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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 128

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[Enough excuses]

“So small and small. Just listen to me for a moment. There seems to be a misunderstanding…”

Ilho took a step back and made a hasty excuse. At the same time, I just rolled my eyes and quickly looked around.

Not a single one of the subordinates who had been sent with Saho and those who had stayed behind to meet with Old Man Jin alone was visible.

‘Did everything happen in the meantime?’


Ilho swallowed dry saliva without realizing it. He looked at the great man with fearful eyes.

There was blood all over the man’s clothes.

However, the clothes themselves were intact without a single tear.

‘There isn’t a single wound.’

He is a master. A master who can never be defeated.

The moment Ilho realized that fact, he fell flat on the floor.

“Please save me! “I did it all because I was told to do it too!”

Ilho was different from the lower-level members of the organization who were taught to commit suicide rather than divulge information about the cancer group.

More than anything, his life was precious, and he was willing to betray and lie as much as he wanted to survive.

‘If you try to run away, you will die.’

Tears like chicken droppings fell from Ilho’s eyes. Lies flowed out of my mouth.

“I really couldn’t help it. “They took my wife and children hostage and threatened me… If I don’t cooperate, they will kill my entire family… Ugh!”

Ilho was kicked in the side and rolled on the floor.

Daein kicked him repeatedly like he was kicking a punching bag. His eyes were as cold as ice.

“Do you know why people like you are really evil? Only in situations like this do you understand the victims who died at your hands. “Imitating the words of the people you mock and make fun of.”

“Oops! “Forgive me if I was wrong…. Heheo!”

“I don’t like it, you bastard.”

The great man did not stop kicking. Ilho was beaten without mercy.

It wasn’t just a slap. Each shot was powerful enough to hit the bones and even damage the internal organs within them.

“Wow! Cough… please… forgive me…”

Blood flowed from Ilho’s mouth, ears, nose, and pores all over his body. It was a mistake to think that if you kneel down and pray, they won’t kill you.

The moment Ilho thought that he was going to be beaten to death like a dog if he continued like this, he couldn’t hold back any longer and got up.


Daein’s fist was stuck in the mouth of Ilho, who was screaming and running towards him.

Quad deuk!

“Off… billion…!”

When I pulled out my fist, several broken teeth came out. Ilho, whose jaw was missing, groaned in pain.

The great man said, slapping his cheek.

“Because I’m busy right now. “We’ll do the rest later.”



Ilho, who had fainted, was lying on the floor. The great man passed him and walked towards the old man Jin.


“Grandpa! “Come to your senses!”

Nam Gung-hyeon was hugging Old Man Jin and crying. Her pretty face was ruined by tears.

Old Man Jin stretched out his hand and stroked Hyun’s cheek.

“Hyuna… you’re safe. thank god. thank god.”

“What do I do as long as I’m safe!” “Grandpa is like this!”

They both felt that Old Man Jin’s life was short.

There were dozens of holes all over the body, and the poisoned skin turned dark blue and swollen.

The most serious was a wound on his back so deep that the bones were exposed. Namgung-hyeon stopped the bleeding with a point-point injection, but too much blood had already been shed.

Old Man Jin took a deep breath and said. He forced a smile.

“Hyuna. I lived long enough to survive. Even if I die right now… I have no regrets.”

“Don’t say things like that… It will get better with treatment. “It will get better.”

With his hands trembling, Namgung-hyeon applied the Geumchang medicine he had brought to the grandfather’s wounds.

However, the gold spear medicine was of no use. Old Man Jin held Nam Gung Hyeon’s hand and dissuaded him from making meaningless actions.

“Hyuna. “From now on, listen to me carefully.”

Namgoonghyeon shook his head. My eyes were swollen with tears. He denied it in a tearful voice.

“no, I do not want. “I don’t want to hear it.”

Because I thought those would be my grandfather’s last words.

I didn’t want to hear a will or anything.

[Nam Gung-hyeon]

Old Man Jin called the name in full voice.

This child was the master’s only daughter.

A small and delicate life born a few days before the death of Geomhwangmun.

‘You’ve grown so much before you know it.’

In order to protect his life, Lion Sword Jinchung gave up his honor as a Baekdae master and lived in hiding, suffering all kinds of humiliation.

At first it was because of an order. It was because of the sacrifices of my colleagues who risked their lives to pave the way.

It was because of the grace of Geomwangmun, who took in and raised him when he was an orphan.

‘Actually, I wanted to abandon you several times.’

Many nights of being chased by pursuers.

Whenever I passed by a temple or a farmhouse, I often thought about leaving some money and my child in front of it.

‘But I couldn’t.’

The little one was so smart that he didn’t even cry often. All my worries melted away when I looked up and held my fingers tightly in my small hand.

[You are the bloodline of the great Sword Emperor, but at the same time, you are the child of I, the Lion Sword Jin Chung.]


Jin Chung didn’t say much. His eyes were full of deep affection for Namgoong Hyeon. There was more meaning in those eyes than words.

That’s why I felt sorry that I had to say this.

[You have to keep living in hiding. Not only the Demonic Cult but also the Murim Alliance are your enemies.]

15 years ago, Geomhwangmun Hyeolsa.

Although it was officially known as the work of the Demonic Cult, Jin Chung, the only witness and survivor, knew part of the truth of that day.

[The Murim Alliance intervened in that matter. Maybe it was something the Murim League did. I don’t know if it’s all or part of it…]

The two strongest forces in the martial arts world are both enemies. Even if he was the best person in the world, he couldn’t fight them.

“…i know.”

Because it was something he had heard many times before, Namgoonghyun nodded silently.

Old Man Jin looked at Nam Gung Hyeon with sad eyes.

All he could say was these words to the child who would become an orphan when he died.

[I have to survive somehow. Pretend to be a man and blend in with ordinary people until they give up on you…]

Old Man Jin’s breathing became heavy. Even sending a message using internal power was difficult.

I wanted to talk a little more about this and that, but there wasn’t much time left.

“I’m sorry…”

I was losing strength. There really isn’t much time left.


It was then that Daein put aside his regret and joined the two. He said, scratching the skin on his forearm.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but the genre I hate the most is new dramas.”

Saying something incomprehensible, the great man squatted down in front of the old man.

Then he took something out of his bag and asked.

“Elder. “How are you feeling?”

It’s like, “How’s your cold?” With his tone as if he was asking, Old Man Jin unconsciously said, “Puh-huh!” He burst out laughing a little.

“It’s not good. “Did you save our Hyeon?”

Namgung-hyeon briefly explained the incident of being attacked in the guest room next to him. Old Man Jin looked at the great man with a surprised expression.

“You were hiding your skills too. Huh. “I’ve been nagging the master more than me about training…”

Daein shrugged his shoulders.

Then, he lined up the glass bottles he took out of the bag side by side.

Red vial. Blue pill bottle. Green vial.

Old Man Jin looked at the scene silently and said.

“…Would you like to do one favor from a dying old man?”

Instead of answering, the great man muttered, changing the order of the vials.

“Was this what came first? is not it? “Did this come first?”

Seeing that, Old Man Jin was a little angry. How can you ignore the words of a dying person?

However, he soon calmed down his anger and spoke in an earnest voice.

“Please. Please take our Hyeon safely as far as Heilongjiang.”

“I think the detox potion came first…”

“If it’s compensation, I’ll pay it. I’ll give you all the money we have… and if you want, my martial arts skills…”

“Isn’t that right? Should I fill up the missing blood first?”

As Daein continued to ignore his words, the dying old man shouted out loud.

“Hey you bastard! Cough!”

Daein finally made a decision and opened the cap of the medicine bottle at the same time.

“Eh, I don’t know. “I guess we can use them at the same time.”

Then he poured three potions into Old Man Jin’s body at the same time.


“Ugh! This guy! “What are you doing…!”

Old Man Jin was astonished without speaking.

The torn wound was healing on its own.

The skin that had turned dark blue returned to its original color, the blood that was lacking was replenished, and the blurred vision became clearer.

After a while, Old Man Jin’s body was completely healed. In fact, I felt healthier than before.

“Heh heh heh….”


Nam Gung-hyeon hugged Old Man Jin tightly. She pressed her cheek against her grandfather’s face as if she couldn’t believe the amazing miracle that had happened before her eyes.

“Heh heh heh…”

Old Man Jin just smiled blankly. He looked at the great man.

After a while, the two people finally came to their senses and bowed their heads deeply to Daein.

“How on earth should I repay this favor?…”

“Thank you, brother. Thank you very much.”

The great man had no intention of hesitating the two of them to return the favor.

“Then, I guess you can return the favor and do me a favor.”

Old Man Jin suddenly stood up and grabbed Daein with his fist. My body felt light, as if I was flying.

“Of course. “As long as you ask for my and Hyeon’s lives, I will accept any request you make.”


At that moment, a sinister smile spread across the great man’s lips.

“Then, let’s go to the Murim Alliance together and help me find things.”


A look of embarrassment appeared on the two people’s faces.

Because Daein was telling them to go to a place they shouldn’t go.

Namgoonghyun asked cautiously.

“Why do you want to go to the Murim League? And if it’s an object…”

The great man no longer hid his purpose.

He said while looking straight at Namgoonghyeon.

“Go as the Sword Emperor and ask to see the Changcheon God Sword.”

The two were so shocked that they froze like stones.


“School is no fun.”

Lily pouted and left the classroom.

The schools established were mainly attended by children from poor families or orphans.

However, Lily had difficulty adjusting there.

“They say he’s that superhuman.”

“I heard you kill monsters by burning them. Is this true?”

Most of the children were afraid of Lily and did not want to approach her.

Red hair and red eyes. Exotic appearance.

Moreover, he has the status of a superhuman who can create flames at will.

‘I saw him burning a monster to death not long ago.’

‘really? ‘Isn’t it dangerous?’

The children would whisper sideways at Lily from afar. But Lily could hear it all.

“I can hear everything! You fools! Should I scold you?”

As Lily glared and shouted, the students who had been whispering ran away screaming.

Lily was angry and ran across the playground, snorting loudly.

Boom, boom, boom!

When I turned the slipper bag around, the cat hiding inside screamed that it felt dizzy.


“Shh! Quiet! “If you get caught, you’ll be scolded again.”


Malang, feeling unfair, went back into the slipper bag. Fortunately, Lily didn’t move her slipper bag anymore.

In front of the school gate, two boys were waiting for Lily again today.


“Eminai! Let’s play!”

The two boys, Jang Young-shin and Li Hong-dan, who were waving their hands eagerly, glared at each other.

“…You’re going to play with me today.”

“joy. “Don’t be funny.”

“…Have you finished your homework?”

“What kind of meddling are you doing?”

“…You came from North Korea to study here.”

“Don’t meddle!”

Lily watched the two boys arguing, sighed, and walked past them.

The two boys who were arguing hurriedly followed behind the girl.

They each tried to win the girl’s favor.

“…Do you want to go eat pizza?”

“Eminai! “Let’s eat chicken with me today!”

“Do you want to go eat something delicious?”, which was the most effective in my experience, didn’t work today.

Lily said with a pout.

“I don’t want to eat today. “I want to go home.”

Lily then flew into the sky, telling the two not to follow her, and returned to the guild office/lodging alone.

“I’m home!”

I greeted them energetically, but there was no one in the dorm today again.

Hogu and Shirutdeok went on a mission in the morning, and As was playing a game in his room.


Lily’s cheeks puffed out even more as she entered her room. Now it almost looked like a steamed bun.

This is all because of you.

“You’re just going to have fun by yourself.”

Lily opened the top drawer of her desk and took out a letter. The letter was crumpled because I had read it so much.

-kid. I’m going somewhere, so don’t cause trouble. Go to school well, listen to your teachers carefully, make some friends… If anything happens, tell As.

Is there anything wrong?

-And don’t even think about following me. no way.

“You idiot!”

School is boring and I haven’t made a single friend in over a week. Other team members don’t even play with me because they’re busy.

He must have gone to a place called [Murim] and had fun…

or maybe something dangerous might have happened!

Lily muttered with a serious expression.

“…You can’t fly on your own and you’re really bad at cooking. “I might starve to death.”

Besides, he is a person who does good things as a hobby, so if he helps out here and there, he might come back to Earth very late.

The moment I reached that point in my thoughts,

I jumped up.

Lily got up from her seat.

“I can’t do it! I have to go save my uncle!”

The excuses were enough.

[Enough excuses] End

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