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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3117 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3117
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After a long drought, a rain of flowers would fall, a myriad of trees would rise, and a hundred flowers would bloom.

After taking off her pure white dress and putting it on, she seemed to fall into an endless cycle.

No matter how cold her personality was, she couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s aggression. The raging flames seemed to be able to completely melt her ice crystal jade body, causing her to fall limply to the ground. She didn’t have the slightest bit of strength left in her, only feeling as if all the bones in her body had been broken and her snow white skin was filled with traces of passion.

One day and one night passed.

With their naked bodies facing each other, Yang Kai rested his head on Su Yan’s full chest, conserving his strength.

Su Yan’s dazed eyes gradually regained a trace of light as she patted his head, “Is that enough?”

She couldn’t take it anymore. The man in her arms seemed to want to pour all of his decades of love into her body, causing her to tumble up and down in the clouds. Her state of mind, which had remained calm for dozens of years, was now completely shattered.

“…” Yang Kai muttered, not knowing what he say, as if he was talking in his sleep.

Su Yan smiled and gently patted his back, as if she was coaxing a child from a nightmare to sleep. Suddenly, she said, “It’s been hard on you all these years.”

When he left all those years ago, he was only a 2nd order Origin King Realm, she couldn’t see his current cultivation realm, but she could feel that it was definitely stronger than a 3rd order Dao Source Stage master.

Growing up often came with a price.

Although she did not follow him, she knew that he must have suffered a lot over the years and suffered a lot, causing her heart to ache slightly. When he was injured, who could take care of him? [TL: aww, i love Su Yan.]

“It’s nothing,” Yang Kai’s sleepiness completely disappeared as he propped up his head with one hand and stared at the beautiful face in front of him, his other hand gently playing with the round skin, a look of self-reproach appearing on his face, “I came back late.”

Su Yan stroked Yang Kai’s cheek, “Idiot!”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Am I stupid?”

Su Yan grinned, “You’re the dumbest!”

“Why do you say that about me?” Yang Kai said with a wronged expression.

Su Yan smiled but said nothing.

Yang Kai pretended to be angry, “Good, how dare you call your husband like this!” Reaching out his hand to tickle her, Su Yan’s brow wrinkled as she tried to stifle her laughter, but her movements suddenly stopped. Yang Kai tilted his head and said, “If I’m a fool, then you’re all melon women.” Lowering his head, he kissed her, as if he was tasting the world’s most delicious delicacy.

Su Yan’s body tensed up as she bit her red lips, her two long legs unconsciously intertwining as she reached out to hold Yang Kai’s face and lifted his head.

“What? Did you become stronger?”

“Come!” Su Yan tilted her head, not daring to meet Yang Kai’s eyes as she whispered.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with a terrifying green light. After receiving this order, without any hesitation, he let out a low roar.

“Let me put on my clothes,” Su Yan’s face showed a faint trace of pain as she begged Yang Kai.

No, she couldn’t do this anymore. If she didn’t put on her clothes now, she would definitely die here. Moreover, she had been too indulgent and had actually spent two days and two nights here with him. Her Master must have been waiting anxiously for this moment. Thinking about how she would have to face Ruan Biting later, Su Yan’s face blushed slightly.

Yang Kai grinned, “What’s the rush? This matter isn’t over yet.”

Su Yan reached out and poked his forehead, “Be good.”

Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “I’m listening.”

Su Yan said, “The future is long, there’s no need to rush.”

“But we haven’t dual cultivated yet!”

Two days of indulgence was just a way for him to vent his longing. He had never even used the Yin Yang Joyous Unification Art.

“Can we go back?” Su Yan pleaded.

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head.

Su Yan said with a straight face, “Senior Sister is angry.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous as he rolled his eyes and said, “Then I’ll tell you about my experiences over the years. Does Senior Sister not want to hear about them?”

Su Yan’s brow wrinkled slightly as a look of hesitation appeared on her face. How could she not want to listen? She had wanted to ask about it from the start, but Yang Kai didn’t give her the opportunity to do so. After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Then… why not make it short?”

“Good!” Yang Kai reached out and picked her up before sitting down cross-legged and grinning, “Let’s talk while we dual cultivate.”

Su Yan nodded helplessly and reached out to stroke her messy hair before casually tying it into a bun and sitting down on Yang Kai’s lap.

How could a few dozen years of experience be covered in a short story?

At the side of the medicine garden, a dragon roar and phoenix cry rang out, along with the sound of a zither. Energy surged.

Time slowly passed by as Yang Kai narrated the events that occurred after he left for the Star Boundary. Yang Kai picked up some things to talk about and avoided his dangerous experiences while Su Yan listened quietly, occasionally interrupting to ask a few questions.

By the time he finished, who knew how long had passed.

“Senior Sister, what about you? Why are you in the Ancestral Domain?”

Su Yan replied, “It was a coincidence.”

Strangely enough, Heng Luo Star Field was originally an extremely sealed Star Field, and even the passage to the Star Boundary was opened by the Star Emperor Token left behind by Yang Yan. However, less than five years after Yang Kai left, a strange phenomenon suddenly occurred in a certain part of the Star Field, seemingly showing signs of collapse.

That place wasn’t too far from Shadowed Star, so after receiving the news, Su Yan had brought some people to investigate, but after failing to find anything, she had somehow managed to arrive at the Ancestral Domain from there before joining the Red Cloud Sect.

After entering the Red Cloud Sect, things became much simpler. She was highly regarded by Ruan Biting and accepted as a disciple, carefully nurturing her. In the end, because she refused to submit to Han Qiansheng’s tyranny, she was sent here to guard the Fire Cloud Mine for ten years.

After hearing this, Yang Kai coldly snorted. At this time, he was a bit annoyed that he had killed Han Qiancheng too easily, he should have spared his life.

“Elder Ruan, the Red Cloud Sect is finished, what should we do?”

Inside the Fire Cloud Mine, a group of disciples responsible for mining ore asked Ruan Biting.

News came from the Sect that the Sect’s Elders, and even the Sect Master had all been killed, and the one who had attacked was actually a seven or eight year old little girl. All of this seemed to be related to Senior Sister Su Yan.

After the death of the Sect Master and the others, the entire Red Cloud Sect had fallen overnight. Disciples fled in panic, afraid of being implicated. The current Red Cloud Sect was probably an empty shell.

These disciples had been sent here to mine Fire Cloud Ore and had learned of the news a little late. At this time, they had lost their backbone and could only come to ask Ruan Biting.

Ruan Biting let out a long sigh, as expected.

After all, this was the Sect she had protected for a hundred years, and now that it had been destroyed so easily, she couldn’t help feeling a little reluctant, but after thinking about it carefully, who could she blame? If Han Zhengyuan had been a bit more tolerant, Red Cloud Sect wouldn’t have caused such a ruckus. If they could treat Su Yan well, they would naturally be able to receive a huge reward today.

The young man named Yang Kai’s strength was unfathomable, so much so that Ruan Biting couldn’t even see the depths of his cultivation, but she knew that as long as Yang Kai could simply slip something from between his fingers, it would be enough to benefit Red Cloud Sect greatly.

Unfortunately… there were no ‘if’ in this world, so if Han Zhengyuan and his son knew about this in the underworld, they would probably be extremely frustrated.

“Let’s find our own way,” Ruan Biting waved her hand dispiritedly.

“Elder Ruan, now you’re the only one in Red Cloud Sect who can manage the situation,” The leading disciple was unwilling to leave the Sect, obviously wanting to persuade her.

Ruan Biting shook her head and said, “There is no such thing as an eternal feast in this world. There is no such thing as an eternal sect or family. The tides rise and fall, the flowers bloom and the flowers wither. Let nature take its course. You may go.”

Although she felt a little regretful in her heart, she also felt a sense of freedom. Taking a deep breath, she felt as if the shackles that had been binding her body had suddenly shattered and her mood became inexplicably light.


Ruan Biting’s expression suddenly became serious as she looked up towards a certain direction and said lightly, “That person has come out. If you don’t want to be implicated, then hurry up and leave. I don’t know if he will start a massacre.”

Hearing this, all the disciples’ expressions changed drastically, no longer daring to remain where they were, quickly scattering like birds and beasts, all of them fleeing in the blink of an eye.

Soon, Yang Kai and Su Yan arrived together.

“Master!” Su Yan bowed, her face slightly red.

Ruan Biting was not an ignorant young girl, so how could she not guess what the two of them had been up to these past few days? Not to mention Su Yan’s unique charm after being nourished by the raind and dew, just the strange smell that accompanied them was enough for Ruan Biting to understand the truth.

Ten days! Ten whole days, this little brat was really quite troublesome. [TL: Stamina king.]

“Su Yan, you… En? Your cultivation!” Before Ruan Biting could finish her sentence, she suddenly stared at Su Yan in shock, almost thinking she was dreaming.

After not seeing her for ten days, Su Yan’s cultivation had actually risen from the 1st order Dao Source Stage to the 2nd order Dao Source Stage. Moreover, her aura was vigorous and her foundation was stable, there was nothing wrong with her.

How… how was this possible?

She didn’t doubt Su Yan’s aptitude, otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken five years to break through from the 3rd order Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Stage. After all, it had taken her ten years to reach this stage.

However… this was the Fire Cloud Mine, and Su Yan had been suppressed for ten years, so logically speaking, her cultivation shouldn’t have increased much.

This was indeed the case. When she saw her ten days ago, Su Yan’s cultivation was no different from ten years ago.

But now, she had reached the 2nd order Dao Source Stage and was on par with her!

How did she do it? How was it possible!?

After Ruan Biting recovered from her shock, she immediately looked towards Yang Kai.

It was impossible for Su Yan to have such an ability. This had nothing to do with talent, just like how it was impossible for a master above 3rd order Dao Source Stage to appear in this world.

All of this was probably brought about by this young man.

What kind of pill did he give Su Yan to be able to produce such a miraculous effect?

Su Yan’s complexion became even redder. The reason she was able to break through was naturally because of Dual Cultivation. The Yin Yang Joyous Unification Art was originally a Dual Cultivation Technique. The two of them had not seen each other for many years and had been accumulating their own strengths. With this Dual Cultivation, their many years of accumulation had immediately transformed into an opportunity to increase their strength.

What’s more, Yang Kai was now an Emperor Realm. With his help, it would be difficult for Su Yan to not advance.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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