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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 124

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[To Murim (2)]

WH-7 Team He returned to Seoul.

They were frantic as soon as they returned. Interview requests poured in from numerous media outlets, and broadcasts praised their achievements day after day.

-Recapture Pyongyang! Resuming diplomatic relations with North Korea! –

Someone caught a powerful monster, which gate was destroyed. It was a story on a different level from the usual news like that.

It was natural that the whole of Seoul was shaken.

In response to such reactions, WH-7 team members responded to the interview as if they had a bag on their shoulder.

“When you leave Pyongyang? “I received a really great welcome.”

“Residents were crying and waving goodbye to the choir during the honor guard inspection… If the reporter had seen that, he would have been unable to keep his mouth shut.”

“haha. “We just did what we had to do.”

Daein did not prevent them from being interviewed by reporters. Instead, he strongly recommended that you put some strength on your shoulders.

Although he said it was a hassle and handed over all the interviews to Wang Gu-ho.

Wang Guho’s image was appearing on TV.

-Oh, that’s it….

Wang Gu-ho, who had already become the face of Team 7, took on the role of raising the guild’s status by attending events and interviewing Baek Young-hee.

Although it was a bit frustrating, citizens who had always seen only self-confident and arrogant supermen took a liking to Wang Gu-ho, a simple young man.

-What we felt while helping the citizens of Pyongyang was that they were just like us…

heroes were created that way.

“Hmm. child. “Even after practicing for the interview all night, I still stutter.”

Daein watched Wang Guho on TV and changed the channel.

He was leaning back on a soft sofa, and the table in front of the sofa was full of leftover chicken and pizza for a midnight snack.


And next to Daein, Lily was asleep, using Daein’s thigh as a pillow.

Cook, cook. The great man stabbed Lily in the cheek.

“hey. “If you want to sleep, go to your room and sleep.”



The great man picked up Lily and lifted her up. I took him to the room, laid him flat on the bed, and covered him with a blanket up to his shoulders. Lily rolled over and kicked off the blanket.

“…This is real.”

Daein rolled Lily up in a blanket like an egg roll. The girl seemed frustrated and wriggled like a caterpillar, but did not wake up until the end.

The great man spoke softly.

“kid. “Don’t cause trouble while I’m away.”

The great man left a letter by Lily’s bedside. Then he lightly pulled the girl’s plump cheek and let go.


When he wakes up, he will probably make a fuss for a while.

It is said that he shamefully went to Murim alone.

‘Moorim is not an easy place to take you with you.’

We went to the Gaia continent together to find the little boy’s parents, but there was no need for Moorim.

‘It’s better to go alone.’

Daein decided so and played with Lily all day today, draining her stamina and making her sleep well.

‘…It was the most difficult operation since returning.’

The kid’s physical strength was like, “Go away from the troll.”

The great man went to his room, put on his pre-packed bag, took his sword, and came out. It was early morning.

It’s already been a week since I returned to Seoul.

Nevertheless, reporters were camped out in front of the guild.


The great man used [Stealth] to get through the crowd.

‘I have to get out of the scene now.’

Soon, Team 7 will be reorganized with Wang Gu-ho as team leader. Baek Young-hee was recruiting new superhumans to the team through the list that Daein had previously given her.

Wang Guho, a top-tier tank.

Sirutdeok, a top-tier dealer.

With the addition of new superhumans, there was no need for great superhumans to go to the field.

Well, if I want to go out sometimes, I will go out.

‘We finished talking about establishing the foundation yesterday.’

Daein was planning to create a foundation in his name.

[Landlord Foundation]

I came up with several projects that could be done through the foundation and sought legal advice through a guild lawyer.

While he is in the martial arts world, Baek Young-hee will take care of the remaining minor matters.

‘The kid will be upset for a few days, but he’ll be fine soon as he goes to school and makes friends. ‘I can’t just take you to the hunting field forever.’

Lily decided to start school next week.

We couldn’t officially enroll because we didn’t have a family register yet, but since it was a school with a guild as a foundation, they allowed us to take classes together.

‘If the bill related to aliens is passed soon, that problem will be solved.’

It was now known to everyone that Lily was from the continent of Gaia. The great man did not hide it any longer.

‘Abraxas decided to stay with the little boy, so I don’t think anything will happen.’

Abraxas was also interested in the martial world, but was told that he could go as many times as he wanted later, so he decided to stay on Earth this time.

-Then, I will take care of Lily until you return. Because there are still a lot of interesting things on Earth –

thanks to this, Daein was able to carry out his plan to go to Wulin alone with peace of mind.

Two months.

Daein planned to go to Wulin for two months and look for the Changcheon Shingeom.

In addition to my job, I also managed to obtain a few second-class martial arts and first-class martial arts.

Of course, I told the guild that I was going abroad.

Before we knew it, Lolow Autonomous District was getting closer.

‘I’ve done everything I needed to do before I go… and I’ve done enough training.’

During the month he spent in North Korea and even after his return, Daein practiced Pacheonshingong in his spare time.

He had now reached the peak of maturity.

But I couldn’t let down my guard.


It was a place where people lived who were more advanced than ever in the art of killing people.

Daein muttered, remembering the information about Moorim in his head.

“Teenage expert. “You just have to avoid more than that.”

The Murim people liked ranking.

The world’s three best singers, the top ten gossunis, the Guryong Sambong peaks, the world’s top one hundred gossunis, etc.

Among them, those whose names are mentioned among the top 100 masters were able to handle strong weapons.

They were similar to or weaker than the great men.

‘If you use abilities other than martial arts, you can beat most of the top 100 masters.’

The teenage expert couldn’t guarantee a match against Indo with more monsters than that.

Even if I won, my arms and legs might be blown off, which was an absolute no-no.

‘If you can use darkness, you might be able to beat even a teenage expert…’

Currently, the great man was unable to use [Darkness].

This was because the anglerfish had fallen into a deep sleep after eating the highest level spirit frost. After that, there was no answer when I called, and I couldn’t use the darkness.

“Once you digest everything, you will wake up.”

Daein wasn’t too worried.

Even if he was a teenage master, it was no problem for him to run away if he wanted to.

But what if you end up fighting the world’s three greatest enemies?

The great man thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“There is no way we can meet.”

Even in my previous life, I had been going back and forth to the martial arts world for over 10 years, but I had only seen a teenage expert, let alone the world’s third best, once.

Daein shook off his unnecessary worries and walked on.

After a while, I saw a completely blocked container warehouse with no windows.

A warehouse where [Dimension Terminal] is hidden.

The great man walked inside.


Inside the warehouse.

Five huge metal pillars several meters high were erected in a circle.

Crackling! Hit it! Cheesy!

There was a bright blue magic letter engraved on the pillar. The letters glowed and magical energy flowed between the pillars.

And in the center of the five pillars,


The gate connected to the martial world was deactivated and on standby.

“Great man!”

Kiri, who was waiting in front of the dimensional terminal, walked towards Daein.

“You’re here. “Preparations for moving are all complete.”

Kiri had a very flushed expression.

He was an engineer. The pride that he had developed a dimensional transfer technology that encompassed both science and magic was evident on his face.

Next to him was Abraxas. She helped greatly in creating the dimensional terminal using her magical knowledge.

“What about Lily?”

“I left it to sleep. If they found out that I went alone, they would make a fuss. “Please comfort me.”

Abraxas shrugged his shoulders and said to the great man’s words.

“I’ll try my best, but they might decide to chase after you and go to the martial arts world.”

“No way… then please stop me.”

Daein stood in front of the terminal. Kiri approached him and handed him an object that looked like a coin.

“This is a homing device.”

A metal object the size of a 500 won coin was contained in a transparent case. In the middle of the coin was a button in the shape of an inverted triangle.

“Just press the button and inject magic power. Then the return gate will open within an hour.”

As Daein put the return device in his pocket, Kiri took out a small cell phone.

“And this is a location tracker and communication item.”

“Communication equipment? “There can’t be communication between dimensions, right?”

When Daein asked curiously, Kiri hesitated a little and spoke.

“In case something happens to Daein…”

It was a means of sending a search party from Earth to find Daein if he goes missing in Murim.

Daein chuckled at the unexpected consideration.

“thank you. “They care so much.”

“no. “It’s a minimum safety measure.”

Daein later realized how grateful he was for that minimal safety device.


When Kiri operated the button next to the pillar, the gate to Murim began to glow and become active.

The great man stood in front of the gate.

The gate, which had been a dull gray color, gradually changed to a vibrant blue.


Kiri spoke last.

“As you may know, there is no fixed gate on the Moorim side, so a magnet effect will occur.”

The magnetic effect was an effect that, for example, if a person had a Shaolin Buddha statue, the probability of falling into the vicinity of Shaolin increased.

“huh. I know.”

Daein put the Geomhwangbirok deep in his bag. In addition, he has learned the martial arts of Sword Emperor to a considerable level.

There is a high probability that they will move to a location related to the search.

‘If possible, it would be better to fall directly to the place where the Changcheon God Sword is.’

It would be nice if things worked out easily, but things in the world will not be that easy.


The terminal’s energy was fully charged and the gate was fully opened.

The great man walked inside.

“Then I’ll go and come back.”

“Please be careful.”

“Bring a gift when you come! “It’s amazing!”


With a blinding light, the great man disappeared into the gate.



Clear air filled my lungs. The great man took a deep breath and looked around.

I saw small houses built in an oriental style. Passersby could be seen walking between sparsely built houses.

More than half of them were armed with weapons and had mana in their daggers.

“You’ve come to the right place.”

This was a martial arts forest.


“It’s a very rural area.”

I could see the sun setting behind the mountains. It was early evening here.

‘First, let’s find a place to stay.’

The great man grabbed a person nearby and asked where the guest was. The opponent was a middle-aged man with a sword at his waist.

“Let me ask you something. “Is there a guesthouse around here?”

“This is the first issue in this neighborhood? “The only guest here is the one owned by old man Jin.”

The man looked at Daein with a wary gaze.

The clothes he was wearing were unique, the bag on his back, and the sword were all unfamiliar.

The great man smiled kindly and said. Like the latter-day index of a political faction, he swept the power.

“Thank you, senior. “It’s my first time in life, so I’m just wandering around wherever I can.”

The Murim people liked the phrase ‘Gangho Chochul’.

And I was fascinated by the sound of ‘Senior’.

The people who got into fist fights due to an accidental fight, made up over a drink, talked about each other’s dreams, and got along, and

then when they got along, they went to a peach tree, bowed, and became sworn brothers.

‘It’s not like we’re sworn brothers, but we should have some drinks together and get some information.’

The great man wore a healthy-looking smile, hiding his dark feelings.

“They say the Dead Sea is Dongdo, and since we met like this, it was fate, so why don’t we just say it together? “I’m a member of Baekga Prosecutor’s Office…”

However, the man did not give the response Daein expected.

“Oh really?”

The man who spoke bluntly turned and left, leaving a cold breeze blowing.

The great man scratched his head as he looked at that cold back.

“Why are you so cruel?”

I guess it’s because it’s a rural area. Is the culture different now than back then?

Muttering to himself, the great man went to the guesthouse the man had mentioned.

“Welcome~ Hey. It’s my first time seeing your face. “Come this way.”

A large, handsome old man greeted the person. The old man guided the great man to the best seat.

Jeomsoy, who looks to be about 15 or 16 years old, said while wiping the table with a dishcloth. He had a pale expression as if he was in pain.

“Can I get you something?”

In a country guesthouse like this, ordering more than the basic menu was a luxury.

“Give me somen and dumplings. Oh, and give me a bottle of bamboo leaf extract.”

After a while, the old man who owned the inn personally brought food and said,

“customer. Are you going to stay?”

“yes. “For about a day or two…”

The great man looked around as he spoke.

There was not a single guest in the guesthouse. They said it was the only guesthouse in the village, but since it was a rural area, it seemed like no one came to the guesthouse.

“It’s a pretty quiet place.”

“This is a village where few outsiders come. “I’m lucky if I get three customers a day.”

‘But they are doing a good business.’

The old man sat down in front of the great man.

“It looks like he’s a martial artist. “Where are you from?”

“I am from the Baekjiajeonmun of Guangdong. “It’s my first time out, so I’m wandering around here and there as if I’m wandering.”

The great man recited the identity he had thought of in advance.

There were more than a thousand sects in the martial arts world, and Guangdong was one of them.

Even if you made one, there was no way the old man in the village would know about it.

The old man smiled cheerfully and said.

“You were a martial artist after all. I recognized him at a glance because he was tall and had a strong body. “I also learned some martial arts when I was young.”

For an old man, the store owner had a straight back and thick forearms. He was a man with a thick and strong frame.

‘Still, the climax mastery is a bit harsh.’

The great man smiled softly and took a bite of the dumpling that had just been served.

“I see. hmm. The dumplings are delicious. But since I was walking wherever I could without a map… What is the name of this village?”

“What? Are you saying you didn’t even know that? Puhahaha!”

The old man laughed heartily. He said it had been a while since he had seen an interesting young man and gave him a bottle of bamboo leaf syrup as a gift.

Of course, the bamboo leaf syrup had to be shared between the old man and the great man.

“This is a rural town in Jilin Province. “I don’t know how I came all this far…”

The old man told various stories as if he was very happy to see his first guest in a long time.

“grandfather. “Drink alcohol in moderation.”

“Oh my. “I got it, you idiot.”

“You always say you only knew through words.”

“Well, okay.”

Jeomsoy, who appeared to be the old man’s grandson, sighed, picked up a broom and swept the store.

Daein looked at the scene without thinking and almost dropped his chopsticks.

The old man said as he felt him looking at his grandchild.

“hmm? young man. “Why are you doing that?”

Is it an illusion? For a moment, I felt that the old man’s eyes changed sharply.

‘It can’t be an illusion.’

The great man smiled calmly and said.

“I guess it’s because I’m a little tired. I guess I should stop drinking and rest today. “Do you have a room?”

“Of course. “I’ll give you my best room, so follow me.”

The great man followed the old man up the stairs. The old man’s lat muscles, spread out like wings, wriggled menacingly.

If I didn’t rest and train, I would never be able to maintain those muscles at that age.

‘The owner of this kind of village inn is a master of the best? Besides…’

A glance.

Daein turned his head and looked at Jeomsoi who was cleaning once again.

‘That’s true as expected.’

Jeomsoy was brushing his hair without thinking about it. Just looking at it, there was no discomfort at all.

However, even the slightest movement of a martial artist would reveal his martial arts skills.

It is extremely difficult to know what kind of martial arts the opponent has learned just from the movements of daily life, but

‘it would be a different story if the opponent had learned the same martial arts as me.’

Jumsoi’s posture of extending his arms and movement of his feet.

It was somewhat clumsy and slightly different, but not so much that adults couldn’t recognize it.

‘That guy. He learned the martial arts of the Sword Emperor.’

The owner of Gaekjan, who is an expert in martial arts, and Jeomsoi, who has learned the martial arts of Geomwang.

The man who entered the room muttered as he unpacked his luggage.

“There was a reason why I fell here.”

It seemed like I would have to stay in this guesthouse for a few days.

[ To Murim (2) ] End

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