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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3097 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3097
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From the beginning to the end, Yang Kai body has no trace of cultivation, relying on the strength of the flesh, even He Yunxiang thought he was a body refining origin.

But at this moment, Yang Kai’s body is actually filled with the aura of Saint Yuan.

No, not holy yuan, that aura is more pure and profound than holy yuan.

What kind of power is this?

The aura climbed, crossing layers of barriers one after another, and soon reached the level of the 1st order Origin King Realm, and then stabilized.

Yang Kai helplessly shook his head, almost to the limit, in this hellish place, the most power he can use is only the Origin King realm, any more, it is likely to attract the rejection of the Heavenly Law.

Yan Luo’s expression has never been more serious, he thought it was just a muscle brute, not enough to worry about, but did not expect the other party has actually been hiding the strength, the powerful body refining coupled with the cultivation of the Origin King Realm, it’s a bit difficult to handle.

But soon, the worry in his eyes swept away. Just the Origin King Realm, is not too powerful power, he is the Star Master of Taiyi Star, still can not be afraid of him!

“Yan family Patriarch, are you ready?” Yang Kai looked up at Yan Luo.

Pitch-black eyes looked at him, Yan Luo’s heart has a sudden burst, an unimaginable sense of crisis enveloped the whole body, a sudden blur appear in front of the eyes, there is an additional figure, who is it if not the youth?

Yan Luo sucked in a breath of cold air, did not even notice how the other party pounced on him, instinctively urged the power of the Star Source, instantly disappeared in place.

The next moment, he suddenly appeared in thirty meters away, did not have time to catch his breath, the youth actually follow like a shadow, once again appeared in front of his eyes, the two are only a meter apart, that smiling expression makes Yan Luo’s hair stand and the bone chills.

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

The body constantly changed its position, Yan Luo forehead gradually seeped cold sweat, all clothes are wet with sweat.

He relied on all the convenience of the Star Master to be able to change position at will, but the youth was actually like a maggot on his back, no matter how he tried to get rid of it, often he had just stabilized his figure, and the youth had followed him, never more than a meter away.

His own reliance instantly became useless.

The many Yan family strong people watching below have been jaw-dropping, the rapid change of position of the two people in the sky has made them somewhat inscrutable, just a dozen breaths of work, the body shape flickered and moved dozens of times, but always maintain a consistent pace.

“Space Principle!” Yan Luo lost his voice and exclaimed.

As a Star Master, he perceived the changes in the power of heaven and earth more keenly than the other, the youth in front has a very clear spatial power fluctuations in the body, this is clearly the mastery of the Space Principle.

It’s different from him who rely on the power of a Star Master, he was able to teleport relying on his own abilities.

This time Yan Luo is completely panicked, he thought he was invincible, who knew that the other party also has this kind of means of response.

A fist in front of the eyes quickly enlarged, Yan Luo have the intention to dodge, but suddenly found that the surrounding space is a bit sticky, the fist is also like a big mountain generally pressed towards him, obscuring the light in front of him, no matter how he try to dodge, it is impossible to avoid, the chest was suddenly extremely stuffy.

With a boom, fresh blood splashed, Yan Luo was like a meteor falling, smashing on top of the ruins of the Yan family hall, splashing a cloud of dust.

Golden stars rose in front of his eyes, only to feel his nose collapse, and when he opened his eyes, the shadow cast by the tall figure enveloped him.

“Spare my life!” Yan Luo shouted, his voice sad, no longer the previous leisurely. This man in front of him really has the power and ability to kill him, and from the looks of it, he has not yet exerted his full strength, Yan Luo can hardly imagine what kind of light this man will be once he explodes all his strength.

Where did this person come from? Is he sick?

‘If you are so strong, just show it earlier, why go through all this trouble, today made the Yan family ashamed, not only himself, the family head was beaten without the ability to fight back, even a 3rd order Origin King Realm Elder died.’

Not only Yan Luo heart think so, other Yan family’s powerhouse has such thoughts, especially Yan An, who felt bitterness in the mouth like eating a flies, Yan Qing tragic death was by his hands, he hope the Patriarch would avenge his hatred, who had thought that the invincible family head would beg for mercy in less than a cup of tea time.

Is the Patriarch too weak? Not really, he is someone who is sensible!

In any case, today the Yan family’s face is considered to have fallen out, good thing there are no outsiders here, it will not spread out, otherwise the Yan family’s reputation and prestige will definitely have a huge blow.

“I think we can have a good talk now.” Yang Kai looked down at Yan Luo.

“If your excellency have any questions, just ask, Yan will tell you everything.” Yan Luo barely managed to squeeze out a smile.

Halfway up the mountain side, in another large hall, good fragrant tea was served, and He Yunxiang stood behind Yang Kai docilely, as if a maidservant.

Yan Luo changed his clothes and tidied up, stepped out from the back hall and bowed, “Greetings, my lord.” After saying that, he shot a wink at Yan An.

Yan An accompanied with a smile, holding a box in his hand, and respectfully handed it over, “My lord, this is that spirit pill of yours.” The box was opened, and the Source Congealing Pill lay peacefully and quietly in it.

He Yunxiang reached out to take it and snorted, “Didn’t I hear the second elder say it had been lost?”

A trace of discomfort flashed across Yan An’s face as he explained, “It’s pure nonsense, Yan Qing acted without permission and has nothing to do with my Yan family, so please forgive me, my lord.”

“The second elder also said that this spirit pill is a fake.”

“Impossible, this spirit pill is crystal clear, full and round, with a pleasant fragrance, how can it be fake? I’m afraid that Yan Qing saw the profit and fabricated it, wanting to covet this pill.”

He Yunxiang said: “Such black sheep, thanks to Yan An elder for cleaning the door, otherwise it will definitely bring disaster to Yan family in the future.”

Yan An couldn’t stop nodding and said, “Yes yes, thanks to your help, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do that. I and the family head were also deceived by that thief, which caused many misunderstandings earlier, so don’t take it personally.”

He Yunxiang smiled, “My lord will not care about this.”

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency.”

Yan Luo said with a sullen face, “Today’s incident, it is Yan who is not aware of people, if you have a punishment, Yan is willing to accept it.”

He Yunxiang looked at Yang Kai, saw that he did not say anything, so pursed her lips and said: “The culprit has been killed, the matter is over, the Yan family head and the elders are people who know what is right, also deceived by others, how can you be blamed?”

At these words, Yan Luo and Yan An two only slightly relieved.

He Yunxiang’s face straightened and said, “My Lord has come all the way here for only one thing.”

Yan Luo solemnly said: “Lord rest assured, the matter of going to the Ancestor Territory will be wrapped up in my Yan family, Yan will personally lead my Lord.”

He Yunxiang dumbfounded, in front of the absolute power, things which is more difficult than going to the sky actually become so easy? She has not even said it, Yan Luo agreed to it, and the Yan family head will also personally lead the way there, such courtesy, if you look at the entire Star Territoru, who can have it?

Yan Luo rubbed his hands and cautiously said, “But I have a relentless request, and i hope my lord please grant it.”

He Yunxiang’s pretty face sank and said, “Are you negotiating with My Lord?”

Yan Luo had a jolt and panicked: “I dare not, I dare not, I absolutely do not want to talk about conditions, I just have a small request.”

“What if My Lord does not agree, is your Yan family not going to tell My Lord the method to travel to the Ancestor Territory?”

“That’s absolutely not possible, whether the Lord agrees or not, Yan will fulfill the agreement.”

He Yunxiang looked at Yang Kai before saying, “What request, tell us.”

Yan Lao let out a laugh: “To My Lord, this matter is nothing but raising a hand. It’s like this, I, this Yan, also want to go to the Ancestor Territory, so I would like to ask my lord to be able to give me a ride.”

“You also want to go to the Ancestor Territory?” He Yunxiang said curiously, “If you want to go, just go, it’s not like you don’t know the way.”

Yan Luo’s expression was solemn: “Your Excellency does not know, the method to the Ancestor Territory is certainly known to my Yan family, but the road is extremely dangerous, even if Yan is a 3rd order Origin King Realm, the slightest carelessness will be the end of the bones, if not, Yan would have gone to the Ancestor Territory, why wait until today? The strength of the Lord is heavenly, a few thorns on the road will not be in the eyes, I just want to take a ride on the windy boat.”

“The road into the Ancestor Territory is dangerous?” He Yunxiang also hear about this kind of thing for the first time, can not help but have some doubts.

“It depends on luck.” Yan Luo said squarely.

Luck is indefinable, with good luck it would be a smooth sail, bad luck will be dangerous step by step, sometimes, luck is also a martial artist strength and an important measure, do not lament the injustice of heaven, because the Heavenly Law is so.

This matter He Yunxiang can not make the decision, naturally can only consult Yang Kai’s opinion.

Yang Kai is indifferent, nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

Yan Luo was overjoyed at his words and bowed to the ground, “Many thanks, my lord!”

Yan An also arched his hand and clasped his fist at the side and said, “Congratulations, Patriarch, for getting what you want.”

Yan Luo laughed: “After I leave, you will be the head of Yan family, you should take good care of it then.”

Yan An bowed and said, “I will definitely live up to the trust of the Patriarch.”

Yan Luo turned around and said, “Your Excellency, we will leave after ten days, what do you think? Of course, if your Excellency is in a hurry, three days is fine, but there are still some things that need to be prepared on Yan’s side.”

Stepping down from the Patriarch position, naturally there are many things that need to be busy.

“Ten days it is then.” Yang Kai stood up, not much to do in these days.

Yan Luo thanked him profusely and immediately led Yang Kai forward to rest.

The room was extremely luxurious, with luminous pearls dotted around.

He Yunxiang said, “My lord, the Yan family will not cheat, right?”

Yan Luo’s obedient performance made her a little suspicious, even if he had succumbed to a powerful force, he didn’t have to act this groveling, at least he was a Star Master.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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