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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3168 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3169
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On this day, Li Jiao had just finished dealing with a group of cultivators who had arrived here to escape back to the Great Desolate Star Field and returned to the asteroid.

Lu Sanniang welcomed him with a smile.

After spending so many years together, the two of them no longer had any misunderstandings between them. Li Jiao even regarded Lu Yuqin as his own, causing Lu Sanniang to be extremely moved and even develop a desire to spend the rest of her life together with Li Jiao.

However, she also knew that this was just her wishful thinking. Li Jiao and Yang Kai were bound to return to the Star Boundary, and at that time, she would bring her daughter with Li Jiao to the Fire Dragon Palace.

It was for this reason that she cherished this beautiful moment even more.

“Are you tired?” Lu Sanniang gently asked.

Li Jiao proudly declared, “Just a bunch of clowns.” Although he had sealed his own cultivation, he still had the foundation of a 3rd order Emperor Realm. Killing a group of Origin King Realm and below was simply a waste of his talent.

He estimated that the reason Yang Kai had sent him to guard this place was mainly to give him time and opportunity to interact with Lu Sanniang.

Reaching out, he grabbed Lu Sanniang’s soft waist and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Lu Sanniang was greatly embarrassed and said, “Yuqin is here…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Yuqin suddenly rushed out of the stone house and covered her eyes with her hands, transforming into a stream of light and flying off into the distance, her voice drifting over, “I’m going out for a walk, it’s so boring here.”

“This girl!” How could Lu Sanniang not know what her daughter was thinking?

Li Jiao said, “She’s not here anymore.” As he spoke, he bent down, picked up Lu Sanniang by the waist, and strode towards the stone house. Lu Sanniang’s heart jumped as she leaned against his broad chest, her entire body softening.

Suddenly stopping in his tracks, the smile on Li Jiao’s face froze as he suddenly looked towards the Void Corridor a thousand kilometers away.

In that moment just now, he had felt a sense of crisis and instinctively felt that it was somewhat inconceivable. After all, with his cultivation, in this Lower Plane Star Field, what could make him feel danger? To put it bluntly, in this Star Field, besides Yang Kai, no one was his opponent.

En, it’s without counting Liu Yan.

The Void Corridor didn’t seem to have changed, but it seemed to have become even more profound. The darkness suddenly expanded in Li Jiao’s field of vision and spread out at an extremely terrifying speed. The vast expanse of the starry sky was swallowed up by this darkness, and the Void Corridor suddenly expanded.

“Not good!” Li Jiao turned pale with fright and turned to look in the direction Lu Yuqin had left.

Not far away, Lu Yuqin seemed to have been scared silly as she stood in place, staring blankly at the darkness that was expanding towards her.

Without thinking too much, Li Jiao grabbed Lu Sanniang and rushed towards Lu Yuqin. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of her and grabbed her hand, shouting, “Go!”

His figure flashed like lightning as he fled at an extremely fast speed. Although he didn’t know what had happened here, it was not something he could handle. He had to inform Yang Kai as soon as possible.

Suddenly, all the hairs on Li Jiao’s body stood on end as he felt as if someone was spying on him, a pair of invisible eyes observing his every move.

A faint sound of surprise rang in his ears, as if it was an illusion.

But in the next moment, Li Jiao felt a huge restraining force wrap around him, causing his fleeing figure to suddenly stop.

“Don’t leave my side!” At this moment of life and death, Li Jiao shouted towards Lu Sanniang and her daughter, circulating his Emperor Qi and wrapping them up.

Darkness engulfed him and the light in front of him disappeared!

Day after day, year after year.

Yang Kai shuttled back and forth through the Star Field, forgetting the passage of time and immersing himself in refining it.

In his Consciousness Sea, more than ninety percent of the Star Chart had been lit up, with only a tiny bit remaining. Over the years, his footprints had covered almost the entire Star Field, not even missing the most remote place.

With the guidance of the Star Chart, Yang Kai didn’t get lost, and he knew exactly where he had been and where he hadn’t been.

Collecting tens of thousands of stars from his body and spreading his aura throughout the Star Field was an extremely grand project, but Yang Kai didn’t find it boring.

As he continued to refine it, he gradually gained more insights.

Originally, after returning to the Star Field, he had been extremely confident in breaking through to the 2nd order Emperor Realm, but now, he was almost one hundred percent certain that as long as he returned to the Star Boundary, he would be able to break through immediately.

Not enough! There was still a little bit left to refine.

In fact, he wanted to know more about how Wu Kuang had refined the Star Field’s Origin Source, so he definitely wouldn’t try to accomplish his goal like he did. Perhaps he could use the shortest amount of time possible to accomplish the same thing.

However, he had lived for so many years after all, so it was normal for him to possess some astonishing Divine Abilities and Secret Arts.

Time passed.

When the last part of the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea lit up, Yang Kai heard a loud bang, as if a thunderbolt had exploded in his mind, causing him to feel dizzy and stars to appear in front of his eyes.

After recovering, his face was filled with joy.


How long had it taken? Eight years? Nine years? Or ten years? He could barely remember.

However, this was not the end. For so many years, all he had done was divide the Star Field into different-sized pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Although he had refined them slightly, the jigsaw pieces were still jigsaw pieces. Even if they were put together to form a complete picture, there were still many flaws and gaps. If these flaws were not eliminated, he would never become the Star Field’s Master.

Only the last step was left, but it was also the most difficult step.

With a thought, Yang Kai’s figure flickered through the various Star Field’s diagrams, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive at the center of the Star Field.

He took a deep breath and slowly adjusted his condition.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and opened his arms, as if he wanted to embrace the entire Star Field.

The Space Divine Ability and Divine Sense were activated at the same time, allowing his Divine Sense to travel through the void, leaping forward and radiating towards the entire Star Field.

In an instant, Yang Kai felt as if his entire body had disappeared, as if he had turned into nothing, filling the entire Star Field. The Divine Sense in his Consciousness Sea flowed out like a flood.

The Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus seemed to sense this and suddenly released a seven colored light, sending out a stream of energy to supplement Yang Kai’s consumption.

In the sky above his Consciousness Sea, countless stars flickered, as if each of these stars would blink, illuminating his Consciousness Sea with a dim light.

The vast Star Field underwent a miraculous change at this moment. All the living beings in the Star Field, no matter where they were or what their cultivation was, felt a great will descend from the sky.

This will was even more majestic than the Star Master’s. This will was the will of Heaven and Earth, the will of this Star Field.

When Yang Kai divided this Star Field into countless pieces and refined them, he didn’t feel any resistance, but when he tried to refine and integrate the entire Star Field, the world naturally wouldn’t tolerate it.

Even the Star Chart in Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea was showing signs of jumping out and abandoning Yang Kai.

Realizing this, Yang Kai was also shocked.

Refining a Star Field required one to possess a Star Field Origin.

If the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea were to escape, how could he refine it!

The Star Chart’s light flashed wildly, transforming into a powerful force that turned Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea upside down, as if telling him to retreat and let him go.

A heart-wrenching pain filled Yang Kai’s mind, but he clenched his teeth and didn’t say a word, sealing his entire Consciousness Sea, refusing to let it leave.

With his Divine Sense damaged, Yang Kai felt as if the world had turned dark.

Fortunately, the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus had been constantly releasing pure energy to nourish his Soul, allowing his damaged Divine Sense to immediately recover, causing the situation in his Consciousness Sea to fall into a deadlock.

But because of this, Yang Kai had no spare energy to do anything else.

A fierce light flashed across his eyes as he condensed his Soul Avatar in his Consciousness Sea and waved his hand, summoning a large saber in his hand. Pointing it towards the Star Chart in the sky, he roared, “If you dare cause trouble again, I’ll cut you down!”

This blade was the Soul Cutting Blade and had been nourished by Yang Kai’s Secret Technique, Heaven Breaking Strike, for many years. If this blade were to cut down, even the Star Field Origin would suffer greatly.

Killing intent filled the air. Yang Kai was obviously not joking.

However, the Star Chart remained unmoved and continued to flicker, each time it flickered, an invisible force would interfere with Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea.

It seemed to have a mind of its own and could tell that Yang Kai was just putting on a brave front.

“Refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” Yang Kai was furious. He could even kill a 3rd order Emperor Realm, yet a mere Star Chart dare to be presumptuous, but he really can’t do it. If he didn’t have this Star Chart, how could he refine the Star Field?

Throwing away the Soul Slaying Saber, Yang Kai formed a series of hand seals and the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus in his Consciousness Sea transformed into a seven-colored treasure mountain that crashed upwards.


The Seven Colored Treasure Mountain flew up into the sky and hovered above the Star Chart, releasing a massive suppressive force.

The Star Chart’s light grew brighter.

However, when the seven-colored treasure mountain fell, it was slowly pushed down.

Seeing this, Yang Kai was overjoyed, knowing that his actions were correct.

The Star Chart was a Star Field Origin. Although it was rare and precious, it was not unique in this world. Every Star Field had its own Star Field Origin.

However, the Soul Warming Lotus was just like the Eternal Tree. It was the only existence in the world, so it was impossible for there to be a second one. From this point alone, whether it was the Soul Warming Lotus or the Eternal Tree, both of them were far more valuable than the Star Field Origin.

Reality proved that the Soul Warming Lotus also had the ability to suppress Star Charts.

Under the suppression of this suppressive force, the Star Chart was slowly being suppressed, and the frequency at which it flickered became much slower and the interference became less frequent. Yang Kai finally breathed a sigh of relief and focused on activating the Soul Warming Lotus, displaying its unimaginable effects.


As the Seven Colored Treasure Island descended, the entire Star Chart was suppressed by it and fell into his Consciousness Sea.

The seawater in his Consciousness Sea was formed from Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, and after being wrapped up by the seawater, the Star Chart became much more stable. At the same time, Yang Kai felt that his connection with this Star Chart had become much closer.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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