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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3160 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3160
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“Of course,” Yang Kai nodded. Although with his current relationship with Li Jiao, there was no need to thank him, since Xia Ning Chang had spoken, he naturally had to accept this task.

“Ten years!” Xia Ning Chang suddenly said.


Xia Ning Chang smiled lightly, “In ten years, Tongxuan will recover.”

The cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field had only used a few years to cause this poison storm, but even with Yang Kai’s massive amount of Source Crystals and the help of the Heaven-shaking Spirit Formation, it would still take them ten years to recover.

Destruction was often simpler.

“Are you satisfied?” Yang Kai grinned at her.

Xia Ning Chang blinked, “Then what else?”

Yang Kai said, “Tongxuan Continent isn’t like the other stars, its grade itself is a bit low, so just recovering is not enough. Moreover, ten years… is still quite long.”

Xue Yue’s eyes flashed as she asked, “Does Husband have a way to make this continent better?”

“It’s up to you,” Yang Kai laughed. He did have some plans in mind, but he didn’t know if they would succeed, so he didn’t dare to guarantee anything in front of them, lest he fail to achieve his goal.

Xue Yue seemed to have seen through his thoughts and curled her lips, “If you can improve the Tongxuan Continent, I will…”

“Will what?” Yang Kai looked at her with a burning gaze.

Xue Yue’s face was slightly red, but she still replied, “Do whatever you want.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “I want to sleep together!”

“Pah!” Xue Yue spat at him.

In a flash, Yang Kai appeared between her and Xia Ning Chang, holding her in his arms as he said, “If you want a horse to run, you have to feed it grass!”

“Rogue!” Xue Yue glared at him fiercely, almost stealing Yang Kai’s soul as she lowered her head and said shyly, “You should convince Ning Chang first.”

Little Senior Sister’s face was as red as blood, “Why are you suddenly talking about this?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Yin and Yang, the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. En, it’s settled.”

“Who said it’s a deal?” Xia Ning Chang was anxious, she couldn’t even think about it.

However, Yang Kai lowered his head and pecked her red lips lightly, causing her to freeze on the spot.

But she had never been so intimate with Yang Kai in front of others.

Xue Yue smiled as she watched, her red lips suddenly being blocked by Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t go too far, but he still remembered Xue Yue’s words. If he didn’t restore Xia Ning Chang, he wouldn’t be able to touch her. At this moment, even if he was determined to succeed, how could he surpass his expectations of sleeping together?

Hmph, two naive women, do you think you’re the only ones? When the time comes, neither Shan Qing Luo nor Su Yan will be able to escape.

Laughing, Yang Kai flew off.

Xue Yue touched her red lips and stamped her foot, “Stupid man!”

Amidst the spiritual rain, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed, “Everyone, the Great Desolate Star Field has invaded for more than ten years, killing my Star Field’s cultivators, robbing my Star Field’s women and wealth, causing billions of lives to be lost and lives to be lost. Now, it is time for us to fight back!”

The heavy rain was noisy, but it couldn’t conceal Yang Kai’s voice, allowing everyone to clearly hear it.

“Everyone, please follow me to battle. A tooth for a tooth, a blood for a blood!” Yang Kai raised his hand and pointed towards the starry sky.

“Blood for blood!”

The roars shook the sky, but the resentment accumulated over the past few years didn’t disappear with Tongxuan Continent’s recovery, instead becoming more intense.

In the Endless Star Field, on a dead star, Yang Kai sat at the peak of a barren mountain, one hand on his cheek, his eyes closed in contemplation.

His Divine Sense surged through his Consciousness Sea, weaving through the endless Star Chart.

The Star Chart was the Star Chart of the entire Heng Luo Star Field, and he had obtained it by accident when he first entered the Star Field. At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it and simply used it as a guide. With the help of this Star Chart, he had never lost his way in the Star Field.

At that time, he had discovered that this Star Chart was different from the Star Chart drawn by an ordinary Star Master. It seemed to be constantly changing and corresponding to every corner of the Star Field, but because the Star Chart was too big and the Star Field was too vast, if one didn’t examine it carefully, they wouldn’t be able to discover this change.

Later, he learned that the Star Chart he had inadvertently obtained was actually the Star Source of the entire Star Field.

It was through this Star Chart that he was able to sense a connection with Heng Luo Star Field and return here.

Wu Kuang had said before that every time he went to a Star Field, he would find the Source of that Star Field and refine it, allowing him to become the ruler of that Star Field and no longer be rejected by the World Laws.

The Star Field’s Source transformed into a myriad of forms, without a fixed form. Compared to the Star Source of a Cultivation Star, the Star Field’s Source was almost a legendary existence that could only be encountered by luck.

Yang Kai being able to obtain it could be said to be a great opportunity.

However, he hadn’t been able to use this Star Field Source because he had never refined it.

Only by successfully refining this Star Field’s Source could he truly become the master of Heng Luo Star Field. At that time, he didn’t even need to personally take action. With a single thought, all the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field would be killed.

It had been half a year since he left Tongxuan Continent. During this half a year, he had been trying to refine this Star Field Source, but he had made no progress.

Although his cultivation was now that of an Emperor Realm, the Star Field was vast and contained countless stars. To refine these stars was equivalent to controlling all of them; it was even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Something was definitely wrong.

Even Wu Kuang had to seal his own cultivation in the Star Field before he could act recklessly.

Since Wu Kuang could do it, it didn’t mean he couldn’t. He was secretly annoyed that he hadn’t asked Wu Kuang for more advice on this matter. If he went to the Ancestral Domain to look for him now, even if he could find him, this guy might not necessarily tell him.

He secretly rejoiced that he had not boasted in front of Xue Yue and Xia Ning Chang, otherwise he would have been too ashamed to face them.

At that time, Yang Kai only had a vague plan in mind, which was to refine this Star Chart and become the master of this Star Field. At that time, he would be able to control the power of this Star Field and supplement Tongxuan Continent with some nutrients, allowing it to be upgraded to a Star Field like Shadowed Star and Moon Water Star.

Now it seemed that he had been too naive.

“Is it still not enough?” A clear and melodious voice rang out beside him.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and pulled Liu Yan into his embrace, continuing to support his face, “I have an idea, but I don’t know if it will work.”

Liu Yan looked up at him and reached out to stroke the hard stubble on his chin, gently saying, “If you have an idea, try it. There’s no loss.”

“Exactly,” Yang Kai nodded and stood up, “When will they arrive?”

“There are about ten days left until the appointed time.”

“Ten days is enough. You stay here and inform me if you have any news. I’ll try this new idea.”

“Alright,” Liu Yan nodded.

Yang Kai stomped his feet and shot into the sky like an arrow, quickly disappearing.

Entering the Starry Sky, he flew forward aimlessly, neither too fast nor too slow. As he flew, he circulated his Emperor Qi, leaving behind his aura along the way. At the same time, he checked the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea and determined a small area.

With the Star Chart, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about making a mistake.

He continued to fly around this area, as if he was drawing a circle with his aura lingering in it.

Five days later, he arrived at the center of this circle and suddenly closed his eyes.

After immersing his Divine Sense into his Consciousness Sea, he quietly began to perceive the Star Chart.

Suddenly, his body shook and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

He clearly felt an unusual range from the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea, and this range was where he had spent these past few days to leave his aura.

There was hope!

Perhaps the direction he had been trying for the past six months had been wrong. If this method was useful, it would mean that refining Star Source and Star Field Source were two completely different things.

Previously, he had been using the method of refining the Star Source to directly attack the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea, but it had been completely ineffective. Now, it seemed that the way to go from shallow to deep was the way to go.

How could he refine it?

Besides the Star Refining Art, there were no other techniques.

Making up his mind, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and immediately activated the Star Refining Art, immersing his consciousness into the Star Chart.

All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt a strange sensation, as if his entire being’s thoughts had spread out and filled the places he had walked for the past five days, linking the auras beneath his path together. Without even opening his eyes, he could see the wind and the grass in this region, everything clearly visible.

Circulating the Star Refining Art, his consciousness left a mark on a certain part of the Star Chart, gradually changing its color.

There were no great waves or ups and downs.

Everything seemed so calm and natural.

Suddenly, Yang Kai opened his eyes and laughed.

This sudden idea actually allowed him to find the right method.

Inside his Consciousness Sea, the small area of the Star Chart seemed to have become different from other places, and in the corresponding Starry Sky, there was a special area.

Yang Kai didn’t use any of his strength, instead focusing his attention on his surroundings. His figure flickered constantly, leaving behind a series of afterimages as if there were countless of him.

This was a special Starry Sky, a Starry Sky that belonged to Yang Kai! Within this Starry Sky, he was like the master in the Shadowed Star.

His figure suddenly came to a halt as a look of eagerness flashed across his eyes.

If that was the case, it meant that he was right. At that time, as long as he spent more time refining the Star Chart, he would become the master of Heng Luo Star Field.

If he thought about it, he would do it!

Yang Kai took a deep breath and let out a roar, releasing a strange sound from the depths of his soul as he released the seal on his cultivation.

1st order Dao Source Stage, 2nd order, 3rd order, Emperor Realm!

It was safe and sound. There was no repulsive force in this world, nor any hostility.


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