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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2980 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2980
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Zhu Lie said with a look of contempt: “What kind of bullshit, how come this dragon has never heard of it? I don’t know what ability he has, dare to proclaim as a Great Demon God, shameless.”

As soon as this remark came out, it was like stabbing a hornet’s nest, and many demon kings looked at Zhu Lie glaringly, apparently extremely angry at his disrespect to the great demon god.

Even the succubus who has been talking cautiously gave a rare look, gritted her teeth and said, “This senior, please speak carefully!”

Zhu Lie glanced at her leisurely and said lightly: “What does this dragon say, why should I say it carefully?”

The indifferent eyes immediately made the succubus wake up, her face turned pale, and she was a little at a loss, regretting the impulse she had just made. She pressed her red lips lightly, not daring to speak at will.

Another demon king took a step forward and said in a deep voice: “The respected sir has a high level of cultivation and has a good method. I may not be an opponent, but if the respected sir deliberately humiliates me, then I would rather fight for death. I will not regret death, the name of the Great Demon God cannot be tarnished.”

When the words fell, all the demon kings took a step forward together, all of them looked cold, and looked like they could do a big fight with Zhu Lie at any time.

The succubus hesitated for a moment, and took a step forward, her face paler.

“Oh?” Zhu Lie had a sneer at the corner of his mouth. “Just relying on you rubbish, you also want to fight against this dragon?”

With the slightest murderous intent lingering, Dragon Qi in Zhu Lie’s body rolled secretly. For him, although it may take some effort to kill these demon kings, he definitely has this ability. The anger of the eighth-order red dragon is not something that everyone can bear, even if it is the 3rd order Emperor Realm, it’s helpless in front of the angry dragon.

The fate of the first demon king in the Demon Fury City is the best example.

Zhu Lie didn’t put these demon kings in his eyes, and he didn’t need to talk to them on an equal footing. To him, Demon Fury City was just a slightly larger ant nest. When he walked, he raised his foot and stepped over, now these ants actually took the initiative to provoke him, only blood and death can calm his anger.

The killing intent is like a tide, rolling, the atmosphere is tense.

“The Great Demon God… is very strong!” Yang Kai said softly, his voice low.

Zhu Lie turned his head and looked at him, frowning, wondering why he suddenly said this. But having said that, although he looked at Yang Kai extremely unhappy, he also felt that he couldn’t beat Yang Kai completely because of bloodline suppression, but it was undeniable that this guy did have some abilities.

Only 1st order Emperor Realm cultivation level, but he could display almost the strength of the 3rd order Emperor Realm. This kind of foundation is not available to many people in the entire Star Boundary.

So Zhu Lie paid some attention to his words.

Many demon kings are also a little stunned, looking at Yang Kai with expressions a lot softer, everyone feels that this human race is a hundred times more pleasing to the eye than the red-haired youth.

Yang Kai and Zhu Lie smiled slightly: “In the great world, capable and strange people come forth in large numbers. Although the Holy Spirit can stand alone, there are always some existences beyond your imagination, and all we can do is hope to catch up one day. Surpass him, and crush him.”

Zhu Lie was startled: “Are you teaching me?”

Although he admits that what Yang Kai said is reasonable, the arrogance in his bones makes him unable to agree. In the eyes of all dragon clans, the dragon clan is the most powerful existence, the longest being standing on the cloud, and other creatures can only look up to them. Especially when Yang Kai spoke to him in this natural tone, it made him even more uncomfortable.

“The young man is quite arrogant!” Yang Kai chuckled, turned his head before Zhu Lie became angry, and looked at the succubus and said: “Calling you over, just for one thing.”

“I wonder what the senior wants to know?” the succubus asked in harmony.

Just now Yang Kai justified the name of the Great Demon God, which greatly increased her favor with him, and was no longer as afraid of him as before, as most other demon kings did.

“Tell me about Return to the Ruins.” Yang Kai said lightly.


“Return…to the Ruins!”

“Beast of destruction!”

“How do you know the name of Return to the Ruins?”

A group of demon kings changed their expressions and screamed, as if they had heard something terrible. Yang Kai snorted coldly, which made them shut up. It was obvious that their eyes communicated with each other, and they were still shocked in their hearts.

The succubus swallowed her saliva and asked cautiously: “Senior, I wonder what are you asking this for?”

“It’s nothing, I have raised one Return to the Ruins, so I want to know information about it. Isn’t Return to the Ruins a Demon Beast in the Demon Territory? Naturally, I will come to you to inquire about it.”

“Raise… Raise one Return to the Ruins?” The succubus’s face eclipsed, and said with a far-fetched smile: “Senior can really make jokes, how can such beast be raised?”

The expressions of some demon kings also seemed to be smiling, which seemed extremely weird. They don’t believe Yang Kai’s words, they think this guy is really bragging, after all, this kind of thing is too unbelievable, how can such a strange beast that is born to destroy all things be kept by a human race? If this is the case, this person would have been swallowed a long time ago, how could he stand here and talk.

“Do you think i’m joking?” Yang Kai looked at the succubus seriously with a serious expression.

The succubus closed her smile and shook her head slowly.

“Then don’t ask such naive questions.”

The succubus gave a light cough, and said to her heart that this guy might have mistaken a monster beast for Return to the Ruins, but seeing his serious appearance, she didn’t dare to say any more, so she could only follow her words and said, “Senior. What do you want to ask?”

“You can say whatever you know!” Yang Kai clicked on the stone table with one hand, pointed at the many demon kings, and said to the succubus: “Starting from you, everyone will say a piece of information about Return to the Ruins. If your information did not satisfy me, you are responsible for the consequences.”

The succubus was startled: “What are the consequences?”

Yang Kai said: “I didn’t think about it, but it certainly won’t be too wonderful.” He sneered slightly, and a trace of killing intent was fleeting, making many demon kings look terrified, knowing that this guy is real, and he really wants to inquire informatoin about Return to the Ruins.

A hundred of them don’t understand. Although Return to the Ruins name is big, it has long since become extinct, and Return to the Ruins is a Demon Beast in the Demon Territory. Why would the human race ask about this for? No one dared to ask, they all looked at the succubus. [MSN: Dude, he already told you the reason before.]

The succubus was secretly bitter in her heart, but she could only follow Yang Kai’s intentions and thought for a while: “Return to the Ruins is known as the beast of destruction, and it is so prestigious in my Demon Territory. The reason for this title is because it represents destruction, wherever it goes, there is a piece of nihility.”

After speaking, she looked at Yang Kai cautiously. Yang Kai frowned. Although he was a little dissatisfied with the general information, he didn’t care too much, just waved his hand to let her pass.

The succubus breathed a sigh of relief, and turned her head to look at the next demon king.

Obviously the demon king had already thought about it, and immediately said: “The rumor said that Return to the Ruins was born in chaos. Although it is a flesh and blood body, it has no root and no source. No one knows how it was born. It seems to already exist when the Demon Territory was formed.”

Yang Kai nodded gently.

The talking demon kin understood and turned his head to look at the next one.

The third Demon King said: “I only know that there seems to be a strange space in Return to the Ruins that can swallow everything.”

“Because Return to the Ruins is a Demon Beast from the Demon Territory, it is extremely interested in Demon Qi. It seems to grow stronger by devouring Demon Qi.”

“Yes, it is rumored that Return to the Ruins was not strong when it was born. Although it showed peculiar abilities, my Demon Race did not pay too much attention to it. It was not until it gradually grew that it attracted the attention of the powerhouse in the Demon Territory, but it was too late by then.”

“Back then, Return to the Ruins was rampant in the Demon Territory, devouring countless Demon Race, and destroying countless towns. Even Demon Saints were swallowed by it. My Demon Race are united in order to resist it. It was killed after paying a very heavy price.”

“The vitality of Return to the Ruins is so tenacious. There are rumors that Return to the Ruins is not dead, but hides in the chaos through the method of fake death, waiting for the day of resurgence.”


Pieces of information about Return to the Ruins came out from the mouths of these demon kings. Although they have been trapped in the Wheel World for hundreds of thousands of years, some information about the Demon Territory has been passed down from generation to generation, especially about this Return to the Ruins, a very representative beast of destruction, even though most of the information in their mouths is described as rumors, they are all extremely good information.

Occasionally, there are a few demon kings who don’t know much about Return to the Ruins, or the information they know has been told in advance by others, and other demon kings quietly communicate other information to them, and they can also pass it to Yang Kai here.

After two or three rounds like this, no matter how these demon kings racked their brains, they couldn’t think of more information. But seeing Yang Kai didn’t mean to stop, they couldn’t help feeling a little bitter, thinking that this guy was deliberately making things difficult for them, or else why won’t he inquire about other things, but inquire about this Return to the Ruins?

After another demon king spoke out the information he knew, the next one wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking for a long time with embarrassment, but didn’t think of anything.

Yang Kai looked up and said, “Nothing?”

The Demon King smiled bitterly and shook his head.

The succubus hurriedly said: “Senior, we have told you everything we know, there really is nothing else to hide.”

“Well, I know.” Yang Kai nodded, “I believe what you said just now is true. I am very interested in one point.”

“I don’t know what the senior is referring to?”

“Return to the Ruins can swallow Demon Qi and become stronger, what if it swallows you?”

“I…us?” The succubus swallowed her saliva, her lips trembled and said, “It should be fine.”

“I don’t think so…” Yang Kai glanced at her with a smile, “If Return to the Ruins can swallow you demon kings, the speed of growth will be very fast.”

“Haha, probably.” The succubus gave a strong smile. Although She don’t think there will be any Return to the Ruins to swallow them, it always makes her feel creepy when talking about this topic, as if there is a bloody mouth to rush at her at any time. Bite her and swallow her into the belly.

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