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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3074 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3074
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Yang Kai’s face was ironic as he looked at Zhu Yan and said, “What if I disagree.”

There were only two ways in front of him now, one was to agree to Zhu Yan’s proposal and go over with him, which was tantamount to being watched, the other was to fight with Zhu Yan now and solve the problem violently.

But it is estimated that he will not end up much better.

He is not even an opponent against Fu Zhun, let alone Zhu Yan, who is still ranked above Fu Zhun.

This is the great elder of the dragon clan, even if Yang Kai took out all his skills, I’m afraid there is no qualification to fight against it.

Zhu Yan slowly shook his head: “I advise you to agree, the old man is not willing to bully the small with the big.”

Yang Kai was exasperated, his mouth full of bitterness.

But then again, Li Jiao is now under the control of others, he can’t leave Li Jiao anyway. Regardless, he should go to see how it turns out.

“Young man, go together, Mo Huang will look after you.”

The corner of Mo Huang’s eyes could not help but jump a little.

With the words having come to this point, Yang Kai naturally had a decision and gently nodded, “Thank you, Third Elder, then let’s go over together and see.”

Fu Xuan smiled faintly.

Zhu Yan turned his head to look at Mo Huang and said, “Isn’t it time to ask them to stop?”

Mo Huang did not say a word, but just swung out a fist, silently, the void rippled, like ripples spread towards the front.

The next instant, there seems to be the sound of something breaking, there are two figures suddenly appearing, it is Li Wuyi and Zhu Kong. Both look like they are not seriously hurt, and do not know what kind of fight they did before, at least from the surface can not see who is stronger or weaker.

The space divine ability was broken, Li Wuyi and Zhu Kong also both pulled away, each look suspiciously towards Mo Huang and Zhu Yan, do not know what is the situation outside this.

“Speak on the road.” Zhu Yan turned around and flew out, Zhu Kong frowned and followed at a brisk pace.

“Let’s go.” Mo Huang also greeted.

A group of people flew towards that Spirit Island in great numbers.

On the halfway, Zhu Kong and Li Wuyi had obviously heard about what happened, Zhu Kong’s face could not help but become ugly, he did not expect that in just less than an hour’s time, there were actually clansmen fallen in the Dragon Island, and the matter also involved the famous Heaven’s Devourer Great Emperor.

Li Wuyi also had a shocked look on his face, and chirp with Jiu Feng.

On Spirit Island, the spiritual energy was abundant.

There were some traces left after the great battle, only those traces were left by Li Jiao when he fought with Fu Chi.

When the group arrived, many dragon clans were already checking out the situation here. Li Jiao was surrounded by several dragon clans with trepidation and a bitter expression on his face.

“Well?” Zhu Yan flew in and landed beside Fu Zhun.

“Fu Chi did die here.”

“Where is Wu Kuang?”

“There is no trace of him.”

Zhu Yan nodded, slaughtering the dragon clan, Wu Kuang could not continue to stay here, must have run away to some place long ago.

“Find out where he is.” Zhu Yan coldly grunted, completely moved with anger, earlier Yang Kai robbed the bride, Mo Huang forced to break into the dragon tomb to bring out Fu Xuan, he was actually not too angry, but what Wu Kuang did has obviously touched the entire dragon clan’s reversed scale.

The crime of dragon slaying, must pay in blood!

Fu Zhun nodded, her red lips opened and a compliccated and mysterious Dragon Language sounded. At the same time, both hands quickly changing seal arts. Obviously displaying a secret technique to trace the whereabouts of Wu Kuang.

Fu Chi has only died a short time ago, Wu Kuan cannot escape Dragon Island even if there is a divine ability, in other words he must still be here, but hidden.

Fu Zhun is using secret techniques to find Wu Kuang’s whereabouts, Mo Huang is not idle either.

Although he is entangled in many grudges with the Dragon Island, and even hope that all the dragons of the Dragon Clan are dead, but since it is about the Heaven’s Devourer Great Emperor, then he can not stand by and watch.

If the Heaven’s Devourer escapes, the entire Star Boundary will be in turmoil from now on, even if his Spirit Beast Island is safe in a corner, it can not stand idly by.

No one knows the horror of Wu Kuang better than them, the great emperors, and his existence is simply a cancer to the whole world.

A small snow-white beast from Mo Huang’s sleeve scampered out, the small beast looks like a sable or a fox, and it’s species is unknown, about a foot long and covered with snow-white hair, two eyes were looking around humanely.

After landing on the ground, it kept sniffing lightly.

Zhu Yan saw this, and did not mean to stop, but climbed up with Mo Huang: “What does Brother Mo think the reason for Wu Kuan to sneak into the Dragon Islan, even at the risk of revealing his identity, he killed a dragon clan.”

Earlier, the two were fighting, but in the blink of an eye, they seemed like old friends, but there was nothing strange, it was rather natural.

Mo Huang said indifferently: “I am not Wu Kuang, how can I know what he is thinking, the Grand Elder is asking the wrong person.”

He really can’t figure out, according to reason, Wu Kuang is notorious, , he could escape from people’s eyes and even control the body of Duan Hongchen, naturally it is better to hide, with his Heavens Devourer Battle Law, if he want to restore the peak strength of the past, he only need to use a few hundred years.

After a hundred years, he can come out again. At that time, he will be the head of the Star Boundary. Unless there is another war of the Great Emperors, no one in the world can stop him.

Zhu Yan nodded faintly, no longer talking.

While talking, Yang Kai and others also rushed to this place, a group of dragon clans saw this, all looking at him with an angry face.

Especially the dragon clan who had fought with Yang Kai before.

The seven dragons fighting him together should have won, Yang Kai shouldn’t be able to lift his head, but the result is Yang Kai broke the Blessing Technique of the Dragon Temple, each of them has lost the face, seeing him now, it is natural to not have a good face.

Yang Kai glared at them, the defeated general, how dare to show off the courage?

The eyes collided for a while, many dragon clans averted their eyes.

Yang Kai suddenly smug, with a masculine posture look, accidentally glanced at Fu Xuan who is smiling and looking at him, suddenly embarrassed, lightly cough and said: “I feel Wu Kuang seems to be very eager to recover his strength.”

He had also heard a few words of the conversation between Mo Huang and Zhu Yan just now, so this was not an abrupt pick-up.

“He naturally wants to improve his strength.” Zhu Yan nodded, once stood at the top of the Star Boundary, overlooking the multitude of beings, many great emperors are also pressed by him and can not lift their head, once the cultivation fell a thousands meter, who would be willing?

It is only natural to want to improve the strength.

Yang Kai said: “When Wu Kuang and Senior Duan came out of the Star Fragments Sea, the cultivation level was only 1st order Emperor Realm, after seeing him again, he is already at the 2nd order Emperor Realm, and a month after, he has already reached tge 3rd order, the speed of cultivation level improvement is simply unimaginable. He did not hesitate to expose his identity to slaughter the dragon clan, perhaps the dragon island side has something that can quickly improve his strength, such as… Fu Chi’s Dragon Clan origin.”

Dragon origin is an extremely powerful force, the attraction to Wu Kuang can be said to be big.

At these words, Zhu Yan’s face suddenly changed, and a frightening thought involuntarily surfaced in his mind.

He raised his head violently and shouted lowly: “Dragon Tomb!”

Mo Huang’s face also sank, “Transferring the tiger away from the mountain.”

If Wu Kuang’s goal was really the Dragon Tomb, it would make sense, the Dragon Tomb had hidden the origin power of many dead dragon clan, if he could devour all the origin power in the Dragon Tomb, then Wu Kuang’s cultivation would definitely be increased to a great extent, he already had the base of a great emperor, and he was occupying the flesh of Duan Hongchen, so there was no bottleneck, with the Heavens Devourer Battle Law power, as long as there were enough resources, he could easily increase his strength to a terrifying degree.

Even if it’s not as good as a great emperor, it’s definitely not comparable to an ordinary 3rd order Emperor Realm.

Dragon origin is extremely rare, the energy contained in it is beyond imagination, if Wu Kuang’s real goal is the dragon tomb, then the trouble is big.

The reason why he exposed his identity and slaughtered Fu Chi should be to transfer the tiger away from the mountain, to attract Zhu Yan and Mo Huang and others over, after all, these top heavenly powerhouses were all over the Dragon Tomb at that time, and even if Wu Kuang was stupid, he couldn’t have thrown himself into the net.

Everything makes sense.

And at that moment, the movement of Fu Zhun casting spells also stopped and looked up in the direction of the dragon tomb. The strange little beast that Mo Huang had released, also gave a low roar towards that location.

The crowd saw this, no longer hesitate, and rushed towards the dragon tomb, at this moment, the sky crossed a stream of light, each majestic and amazing.

Such a lineup, bystanders will be terrified if they saw this.

Dragon tomb is very far from here, even if the crowd is flying at full speed, half an hour is not enough to arrive.

Yang Kai looked calm, but his heart was actually secretly worried, not for other reasons, only for Duan Hongchen.

He is now an elder of the Azure Sun Temple, and the relationship between Duan Hongchen and the Azure Sun Temple is also inextricably linked, so he is more or less related to Duan Hongchen, not to mention that he has also received the kindness of Duan Hongchen, admiring the determination of this Hongchen to sacrifice his life for benevolence, not hesitating to waste his cultivation to go deep into the Star Fragments Sea.

No matter which way you look at it, he did not want anything to happen to Duan Hongchen.

But now it seems that Duan Hongchen has been fully suppressed by Wu Kuang, even to the point that he could not easily control his body, this kind of encounter is not good.

Wu Kuang’s strength is not yet back to his peak, if he is getting stronger, Duan Hongchen will have no way to live, maybe he will be devoured like what he said before.

At that time, the fall of the great emperor will be the loss of the entire Star Boundary.

After a few moments, the dragon tomb is in sight, it is a dim world, as if isolated from this world, making people who look at it felt extremely depressed.

Zhu Yan and others eyes suddenly shrink, staring blankly at a void in front of the dragon tomb.

“Wu Kuang!”

A figure stands in the void, with a burly figure, a robe without wind, with a faint smile on his face, looking towards this side, his expression calm to the extreme.

Who else is it if not Wu Kuang?

All the dragon clans have their eyes widened and look over there, wanting to see if there is three head and six arms.

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