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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3203 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3203
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In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai entered an extremely strange state, raising his hand slightly and gently pushing it forward. This was just a subconscious action, and when he struck out with his palm, nothing happened.

He continued to attack, sometimes transforming his palm into a fist, sometimes transforming his five fingers into a halberd, sometimes transforming his fist into a palm. His movements were completely unrestrained, but there was a strange charm to them.

A hundred kilometers away, three Holy Venerable flew over and suddenly stopped atop a tree.

Luan Feng frowned and said, “The Stone Puppet Clan’s territory is up ahead, I wonder if that boy is there.”

“Let’s hope he’s here,” Fan Wu said with a tired look on his face. The three Holy Venerable had all moved out just to deliver something to this little brat so they could send him away. If word of this got out, it would simply be a joke.

Cang Gou suddenly sniffed and asked curiously, “Did you feel anything?”

“What?” Luan Feng turned to look at him.

Cang Gou frowned and said, “I can’t explain, but… be careful!” His expression suddenly changed as he pointed behind Luan Feng and shouted.

Luan Feng also noticed this and suddenly felt a sense of crisis from behind her, as if it was trying to swallow her up. In a moment of desperation, a pair of beautiful wings suddenly spread out from Luan Feng’s back and she flew up into the sky.

Looking back, she saw that a huge black hole had appeared behind her original location. Sweeping her Divine Sense over it, she found that the black hole was filled with void and chaos, and the surrounding space had been melted and shattered, emitting a strange vibration.

She actually felt a fatal threat from this black hole. If she had really been swallowed by it just now, her fate would not have been any better.

“Space Laws!” Fan Wu’s face sank, but before he could finish his words, the space in front of him began to ripple and the strange power of vibration once again surged towards him.

Fan Wu expression changed drastically as he lay flat on his back, a ripple visible to the naked eye sweeping across the sky above him, cutting off a strand of his hair and sending it flying out a hundred kilometers. Along the way, the giant tree crowns were all pulverized.

Black holes appeared one after another as waves of shockwaves spread out from all directions, forming a massive killing zone that enveloped the three Holy Venerable.

The three of them were all shocked and hurriedly executed various techniques to avoid the invisible attacks.

Fortunately, they weren’t ordinary people and were strong, otherwise, just the first wave of attacks would have been enough to take their lives.

Looking down from high up in the sky, the space within a radius of a few hundred kilometers was in chaos. The three Holy Venerablewere actually unable to differentiate between north, south, east, and west. Although they were clearly running in opposite directions, they had somehow encountered each other.

The entire world seemed to have transformed into a cage, trapping the three of them within it. No matter how hard they tried, they were unable to break through this invisible barrier, causing the three of them to look shocked.

It wasn’t that no one in this world was stronger than them, but they were still Holy Spirits. Now, there was actually someone who could toy with the three of them without even showing their face. This was simply too unbelievable.

“Was he the one who did this?” Cang Gou asked, avoiding the invisible shockwaves of killing intent.

The Space Laws weren’t something that just anyone could grasp. Yesterday, Yang Kai had appeared in the Wild Ancient Land, but today, they had been dealt with by someone with a Space Divine Ability. Cang Gou couldn’t think of anyone else who could use such a technique.

Suddenly, he discovered that this boy was much stronger than he had been ten years ago. If he had used this method a dozen years ago, he would not have been beaten so miserably by Shi Huo.

“Where is he?!” Luan Feng was furious, two feathers falling from her wings because she had been caught off guard by the invisible Space Force.

Although the situation in front of them was somewhat dangerous, it was not a life or death situation, but Luan Feng couldn’t understand why Yang Kai would attack them without saying a word. Was this boy crazy? Even if his strength had improved over the past ten years, he wouldn’t have become enemies with the Three Holy Venerable.

What’s more, the three of them hadn’t provoked him this time. If it was because of the Space Law Formation, it would be making a mountain out of a molehill.

Fan Wu didn’t say a word, his expression cold as he suddenly stretched out two fingers to his eyes and shouted, “Open!”

Looking around from a different angle, his expression changed, “Not good, this place is about to collapse.”

With his Heavenly Vision Technique, he was able to see things that others couldn’t. Under the observation of his Heavenly Vision, this vast expanse of space was actually shaking violently. Although this space appeared to be fine, in reality, it was filled with spatial cracks that even his Divine Sense couldn’t detect. If this space was compared to a giant pancake, this giant pancake would have already disintegrated and transformed into countless tiny fragments.

Cang Gou and Luan Feng’s expressions changed when they heard this. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, they no longer hesitated and revealed their true forms.

With a loud splash, a giant phoenix-like bird soared through the sky, spewing out black flames as it struggled to break free from the constraints of this space and flew out. Cang Gou also transformed into a dozen Zhang tall monster and followed closely behind the phoenix. Fan Wu relied on his Heavenly Vision Technique to travel through the countless cracks.

A moment later, the three of them finally left the dangerous area.

Luan Feng and Cang Gou returned to their human forms and looked back with solemn expressions, their hearts filled with fear. It was undeniable that this kind of power seemed to have the qualifications to threaten them. If this was really Yang Kai’s doing, then they should carefully examine their relationship.

The turbulent space suddenly calmed down as the black holes slowly shrank and disappeared. The layers of fluctuations also returned to normal, and the space that should have been shattered soon returned to normal.

“What is he doing?” Cang Gou frowned, a look of displeasure on his face, “Is he trying to intimidate us?”

Although he was afraid of the Heaven Punishment descendant behind Yang Kai, that was all. In fact, in his opinion, Yang Kai was nothing more than a freeloader. Without the support of the Heaven Punishment descendant, what did a mere 1st order Emperor Realm master count for in front of him? This time, he had come here with Luan Feng and Fan Wu, so naturally he was in a bad mood.

Luan Feng also wore a solemn expression, feeling that Yang Kai had gone too far. The three of them were Holy Spirits after all, so even if she hadn’t shouted and smashed the Space Law Formation, Yang Kai shouldn’t have been so rude.

Fan Wu shook his head slightly, “It doesn’t seem to be intentional.”

Just now, he had clearly seen that everything was without a target. If this was a show of strength, his attacks would not have been so relaxed.

“Could it be unintentional?” Cang Gou said angrily.

“Maybe he’s cultivating some kind of Divine Ability…” Fan Wu had a vague guess, but as soon as he spoke, he was shocked. This Divine Ability was obviously not fixed, in other words, it wasn’t perfect. If an incomplete Divine Ability had such power, what if he really succeeded?

He didn’t dare to continue thinking about it, no wonder the descendants of Heaven Punishment treated him so differently. Now it seemed that even if he didn’t have the backing of the Heaven Punishment descendant, he still couldn’t be offended so easily.

The lifespan of a human race may not be as long as a Holy Spirit’s, and their starting point may not be as high as a Holy Spirit’s, perhaps even lower than that of an ordinary Monster Race, but the growth space of a human was simply too terrifying.

As his mood fluctuated, a voice suddenly rang out beside his ear, “The three of you have come to visit, please forgive me for not coming out to greet you!”

The three Holy Venerable’s expressions changed as they naturally recognized Yang Kai’s voice. Looking at each other, Fan Wu said, “Brother Yang is too polite, we came uninvited.”

Cang Gou and Luan Feng’s eyes flashed with surprise.

The way Fan Wu called Yang Kai was quite intriguing… The Holy Spirit had the pride of the Holy Spirit, the Emperor Realm master was not qualified to be call Brother by them.

“Since you’ve come, come in and talk.”

Fan Wu smiled lightly, “Thank you for your hospitality!” Giving Luan Feng and Cang Gou a meaningful look, he stepped forward.

Affected by him, Cang Gou and Luan Feng also calmed down. Among the Three Holy Venerable, although Luan Feng was the strongest, Fan Wu was the wisest, so when they gathered together, he was basically the leader.

In a flash, the three Holy Venerable arrived at the Stone Puppet Clan’s residence, a vast open space surrounded by countless thick trees. Yang Kai stood there smiling as he watched the three people descend from the sky.

The eight Stone Puppets were scattered around, glaring at the three with malicious intent. The Stone Puppet Clan didn’t have a good relationship with them.

The Elder stood next to Yang Kai, and on his shoulder sat the Patriarch of the Wood Spirit Race. On the treetops, many Wood Spirits looked over, not daring to show themselves.

Fan Wu stepped forward and greeted Elder Shi Gui, “It’s been many years since we last met, but Elder’s bearing is still the same.”

The Elder was stunned for a moment and was somewhat surprised, but he still returned the greeting, “Holy Venerable is too polite.” When others spoke to him politely, he naturally didn’t put on any airs, not to mention the Elder wasn’t someone who liked to fight.

“I came uninvited this time because I heard that Brother Yang had appeared in the Wild Ancient Land, so I thought he must have come here. Now that I look at it, it seems i’m not wrong.”

Yang Kai smiled back, feeling somewhat puzzled. He had a feeling that Fan Wu’s enthusiasm was a bit excessive, and didn’t he ask the Twin-Horned Monster Commander to send a message to Luan Feng? Why was it them instead?

Naturally, he didn’t know of his current influence in the Wild Ancient Land. How could the three Holy Venerable dare to let him wander about freely in the Wild Ancient Land? If it weren’t for this, how could they have lowered their status?

Yang Kai didn’t want to beat around the bush with him and directly asked, “May I ask why you have come?”

“Nothing much, I just came to take a look,” Fan Wu smiled.

‘How can I trust you?’ Yang Kai didn’t think much of it and secretly became vigilant, saying, “Since that’s the case, sit down and talk.”

Sitting together with Fan Wu and the others at the wooden table where the gathering had taken place last night, Mu Na gently clapped her hands and the Wood Spirits flew out from the treetops one after another, bringing along fruits and wine.

Fan Wu smiled and said, “I’ve long heard that the Wood Spirit Race specializes in cultivating Spirit Melon Abnormal Fruits, but I’ve never had the chance to see one. It seems like today is my lucky day, so this Great Master will offer a cup of wine to Brother Yang.”

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