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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3077 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3077
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In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was surrounded by a dozen giant dragon figures, that giant dragons does not have an entity, but is extremely pure origin power, what’s more frightening is the size of these giant dragons.

The smallest one also has a body of 40 Zhang! [TL: about 133m]

The largest one is almost a hundred zhang(333m) huge, the huge body hovering and swimming, filling the hall, giving everyone an indescribable terrifying pressure.

These gigantic dragons are like jumping out from the ancient scrolls and inexplicably descending here.

Gulp ……

A sound of swallowing saliva sounded, many dragon clan finally changed color, under that terrifying dragon prestige, even standing seems extremely difficult, each shaking like sieve chaff, complexion is white.

The dragon tomb is the place where the dragon clan belong after death, but not all dragon clan, some of them will be enshrined in the dragon temple after the fall of the dragon clan, leaving a legacy and blessing for future generations.

These dragons who can enter the Dragon Temple after death are the best of each generation and are the leaders of the dragon clan.

In other words, only the great elders of each generation are qualified to be enshrined in the Dragon Temple after death! And in this generation of the dragon clan, only Zhu Yan has such a qualification, not even Fu Zhun has the qualification.

The giant dragon figures that were suddenly used from all sides of the Dragon Temple were all the leaders of the dragon clan that had been enshrined here over the generations.

Zhu Yan even saw a familiar figure, it was a yellow dragon almost 40 to 50 Zhang long (133-166m), the thoughts immediately drifted through tens of thousands of years, recalled his own past when he was still young.

At that time, he was under the tutelage of this adult, thriving, after this dragon met his demise, he took over the position of the Great Elder of the Dragon Clan.

He stared blankly at the figure of the yellow dragon, his lips couldn’t help but tremble a little, his heart incomparably longed for this adult who had fallen tens of thousands of years ago to look up at him, to praise him for a good job, but to his disappointment, this adult was hanging low with a head that had never been lowered in his life, hovering quietly behind Yang Kai.

“The first generation Elder….” Fu Zhun eyes lost in thought, looking at the only dragon that reached 333m size, although each lives in different ages are endlessly different, but Fu Zhun still recognize the origin of this dragon at a glance.

Only the dragon clan of that era, can have such a majestic power!

And then as time goes by, the dragon clan is increasingly declining, to their generation, the true body of the dragon is only 133-166m long, compared to the first generation which is simply twice as much.

That is slightly smaller than the first generation Elder, probably the second generation Elder, and then the smaller ones should be third generations, fourth generations, fifth generations……

More than a dozen generations of dragon elders seem to hear the call from the ancient times, gathered together, this scene shocked everyone’s heart and soul.

“How dare you do this!” Fu Zhun was stunned for a long time, suddenly gritted her teeth and shouted sternly, her clean cheeks suddenly became somewhat distorted, her eyes stabbed at Yang Kai with hatred, as if to poke him with a thousand holes, “How dare you disturb the ancestral spirits of my dragon clan!”

Although the tone is fierce, but in the entire Dragon Temple power and more than ten generations of the Dragon Clan Grand Elder’s dragon prestige suppression, Fu Zhun no longer overbearing as before, now she is like a pissed off kitten waving their claws, look extremely ridiculous.

No wonder she is so annoyed, the dragon temple is the dragon clan generations of great elders worship place, it is the root of the survival of the dragon clan, these ancestors have long fallen, and does not have its own will and thinking, usually even if she and the great elders perform secret technique, it is impossible to summon them out.

But at this moment, after Yang Kai’s order, more than ten generations of elders came out of their slumber in unison.

All the dragon clans felt deeply insulted.

Mo Huang also looked at Yang Kai with surprise, not expecting him to be able to do this at all. His gaze swept over the Golden Holy Dragon Origin, knowing that the cause of everything should be in this weird Dragon Origin.

“The kid is also forced to be helpless.” Yang Kai looked at Fu Zhun with an untamed face, not much flaunting his power, nor did he take the opportunity to do anything to her.

If he didn’t have to, he wouldn’t want to make such a big deal out of it.

The moment he stepped into this dragon temple, he suddenly felt his body’s golden holy dragon origin active, seems to be closely linked to something around, the order to summon the ancestral spirits of the great elders of the dragon clan is just a subconscious action.

“Who is being forced to be helpless.” Fu Zhun laughed coldly, “What are you going to do now? Are you going to slaughter my dragon clan?”

“This proposal is not bad, if you build resentment left and right, it’s better to kill everyone to be free of worries!” Yang Kai said, a pair of eyes swept over the surrounding, seems to be seriously thinking about the feasibility of it.

Each of the dragon clans who meet his eyes were pale, all the blood seems to be frozen, the breath of death came to cover them.

Fu Zhun pursed her red lips with a stubborn face. Zhu Yan’s expression also dignified.

If Yang Kai use the power of the entire Dragon Temple to deal with them this time, even he and Fu Zhun can only hope to escape, unless they can deal a one hit kill to Yang Kai.

But under more than a dozen generations of dragon elders watching, even he did not have the opportunity to punch Yang Kai, the power of the Dragon Temple is strong, and only they know it.

A special place, a special power, the achievement of an existence that can be called invincible.

Mo Huang opened his mouth, as if he wanted to persuade something.

Although he also looked at this group of dragon clans disagreeably, he had never wanted to kill any of them, and there was actually no great hatred between them. He didn’t know how Yang Kai’s character was, if he was really hit by Fu Zhun’s words, the consequences would be unthinkable.

In any case, he did not want to see something happen to a dragon clan here, this is the Dragon Temple, one of the two roots of the dragon clan, if the dragon clan was slaughtered here, it would be a big joke.

The words did not come out, Yang Kai’s stern aura suddenly converged, suddenly became harmless: “All of you are Qing’er’s family, we should not talk about what fighting and killing, there are things to sit down and talk, what do you think, Grand Elder?”

Zhu Yan’s face twitched and said in a deep voice: “The weak are food for the strong, winner is the king loser is the villain, now you have the biggest fist, you have the final say.”

Yang Kai said: “Grand Elder seems to have some opinions about the kid, but it doesn’t matter, the kid only wants to make a trip to the lower planes Star Field, nothing else, I hope the Grand Elder will satisfy my wish…… en, you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as you agree, the Grand Elder really understands the righteousness, many thanks.”

Zhu Yan’s mouth corner twitched even more, lowered his eyes, not saying a word. From the beginning to the end, he was talking to himself, and actually have the nerve to mention what is profoundly righteous.

The void tunnel broken open by Wu Kuang will be completely closed in a few moments, Yang Kai also has no time to nag here, if he want to pass through this void tunnel to the lower planes Star Field, can only be as early as possible.

He turned his head towards Zhu Qing and glanced at her, “You stay.”

Zhu Qing opened her mouth, but Yang Kai took a step forward, reached out and wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her in full view of everyone.

The group of people’s expressions became extremely odd, neither to look, nor not to look, have averted their eyes, only to feel that this kid is simply too shameless, in such a sacred place in the Dragon Temple, he actually do such a nasty thing.

If it’s other people, they would have been killed a hundred times over.

Zhu Qing’s mouth was gagged, unable to say anything. When the lips parted, her face was red, and Yang Kai’s words came to her ears: “Wait for me.”

It’s not that he didn’t want to take Zhu Qing with him, but the road ahead was slim, so how could he bear to bring Zhu Qing to suffer? Fu Chi is dead, Zhu Qing will not have a problem to stay on Dragon Island.

He also looked at Fu Zhun said, “Second elder, I have offended you today, I hope you do not remember the little man’s fault, after all, the boy is young and vigorous, you will bear with me, and i will come back to thank you another day.”

If he want Zhu Qing to stay here, he need to be tough, lest this woman give Zhu Qing small shoes to wear.

Another layer of meaning of these words can also be heard as a threat, he can break into Dragon Island once, he can break into Dragon Island twice, if Zhu Qing really suffered any aggravation after he left, the next time Yang Kai came to Dragon Island, he will take a different posture, then it is not to thank them at the door, but to ask for a crime.

Fu Zhun obviously understood, cold hum.

Yang Kai then looked at Fu Xuan, who had been snuggling in Mo Huang’s arms, and smiled faintly: “Thanks to the third elder for today’s incident, there is nothing to prepare for the first meeting, so this will be a thank you gift!”

As he spoke, he flick his fingers, and a dragon roar rang out in an instant.

At the same time, a stream of light suddenly appeared from the void, lightning-like and shot towards Fu Xuan.

Mo Huang frowned, although he could have intercepted, but he felt that Yang Kai did not have malicious intent, so he let him do his job.

The stream of light fled into Fu Xuan’s body, and something seemed to have shattered.

Zhu Yan eyes soften watching this, but the expression of Fu Zhun became more ugly.

The pale face of Fu Xuan finally regained a bit of blood, and her beautiful eyes burst with surprise, looking towards Yang Kai gratefully.

Yang Kai nodded slightly at her, turned around, and without further hesitation, stepped into the void tunnel with one foot and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After he left, the figures of the ten generations of dragon elders who were summoned to appear disappeared as if they had never appeared.

The terrifying pressure dissipated, a sigh of relief sounded, and many dragon clan looked at each other, actually gave birth to a feeling of survival after the disaster.

Mo Huang was surprised to look at Fu Xuan and asked in a low voice: “Wasn’t that just now……”

Fu Xuan gently nodded: “The Dragon Seal was lifted.”

The Dragon Seal, one of the secret technique of the dragon clan, used as a punishment for the sinner of Dragon Clan, once the Dragon Dragon Seal is planted, the dragon origin in the body will be completely suppressed.

A decade ago, when Fu Xuan was exiled to the Dragon Tomb, she was bind with the Dragon Seal.

This secret technique is not only a punishment for the wrongdoing of the dragon clan, but also a symbol of the sinners of the dragon clan. This secret technique binds Fu Xuan, and even Mo Huang has no way to lift it.

Although he was able to forcefully bring Fu Xuan out of the dragon tomb, but as long as the dragon seal is not removed, Fu Xuan will continue to weaken until she dies.

He never had a good solution for the Dragon Seal.

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