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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3044 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3044
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Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai realized another problem. The second elder of the Dragon Clan was comparable to the great emperor. What about the great elder?

Compared with the second elder, the great elder is probably only stronger than the second elder!

In other words, the entire Dragon Island is equal to two great emperor-level powerhouses, which is simply sensational.

In the past, Yang Kai didn’t have an intuitive concept by just listening to others’ opinions about Dragon Island, but now there are, two great emperors, this hasn’t counted the other dragon clans. With such a background, no one in the world can contend.

“What’s your Great Elder attitude?” Yang Kai frowned and asked. Zhu Qing was guarded on an island by the second elder of the Dragon Clan. She would definitely not let her leave. Yang Kai could only hit the idea of the Great Elder if he want to take Zhu Qing out.

Zhu Lie said: “The name of the great elder is called Zhu Yan, and the name of the second elder is called Fu Zhun. Do you understand that?”

Yang Kai raised his brows: “The second elder belong to the Fu family dragon clan.”

“Although the Zhu family Dragon Clan and the Fu family Dragon Clan are of the same origin, both a dragon clan, but they don’t really get along with each other.”

Yang Kai suddenly became annoyed: “Since the Great Elder is your Zhu family dragon clan, why don’t she protect Zhu Qing?”

Although he had never seen Zhu Yan, he felt a little bit of resentment towards the great elder. He felt that this old guy was too indifferent and he couldn’t protect his people. How could he be a Great Elder? It’s better to get rid of the armor and return to the field sooner and find an island to take care of himself.

Zhu Lie said: “Zhu Qing violated the clan rules and insulted my dragon clan bloodline. The Great Elder couldn’t protect her even if he wanted to.” He looked at Yang Kai angrily, thinking that all this was the guy’s fault. If it weren’t for him, how could Zhu Qing be imprisoned, how could she fall into such a situation?

After all, there have been precedents before. How similar are the events ten years ago and the events this time? It’s just that the problem was not the Zhu family dragon clan, but a Fu family dragon clan.

She also fell in love with human race and even gave birth to heir. The news was passed back to Dragon Island. The second elder Fu Zhun became furious and personally took the Fu family dragon clan back to Dragon Island, regardless of the persuasion and pleading of other dragon clan, and directly threw her into the Dragon Tomb under house arrest.

The Dragon Tomb is the place where the Dragon Clan will only enter when they are about to die. It is a forbidden place for the Dragon Clan. Entering there is tantamount to being sentenced to death. Don’t even think about coming out again for the rest of their life.

The dragon clan who violated the clan rules, is the second elder Fu Zhun’s most valued clan member back then, can almost be said to be raised by the second elder alone, like a daughter, but in front of the clan rules, the so-called family affection is not worth mentioning. The second elder still ruthlessly banished her into the dragon tomb, so she can repent.

Zhu Lie still remembered that even the great elder intervened to beg for mercy in the past, and felt that a little punishment would be enough, but the selfish second elder was not moved at all and went her own way.

Although more than ten years have passed, Zhu Lie still vividly remembered it.

With this lesson learned, it was a fluke that Zhu Qing hadn’t been thrown into the Dragon Tomb directly, how can he do another thing? It is precisely because of something more than ten years ago that the great elder was not easy to plead for Zhu Qing, the second elder even exiled a clan member that she considered as a daughter, let alone a dragon clan of the Zhu family? Persistent in pleading for her will only backfire.

Now it seems that Zhu Qing was not banished into the Dragon Tomb, thanks to there being no child, otherwise her ending must be the same as that of the Fu family Dragon Clan.

Although the Dragon Clan is unchecked in private life, and even obscene, many male dragon clan have combined with the human race and monster race to give birth to offspring, but this kind of thing is not the same for female dragon clan. This is the dragon clan taboo.

The main reason is the inconsistency in the ratio of the gender among the Dragon Clan. The number of female dragon clan is scarce. Any one of them is a treasure, and it is the hope of extending the blood of the Dragon Clan. How can it be compared with human race?

Yang Kai thought with a gloomy expression for a while, and he was ready to move: “In your opinion, can I suppress the bloodline of your Second Elder?”

Zhu Lie curled his lips and said, “Don’t even think about it!”

“I can suppress the 8th order. I haven’t tried the 9th order. The second elder is only the 10th order bloodline, and it’s not much different!”

Zhu Lie shook his head and said, “I know what your plan is, but I advise you to put out this idea as soon as possible. The second elder cultivation has reach the sky. With your current ability, don’t even expect to suppress her bloodline, let alone the second elder. On Dragon Island, if I am prepared, you can’t even suppress me.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned.

Zhu Lie said: “In the Dragon Palace, the power of the ancestors of all generations of the Dragon Clan is gathered. Only by requesting the protection of the Dragon Palace’s secret technique, the bloodline suppression can be offset to a certain extent. You should have seen it last time.”

Yang Kai was stunned, and suddenly remembered the scene when he first met Zhu Lie. At that time, he didn’t seem to suppress Zhu Lie bloodline. In the end, his Dragon Transformation broke through, a piece of dragon scal was lifted off and Zhu Lie was completely suppressed by him afterwards.

On the dragon scales that were lifted off, there was a trace of a dragon clan secret technique.

It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai understood that it should have been the shelter of the Dragon Palace that Zhu Lie had asked for. No wonder he could not be suppressed at the beginning, there was a reason for this.

“If you want to suppress a powerhouse like the second elder, unless you can integrate all the Dragon Clan Origin in your body, there is only a silver lining. Don’t forget, the second elder is not only a dragon clan, but also an existence comparable to the Great Emperor.”

“Integrate all Dragon Clan Origin…that’s impossible!” Yang Kai’s head shook into a rattle, he has been cultivating the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique for a long time. Although the Origin power of the Golden Holy Dragon has been integrated a lot, it is only a little bit, if he want to integrate all of the Dragon Clan Origin power, it cannot be achieved without a century of hard practice.

“Then don’t hit the idea on the Second Elder.”

“The Great Elder really can’t contribute?” Yang Kai’s eyes flickered. In Dragon Clan, only the Great Elder can contend with the second elder. If he can persuade her to take action, there is hope of saving Zhu Qing.

“The great elder can’t be count on. He is the leader of the dragon clan, and it is impossible to break the clan rules.”

Yang Kai suddenly got a temper: “This is not okay, that’s not okay, could it be just watch it?”

While speaking, he suddenly remembered something and said: “By the way, I have the Dragon Island Token! I will trade the Dragon Island Token for your sister.” While speaking, he took out the Dragon Island Token.

Zhu Lie’s eyes lit up, but soon fell back down, and sighed: “If it’s something else, Dragon Island will satisfy your wish, but I’m afraid it won’t work.”

Yang Kai said fiercely: “Dragon Clan don’t care about credibility? Doesn’t those who hold the Dragon Island Token can let the Dragons fulfill one of their wishes? My wish is to take your sister away.”

“Although this is true, the premise is that you can’t violate the principles of the Dragon Clan and hinder the interests of the Dragon Clan! You want to take Zhu Qing away, which breaks the principles of the Dragon Clan.”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment and cursed.

Since he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, he hadn’t experienced this kind of powerlessness for a long time. This feeling made him very uncomfortable, very irritable, as if all the roads were blocked, so that he could not use his ability.

Zhu Lie’s eyes flashed, and suddenly said, “After a month, there may be an opportunity.”

Yang Kai looked up at him.

Zhu Lie looked at him and explained: “After a month, Zhu Qing will leave the Second Elder’s Spirit Island. Only at that time will you be able to take her away.”

“How do you know this would happen after a month?” Yang Kai frowned, feeling that there was something more in Zhu Lie’s words.

Zhu Lie looked at him with complicated eyes, and asked instead: “Do you know why the Dragon Clan suddenly started to build a palace on the Spirit Island of Fu Chi?”

Yang Kai thought for a while and said, “Fu Chi is getting married?”

He heard Mrs. Hua mention this matter in the daytime, but he didn’t care too much. Although the dragon clan marriage was a major event, it had nothing to do with him. He just wanted to take Zhu Qing away.

“To be precise, Fu Chi and Zhu Qing marriage!”

The air solidified suddenly, the surrounding temperature dropped sharply, and there was a chill.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, and the Emperor Yuan surging uncontrollably, he said every word: “You say it again? I don’t seem to hear clearly.”

Zhu Lie sighed: “As a compromise not to imprison her into the Dragon Tomb, she needs to marry Fu Chi to extend the blood of the dragon clan.”


Boundless hostility gushes out all over the pores.

Yang Kai clenched his fists and his bones crackled. He hasn’t tasted this feeling of complete rage for a long time. The anger flooded him like a tide, making his mind turbulent. He just wants to kill, return to the spirit island, and find Fu Chi, smash his corpse into thousands of pieces, otherwise the anger in his heart can’t be vented at all.

‘You dare to steal a woman from me?’ When Yang Kai saw him during the day, he didn’t have any good impressions, and now his impression was even worse, and he directly regarded him as an enemy of life and death!

He didn’t expect that the dragon clan who had harmed Lu Sanniang dared to steal a woman from him!

“Although Zhu Qing has resisted, this is the decision of several elders. It doesn’t matter if she agrees or disagrees. If not, how could her bloodline and cultivation level be suppressed?”

Hearing that, Yang Kai’s mood was worse, and he felt distressed for Zhu Qing. He could almost imagine Zhu Qing’s powerlessness at the time.

There was a moment of responsibility in his heart, his own woman was being bullied, because his protection was not good.

Thinking of that Fu Chi, he was very angry, his teeth rattled and his face was terrifying, as if he wanted to eat people.

Zhu Lie looked at him and said, “After a month, it is the time of the wedding. At that time, she will go to Fu Chi island. If you want to save her, there is only one chance. Other than that, you don’t have any other possibility to meet her.”

Yang Kai said grimly: “In other words, she will endure a month on that island?”

“You can also go to the second elder’s residence now and see how fast you can die.”

Yang Kai stared at him fiercely, inhaling deeply, and exhaling deeply, the breath from his nostrils was so hot that it was burning with flames. It took a long time to calm down, and he nodded slightly and said, “I understand.”

“It’s too late for you to leave now.” Zhu Lie looked at him, “With your ability, you can get in, and you can definitely get out. But if you insist on staying, you will die after one month!”

Yang Kai’s anger came quickly, and went quickly. His reason was not burned. Knowing that Zhu Lie was right, he clenched his fist and said, “I look forward to that day.”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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