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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3073 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3073
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The news of Wu Kuang’s resurrection hit all the dragon clan in the head, and they could not speak for a long time.

Suddenly, a figure stumbled and flew from afar, that person looked extremely weak, as if a drunken bee, floating and sinking as he flew, as if he might fall into the sea at any time.

The crowd turned their heads towards him, with suspicious eyes.

After seeing the person’s appearance, Yang Kai’s face changed slightly.

Zhu Qing also said curiously, “It’s Li Jiao.”

Li Jiao vomited blood, his face was pale, from afar, it was as if he had seen his relatives, his mouth eagerly shouted: “Palace Lord Yang……”

Yang Kai hurriedly greeted him, held him up, some examination, to make sure he did not have life worry, before sending the Divine Sense transmission: “Fu Chi is dead?”


Yang Kai’s face changed again, “Did you kill him?”

Li Jiao shook his head.

He wanted to kill Fu Chi, but unfortunately, he was not as skilled as others, if not for an unexpected guest at the last minute, he would have been in a bad way today. Although he also knows what the consequences of slaughtering a dragon clan, but the situation at that time no longer allowed him to think more, think about what happened to Lu Sanniang over the years, it was the only way to wash away their respective shame with the blood of Fu Chi.

“It’s Wu Chen! Wu Chen killed Fu Chi.” Li Jiao said in a deep voice.

“Wu Chen?” Yang Kai smiled with an odd expression, how could it be him?

Yang Kai was slightly relieved to know that Fu Chi did not die at the hands of Li Jiao. But what Li Jiao said made him a bit incredulous, when he was sure that Fu Chi had died, he thought of two possibilities, one is that Li Jiao’s strength exploded, bravely slaying dragons, if so, then today Li Jiao will not expect to leave Dragon Island, and perhaps even his Fire Dragon Palace will be followed by the disaster, but this is unlikely, he let Li Jiao go to Fu Chi, because he knew that with Li Jiao’s cultivation he can never do anything to Fu Chi, at most it could be a battle to vent his anger, with Li Jiao’s ability to kill Fu Chi, it is certainly unrealistic.

Another is Wu Kuang killed Fu Chi, this is the biggest possibility, but also the only possibility.

But Li Jiao gave an answer beyond imagination.

It was actually Wu Chen who killed Fu Chi?

About this person, Yang Kai has always had an extremely strange feeling, and has been careful to guard against him, but this month, Wu Chen also did not reveal any hostility to himself, but on the contrary, at the very beginning he also helped himself a little.

What makes Yang Kai care more is that Wu Chen’s cultivation enhancement is a bit odd.

When he first met him, he was only at the 2nd order Emperor Realm, but a month later he was actually at the 3rd order Emperor Realm, although it was only a small level of improvement, but for all martial artists it was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

He didn’t know what kind of chance Wu Chen had obtained, but he just felt that there was something not simple about this guy.

“Who is Wu Chen?” Fu Zhun suddenly barked a question.

The last sentence of Li Jiao is not a Divine Sense transmission, but directly said, all present are people with heavenly cultivation, naturally heard it clearly, to determine the dead is Fu Chi, and determine the name of the murderer of the dragon clan, the dragon clan side is naturally trying to figure out the origin of this Wu Chen.

She pressed the pressure, and Li Jiao spurted blood, looking like he was about to die.

Yang Kai stood in front of him and said back, “A human race who came from Half Dragon City.”

Fu Zhun said angrily: “A mere human race can also slaughter my dragon clan?” Her eyes were hostile as she stared at Li Jiao and said, “You have the scent of Fu Chi’s blood on you, you are lying, did you kill Fu Chi?”

Li Jiao hurriedly shook his head: “Not me! It was really Wu Chen, although I had a battle with Fu Chi, but i could not do anything to him, and almost died in Fu Chi’s hands, that Wu Chen suddenly appeared, and I do not know what kind of secret technique he use, he instantly subdued Fu Chi.”

“That Wu Chen has this kind of ability?” Zhu Yan was also shocked, can instantly subdue an eigth order thunder dragon, it is not something simple, how can half dragon city hide such a person, pondered a moment and said: “You will tell the matter carefully, if half the word is false, you will die without a burial place.”

Li Jiao looks miserable, but his demeanor is calm and steady, and does not look like a lie.

Li Jiao nodded gently and deliberated his words.

Yang Kai reached out and put his hand on his wrist, passed the emperor’s yuan over, and Li Jiao’s face looked much better, casting a grateful look.

The next moment, Li Jiao unfolded the story.

He didn’t hide anything, telling the story of how he arrived at that spirit island after Fu Chi, then the three desperate moves, and then the bizarre appearance of Wu Chen, everything, including the huge change in Wu Chen’s appearance and the extreme change in his personality.

“After I escaped from there, I heard Fu Chi’s miserable cry, followed by clear sky falling rain, although I am a dragon descendants, but I also know the matter of dragon fall turning into rain, so in my opinion, Fu Chi is already died, and the person who killed him is exactly that Wu Chen.”

Fu Chi was killed, he is naturally happy , even though this guy is not dead in his own hands, but the desperate three moves caused him indelible damage, it can be regarded as letting out the foul breath.

Li Jiao even thought that if it was not for his own desperate three moves, Wu Chen will have to take spend more effort to kill Fu Chi, from this point of view, he also contributed some effort to Fu Chi’s death, as a personal revenge.

Wu Chen gave him a very dangerous feeling, but he was somewhat grateful to Wu Chen.

After he finished, the faces of the people changed.

Yang Kai even have gloomy expression and murmured: “Change in appearance, personality change …… Wu Chen, Wu Chen! Wu Kuang, Duan Hongchen!”

Wu Chen is just a pseudonym, take the harmonics of the surname Wu Kuang, together with the word Duan Hongchen combined, but also extremely consistent, after all, they are two great emperors in a dual soul body, the two names together to get a pseudonym out is also very apt.

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth flushed with a bitter smile.

Even if he has a rich imagination, it is impossible to connect Wu Chen with the two great emperors to a piece, after all, Wu Chen’s previous performance can not have a bit of the greaat emperor’s aura, that appearance is needless to say, swarthy, sharp-mouth, monkey-cheeked look, they simply have no connection with the Great Emperor.

Now it seems that the main person in charge of that body is still Wu Kuang, Duan Hongchen should be suppressed, and it’s unknown how Wu Kuang actually did this.

Thinking about it, Yang Kai was shocked again.

He suddenly remembered that the five hundred people who built the palace, after a month there is only less than two or three hundred left, and most of the emperor realm have disappeared, Yang Kai did not carefully consider what happened to these people before, because the death of those people has little to do with him. But now after learning the true identity of Wu Chen, the fate of these people has been called out!

Wu Kuang swallowed them up.

There was also a reasonable explanation for Wu Chen’s surge in strength in just a month’s time, that was the Heaven’s Devourere Great Emperor, the generation of legends who created the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, and judging from the Embodiment cultivating the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, all those martial artists probably became the capital for Wu Kuang to become stronger.

Yang Kai was able to determine the true identity of Wu Chen.

Mo Huang and Zhu Yan and others can naturally do the same.

Mo Huang just said before that Wu Kuang and Duan Hongchen now a two souls in one body, doesn’t this just confirm what Li Jiao just said about Wu Chen’s changing personality?

All of them realized the seriousness of the problem.

Fu Zhun reached out and grabbed towards Li Jiao: “You come with me.”

The most important thing is to determine the whereabouts of Wu Kuang, who sneaked into the Dragon Island, and from his identity, I’m afraid it’s not just for the sake of slaughtering a dragon clan.

And if they want to trace the whereabouts of Wu Kuang, Li Jiao is essential.

Only he knows exactly where Fu Chi died, and only he knows exactly where Wu Kuang moved.

When Fu Zhun’s jade hand grabbed, Li Jiao’s entire body froze in place, the emperor yuan in his body stalled for a moment, even his breath was involuntarily held.

As if a rabbit with no experience in dodging, in the face of the falcon’s claws swooping from the air, the whole person was dumb in place.

At this moment, he realized how big the gap between his proud 3rd order Emperor Realm and a great emperor was, and his already bloodless face became paler and paler.

The sound of bones exploding came, Yang Kai hand turn into a dragon claw, ignoring the barrier of space, towards the jade hand of Fu Zhun.

When he moved, the Embodiment also moved, the fist smashed towards the side of Fu Zhun, the strike is powerful, like thunder.

A phantom shadow flashed, Yang Kai only felt a blow to the chest, the whole person involuntarily flew back hundreds of feet, a mouthful of blood was spurted out. The body was also devastated by lightning, the body froze, fell straight down, smashed into the sea and disappeared.

Zhu Qing was shocked and hurriedly flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hand covering his chest, when he looked up, he saw that Li Jiao had been lifted up like a chicken by Fu Zhun, flying in a certain direction, many dragon clan saw this and followed.

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and cursed.

He knew he was no match for the great emperor, but he could not stand by and watch as Fu Zhun struck out at Li Jiao, no matter how big the gap was, the gesture of not giving in always had to be made.

It is also thanks to the fact that Fu Zhun now has no desire to waste time with him, so she just repelled him, otherwise it would have been more than just a few injuries.

“The courage is not small.” Mo Huang glanced at Yang Kai, not sure if it was praise or ridicule.

He hadn’t looked at Yang Kai once since he appeared until this moment. Inexplicably, he looked at Yang Kai somewhat contemptuous, and he knew exactly why in his mind, but was unwilling to admit it.

If not for Mo Xiaoqi’s nostalgia for him, the young man in front of him would still be considered a dragon among men in Mo Huang’s eyes, a handsome young man, after all, the younger generation with the 1st order Emperor Realm, who dared to trespass on Dragon Island? Not to mention turning the world upside down.

Zhu Yan stayed behind, his gaze swept across a hundred feet of empty space, looking at Yang Kai and Zhu Qing standing side by side and said, “You also go over together.”

He could not let Yang Kai and Zhu Qing stay here, because it is not a good thing to do, Yang Kai may take advantage of the opportunity to escape from the Dragon Island, such a result is not something the Dragon CLan can accept, today the Dragon Island has enough trouble, if Yang Kai abducted a dragon girl, and it’s a dragon girl that can become an elder, then what face can the Dragon Island have?

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