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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3107 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3107
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“Little friend, please agree.”

“Good! Since Senior has spoken, the kid will naturally obey.”

Duan Hongchen nodded, “Cultivate well. With your aptitude, you may be able to catch up. In the future, you and I may be able to fight side by side.”

Yang Kai’s spirits rose. Fighting side by side with the Great Emperor, what kind of heroic spirit was this? However, he soon felt puzzled. Who was the enemy? Could it be Wu Kuang? He felt that something was wrong, and Duan Hongchen’s words were also quite heavy.

After chatting with him for a while longer, he told him about the recent situation of Azure Sun Temple and the subsequent development of Dragon Island. Duan Hongchen sighed, “It’s truly a pity that a Dragon Clan member died.” Turning around, he cursed, “It’s truly a pity, all Dragon Clan members should die.”

“Can you shut up?” Yang Kai looked at him disdainfully. He had just been chatting with Duan Hongchen, so why did he have to come out here?

Wu Kuang smiled slightly, a hint of evil in his eyes as he glanced outside and asked, “What about your Stone Puppet Embodiment?”

“What?” Yang Kai looked at him vigilantly. It was not surprising that Wu Kuang knew about the Stone Puppet Embodiment. After all, they had met before and both of them had cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, so they could sense each other.

“This King’s Heavens Devourer Battle Law is actually not suitable for humans to cultivate, but it complements that Stone Puppet. This King originally wanted you to give you a gift if that Stone Puppet Embodiment is with you, but since it’s not nearby, then forget it.”

Before he could finish speaking, the Embodiment appeared.

Fortunately, after his Embodiment had swallowed the Stone Fire Source, it had become the size of a human, otherwise this room would not have been able to contain it.

“Space Divine Ability, it really is amazing,” Wu Kuang praised. Even he didn’t know how Yang Kai had managed to get his Embodiment out, only vaguely guessing that this boy had some kind of Space Artifact.

As soon as the Embodiment appeared, it noticed Wu Kuang’s aura and immediately became vigilant, the red flames in its eyes flickering.

“He said he wanted to give you something,” Yang Kai said.

The Embodiment asked, “What is it?”

Yang Kai shrugged.

Wu Kuang smiled faintly and stretched out his hand to grab the Embodiment. The Embodiment hesitated for a moment but didn’t resist. In the next moment, Wu Kuang’s large hand pressed down on the Embodiment’s well-defined head and a strange energy fluctuation burst out, freezing it in place.

On the surface, Yang Kai appeared indifferent, but in reality, he was extremely vigilant.

Who the hell knew what Wu Kuang wanted to do? He was only prepared to act if he felt something was wrong, but from beginning to end, there seemed to be nothing wrong with his Embodiment.

After a short while, Wu Kuang withdrew his hand and Yang Kai turned to look at his Embodiment, only to see a thoughtful look on his face.

Yang Kai used his Divine Sense and immediately understood what his Embodiment had obtained from Wu Kuang. After all, his Embodiment was a Soul Clone, so there was no obstruction in communicating with it. In fact, if Yang Kai wanted to, he could feel everything his Embodiment felt.

The various essentials and insights of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law!

Wu Kuang had actually imparted his lifetime’s experience in cultivating the Heavens Devourer Battle Law to his Embodiment, so this gift was not small. The Heavens Devourer Battle Law was originally created by Wu Kuang and had absolute authority over it. The experiences and cultivation experiences he had accumulated over the past tens of thousands of years were simply unimaginable wealth.

He had imparted this technique experience without any reservations!

Even though Yang Kai had always been hostile towards Wu Kuang, at this moment he couldn’t help feeling somewhat moved.

Could this be the price for sealing his mouth? But wasn’t this price a bit too high?

It could be imagined that after obtaining these essence and cultivation insights, one’s future path of cultivation would be much smoother. Perhaps… one would be able to reach the height of the Heavens Devourer Great Emperor, or even surpass him. After all, he was a Stone Puppet and had swallowed the Origin Energy of Stone Fire, so his starting point was much higher than Wu Kuang’s.

Perhaps seeing Yang Kai’s doubt and shock, Wu Kuang chuckled and said, “Perhaps one day we can become friends.”

“In your dreams!” Yang Kai shouted, but his tone couldn’t help softening.

There was nothing he could do about it. After all, it was not like Wu Kuang was a shameless person. He had just received such a great benefit from Duan Hongchen, so how could he show him any face? However, the so-called turning enemies into friends was probably impossible. Wu Kuang was like a street rat in the Star Boundary, hated by everyone. As long as he did not leave Duan Hongchen’s body, Yang Kai would never be able to become friends with him.

Although in the face of benefits, there was no such thing as an eternal enemy, Wu Kuang’s actions had long since exceeded the limits of benefits. As a friend, Yang Kai’s head was still damaged.

“There are no absolutes in this world, why don’t we wait a hundred years or a thousand years before we take a look?” Wu Kuang didn’t mind.

Yang Kai put away his Embodiment and grinned, “Then you’ll have to live until then.” His eyes wandered around his neck, seemingly considering where to start.

His expression suddenly became solemn, “Wu Kuang, since you want to change your appearance, this Young Master is willing to give you a chance to put down your butcher’s knife and become a Buddha.”

Wu Kuang grinned, “If there’s anything you want to say, let’s hear it.”

Yang Kai said, “I want to return to my homeland, but I can’t find a way. You’re quite familiar with this, so tell me, how can I return to my Star Field?” This was the reason why he had still barged in despite knowing Wu Kuang was here.

This fellow had wreaked havoc in countless Star Field in the past, so it was clear he was well versed in this field. Receiving his guidance was definitely better than searching aimlessly.

“Which Star Field are you from?” Wu Kuang asked.

“Heng Luo Star Field!”

Wu Kuang shook his head when he heard this, “I’ve never heard of it.” He had been to many Star Field, but he didn’t have the time to deliberately inquire about the names of these Star Field. To him, all the Lower Planes Star Field were just the source of his strength.

Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment. Thinking about it, if Wu Kuang had really been to Heng Luo Star Field, there wouldn’t have been any Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Violet Star, or Sword Union in the Star Field. They would have long since become his possessions.

“If you want to return to the Lower Planes Star Field from here, one method is to use those Star Path, on the premise that there are Star Path between that Star Field and the Ancestral Domain, but from the looks of it, you haven’t found them yet.”

“What about the other method?”

Wu Kuang smiled, “Borrowing the Star Field Origin.”

“Star Field Origin?” Yang Kai raised his brow as a faint light flashed across his mind. It was very important, but he couldn’t grasp it.

“Cultivation has Star Source, and Star Field has Star Field Origin! However, the Star Source is hidden on a Star Cultivation Star. Anyone with enough strength will have a chance to refine it and become a Star Master, but the Star Field Origin is much more difficult to find. The Star Field is vast, every flower, every blade of grass, every tree, even an ordinary person you meet on the street, a rabbit running through the wilderness, a meteor wandering through the Starry Sky, all of them could be transformed from a Star Field Origin. Even if an ordinary person were to encounter one, they might not be able to discover it, but if they could refine it, they would be able to control the entire Star Field and become its master and guardian.”

Wu Kuang spoke slowly while Yang Kai listened carefully, the light in his eyes growing brighter.

Star Field’s Guardian, this was not the first time he had heard of this term.

When he first left Heng Luo Star Field and went to the Star Boundary, he had been determined to become the guardian of Heng Luo Star Field.

“If I can become the guardian of this Star Field, no matter where I am, I will be able to sense the location of this Star Field. If I want to go from the Ancestral Domain to that Star Field, do I need to deliberately search for it?”

At that time, as long as he willed it, he would be able to grasp the invisible connection between himself and the Star Field.

Yang Kai calmly replied, “So that’s how it is, I understand.”

He cursed in his heart, ‘I really am an idiot!’

If he hadn’t met Wu Kuang today and heard what he said, he would have probably forgotten about something in his Consciousness Sea.

Star Chart!

Inside his Consciousness Sea was the Star Chart of the entire Heng Luo Star Field. It was not a Star Chart drawn by an ordinary Star Master, but rather a mysterious inheritance.

It was something he had obtained from a Star Chart Master not long ago when he first arrived in the Star Field from Tongxuan Continent. When the Starship had collapsed, the Star Chart Master had died not far from Yang Kai and a stream of light had entered his mind. Since then, Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea had inexplicably gained a Star Chart.

During his years in Heng Luo Star Field, the Star Chart in his mind had given him directions many times, allowing him to avoid getting lost in the Star Field.

There had once been a master who had entered Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea with his Divine Sense, and when he saw the Starry Sky, he couldn’t help crying out as if he had found a treasure, but unfortunately, he had been killed by Yang Kai in the end.

In the past, Yang Kai wasn’t certain what the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea was, but now he was almost certain it was the Star Field Origin!

Yang Kai still remembered that when he first arrived in the Star Boundary, he had used this Star Chart to form a faint connection with his homeland, but as time passed, this connection had been severed.

The Star Field Origin that was difficult for others to find had been residing in his Consciousness Sea for so many years. With this, wouldn’t it be easy to find a way home?

Although he was overjoyed, he didn’t show it on his face and simply said, “I want to ask another question.”

“Speak.” Wu Kuang seemed to be in a good mood today, so how could he be bothered with him?

“How did you avoid the repulsion of the World’s Laws?” Tens of thousands of years ago, many Star Field had been destroyed by him, so Yang Kai didn’t believe he could accomplish this with the strength of a peak Origin King Realm.

Since he could act so wantonly and tyrannically in these Star Field, he must have not only displayed the strength of a Origin King Realm, but also his full strength. But even if he was a Great Emperor, the World Law’s repulsion was not just for show, so how could he not suffer the wrath of Heaven?

Wu Kuang said, “Every time this king goes to a Star Field, the first thing I need to do is find the Origin of that Star Field, steal, snatch, and refine it. In that Star Field, you are the world, so how could you be rejected?”

Yang Kai suddenly understood!

Just like how the Star Master had refined the Star Source of the Cultivation Star, on his own Cultivation Star, the Star Master was the Heavens and Earth. By the same logic, after refining the Star Field Origin, the entire Star Field was under his control, so how could it be rejected?

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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