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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3023 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3023
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In Half-Dragon City, everyone was silent on the streets.

When Li Jiao turned his head again, the cold expression on his face had recovered, step by step he approached the shady man.

After being slapped severely by him, the shady man was dizzy and calmed down. He suddenly saw Li Jiao standing in front of him. He became angry and screamed: “You dare to hit me?”

Li Jiao’s eyes dropped, and he slapped him again.

There was a crisp sound, and the other cheek of the shady man was also swollen.

The dual suppression from the bloodline and the cultivation level made him completely unable to fight back in front of Li Jiao, and could only be passively beaten.

“Asshole! fuck you…”

Before he finished speaking, Li Jiao slammed his face with a fist, and immediately hit him.



It was another punch.

The people around him were silent, only feeling a chill from the head to the soles of the feet.

Li Jiao seemed to be extremely angry. No matter what, he leaned forward and rode on the shady man body, arching his hands left and right, and constantly hit the shady man’s face. The sound of pops was endless, and he hit the shady man until he couldn’t speak a word.

Although he was ruthless, it was also very measured.

After all, this place is unfamiliar. Although he wanted to help the mother and daughter vent their anger, but he didn’t kill him, so although the shameless man was beaten so miserably, he wouldn’t have any worry about his life.

“This friend, please be forgiving, this man… you can’t afford to offend.”

A voice suddenly floated into his ears. It should be someone who quietly transmitted the sound to Li Jiao. Li Jiao frowned when he heard the sound, and his hand movements were much lighter. After such a beating, his anger also vented a lot, not as much as when he lost his mind.

The woman who was rescued by him finally came back to her senses at this moment, and screamed: “Don’t hit, don’t hit it, my lord, stop it.”

She didn’t intercede for the shameless man. She had previously suffered such humiliation under the shameless man, and was even seen by her own daughter. She wanted to kill the other person for revenge, so how could she intercede for him? She was worried about Li Jiao. If this person was really going to be killed, Li Jiao would have nowhere to survive.

Her heart was full of guilt and anxiety, and she felt that she has affected Li Jiao.

Li Jiao slammed the shady man with two punches again before he stopped and snorted coldly, “What a shit!”

The woman took the opportunity to rush up, grabbed his arm, and begged, “Sir, stop.”

Li Jiao took advantage of the situation and got up, coldly looking at the shady man lying on the ground, and said: “This time I will not kill you. If there is another time, I will turn you to corpse.”

The shameless man was bloodied at this moment, and almost all of his face was deformed. It’s unknown if he was ashamed or really injured, lying on the ground motionless, as if he was dead.

Li Jiao kicked him again, then turned his head to look at the woman, with a slightly complicated expression, and said, “Are you okay?”

The woman shook her head, not daring to look at him, and gently let go of his arm.

She is also in the Emperor Realm. Although she was slightly injured by the bullying just now, she was harmless.

“It’s fine.” Li Jiao nodded.

The woman lowered her head and bit her red lips lightly and said: “This mistress thank you for your help, my lord…you should go quickly, you can’t stay in Half Dragon City.”

Li Jiao frowned when he heard the words. Whether it was the woman’s reaction at the moment or the previous sound transmission, they conveyed some special messages. Li Jiao is not a fool, and he know that the guy he hit has a big background.

This is causing trouble.

Li Jiao couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy, but he didn’t show anything in front of the woman. If he was asked to choose another time, he would still definitely make a move. It wasn’t his enthusiasm, just…

“Do you want to call me like this?” Li Jiao sighed slightly as he looked at the woman.

The woman trembled and pretended to be stupid: “My lord…what does this mean?”

“Haa…” Li Jiao shook his head, did not entangle this topic much, just said: “Follow me.”

When the words fall, he lead the way first.

The woman hesitated, but still greeted her daughter, holding her hand and following Li Jiao.

When he walked into the previous teahouse and went up to the second floor, Li Jiao immediately saw Yang Kai looking at him with a smile, his old face turned red, knowing that his impulse just made him show something embarrassing.

After all, he is a 3rd order Emperor Realm, a Palace Lord, and he rarely loses self-control.

He didn’t say anything, sitting back to his original position, Yang Kai pushed a cup of tea over, and Li Jiao drank it, with a calm face and said nothing.

The mother and daughter stood next to each other happily. If you look carefully, you can find that they have many similarities, and their looks are very good. Although the woman was injured a little and there was blood on the corners of her mouth, it still couldn’t cover that graceful face.

Li Jiao didn’t speak, and the woman didn’t speak. She just stood there with her head down, as if she had done something wrong. Only the girl looked at Yang Kai and Li Jiao curiously, but it was Li Jiao that she paid more attention to, after all. Just now, Li Jiao offered a helping hand and saved her mother. The girl naturally felt more cordial to him, and she was also grateful in her heart.

“Sit down and talk.” Yang Kai smiled at them slightly.

The woman shook her head and whispered softly: “This mistress accept your kindness, and the mistress has received it physically and mentally. This mistress will just stand up.”

Li Jiao was suffocated when he heard the words, and took another sip of tea.

The woman said again: “The two lord should leave Half Dragon City as soon as possible. It is not easy to stay here for a long time.”

Yang Kai said, “What’s the background of that person?”

The woman said: “He doesn’t have much background, but… he can talk to that side.”

What she said was unclear and seemed to be taboo. Seeing both Yang Kai and Li Jiao with indifferent expressions, the woman looked at Li Jiao eagerly and said, “My lord, you really have to go quickly. If you don’t leave, it will be too late.”

Li Jiao turned his head, looked at her annoyedly, and said solemnly: “You still pretend not to know me?”

As soon as this statement came out, the woman immediately lowered her head again, not daring to look at him.

The girl next to her stared curiously, looked at her mother, and looked at Li Jiao: “Do you know my mother?”

Li Jiao hummed: “You have to ask her!”

He seemed a little angry, but it’s unknown what he was angry with.

The girl was innocent, turned her head to look at her mother and said: “Mother, do you know this lord?”

The woman didn’t make a sound, but the shoulders shook gently, click and click… A drop of tears dripped down, like a broken pearl, as if thinking of something sad.

“Mother…” Upon seeing this, the girl’s eye circles were also red, and she reached out and put her arms around her mother.

“What are you crying for? It’s been so many years, why is it still like this.” Li Jiao was a little speechless, knowing that his words were a bit too heavy, and he felt a little sad. He didn’t know how to comfort her. He was anxious for a while and could only ask for help. Looking at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “This big sister, sit down first.”

Although they are both 1st order Emperor Realm, this woman is definitely older than him, and it’s not wrong to call her big sister, not to mention that Li Jiao seems to have known her a long time ago, so of course he has to give Li Jiao some face at this time.

He was very heroic just now, as if he was a few hundred years younger.

Sure enough, as soon as Yang Kai said this, Li Jiao’s face was immediately radiant, but he still said with a straight face: “Sit down, what are you doing standing here, if those who don’t know anything saw it, they will think I’m bullying you.”

The woman was still crying quietly, but she sat down with her daughter, and she probably felt that it was a bit unreasonable to stand here crying.

Her mood was a little unstable. It’s unknown if it was because of the bullying she had just received, or because she saw Li Jiao again after many years, and the tears never stopped.

It’s not convenient to talk to her at this time. Yang Kai simply looked at Li Jiao and whispered quietly: “Do you know her?”

Yang Kai had guessed as early as when Li Jiao did it, and all the signs afterwards showed that Li Jiao and her indeed know each others, but Yang Kai also felt that it was a coincidence to meet acquaintances in this Half Dragon City.

Li Jiao nodded lightly, his expression complicated again, his eyes flashed with memories.

Yang Kai didn’t ask any more, this kind of privacy is not easy to inquire, anyway, he felt that Li Jiao’s relationship with this woman was unusual.

“Has Palace Lord Yang heard of the Ruyi Sect?”

After being silent for a while, Li Jiao suddenly asked through a voice transmission.

“Ruyi Sect?” Yang Kai thought for a moment, then nodded: “I’ve heard it.”

Ruyi Sect is also in the northern region, but compared to Fire Dragon Palace, Full Sky Sect, Asking Passion Sect and ice Heart Valley, it’s a bit worse, because this sect does not have the 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse. The strongest is only 2nd order Emperor Realm. So even though Yang Kai had heard of Ruyi Sect, he didn’t quite know it well. Suddenly hearing him mention it at this moment, he knew that this woman should be related to Ruyi Sect.

Li Jiao continued to spread the sound: “The sect master of Ruyi Sect Lu Qiu, the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm is not top-notch, but it is not bad. Ruyi Sect is also a long-standing sect, although sect master Lu Qiu didn’t do much, she was able to keep her ancestor’s inheritance going. He has many children. One of them ranks third. She is beautiful and famous, and everyone calls her Lu Sanniang.”

At this point, he turned his head and glanced at the woman sitting next to him who is sobbing softly.

“About three hundred years ago, Li met a group of villain committing crimes while traveling, Palace Lord Yang should not be unfamiliar with this kind of thing. Although the cultivation level was good, at that time there was only the 3rd order Dao Source Stage, surrounded by enemy and many dangers. Li take a shot to save her, and then Li met her, and the woman… was Lu Sanniang of Ruyi Sect.”

“I’m not afraid to tell Palace Lord Yang this. Li is also a lustful person. With such a stunning face, Li is naturally tempted. Later, after being in contact for some time, I feels that she has a good impression of Li, so Li propose a marriage to the Ruyi Sect.”

The true nature of the human heart, let alone Li Jiao who has the blood of the dragon clan? Lu Sanniang’s face was very pretty, it was normal for Li Jiao to be tempted by her.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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