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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3176 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3176
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When Heng Luo Star Field didn’t have a master, Wu Heng, this bandit, had recklessly charged in and plundered it, no one could stop him. Now that Yang Kai had become the Star Field’s Master, how could he allow him to act so wantonly in his own territory?

Just as he was not Wu Heng’s opponent in the Great Desolate Star Field, so was his opponent here.

Using his Divine Sense to communicate with the Star Chart in his Consciousness Sea, Yang Kai faced the vast darkness, took a deep breath, opened his arms, and pushed forward, forming an endless sea.

The roiling darkness was like the receding tide of the sea as it swept back, instantly retreating a thousand kilometers. Moreover, it continued to shrink, and wherever the darkness passed, the original starry sky was once again revealed.

As the saying goes, if you eat my food, spit it out. Yang Kai wasn’t just joking, he really wanted to act.

The fading darkness suddenly slowed, as if some kind of force was blocking its path.

“Still trying to argue with me!” Yang Kai grinned maliciously. He didn’t know that Wu Heng couldn’t swallow his anger and was secretly confronting him.

He wanted to force back the darkness that swallowed Heng Luo Star Field while Wu Heng exerted his strength on the other side to hinder his movements.

However, this was meaningless. Although his speed had slowed significantly, under Yang Kai’s continuous efforts, the darkness was still retreating.

Three years ago, the darkness here had erupted and the devouring had begun. Wu Heng had spent three years devouring more than a hundred million kilometers of the Starry Sky, but compared to such a long period of time, the devouring speed was not too fast.

However, the speed at which it was recovering was much faster.

As the darkness receded, the black hole that had enveloped the Star Field gradually disappeared and the void was restored.

In less than a month, all of the darkness had been expelled, leaving behind only the first Void Corridor.

Li Jiao’s family of three had been tasked with guarding this Void Corridor and preventing the Great Desolate Star Field’s rescue and escape.

On the other hand, Yang Kai and Wu Heng had been secretly fighting for a month, but the final result was obvious, and Yang Kai had won a complete victory.

Staring at the dark tunnel entrance, Yang Kai’s eyes rolled.

The reason this pathway had appeared was mainly because he had taken away Heng Luo Star Field’s Source when he went to the Star Boundary. The Source was not in the Star Field, so the Star Field’s barrier was weak. Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps Wu Heng had intentionally made it so that the weak point had become a passage between two Star Field.

Now that he had brought back the Source and successfully refined it, becoming the Star Field Master, he naturally had the ability to repair this pathway.

With his current abilities, doing such a thing wouldn’t take much effort.

But once the pathway was completely repaired, it meant that the connection between the two Star Field had been completely severed.

Yang Kai had yet to take revenge, so how could he make such a choice? As such, he simply allowed the passageway to remain.

Not only did he not try to fix it, he even had some ideas.

Since he wanted to take revenge, the best way was naturally to give Wu Heng a taste of his own medicine. If Wu Heng wanted to swallow his Heng Luo Star Field, he would eat his Great Desolate Star Field and let him taste the taste of being swallowed.

However, before that, he had to come up with a good plan. Otherwise, with Wu Heng watching over him, he wouldn’t be able to succeed.

The corridor became silent. Although Yang Kai couldn’t see anything, he knew that Wu Heng was also looking at him from the other side.

Grinning, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and began drawing in the air.

Light flashed, and in the blink of an eye, a complicated pattern appeared in front of him. This pattern was none other than the cross-domain Space Law Formation.

Using the void as the foundation and the power of the stars as the material, he could easily arrange a Space Law Formation to display the might of a Star Field Master.

Far away on Shadowed Star, inside High Heaven Sect, the Embodiment was sitting cross-legged, absorbing the World Energy.

Suddenly, a light flashed behind him and an identical Spirit Law Formation appeared.

Sensing something, the Embodiment turned around and stepped into the Spirit Law Formation.

In the blink of an eye, it appear in front of Yang Kai.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s Embodiment silently walked over to Yang Kai, lifted his hand, and pressed it against Yang Kai’s head, sending a vast sea of information into Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea.

From a certain perspective, an Embodiment was an extension of Yang Kai’s body, but because this Embodiment was transformed from a Stone Puppet, Yang Kai’s Soul Clone had formed, so he had developed some thoughts over the years.

It could communicate with Yang Kai and express different opinions, but when needed, it didn’t need to say anything. Yang Kai could understand all of its thoughts and apply them to it.

The message the Embodiment had sent to Yang Kai was none other than the strongest and most evil cultivation technique in the world, Heavens Devourer Battle Law!

The Heavens Devourer Battle Law was created by Wu Kuang and was originally a technique that could devour all living things in the world. Wu Kuang had used this technique to devour countless Star Field and become the strongest person in all of history. In order to kill him, several Great Emperors had fallen, but after tens of thousands of years, he is still alive and reborn anew.

If those fallen Great Emperors were to learn of this, it was unknown if they would be so angry they would come back to life.

However, although the Heavens Devourer Battle Law was powerful, Yang Kai didn’t cultivate it when he obtained it because he always felt that it had some drawbacks.

After the Embodiment cultivate it, Yang Kai’s thoughts on this became even more clear. This cultivation technique indeed had its own drawbacks. Devouring and refining all things in the world sounded amazing, but without the corresponding method to resolve it, it would only end in tragedy.

This was because when absorbing and refining all things in the world, it would inevitably swallow all kinds of energies and impurities of different attributes. Because these energies had different attributes, they would inevitably produce some kind of restraint. Once they accumulated to a certain extent, they would inevitably cause great harm to cultivators, possibly even cause their cultivation to fall back and they would suffer from qi deviation.

Wu Kuang naturally had a way to resolve this, which was why he was able to use his Heavens Devourer Battle Law to rule the world.

Yang Kai knew he didn’t have the ability to do so, but he did have the Embodiment.

The Stone Puppet Clan’s physique was unique. They could swallow gold and eat stones, so any kind of dog shit attribute difference was nothing to them. They could simply refine it inside their bodies and combine it into one.

Strictly speaking, there was no race in this world more suited to cultivating the Heavens Devourer Battle Law than the Stone Puppet. This was something Wu Kuang had never expected.

After obtaining the Heavens Devourer Battle Law for so many years, his Embodiemtn had always been cultivating and had never encountered any problems. It had even swallowed the Origin of Stone Fire.

In terms of understanding and comprehension of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, in this world, other than Wu Kuang, there was only the Embodiment.

As the massive amount of information poured into Yang Kai’s mind, he slowly digested it and immediately discovered that this cultivation method was far more profound than he had imagined. If Wu Kuang wasn’t an evil person, he was definitely an ancient genius.

Half a day later, the Embodiment stopped and glanced at the black hole not far away before standing to the side to protect Yang Kai, just in case.

Time passed by slowly.

Yang Kai was completely immersed in the comprehension of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law. The more he comprehended, the more desperate he became to cultivate this Secret Art. This Secret Art was simply inconceivably powerful. Wu Mengchuan had cultivated it for so many years but had yet to reach the Emperor Realm.

However, he had been roaming the world for many years and had an extraordinary temperament, so he was able to restrain his greed.

After a full month, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, his vision clear.

Standing up, Yang Kai stretched his back and stretched his muscles. Cracking sounds rang out from every part of his body as he shook his hands, discovering that he had fully recovered. A month’s time was enough for him to fully recover.

Staring at the Void Corridor, Yang Kai grinned, “Let’s begin our revenge!”

Controlling the Star Chart with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai pushed his Star Field’s power towards the tunnel while simultaneously activating Heavens Devourer Battle Law to test the strength.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t cultivate it himself.

At this moment, he was using the entire Star Field as the foundation to activate this powerful technique, which was equivalent to allowing the Heng Luo Star Field to operate the Heavens Devourer Battle Law. What he cultivated was not himself, but the entire Star Field. No matter how much energy it absorbed, no matter how many different attributes it absorbed, it did not need to digest them. The Star Field naturally had this ability.

This was a technique that only the Star Field Master could use.

On the other side of the corridor, Wu Heng’s face was gloomy. After guarding for a month, he had become bored.

Originally, he had wanted to use the method of swallowing the Star Field to cultivate, but who would have thought that at the last moment, he would be destroyed by someone who had broken into his home and punched him twice. He instinctively felt that Yang Kai was not someone to be trifled with and was afraid he would cause trouble again.

Unexpectedly, nothing happened during this month.

It seemed like Yang Kai also knew he couldn’t do anything to him, so he had decided to give up.

The Void Corridor was right in front of him, so he didn’t try to repair it, because doing so would make it seem like he was afraid of Yang Kai, so how could he be willing to lose face?

In fact, for him, it was best to just leave this matter be. Invading the Star Field was not a trivial matter. He had noticed that the Star Field did not have a master, so he had thought about it. If Heng Luo Star Field had a master, he would not have done so.

He was willing to let things slide, but Yang Kai wasn’t willing to do so. A meal of kindness must be repaid, and a grudge must be repaid. Moreover, because of the invasion of the Great Desolate Star Field, countless people from Heng Luo Star Field had lost their wives and children, destroyed their country, and even Tongxuan Continent had nearly been poisoned, and Little Senior Sister had almost died.

If he didn’t vent his anger, what use would Yang Kai have his cultivation for?

Suddenly, a strange noise came from inside the corridor, causing Wu Heng to raise his head and look over, his face darkening as he grit his teeth and shouted, “You shameless bastard!”

He had thought that he was willing to make a big deal small, but who would have thought that Yang Kai would actually refuse to give up and instead try to invade his Star Field?

He had to make sure Yang Kai suffered a big loss, otherwise the other party would not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

Darkness spread out from the tunnel like a tide, like thick black ink, spreading out in all directions. Wherever the darkness passed, everything would turn into nothingness, revealing a black hole.

Wu Heng didn’t pay any attention to this and simply continued to retreat, because it wasn’t time for him to act yet. If he were to act now, he would be able to suppress the darkness, but he would definitely fall into an endless tug of war with Yang Kai, waiting for a good opportunity to settle this once and for all.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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