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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3048 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3048
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Dragon’s blood flowers are also divided into grades. In order, there are low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and the highest grade is the Best dragon blood flower. Even if the Best dragon blood flower is on Dragon Island, it is something that can not be met. There is a natural factor in the things that can be born from the accumulation of age.

Among the three dragon blood flowers of Fu Ling, two are low-grade and one is medium-grade.

According to this grade, the dragon blood flower that Li Jiao used to have probably only a miscellaneous thing, not even a low-grade one.

The dragon blood flower was refined into a dragon blood pill by Ji Ying. After taking it, Yang Kai used it to cultivate the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, which benefited a lot.

Now that there are three higher-end dragon blood flowers, Yang Kai naturally can’t waste it. He wants to refine it into a dragon blood pill, inspire his own Golden Holy Dragon Origin power, so that it can better integrate with himself.

To deal with the Dragon Clan, the best way is to start with bloodline suppression, otherwise Yang Kai has no chance of winning based on strength alone.

Yang Kai had never refined the Dragon Blood Pill, but his many exchanges with Ji Ying also made him very familiar with the process of refining the Dragon Blood Pill, and he knew everything about the pill recipe.

His attainments in Pill Refining are extremely deep, and he shouldn’t have any major problems thinking about it.

Everything was prepared, Yang Kai decided to change his hands, and the Purple Void Cauldron ignited a raging flame.

Herbal medicine…

Fpirit Formation portrayal…

Fire control…

The medicinal liquid of the medicinal materials was condensed, and a faint fragrance gradually drifted out of the Purple Void Cauldron, which made people feel refreshed.

With the improvement of his strength, he has become more and more comfortable in the Pill Refining method. Although he hasn’t done it for a long time, his actions are smooth and flowing, without the slightest obscurity. The Great Principle Pill Sound on the Moon Water Star at the time allowed him to gain a teaching from the Heavenly Law. Therefore, as long as he enter the state, this kind of Pill Refining is almost an instinctive reaction.

When Yang Kai dropped a low-grade dragon blood flower into the pill furnace, the fragrance became more and more intense.

Yang Kai’s movements were meticulous and solemn, as if he was not doing Pill Refining, but doing the most solemn thing in the world.

Half a day later, Yang Kai displayed the Nine Heavens Mysterious Pill Secret Arts.

This method of harvesting pill is also taught by Great Principle Pill Sound, which is self-contained, but it is in line with the Heavenly Dao Law and is extremely mysterious.

The boundless phantom flashed, and there was a crisp dingdong sound from the pill furnace, which was extremely pleasing to the ears.

The fire went out, and Yang Kai looked unwavering.

When he lifted the lid of the furnace, he stretched out his hand and patted it, and two blood-red spirit pills flew out of the furnace. Yang Kai had already prepared for it and put them directly into the jade bottle.

Taking a closer look, Yang Kai showed a look of dissatisfaction.

Although the Dragon Blood Pill was successfully refined, it didn’t seem to be of very good quality, only slightly better than what Ji Ying had refined at the beginning.

The dragon blood flowers he used today were much better than those used by Ji Ying, but the quality of the Pill Success did not meet expectations. If you think about it, this time refining is not as good as Ji Ying.

The number of Pill Success is also not ideal, only two, there is not even a pill vein.

If this matter is placed on other Emperor Pill Master, I’m afraid they’re already overwhelmed.

Although the emperor pill master can refine the emperor grade spirit pill, they cannot guarantee 100% success, let alone the dragon blood pill. Among all the emperor pill, the refining of the dragon blood pill difficulty ranks at the top.

The main material for pill refining is dragon blood flower, except for Ji Ying, no emperor pill master has the privilege of refining it.

This was the first time Yang Kai refined the Dragon Blood Flower, he had already done two pill success. This kind of achievement is a superb performance on any emperor pill master, and it is naturally worthy of joy.

But Yang Kai couldn’t be happy. This dragon blood pill was related to the major event after one month. Of course, he hoped that the higher the quality, the better, and the more the quantity, the better.

After clearing up his mood, Yang Kai didn’t rush to continue to open the furnace, but took out some spirit pills to take it and restore his own strength.

An hour later, Yang Kai opened the furnace again.

This time it is also a low-grade dragon blood flower.

In another half day, Yang Kai raised his brows and patted the pill furnace.

Although there was no investigation, Yang Kai knew that there were more than two Pill Success this time.

Sure enough, four blood red spirit pills flew out of the pill furnace, and they were again taken into the jade bottle by him.

The Dragon Blood Pill made in the second refining was indeed better, both in quality and color than the first refining, and the effect of the medicine should also be stronger.

Pill Refining is indeed a work that showed practice makes perfect.

This time he didn’t rest anymore, but directly began to refine the third furnace of Dragon Blood Pill.

It was still half a day’s work, and the third batch of Dragon Blood Pill was successfully released.

The number has not changed, it is still four spirit pills, but the quality has been upgraded by another level, and it is an extremely obvious improvement.

Of course, Yang Kai was familiar with this, but the more important reason was the credit of the only middle-grade dragon blood flower. The alchemist and Pill Refining skills are of course important, materials are also the key to determining the quality of the final Pill Success. For the same alchemist, the better the materials, the higher the quality of the refined spirit pill.

Three furnaces of spirit pills, a total of ten pill success.

This kind of achievement is unbelievable. Any emperor pill master cannot guarantee that he can achieve this level. Even Ji Ying can’t do it. I’m afraid only Wonderful Pill Great Emperor can guarantee this 100% success rate.

With everything ready, Yang Kai started to cultivate without stopping.

Because this is the Mysterious Small Boundary, it’s his territory, so he doesn’t need to worry about anything, no matter how much movement it makes, it’s impossible for the outside world to notice it.

“Dragon Transformation!”

With a low shout, Yang Kai’s figure soared, crackling for a while, dragon scales draped, two bags on his forehead slightly bulging, a pair of big hands turned into sharp dragon claws, and even both feet changed shape.

Four to five meter Half Dragon Body, the Dragon Prestige spread, even if he is sitting cross-legged on the ground, he looks extremely tall and mighty, and his eyes are as wide as bells, exuding a terrifying fierce light.

The little jade bottle was held in the palm of his hand, as imperceptible as a dust.

Yang Kai opened his mouth and inhaled, and when his chest rose and fell, he inhaled a pill of Dragon Blood Pill into his mouth and swallowed it into his abdomen.

There was a burning pain in the lower abdomen, as if it was not a dragon blood pill that was swallowed, but a deadly lava.

Yang Kai sprayed hot air in his nostrils, closed his eyes, and fully operated the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.

The flesh and blood all over his body squirmed, and every pore seemed to spread.

The dragon blood pill melted in the abdomen instantly, and the medicinal effect flowed through the limbs and hundreds of skeletons. The Origin power of the Golden Holy Dragon that had been hidden in his flesh and blood for many years seemed to be inspired by some kind of power, and quickly turned into a golden light, surging and flow in the body.

The meridians are relaxed, like a hungry traveler, greedily devouring the power of the dragon clan origin passing by.


The bones seemed to be cracked, and there was a severe pain from all over the body. Together with the fire in the upper abdomen, Yang Kai felt that life was no better than death for a moment.

He snorted, guarded his mind, was not moved by foreign objects, and kept urging the operation of Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.


There were dense noises, and the bones all over his body seemed to be broken and then reorganized.

Every time Dragon Transformation Secret Technique is enhanced, it is a process of shed the body and exchange the bones, only by enduring this unimaginable pain can he get a new life.

Although it was difficult to persist, Yang Kai’s heart was extremely pleased.

Because with the help from Zhu Qing’s Primordial Yin last time, his strength has improved, but his dragon transformation has not progressed for a long time.

In other words, the progress was minimal, almost imperceptible, and the four to five meter half dragon body did not change much.

After all, he himself is only a human race. By chance, he has obtained the power of the Golden Holy Dragon Origin. He has lived with it for so many years. Now if the origin of the Dragon Race is integrated into his own blood, he must pay a corresponding price, and the process will definitely be extremely long.

If there is no external assistance, the time will take hundred or thousand years.

However, the medicinal effect of the Dragon Blood Pill allowed him to smooth out the time spent, allowing him to better integrate the power of the dragon clan origin in a short period of time.

The creaking sound kept coming out, and the dragon scales covering Yang Kai’s skin also began to gradually change color. Yang Kai could even feel itching on both sides of his head, as if something was about to break out of its shell.

And that numb position is exactly where the Dragon Horn is located.

The efficacy of Dragon Blood Pill lasted for an hour.

After an hour, the continuous noise gradually subsided, and Yang Kai’s ferocious expression became softened again. It was not until the effect of the medicine disappeared that he opened his eyes, sweating profusely, as if getting out of the water, but the expression was extremely happy.

Although he didn’t investigate carefully, he also knew that he must have changed now.

He recovered a bit, and then sucked out in one breath, and the second dragon blood pill burst into his mouth from the jade bottle.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai kept consuming the Dragon Blood Pill he refined, and with the assistance of the Emperor Pill, he cultivate the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.

Although the Dragon Blood Pill has a little effect on enhancing the blood of the dragon clan, its biggest use is to stimulate, inspire the Origin power of the dragon clan itself, and make it pure and powerful.

Yang Kai’s situation is different from that of the general dragon clan, all the dragon clan’s bloodlines and origin power are gradually growing. He is not like this. His Golden Holy Dragon Origin is not the same, and there is no room for growth, but it is more convenient to stimulate the integration.

Today, Yang Kai is like sitting on a treasure mountain, but he can’t use all of the treasure mountain wealth. He can only search for wealth from the treasure mountain little by little, and gradually enrich his pockets.

Two days later, the last dragon blood pill was completely refined.

He opened his eyes abruptly, the light in his eyes was wanton, and the unparalleled Dragon Prestige centered on himself, bursting into the surroundings.

There was a long howl, but it was similar to the sound of the dragon’s roar, and it was shocking.

The hill-like body slowly stood up with a breath of heat, and the whole world seemed to be shaking.

Divine Sense swept over himself, and Yang Kai smiled.

Ten Dragon Blood Pills really had some effect.

The four to five meter dragon body already has full Five Meter. This kind of improvement can be described as extremely significant. You must know that he only grew from three meter to four-five meter when he was helped by Zhu Qing’s Primordial Yin. These ten dragon blood pills made him grow again, this result made him extremely satisfied.

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