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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3060 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3060
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The Second Elder’s inexplicable trip to the Dragon Tomb was already shocking enough, but now even the Grand Elder has actually rushed over?

What exactly happened at the Dragon Tomb that actually made two powerful people comparable to the Great Emperors go over there together to deal with it?

Yang Kai also had a puzzled expression, reaching out to scratch his chin.

Suddenly, the corners of his mouth twitched and he said hatefully, “Fooled.”

“What?” Zhu Qing looked up at him with a suspicious face.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth and said, “Really old and cunning!”

From what had just happened, it could be deduced that something big had happened at the Dragon Tomb, and the Second Elder couldn’t even handle it alone, so the Grand Elder had to rush over to help anyway.

In other words, regardless of whether Yang Kai let Fu Chi go, the Grand Elder can not stay here for a long time.

Just now perhaps as long as another delay, there is no need to negotiate any terms with the Grand Elder, with Fu Chi in hand, if he wanted to leave Dragon Island with Zhu Qing safely, is it not easy? He believe that without the Grand Elder and Second Elder sitting in town, a single Fourth Elder will not be able to stop them.

Now he has accidentally fallen in the Grand Elder scheme, the hostage in hand is gone, and has lost the first opportunity.

But on second thought, this result is probably the best result.

If he don’t agree to the Grand Elder’s proposal, he may force the Grand Elder to fight personally, and then Fu Chi will not end up well, and he will not end well too. So thinking this, Yang Kai again became calm and peaceful, although he was tricked by the Grand Elder, but the result is still acceptable.

The two elders left, and only the fourth elder Zhu Kong and many dragon clan were left before the palace.

Yang Kai grinned and looked towards Zhu Kong: “What does the Fourth Elder want to say? Are you going to let me and my wife leave? Or do we have a fight and see the real deal?”

Today’s situation is always unexpected, but everything is going in his favor, facing a group of Dragon Clan who have lost the Grand Elder and Second Elder, Yang Kai’s bottom line is full.

Zhu Kong let out a long sigh: “Today Dragon Island is eventful, if possible, can you please stay on Dragon Island for a few days, and after a few days we can make plans?”

Yang Kai heatedly laughed: “Fourth elder is deceiving my youthfulness and ignorance? If I don’t take the opportunity to leave Dragon Island today, how can I have any chance in the future? So Fourth Elder, I can’t agree to this proposal.”

“That’s right.” Zhu Kong nodded gently, “This Elder is forcing people into a difficult situation.”

Zhu Qing took a step forward and looked at Zhu Kong with a sincere expression and said, “Fourth Elder, Yang Kai and I do not want to be enemies with the Dragon Clan, we just want to leave this place, please make it possible for us Fourth Elder.”

Zhu Kong shook his head with a solemn expression, “You have heard what the Grand Elder said before, today’s matter is not destined to end well, unless you tie your hands and let us capture you.”

“Then let’s fight!” Yang Kai stepped out with a bang, his huge body looming like a pagoda, his monstrous dragon prestige rolling and moving.

The Fourth Elder narrowed his eyes and said, “There are only two of you, I’m afraid you don’t have much chance of winning, I advise you not to resist.”

As his words fell, one person suddenly flashed out and stood beside Zhu Qing.

Zhu Qing turned her head towards him and frowned for a moment, opening his mouth to say something, but in the end she did not say it.

Zhu Lie cupped his fist and said, “Fourth elder, I’m sorry!”

The one who stood over was clearly Zhu Lie.

The dragon clan changes countenance, although Zhu Lie and Zhu Qing are siblings, but Zhu Lie’s move is still to be an enemy of the Dragon Island, and the Dragon Clan, to make such a decision, it’s not just kinship, that also requires great courage.

Zhu Kong face unchanged, seems to have been expected, nod and said: “Any choice will pay the corresponding price, just hope you will not regret today’s decision.”

Zhu Lie said in a deep voice: “I will not regret.”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “Brother-in-law is good.”

The corners of Zhu Lie’s mouth twitched, every time he heard Yang Kai call him brother-in-law, he had an impulse to punch someone.

At this moment, among the crowd, another one stepped out, steadfastly stood next to Zhu Lie, but his performance is far worse than Zhu Lie, the whole person’s expression is difficult, his body trembling, obviously in fear of something.

“You also came?” Zhu Lie looked at Li Jiao in surprise.

The corner of Li Jiao’s mouth twitched, “Young master Zhu, long time no see.”

Zhu Lie did not say anything, but just reached out and patted his shoulder.

Li Jiao instantly had a flattered expression. Although he had contact with Zhu Lie before, and even fight together in the Wheel World for a while, but from the beginning to the end, Zhu Lie had not looked at him once.

Li Jiao could clearly sense Zhu Lie’s contempt and disdain for him, and he knew his own family’s business, knowing that he, a dragon descendant, could not possibly be taken seriously by the dragon race.

Until today!

Although it was just a simple gesture, but that represents approval, represents affection.

Li Jiao did not know whether to be happy or sad. Although he stood out to get Zhu Lie’s approval, if he could get lucky and not die then he would definitely benefit a lot in the future, but today’s situation, even with nine lives, he don’t know if he still have a chance to return to the Fire Dragon Palace.

“Dragon descendant?” The fourth elder frowned at Li Jiao and saw his identity at a glance. Dragon descendants were too recognizable, with impure dragon blood in their bodies, and all dragon races hated dragon descendants because they didn’t like the aura they carried.

Any dragon descendants in front of the real dragon race can not lift their heads, have a clear sense of inferiority, will not even have the courage to look at each other, let alone hostile with it.

But today this dragon descendant’s performance is a bit unexpected, Zhu Kong slightly have a deep meaningful glance towards Yang Kai, knowing that this dragon descendant will stand out, absolutely because of Yang Kai.

This kid has such a great charm? He actually made a dragon descendant work for him like this, but it didn’t help, although this dragon descendant’s cultivation was not weak, his bloodline level was too low, and he was bound to suffer a big loss against a real dragon race.

“Fourth Elder, we have four people now!” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and looked towards Zhu Kong.

Such a number was still insignificant compared to the Dragon Clan, but at the very least, it had doubled from the original number.

Zhu Kong smiled faintly: “Four is not much.”

“Four is indeed not much, but what if we are added to it.”

A clear voice suddenly came, resounding directly at the edge of the crowd’s ears, everyone became alarmed and suspicious, because looking around, there was no figure appearing, but the voice of this speech came strangely.

“Huh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and looked at a certain place in the void with astonishment.

Zhu Kong also apparently also have some idea now, eyes fiercely stared: “This sound……”

That place in the void, a vortex bizarrely appeared, and a chaotic Nihility is within the vortex, as if the mouth of a fierce beast, seems to be able to devour everything.

“Void tunnel!” Someone exclaimed in amazement, surprised.

It is impossible for a void tunnel to appear out of thin air, and with the sound of the man speaking just now, the crowd immediately realized that a powerful person had come to break the void. But who is actually so bold, and directly provoked the dragon race?

This is simply do not know how to live, the dragon race’s anger, who can easily bear it?

In full view of the crowd, a small figure suddenly came out of the void tunnel, the crowd could not help but look stunned.

Because this person is too small, is clearly a small child, and a little girl.

Looks only seven or eight years old, wearing a partial large dress, long sleeves almost to the feet, the head simply tied up two ponytails at the back of the head, a small face as if carved with jade, looks extremely cute.

Not to mention the hundreds of mortals, when the many Dragon Clan took a look, they also can not help but look at her more.

As soon as the little girl appeared, her round eyes slipped and turned, sweeping through the crowd, seemingly looking for something, with a hint of obvious excitement and anticipation on her face.

“Huh?” Yang Kai let out another surprised sound, then grinned.

The little girl’s gaze finally fell on him, and after just a slight daze she flew over like a lightning bolt, and settled in front of Yang Kai.

Everyone could not help but sweat for her.

Yang Kai’s immense size and the little girl’s petite body gave too strong a visual impact, the little girl’s body even straightened, but only the size of Yang Kai’s nose bridge.

Especially now Yang Kai is grinning, the mouth is wide open, it seems that at any time he may swallow the little girl into the belly.

Just when everyone was on edge, the little girl’s clear voice rang out: “Master, why have you become so big?”

Master …… master?

Everyone was dumbfounded and almost thought they heard wrong.

Zhu Kong’s expression also became odd to the extreme.

He could feel that this harmless-looking, jade-carved little girl had a huge power hidden inside her, and that power seemed to be the power of the Holy Spirit, which could even be said to be no weaker than the power of the Holy Spirit of the dragon race.

Such a terrifying strong person, he had never heard of before.

What made him feel even more puzzled was that this little girl actually called Yang Kai master!

The two were in a master-servant relationship? But how is this possible.

For the first time today, a feeling of uneasiness surged in Zhu Kong’s heart, as if there would be a big change on Dragon Island today, and this uneasiness made his heart heavy.

Moreover, the voice that just inexplicably rang out was definitely not this little girl’s voice, that voice sounded rather like…..

“Damn you, touching the lady’s ass!”

While the crowd lost in thought, a delicate cry came out, followed by a palace dress beautiful woman from the void tunnel, the woman turned her head to glare at the direction of the void tunnel, with a face of anger.

Under such a tense and provocative atmosphere, suddenly popped out such a sentence, immediately let everyone’s expressions strange.

And with such an interruption, the tense and stern atmosphere suddenly dissipated.

“What are you doing blocking here? It’s not like I did it on purpose.” The third person’s voice came out, and the crowd heard it clearly, it was the voice of the man who spoke at the beginning.

The void tunnel converged, revealing the figure of a handsome, graceful man, who had a bitter smile on his face and a somewhat embarrassed expression.

And since he appeared, that void tunnel suddenly disappeared.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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