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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3042 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3042
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While several people were talking, there was a wave of Dragon Prestige from the other side of the island. Obviously Zhu Lie had made no mistake, and Fu Chi had really come over.

Perceiving this familiar aura, Mrs. Hua became more confident and resentful.

“Get out of here!” Zhu Lie suddenly shouted, raising his hand and patted Yang Kai.

When Yang Kai saw this, he stepped down and floated to the side.

Silently, Mrs. Hua, who was thinking about how to torture Yang Kai and Lu Sanniang and her daughter, suddenly spurted blood, her bones were broken, heart-piercing pain came from all over the body, vitality quickly passed away, and she turned her head hard. Looked at Zhu Lie incredulously: “My lord, you…”

Her neck crooked, her aura disappeared in an instant, and her eyes were open wide.

When she died, she didn’t want to understand why Zhu Lie would suddenly kill her.

Lu Sanniang obviously didn’t understand. Seeing Zhu Lie raised his hand, he killed Mrs. Hua, she couldn’t help rubbing her eyes vigorously, thinking she was seeing wrong.

Accidental injury? Isn’t it? How could an eighth-order dragon clan make such a mistake?

Just when she was suspicious, Zhu Lie patted a palm on the left and right sides.

Two muffled hums came, and the two women who had come with Mrs. Hua also bleed from their heads and died on the spot.

Lu Sanniang’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale.

‘Where is this accidental injury? This dragon clan clearly deliberately killed the three women of Fu Chi. What’s going on? Logically speaking, shouldn’t he have killed Yang Kai? But why not only didn’t he attack Yang Kai, but instead killed Mrs Hua and the other?’

Lu Sanniang felt that her head was not good enough, and she couldn’t understand what she saw.

Zhu Lie turned his head and stared at Lu Sanniang and her daughter again. The murderous intent in his eyes couldn’t be more obvious. He raised his palm as if he was about to make another move.

Lu Sanniang’s heart was stunned, and her face was pale.

A figure flashed in front of her, Yang Kai blocked the front, and whispered: “These two can’t be killed!”

Zhu Lie said: “Be careful!”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Zhu Lie said angrily: “It’s up to you, if the wind blow, it’s your trouble.” After speaking, he turned his head and looked at Yuan Wu over there.

Yuan Wu had been in a coma over there since he was hit by Yang Kai just now, and at this moment, his body was finally shaking.

At any rate, he also has 2nd order Emperor Realm, and he is also a dragon descendant. Yang Kai’s blow is not powerful, how can he knock him out? He was just pretending to be knocked out, and he could see clearly everything that happened afterwards, and all kinds of bizarre changes made him startled.

Especially the killing of Mrs. Hua by Zhu Lie made him feel extremely shocked.

He faintly sensed that Zhu Lie seemed to be helping Yang Kai, and if it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t kill them before Fu Chi arrived.

As long as he wants to kill people to silence them, then he must also be the target of punishment.

So when Zhu Lie looked at him, Yuan Wu knew that the situation was not good. He pondered between begging for mercy and running away. He ran away and greeted Fu Chi, shouting: “My lord, help!”

Although he didn’t know why Zhu Lie wanted to kill others, he also knew that Zhu Lie would not let him go. It would be useless to ask for mercy. At this time, if he want to survive, he can only rely on Fu Chi. The chance is not great, but it is better than nothing.

Zhu Lie stared at his back coldly, and when he raised his hand, a fire dragon rushed forward, spreading its teeth and claws, aggressively.

The flames were soaring to the sky, Yuan Wu was shocked, turned his head to look, and his soul flew away suddenly, exclaiming: “Spare my life!”

The fire dragon has wrapped him. This is pure dragon flame, which cannot be resolved by the power of Yuan Wu. He screamed, his body entangled with flames, and he carried it downward, falling heavily on the ground, constantly rolling and struggling.

In just five breaths, Yuan Wu stopped moving, and his flesh and blood were incinerated, leaving only a pool of black charcoal.

Fu Chi finally arrived.

This is a man who looks like he is in his thirties. He is sturdy in shape, his expression has no anger nor prestige, his body is surrounded by thunder arcs and crackling.

His eyes swept across Zhu Lie, and his eyes sank. Obviously, he didn’t want to see him. It seemed that there were some other grudges between them.

Glancing at Yang Kai again, his eyes didn’t stop, Human Race wasn’t worth his attention.

It was the appearance of Lu Sanniang that made him frown.

It is naturally impossible for him to forget Lu Sanniang. It was he who captured Lu Sanniang from the Northern Territory to Dragon Island, and he personally expelled her. After more than ten years, he still has this memory.

Lu Sanniang didn’t dare to look at him, she just protected Lu Yuqin behind her, her body shivering and her face pale as paper.

Fortunately, Fu Chi didn’t care too much about her, his gaze just paused and swept over.

The next moment, Fu Chi was furious, gritted his teeth and shout: “Zhu Lie, what have you done!”

He saw the corpse of his favorite woman lying horizontally on the beach, her beautiful eyes were round, her eyes full of blood, and the corpse was still lingering with a faint Dragon Yuan, which was obviously dead in the hands of the dragon clan.

But here and now, there is only Zhu Lie who is dragon clan, no need to ask, Fu Chi also knows that Zhu Lie is the killer.

This made him suddenly angry.

This is his own territory, that is his prisoner, died in Zhu Lie’s hands for no reason, Fu Chi couldn’t bear it.

Fu Chi was furious.

Zhu Lie said indifferently: “There are things that have no eyes, I just cleaned them up for you.”

Fu Chi’s face was blue and said: “What do you mean!”

He didn’t know what was happening here. After all, although this place was not too far away from the other side of the island, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to the movements here. He only noticed Zhu Lie’s aura, so he came here to take a look, he didn’t expect to see such a scene as soon as he came.

“The mere ants dare to confront me, what do you think?” Zhu Lie snorted coldly.

“She confront you?” Fu Chi was a little surprised and suspicious. Mrs. Hua has lived on Dragon Island for a long time, how could she rashly contradict a dragon clan? What’s more, he remembered that Mrs. Hua had met Zhu Lie.

There are not many dragon clan, and high-level dragon clan are even rarer. Since she have seen him, she must remember it and he doesn’t think that Mrs. Hua will be so eyeless to confront Zhu Lie. Isn’t this seeking a dead end?

What’s going on?

“Why? Reluctant?” Zhu Lie showed a sarcastic smile on his face.

Fu Chi stared at him deeply, not knowing what he was thinking about, and said after a long time: “It’s just a few playthings, there is nothing to feel reluctant about their death.”

There is really nothing to be reluctant. What he cares about is not Madam Hua’s life or death, but only his own face.

Zhu Lie ran to his turf to kill his own people. This was obviously not giving him face, but it was an eventful time at the moment, and he was not willing to entangle with Zhu Lie to avoid conflicts, and said: “Since she confront you, it is not a pity to die.”

“At least you’re sensible.” Zhu Lie snorts coldly.

Fu Chi said indifferently: “What are you doing here today!”

Zhu Lie said: “Just seeing how the palace on your side is being built.”

“Just for this?” Fu Chi frowned.

“This is a big deal!” Zhu Lie’s face sank, and his tone became heavy.

Fu Cchi nodded and said: “Yes, it is indeed a major event. Since you’re here, let’s go and take a look. I am not sure about the palace either. I just glanced at it just now. It seems that the progress is pretty good. These ants are somewhat capable.”

Zhu Lie looked indifferent and flew towards the palace, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Fu Chi’s face became cold. Zhu Lie came here and didn’t give him face. Even if he intended to ease the relationship, he was still look down on, which made Fu Chi very unhappy.

However, Zhu Lie’s strength and bloodline are not inferior to him, and Fu Chi is not going to do anything. Moreover, he does not need to bear him for too long. It only takes one month, and after one month, there is no need to look at his face.

The figure flickered, and disappeared in place.

Left a corpse and Yang Kai and others.

From the beginning to the end, Fu Chi didn’t take a look at Lu Sanniang, let alone pay attention to the existence of Lu Yuqin. To him, this pair of mother and daughter were like air, which was not worth paying attention to.

Lu Sanniang’s expression was sad, not because of this, but because of Lu Yuqin.

Her daughter also has half of Fu Chi’s blood, but Fu Chi’s heart is like a stone, which makes Lu Sanniang very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Lu Yuqin doesn’t understand the situation.

But now she is more concerned about another matter. At this moment, she looked at Yang Kai with some fear, and said softly: “Brother Yang, that lord…”

Yang Kai said lightly: “Today’s matter, don’t say a word.”

Lu Sanniang looked at him with a solemn expression, and nodded repeatedly: “I understand, you can rest assured that today’s matter will never be revealed by us.”

Yang Kai nodded, turned his head and looked at the place where the palace was.

It would be really bad if Zhu Lie hadn’t come forward for today’s affairs, especially after Fu Chi came over.

Zhu Lie obviously understood this, so he made the first move. Not only did he kill Mrs. Hua and the other two, but Yuan Wu, who pretended to be dead on the side, was never let go. If Yang Kai hadn’t stopped him, Lu Sanniang and her daughter will also be killed.

But Yang Kai is not too worried. If he really gets to an irreconcilable step, he will have a fight with Fu Chi, the eighth-order thunder dragon, he really doesn’t put it in his eyes. Because of this confidence, he will have no fear.

The ending is pretty good now. The only thing Yang Kai doesn’t understand now is why Fu Chi seems to be tolerant to Zhu Lie.

Logically speaking, everyone is an eighth-order dragon bloodline, and no one is afraid of anyone, but Fu Chi’s attitude today is obviously intriguing.

He don’t understand, he don’t even bother to think about it.

Yang Kai now only cares about Zhu Qing’s whereabouts.

He finally met Zhu Lie, so naturally he couldn’t miss this opportunity, and he had to find out Zhu Qing’s location from him. But now Zhu Lie is staying with Fu Chi, and it is not convenient to inquire about anything.

Yang Kai could only wait quietly.

He believes that Zhu Lie knows his purpose of coming to Dragon Island. Since he intends to hide his whereabouts and identity, he should also care about it.

After a stick of incense time, a red light soared into the sky from the palace and galloped in a certain direction.

It’s unknown if it was intentional or unintentional, the red light passed directly over Yang Kai’s head, and disappeared into the depths of the sea in an instant.

On the island, Fu Chi stared at Zhu Lie’s back, sneered slightly, and turned and left.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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