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Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 692

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Part 2, Episode 108

It seemed like he lost consciousness after being preyed on by holy power.

“Damn it…”

I swore, remembering a memory from before.

Power available in the visual world.

Just as Kim Tae-hyun met Topju and regained his spiritual power.

He was also able to show his full potential thanks to his recovered stamina.

And yet, we lost.

It was an overwhelming defeat with no excuses.

‘Where am I again…’

My vision, which returned with consciousness, was unstable.

As focus gradually began to recover, the sight that was revealed was absurd.

Both arms and legs were tied in chains.

Chains of bondage.

It is used by those in the upper world.

Now I know.

upper and lower world.

Everything they use is nothing more than borrowing from the ‘outside’ system.

the problem is.



It is said that magical power and divine power are escaping through the chain.

I was not happy with the consecutive losses.

“Loosen it.”

The voice he spoke was blunt.

[Are you awake?]


A radiance descends from above one’s head.

The radiance took the form of a human being.

Taehyun Kim.

No, it is the appearance of the transcendental being formed from the outside by the ‘Predator of the Three Thousand Worlds’.

The situation from a little while ago overlaps.


He asks if I woke up again.

If someone else had seen it, they would have thought it was a friendly gesture asking how a close friend was doing.

‘It’s kindness to this guy.’

That can’t be possible.

“chain. Release it.”

Sigh. Sigh.

Every time you try to move, the chains of restraint restrict your actions.

It was no different from when he executed others in the world of images.

“You talked as if you were leaving at any moment. “It’s annoying to no end.”

Without realizing it, a growling voice came out.

Taehyun Kim looked at that and shook his head.

The space is shaking.

Sparks fly around the brilliance surrounding him, and magic and divine power collide.

It was as if the space was rejecting him.

[Wait a little longer. We are now in the process of finishing.]

Finishing work refers to extracting magical power and divine power from one’s body.

Before I knew it, there was not even 20% of the power left like the Great Sea.

“Kim Tae-hyun… what did you do again….”

[Now Kim Tae-hyun is you.]


[There is power in names. That name will allow you to exist in this world.]


I looked down at my body.

I feel a sense of déjà vu.

Now that I think about it, from the language being used to that of the Earthlings…

[It would be nice if I had time to explain it to the other guys, too. This is really the limit.]

As Kim Tae-hyun said that, the sparks in his body became even stronger.

It surrounds the spiritual power and minimizes the sacred power from leaking out.

They are unreasonably deceiving the laws of the world.


That question was resolved without difficulty.

A body from which all magical and divine power had been drained.



A new power was rushing in.


My body trembled without realizing it because of that foreign energy.

Intermediate constellation ‘The Demon King who defies fate’.

Low-level constellation ‘Predator of the Three Thousand Worlds’.

It is the star power of two constellations born in the three thousand worlds.

He shared the uniqueness of himself.

The powers of the constellations that he called his friends were differentiated and imprinted on his body.

[That’s it now.]

The predator grinned and dusted his hands.

[The holy power of the youma and I is only a handful. The amount is also limited.]

A handful at most.

However, he said that it would definitely save his life at least once in the future battle.


[Don’t grumble too much. We’re going to break up soon. Is there anything you want to say?]

“Wait. “The day this body goes out will be the moment it eats you up.”

It was a threat, but it didn’t work on Kim Tae-hyun.

I just smile and say I will wait.


You treat yourself like a child.

Chimi can’t control her irritation and tears come to her eyes…

[Oh. Are you crying?]

Kim Tae-hyun burst into laughter.

The space vibrates once again.

[Isn’t it good to have a body? You can cry like that.]

“It’s not like that, so shut up.”

Surprisingly, Taehyun Kim really shut up.


The chains that bound his swung hand disappeared.

[A pact was made with Holy Power.]

I never said yes to it myself.

An oath?

Despite my absurd reaction, Taehyun Kim continued speaking without paying attention.

[I will have to live as Kim Tae-hyun for the time being. There will come a day when you will have your own name. What name you get will depend on your future choices. I ask for three thousand worlds.]

No. Wait a minute…

It’s as if my answer isn’t important.

Taehyun Kim finished speaking and looked up at the sky.

[That’s enough, Topju.]


The red sky opened and new holy power enveloped Kim Tae-hyun’s body.

The body engulfed in sexual power gradually disappears.

[Once again.]

The predator who completed the second regression.

[Run around as much as you want.]

It has disappeared forever from the three thousand worlds.

The Kim Tae-hyun I remember.

It was my last memory of him.

* * *

When I regained consciousness, what I saw was a huge tree.

It was a divine beast.

The Fairy King’s realm has been newly renovated around the Divine Beast.

It was a sight that Taehyun Kim had seen countless times through his eyes and memories.


In front of my eyes.

[Are you awake?]

Rosaria. The benevolent Succubus Queen was waiting.


I looked around.

I could see that I had been lying in the fairy king’s territory until now.

[I guess I overdid it this time too.]

The Succubus Queen looked at me with concern.

I instinctively turned my head.

This is because he feels that if he meets her red eyes, it will be revealed that he is not Kim Tae-hyun.


‘Damn it. Even if we meet, with that guy…’

Rosaria is the first archduke that Kim Tae-hyun signed a contract with.

A comrade who knows Taehyun better than anyone else and shares many memories with him.

What would happen if he found out that he had taken over Kim Tae-hyun’s body?

Battle is inevitable.


I turned around and checked the situation.

‘You’re a complete mess.’

The power of existence is less than half of that used in the world of images.

It was the effect of escaping the world of images and returning to the original body.

How did you resist yourself with a body like this?

Or rather, how do I get out of here?

The Fairy King’s realm is no different from Kim Tae-hyun’s home base.

The guys who are gathering are also archdukes who are going along with the plan.

He had a relationship that could be said to be an enemy.

‘If it were known that this body was not Taehyun Kim…’

Rosaria in front of me as well as the Fairy King, the owner of the realm, would not remain silent.

‘I’m not going to believe that Kim Tae-hyun left… so I guess I’ll have to hide it for the time being.’

If it were Rosaria, she would try to sift through your memories through mind control.

If it were an Elven, they would break the magical power into particles and torture it to reveal the truth.

They are fascinated by Kim Tae-hyun. Because it’s half crazy.

‘shit. ‘This is an X situation.’

Without even realizing it, Kim Tae-hyun’s speaking habits pop out.

[contractor. Are you okay?]

I was awakened from my thoughts by the voice I heard.

The priority now is to get away from Rosaria’s gaze.

“are you okay.”

Be as blunt as possible.

I softened my voice, thinking of the usual Kim Taehyun.


There was silence in the area.


I swallow dry saliva without realizing it.

5 seconds. 10 seconds. 15 seconds.

The longer the silence lasted, the more cold sweat broke out on my back.

This damn body is rich in receiving unnecessary emotions.

Regardless of the magic stone formed in my body, my heart was pounding.

It was a tension I had never felt even when dealing with multiple enemies in the world of images.

About 30 seconds had passed.

Rosaria spoke first.

[When the woman came to her senses, she found herself out of the world of images. Igmun escaped and the four demon kings have now returned to the demon world. Gilfer is recovering through the Elven.]

He calmly told me what happened while he was unconscious.

“…okay. “I want to get some rest.”

[I will call an Elven.]

No. That crazy bitch is over…

I managed to control my shaking emotions and continue speaking.

“No… I want to be alone.”

[…i get it. The main lady is also planning to stop by the dream castle for a while, so if you have anything to do, please call me anytime.]

Without any time to react, she opened the gate and disappeared.

It moved all the way to Mongmaseong in one go.

Her presence disappeared and another minute passed.

Only then was I able to turn around.

“For now, the crisis has been passed.”

We didn’t make eye contact and we only spoke briefly.

He probably didn’t realize that he wasn’t Taehyun Kim.

I sat down and looked at the sky.

A red sky is visible.

It’s definitely a red sky, like an image world.

Is it because we are no longer trapped?

The meaning that comes is quite different.


I still can’t quite feel the freedom I was suddenly given.

Taehyun Kim. Original body.

Even if he achieved the status of King of the Underworld, his body was still weak.

How should I use this body?

The thought didn’t last long.

Because I was so tired of watching what Taehyun Kim was doing every time he did this.

“Status window.”

Name: Taehyun

Kim Age: ???

Rating: ???

Title: ???

[Unique Skill]

Predation (???) – Cannot be used

Dream Food (???) – Partially allowed

King’s Engraving (???) – Partially allowed

Pandora’s Box (???) – Cannot be unlocked

[General skill ]

Queen’s Domain (???)

Queen’s Command (???)

Space Jump (???)

Fairy King’s Protection (???)

[Summoning Skills]

Spirit King Igrit (???)

Spirit King Zenki (?? ?)

I laugh out loud as I look at the status window that shows

Spirit King Baranos (???) .

This is because there are a lot of items that come to mind as ‘???’.

The fact that Kim Tae-hyun, who was preoccupied with climbing the tower, did not upgrade the status window played a role, but it was also the reason that there was no problem in checking his physical condition even without the numerical information as before.

“All that can be used right now are general skills.”

I know this, but it is a body with many limitations.

Once you enter the world of images, most of your restrictions will be lifted, but unlike Kim Tae-hyun, you cannot receive help from beings called doppelgängers.

Involving others should be avoided as much as possible.

‘I can’t use my holy power… and for some reason my divine power has been sealed. It’s annoying.’

The biggest blow is not being able to use Predation.

He is a predator himself. Predation is sealed away.

“You live so long that you experience all sorts of things.”

Mutter that for a while.


[The unique skill Predation (???) has been activated.]

[The unique skill Pandora’s Box (???) has been activated.]

[The activation of the unique skill Predation (???) has been cancelled.]

As expected, ‘Pandora’s Box’ ‘Box’ is forcibly activated and the skill is cancelled.

That’s when he clicked his tongue and shook his head.


A message appeared before my eyes.

[The ‘Tower Manager’ warns you not to mishandle your brother’s body.]

The Tower Manager is a dwarf. It’s Tolkien.

“what. “Do you know who I am?”

[The ‘Tower Manager’ says he can see and hear everything that happens in the tower.]


[The ‘Tower Manager’ fiercely supports the ‘new brother’ to carry on the will of the departed brother.]

New brother.

The corners of my mouth rise at the unexpected name.

‘Yes… Tolkien, even though this guy looks incompetent, he is an executive of the Tower.’

He was an ally who could help him move forward.

If so, there is a need to make sure the sequence is organized.

“What is the reward?”

[The ‘tower manager’ tilts his head, saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.]

“You sure don’t mean to climb the tower without pay, right? I knew some guys would come out in the future.”

[The ‘Tower Manager’ is embarrassed.]

[The ‘Tower Manager’ raises his voice, asking if he has forgotten the oath he made with his brother.] [The

‘Tower Manager’ feels deeply disappointed by the attitude of the ‘new brother’. .]

[The ‘Tower Manager’ is….]

Numerous messages obscure my eyes.

The more I did it, the more the corners of my mouth rose, and I didn’t know that they would come down.

“Hey, tower manager.”

[The ‘Tower Manager’ is offended by the disrespectful intentions.]

At this moment.

I didn’t need to portray Kim Tae-hyun.

“If you keep making noise.”

[The ‘Tower Manager’ raises his head, asking me to continue speaking.]

“I’m eating you up.”

What was needed was a threat.

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Regressing with the King’s Power

Regressing with the King’s Power

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