the two 3rd order Emperor Realm, it is absolutely impossible to see this kind of thing outside. The 3rd Emperor Realm is high on the top, which one outside is not the mighty one? How could it be possible to kneel down to a person whose cultivation level is lower than them.

But it is commonplace in this human imperial city.

“Neglect the guests, make a big fight, just know your mistakes? Don’t be too naive.” The human emperor said with a cold face, with an iron-faced selfless look, “It seems that you have lived in peace for a long time. ”

The second princess opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, but she was stared back by the human emperor’s eyes.

In this human imperial city, the royal family is the upper class, only the heaven is above them.

“These scoundrel have no eyes, and they dare to attack the madam. I don’t know what the guest wants to do with him? Whether to kill or slap them, the old man will never interfere.” The human emperor turned his head and looked at Yang Kai sincerely.

When everyone heard it, they were all dumbfounded. Even the third prince who had speculated was dumbfounded. He never expected that the human emperor would be so polite to this foreigner, even to this point.

What happened there just now? Why is there such a big change in the attitude of the Human Emperor? Actually call himself an old man…

Although he couldn’t guess, the third prince faintly felt that something terrible had happened just now, otherwise the human emperor could not be so humble.

Yang Kai snorted, looked up at the graceful figure in the sky, and said loudly, “Is Qing’er hurt.”

Zhu Qing has regained her human form, and slowly shook her head upon hearing this.

If it weren’t for the dragon clan, facing so many powerful enemies, she would definitely not be able to retreat, but after transforming into a giant dragon, she has amazing defenses, she was not injured.

Yang Kai smiled and turned to look at the Human Emperor: “Then it’s nothing, it’s just exchanging pointers.”

The human emperor was extremely excited: “The guest is kind, the old man is very grateful.”

He was really afraid that Yang Kai would hold on to this matter, and secretly thanked the dragon clan for her advanced cultivation, otherwise there would be absolutely no way to be kind this time.

“Don’t get out yet? A group of embarrassing things!” The human emperor turned his head and yelled at everyone.

The prince and the princess and the guards retreated one after another. Before leaving, they did not forget to pick up the wounded on the ground and take them away.

The little black dog came out from nowhere, and while the second princess was uneasy, it bit her on the chest.

The second princess was shocked, and raised her hand to shoot.

“Huh?” The Human Emperor snorted coldly.

The palm of the second princess shot stiffened in the air, and the little black dog became more brave. It tore off a large piece of her clothes, exposing the chest inside, and ran to the side happily, with its tail standing up, as if it had reported some deep hatred, very proud of it.

The second princess was eclipsed, her hands quickly covered the leaking chest, her face flushed and she stomped her feet bitterly, and walked away.

“Make you see something unsightly.” The human emperor was embarrassed. He used to think that these princes and princess were okay, but today they looked more hateful than others.

Yang Kai said lightly: “We will stay in the palace for a while.”

The Human Emperor didn’t want to, but couldn’t refuse, he could only say: “It doesn’t matter how long you want to live here.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t stay for long, I will leave when I’m ready.”

The human emperor did not dare to answer, and at this time he would lose if he spoke too much.

“In addition, I need all the information about Wheel World and Cloudy Wind Mountain, send it to me as soon as possible.”


“There is one more thing that needs your help. We came to the Wheel World with others. There is also a dragon clan and a human race. I hope the Human Emperor can help pay attention to it. If there is news, let me know as soon as possible.”

“You can rest assured, after the world’s law changes, Old Man will immediately send someone out to search.”

“That’s great.”

An hour later, in an extremely luxurious palace, Yang Kai lightly embraced Zhu Qing and sat on a spacious chair. Zhu Qing sat on his lap, and the little black dog slumped aside to doze.

“In that case, the Wheel World is really peculiar. If you want to leave this place, you can only pass through the Cloudy Wind Mountain?” Zhu Qing asked softly.

Yang Kai held her soft hand and played with it lightly. Zhu Qing’s hands were very beautiful. He had never noticed it before, but now he discovered after an intimate act that these little hands are white and flawless, soft as if they are boneless, with slender fingers.

It is hard to imagine why such a small hand can burst out such terrifying power.

Zhu Qing was uncomfortable when he was playing with her hand. She wanted to pull her hand back, but she didn’t have much energy, so she could only stare at him with her eyes.

Yang Kai didn’t see it, and continued to play around, and said casually: “From the information I got now, Cloudy Wind Mountain is the only way out, and I can only go to that place.”

Zhu Qing said worriedly: “But the cold is not easy to resist. We haven’t gotten too deep into the frozen earth before, and no one knows what the cold inside the frozen earth is. If the cold there comes from the deepest part of the frozen earth… ”

Maybe the 3rd order Emperor Realm is too difficult to move, it will be frozen into ice upon contact.

“No matter what, I always have to check it out, but I have to find Zhu Lie first.”

“Actually, this place… is pretty good. With the blessing of the Saint Tree, the human imperial city can sit back and relax without worrying about any intrusion. If you can live here…”

“Do you want to stay?” Yang Kai was slightly startled.

Zhu Qing was about to speak, suddenly as if she had noticed something, her face flushed, and she quickly got up from Yang Kai’s lap.

Yang Kai took her back again.

“Someone is coming.” Zhu Qing was a little embarrassed. After all, she was just a newcomer in this matter, and she is shy.

Seeing that she insisted on doing this, Yang Kai didn’t force her and let her go.

After a while, an indifferent voice sounded outside the hall: “Two Seniors, Fu Yu come to see you.”

The little black dog who had been lying on the ground suddenly raised its head and grinned fiercely. In the previous battle, it was regarded as an enemy with Fu Yu, so when it heard the woman’s voice, it became hostile.

“come in.”

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