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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3213 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3213
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Pill Veins were the best testament to an Alchemist’s skill, but they were extremely rare. If a pill had Pill Veins during its refinement process, its medicinal efficacy and value would double because no matter how long it was stored, there was no need to worry about its medicinal efficacy leaking. The meridians on the surface of the pill would seal off the medicinal efficacy of the pill, preventing it from leaking.

If a Pill Cloud were to appear, it would be even more incredible. Not only did the Pill Cloud have the effects of Pill Veins, but it could also actively absorb World Energy to nourish the Spirit Pills. The longer it was stored, the stronger the medicinal efficacy would be. If it was stored for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, the medicinal efficacies contained within would be terrifying.

Pill Veins were extremely rare, and Pill Clouds were even rarer. When Ji Ying was refining Spirit Pills, he would occasionally refine a Spirit Pill with Pill Veins, but Pill Clouds… had never been seen before.

On the other hand, Fourth Senior Sister once had an incredible luck and managed to refine a Spirit Pill with Pill Clouds, but that was only a Origin King Grade Spirit Pill. At that time, Fourth Senior Sister was already an Emperor Grade Alchemist, so refining a Origin King Grade Spirit Pill was naturally a piece of cake for her. Even so, Fourth Senior Sister was praised by her Master, and that special Spirit Pill was even treasured by Fourth Senior Sister as a family heirloom.

Refining a furnace of Origin King Grade Spirit Pills was Xia Ning Chang’s limit. After all, she was only a Origin King Grade Alchemist, so successfully refining seven pills was already an excellent result. Two of them even had Pill Veins.

Ji Ying was quite shocked.

One could be said to be luck, but two could also be considered luck? This luck was simply too good.

After carefully confirming that there was no mistake, he confirmed that these were indeed Pill Veins. The medicinal efficacies of these two Spirit Pills were more than twice as strong as the other five. This kind of result could be said to be even more difficult to achieve than completing nine pills in one go.

Ji Ying could also see that the reason why Xia Ning Chang had formed seven pills was because her understanding of the final Pill Harvesting Technique was still incomplete. After all, this was the first time she had learned it, so in the future, after she fully comprehended the Pill Harvesting Technique, what would nine pills amount to?

What was truly rare was Pill Veins.

Taking a deep breath, He put down the two pills with Pill Veins and looked at the remaining five pills with a look of amazement.

Although when Xia Ning Chang condensed the perfect medicinal liquid, he had already anticipated that the quality of this batch of pills would not be too bad, excluding the two Pill Vein Spirit Pills, the remaining five pills were shockingly top-grade, as if they were just a step away from completely producing Pill Veins.

This Madam Yang’s aptitude was not only good, but she was also a genius amongst Pill Refining geniuses! She was probably even more outstanding than Yang Kai.

Recalling Xia Ning Chang’s performance in Pill Refining just now, Ji Ying suddenly raised his head and stared at her in a daze as an incredible thought flashed across his mind, “Madam Yang… is it the Spiritual Medicine Holy Body?”

Being exposed by Ji Ying, Xia Ning Chang nodded slightly.

Yang Kai also laughed loudly, “Brother Ji’s vision is really sharp!”

“No wonder, no wonder…” Ji Ying smiled bitterly. No wonder Pill Refining didn’t require a Pill Furnace or even Pill Fire to be so outstanding, it was actually the Spiritual Medicine Holy Body! It was laughable that he had thought Xia Ning Chang was trying to show off just now, but now he understood why. When Spiritual Medicine Holy Body was used to refine Spirit Pills, it didn’t require a Pill Furnace or Pill Flame. Her existence was the best Pill Furnace, and her Saint Qi was more outstanding than any Pill Flame.

Turning to look at Yang Kai, He said indignantly, “Brother Yang, you’ve kept it from me for so long.”

Yang Kai blinked, “Hearing is false, seeing is believing. What does Brother Ji think?”

Ji Ying said seriously, “This Ji is inferior!” This was not flattery, but the truth. He suddenly remembered the records he had read in the ancient books he had read before. In this world, there were countless unique physiques, each one of which was unique. For Alchemists, Spiritual Medicine Holy Body were existences they could only dream of because this physique was specifically made for Pill Refining. For Spiritual Medicine Holy Body masters, Pill Refining was as simple and easy as eating or drinking; it was their innate talent.

Although Ji Ying’s Pill Refining Skills and Pill Master’s rank were higher than Xia Ning Chang’s, if Xia Ning Chang was allowed to grow, not only would she no be inferior to Ji Ying, but none of the four great disciples under Wonderful Pill Great Emperor could compare to her. In the future, she might even be able to reach Wonderful Pill Great Emperor’s height and truly enter the Dao with her Pill Refining.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, not expecting to receive such a high evaluation from Ji Ying. A look of pride immediately appeared on his face as he laughed, “Brother Ji is too kind, I must learn more from Brother Ji.” Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Can I take it as Brother Ji accepting my humble wife?”

Since there was such a high evaluation, it would not be difficult for Ji Ying to recruit Xia Ning Chang into the Sect.

Teachers also wanted talented disciples. Ji Ying himself was one of the most prestigious Emperor Pill Master in the entire Star Boundary, just like Wonderful Pill Great Emperor also wanted to pass his legacy. He definitely had similar intentions, but teachers were common, while talented disciples were rare. Xia Ning Chang was undoubtedly a good choice.

Yang Kai had thought that Ji Ying would happily agree, but he didn’t expect him to frown and put on a difficult expression.

Yang Kai asked suspiciously, “Is Brother Ji still worried about Medicine Pill Valley’s rules?”

“No, no,” Ji Ying waved his hand, “With such aptitude and the Spiritual Medicine Holy Body, I’m sure Eldest Senior Brother will also welcome Madam Yang to join Medicine Pill Valley and won’t refuse her.”

“If that’s the case, why does Brother Ji have such an expression?” Yang Kai was puzzled. For the sake of Xia Ning Chang’s future, he was willing to send her to Medicine Pill Valley to learn the Dao of Pill Refining and suffer the pain of longing, so why was he still hesitating? Shouldn’t he be happily accepting this?

Ji Ying didn’t answer, instead his expression fluctuating as he hesitated for a long time before suddenly deciding, “Brother Yang, I want to introduce Sister-in-Law to Master.”

“Wonderful Pill Great Emperor?” Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before asking, “Brother Ji means…”

“I’m afraid only Master can teach Sister-in-Law,” Ji Ying said solemnly.

To be honest, he also wanted to take Xia Ning Chang in as his disciple and teach her with all his heart. With such a disciple, he would be able to bring glory to himself in the future. However, the Spiritual Medicine Holy Body was extremely rare, and he was afraid that she would soon surpass her master. If her master was inferior to the disciple, how awkward would it be for him as her master?

Coupled with Yang Kai’s relationship, if he really accepted Xia Ning Chang as his disciple, his seniority would be a bit messy.

If Xia Ning Chang could become a disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, they would have a Senior Brother and Junior Sister relationship, and it would not be awkward for them to meet again.

Yang Kai said excitedly, “Brother Ji is so kind, this Yang is really…”

To be honest, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of asking Xia Ning Chang to become a disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, but who was Wonderful Pill Great Emperor? It wasn’t as if he could meet him at will, let alone take him as her master. Coincidentally, Ji Ying happened to be in High Heaven Palace, so he had come to find him. He hadn’t expected that Ji Ying would take the initiative to bring this up.

He quickly turned to Xia Ning Chang and said, “Little Senior Sister, quickly thank Brother Ji.”

Xia Ning Chang had just arrived in the Star Boundary, so she didn’t know who Wonderful Pill Great Emperor was, but seeing Yang Kai’s expression, she knew that he was an extraordinary existence. She quickly thanked him, but Ji Ying simply raised his hand and said, “No need, no need!”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Brother Ji has shown great kindness, so how can a simple word of thanks express the gratitude of this husband and wife? Brother Ji should not refuse.”

Ji Ying smiled bitterly, “It’s not that I refuse, it’s just that… I don’t have much confidence in this matter. If it doesn’t work, I hope Brother Yang won’t blame me.”

“Not confident?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Why do you say that?”

Ji Ying said, “It’s like this, Master has accepted five disciples in his life, and this Ji is the youngest disciple under him, also his last disciple! When Master accepted me as his disciple, he said he would never accept another disciple.”

When Yang Kai heard this, he immediately understood why Ji Ying had such a difficult expression on his face. He did have the intention to introduce Xia Ning Chang to Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, but the key was that the Great Emperor had once said that he wouldn’t accept any disciples. The Great Emperor’s words carried great weight, so how could he easily go back on his word?

Unless Xia Ning Chang had the aptitude to make Wonderful Pill Great Emperor regret his decision, the Spiritual Medicine Holy Body was undoubtedly the greatest asset. If not for this, Ji Ying would not have taken the initiative to mention this matter. As Wonderful Pill Great Emperor’s disciple, it was impossible for him to discredit his own master, so he really couldn’t bear to see such a precious body covered in dust.

“I see!” Yang Kai suddenly understood.

Ji Ying said, “This Ji can only promise to try his best. As for whether he succeeds or not…”

Yang Kai quickly said, “Brother Ji’s good intentions, us husband and wife will first thank you. Whether it succeed or not, we will remember this favor.”

Ji Ying smiled and said, “Since Brother Yang has no objections, this Ji will return to Medicine Pill Valley now.”

“There’s no need to rush,” Yang Kai said with a hint of reluctance.

Ji Ying said, “If you’re not in a hurry, I am.” Saying so, he stood up and strode out.

“Do you need my wife to go back with you?” Yang Kai asked.

“There’s no need to hurry, I’ll go ask Master first. If it’s possible, it won’t be too late to come and pick up Sister-in-law.” The main reason was because he wasn’t confident that his Master would even see Xia Ning Chang.

Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang walked out of the hall.

“I hope everything goes smoothly,” Ji Ying turned around and said before his figure flickered and shot into the sky, disappearing from their sight in the blink of an eye.

Looking in the direction he had left, Yang Kai clenched his fists and said excitedly, “If this matter is successful, Little Senior Sister will have a great backer in the future.” If she really could become a disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, no one in the Star Boundary would dare provoke Little Senior Sister in the future.

The reputation of Wonderful Pill Gread Emperor’s Sixth Disciple was terrifying, so who would dare not give her face?

“Junior Brother, that Wonderful Pill Great Emperor… who is he?” Xia Ning Chang asked softly.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “I haven’t had time to explain this matter to you in detail. En, when I go back, I’ll look for Su Yan and Luo’er and tell you all about the current situation in the Star Boundary.” [TL: hey, how about xue yue.]

Reaching out, Yang Kai wrapped his arm around Xia Ning Chang’s waist and flew towards the main peak where he lived. In a good mood, Yang Kai’s hand naturally became a bit naughty, causing Xia Ning Chang’s face to turn red as she bit her thin lips shyly.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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