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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3090 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3090
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“If my lord questions my loyalty, this mistress can offer up her divine soul brand and serve as a slave and maidservant from now on, without any complaints.”

Yang Kai laughed, not in mockery, but in admiration of this woman’s courage and boldness. The leader of the wild wind is really something, if she was just a good-looking vase, I’m afraid she would have been eaten by others without any bones left.

Since it is not a vase, perhaps there is a place where it can be used. He is a complete stranger to the Everlasting Star Field, so if a native leads the way, it should save a lot of trouble. The actual fact is, he is now a very strong cultivation coming to this lower planes Star Field, although he have the ability to turn the heavens and earth, but do not dare to perform it freely, lest he get hit by the Heavenly Law rejection again. With a pawn… it’s not a bad thing to think about.

Especially this pawn is also very pleasing to the eye, its much better than being followed by a big old man.

Listening to him laughing, He Yunxiang raise her head to look at him, her exquisite and bright face is full of expectations.

“It is not necessary to be a slave or a maidservant, and the divine soul branding is not needed.”

“Lord ……” He Yunxiang is a little anxious, she has said this, is it still unable to impress him? Did she really have to take the initiative to undress and serve him? Although she has the psychological preparation to commit herself, but this kind of thing still can not be done.

“If you want to follow me, then you need to be usefull to have value, and if you want to work for me, your cultivation is still a bit low.”

He Yunxiang was stunned, then the beautiful eyes exploded with delight: “My lord, you…… you mean……”

Is it accepted? This should be approval, right? There has never been a time, such as now, such as this suffering, a beautiful painting seems to be unfolding in front of her, presenting her with a new world of scenery.

“Then, let’s raise your cultivation level first.”

He Yunxiang said excitedly, “Yes, this mistres will go to cultivate and will live up to my lord’s expectations.”

Having said that, how difficult is it to go to the next level when her strength cultivation has reached this level? She has been stuck in the 2nd order Origin King Real for hundreds of years, if there was a chance to break through, she would have broken through long ago, is it something an ordinary meditation cultivation can do? But since Yang Kai said her cultivation is not enough, then she naturally must hurry to cultivate to make it happen, regardless of whether she can break through, this gesture always have to be done

“Open your mouth!” Yang Kai shouted lowly.

He Yunxiang froze for a moment, but immediately opened her small mouth, and before she could react, she felt something enter her mouth and slide directly down her throat and down her belly.

She didn’t even taste it.

In the next instant, He Yunxiang’s face changed greatly, only because a hot feeling suddenly came from her belly, as if there was a flame burning in it, to burn her clean from the inside out.

What is this? Is it a spirit pill?

What spirit pill actually has such a terrifying medicinal effect.

She knew that Yang Kai must have given her some extraordinary spirit pill, so she couldn’t care less about the shock and horror, and hurriedly changed her posture, sitting on the ground with her knees crossed, closing her eyes and pinching a few mantras in her hands, running the profound cultivation technique.

Yang Kai settled to the side, and did not bother with her, picked up the spirit tea to drink.

The wind in the room was violent, all kinds of ornaments were blown and clattering, the bath water is swirling layers of waves, overflowing out of the pool.

A channel of uncontrolled energy raged in the room, the whole room made a mess, as if there are a life and death struggle of a peerless powerhouse, Yang Kai is sitting still, and did not try to resist those energy, let them hit on his own body.

He Yunxiang face is red, a hard and soulful moan came from the throat, the whole body is wet with sweat, clothing was attached on the skin, outlining the attractive figure.

The aura of the 2nd order Origin King Realm was climbing, and soon reached the peak.

The time is not long, only a cup of tea time.

The momentum that has been maintained at a certain level suddenly soared, climbing to new heights, at the same time, an invisible aura centered on He Yunxiang suddenly spreading out in all directions, the already messy room stirred up more and more chaos.

Thanks to the fact that this room is Lu Huaishuang’s boudoir, which is guarded by various powerful formations, the commotion here did not spread out, otherwise it would have attracted the attention of the Lu family.

A long moan came out, He Yunxiang whole face flushed as if coated with a layer of makeup, the delicate body tensed, the inner thighs were trembling incessantly, with slightly opened eyes, a confused look, like climbing up the clouds after.

She stiffened for a long, gasping for air after a long time, and the towering chests undulated violently, swinging up a thrilling arc.

Yang Kai has a cold sweat in his head, she has been promoted well, but she gave a taste that make him speechless.

The body is drenched in sweat, He Yunxiang finally slowed down, inexplicably feel she actually become more light, like she had let go of a baggage, the whole person thought through, the body is light and bright.

3rd order Origin King Realm!

She had actually reached the 3rd order Origin King realm casually!

She almost thought she was dreaming, but when she turned her head to look to the side and met a pair of eyes full of ridicule, she realized that this was a real thing.

She was now at the 3rd order Origin King Realm, and at the top of the food chain in the Star Field! The bottleneck that had been stuck in front of her eyes for hundreds of years had been blasted open before she even knew what was happening.

What kind of spirit pill was that? It actually had such a divine effect.

The gaze towards Yang Kai was more one of gratitude and respect. Not to mention whether there will be any danger to follow him in the future, wether she will perish, with the reward at this moment, her previous choice is right.

If she not insist on following him, how can such a good thing fall on her head? If she were to cultivate on her own, she wouldn’t know if she could hope to advance to the 3rd order Origin King realm in this lifetime.

The man in front of her can use a spirit pill to push her cultivation to the 3rd order Origin King Realm, it may not be impossible to take her to a higher level!

She got up and was about to thank him. Suddenly a smell of stench poured into her nose, He Yunxiang frowned, and she looked at herself with embarrassment

Her body surface is actually sticky, and there are layers of black mud-like things on her exposed arms, the whole person seems to have rolled in the mud puddle.

After the embarrassment is shock.

She naturally know what is going on with this situation, because she has encountered it before, and seen many people encountered it.

This is something that can only be encountered when you have just started cultivating and your strength is not high.

The marrow and veins are cleansed and transformed!

The black mud covering the surface of the body, obviously from the impurities expelled from the body!

A 2nd order Origin King Realm promoted to the 3rd order, she could actually cleansed the marror and veins, transforming her bones? This surprise was far greater than the joy brought by her promotion. The promotion was simply an increase in the strength realm, but this cleansing of the marrow and vein was a fundamental improvement in her cultivation aptitude.

She realized that she had far underestimated the efficacy of that unknown spirit pill.

No wonder it felt like her body was now lighter and her physique had become purer, how could it not be lighter with this?

Full of surprise filled her heart, only to feel that there was no more fortunate person in this world than herself.

“My Lord, excuse my rudeness.” He Yunxiang said, then the delicate body swayed, then fell towards a side of the bath, in the middle of the air, her dress has quickly faded, revealing a curvy figure, fell into the water, but lightly like a feather, did not splash half a wave.

Dive in the water for a moment, then suddenly came out, the dirt on the body has disappeared, revealing a snowy skin with good figure.

The clear water of the pool traced along the cheeks, as if scratching through the world’s most exquisite porcelain, swept over the fullness of the chests, the speed suddenly slowed down, then suddenly accelerates at the peak, tripped over the flat belly.

He Yunxiang reached out and wiped a handful of water from her face, then climbed to the edge of the pool, crossed her arms over her chin and looked up toward Yang Kai.

There is nothing to hide, although a little embarrassed, but still generous.

Since she has already commited to this lord, she believes she will be eaten sooner or later, so what’s the harm in taking a look now?

And after what just happened, she is looking forward to being eaten sooner rather than later. If she can be his woman, then will he not care about her? She wanted something, but there was no malice or trickery.

Yang Kai also did not avoid, why would he reject when things is delivered to his door freely, why would a big man afraid of her making move on him?

He came near the pool, sat down and said: “Tell me about your cultivation technique.”

He Yunxiang looked moved, vaguely aware of something, suppressing the excitement in her heart to explain the essence of her cultivation technique, extremely detailed.

Her cultivation technique is not bad in the entire Everlasting Star Field, even if it is not the top, it is also a first-class cultivation technique, others may covet her cultivation technique, but how can it make the person in front of her covet it?

She spoke meticulously, Yang Kai listened carefully, interjecting from time to time to ask a few questions.

Yang Kai then let her take out her artifact to take a look, the heart has a plan.

Half an hour later, He Yunxiang was fully dressed and stood in front of Yang Kai again.

After cleansing the marrow and veins, the whole person seems to be more beautiful than before, standing there, is a very attractive scenery. Her heart inevitably have some small disappointment, just now that charming atmosphere did not even make this man moved…

But the more he is such a man, the more it is worth trusting, right? The more she feels that she has bet right this time.

“People in my generation has pursued the Martial Dao tirelessly, inevitably will have to kill, meeting the enemy, the strength of cultivation can basically determine the victory, artifacts and secret techniques are also indispensable, although your cultivation tecchnique are good, but still slightly low, here is a set of cultivation technique that should be suitable for you, take a look and practice it.” Yang Kai flipped his hand and took out a jade slip and handed it to her.

He Yunxiang suppressed the excitement in her heart and bowed: “Thank you for the reward, my lord.”

“This piece of artifact is also given to you, refine it carefully, there might be something for you to contribute on the Taiyi Star later.”

An artifact in the shape of a colored ribbon was handed to He Yunxiang.

The colored ribbon has seven colors, the flow of light is gorgeous and colorful, He Yunxiang fell in love with it at first glance, she had always pretended to be a man, the artifacts used are all men’s style, never used a feminine artifact, this colored ribbon undoubtedly met her long-standing expectations.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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