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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 132

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[ Manbaknogoe (3) ]

Manbaknogoe Roof I jumped down from above. His new model landed on the ground as lightly as a feather.


The distance between the two people is about 3 sheets (9 meters).

However, Daein felt as if the face of the old monster was right in front of his nose.

‘What kind of pressure…’

My whole body was sending out danger signals.

My hair stood on end and my heart beat rapidly. Too much force went into my tense muscles.

Suddenly, I felt a cold chill, as if it were winter.

“Cluck, click, click.”

The two eyes of the Manbak Nogee emitted a bright yellow evil light. He said with a soft smile.

“It was really alive. The Geomwang’s blood line remained unbroken…”

So, as a great person, there was no way to know whether he was fortunate or whether he was happy to be able to cut off the blood line himself.

‘Are you mistaken in thinking that I am a descendant of the Sword Emperor?’

The old man walked slowly towards Daein.


The man who stopped walking for a moment frowned and said.

“You used a strange magic spell on your face. “I want to see your real face, so I’ll try to solve it.”

‘crazy. Did you also notice the use of the artifact?’

The magic of the Gaia continent and the martial arts of the martial arts both deal with mana, but the way they work and their systems are completely different.

It is almost impossible to find out without experiencing both, but Manbaknogoe noticed it right away.


Instead of answering, the great man clenched his fists. The Manbak Nogee chuckled and said.

“That’s right. “You’re stubborn about who you look like.”

“There seems to be some misunderstanding. “I didn’t mix a single drop of blood with Geomhwang.”

“Cluck. “There is no need to come here and lie.”

“This old man speaks human words…”

At that moment, Manbaknogoe’s figure disappeared from where he was standing.

“Nobu will check it himself.”


The great man turned to the side and swung his fist. Fist clashed with fist.


When fists clashed with fists, it sounded like metal clashing. The great man used his semi-elasticity to step back.

The old man bent his fingers and scratched the great man’s face with a dragon’s finger. Sharp steel formed on the tips of his fingernails.


The great man leaned his upper body back sharply to avoid the attack. At the same time, he kicked up his foot and aimed for the groin of the Manbaku Nogei.

“Cluck. What he’s doing is like a city administration scam. “You can’t fool blood.”

‘Well, no!’

Manbaknoge raised his shin and blocked the great man’s feet. At the same time, he reached out his hand and grabbed the man’s sleeve and pulled him.

The great man was taken to Manbaknogoe. The great man stretched out his hand and stabbed the old man’s eyes with his finger.

A point attack followed by an eye stab.

Both were methods despised by political factions as cowardly.

“Puuuuuuu! “The more I look at it, the more beautiful it gets!”

But the old monster was rather happy. He avoided the attack by taking a step to the side.

At the same time, he walked his legs and broke the great man’s posture.

Stumbling. As the great man stumbled and barely regained his balance, Manbaknogoe’s hand moved like a hawk stalking its prey.

The great man quickly turned his head. However, it did not prevent the doppelganger’s mask from being torn.


The great man’s face and body returned to their original appearance.

It was a battle that was completed almost in one breath.

The fight went into a lull for a while. It was because Manbaknogoe had stopped.


The Manpak old monster brushed away his thick beard and looked intently at the great man’s face.

“It looks similar to Geomhwang… Maybe it’s because it’s been so long, but its face is faded.”

“The resemblance is shit. “I heard there wasn’t a single drop of blood mixed in.”

Even though the great man grumbled, he did not let go of the tension in his body.

‘What is this monster? Too strong to be a 100-year-old expert… Teenage expert? Was there an old man who looked like that among them?’

Even though he was a great person, he did not go around memorizing the names and appearances of all the hundred great masters.

At the time when Daein guessed the identity of the old man, Manbaknogoe was looking at Daein’s body and admiring it.

“I’m fifteen now and I heard it… Huh. “You were born with muscles made by heaven.”

My physical age is 20 years old this year, and my body has undergone a complete transformation, right?

Instead of saying that, the great man frowned and grumbled.

“Hey old man. I’ll say it again, I’m someone who doesn’t have a drop of black and white blood mixed in. “If you have a grudge against them, you got the wrong street address.”

However, Manbaknogoe could not communicate.

He thought that Daein was lying to avoid the situation.

“Cluck. “Then it must be a coincidence that you use the Sword Emperor’s footwork and herbivory oozes out in every movement, right?”


The Manpaku Nogoe started walking towards Daein again.

The momentum flowing from his body became stronger, as if it had been an exploratory battle just moments ago.


His abundant white hair soared into the sky, and his white long sleeves flew wildly. The pale yellow eye glow became even darker.

He said as he walked towards me.

“Oh my. Nice to meet you. It is said that Nobu had a connection with Geomwang during his lifetime. That relationship has continued until today…”

He chuckled. The old monster smiled disgustingly.

“If you want to survive in my hands, try your best.”

The Manbaknogoe rushed at Daein again.

Fists and fists, hands and feet, elbows and knees clashed, and dozens of sums were exchanged in an instant.

The old man burst out laughing happily.

“It’s like going back to the old days and I’m naturally excited!”


The great man felt like death. He could barely block the attack.

‘shit. If only I had a weapon….’

I couldn’t help but regret that I had left out my sword and Tichtal’s wristwatch in order to avoid being suspected by the dark blood leader.

It was then.


With the lion’s hoo, Old Man Jin attacked the back of Manpak Nogoe. A sharp sword energy flew out.

“Same thing.”

The old man waved his hand as if swatting away a fly, dispelling the sword energy. Then he turned towards the sturdy old man who was attacking him from behind.

While Old Man Jin was dealing with Old Man Manbak for a moment, Namgunghyeon threw his sword at Daein.

“Take it!”

The Shalit that Namgoong-Hyun threw fell into Daein’s hand as if it were being sucked in.


The moment he picked up the sword, the great man’s momentum completely changed.

The great man immediately rushed towards Manbak Nogoe.

If we delay just a little longer, Old Man Jin will turn into a corpse.

“Elder! “Get out of my way!”

Daein pushed Old Man Jin to the side and was attacked by Manbaknogoe instead.


For the first time, Manbaknogoe retreated. His palms were cracked and bleeding.


But the old monster laughed. He licked the blood from his palm with his tongue.

“You carry a good sword. “It’s hard to cut Nobu’s skin with even a decent sword.”

The great man said as he assumed the stance of the Pacheonsingeom.

“Be nervous from now on, old man. “Because swordsmanship is my main sport.”


A bright blue sword grew, covering Shalit’s inky sword body.

‘I don’t get pushed around anymore.’

The great man thought so.

At that moment, Manbaknogoe laughed the loudest he had ever seen.

“Puhahahaha! No problem! If you have learned the sword emperor’s martial arts, of course you should pick up the sword! “I was so happy that Nobu forgot about it!”

“That old man. “I guess I’m really senile…”

Dammit. I got caught by a crazy old man by mistake. It was when Daein muttered and sighed.

“Then from now on, I will deal with Nobudo with my sword.”


The moment Daein makes an expression of ‘No way’,

he floats.

A sword that had fallen on the floor rose into the air and entered the hand of the Manpaku Nogei.

The state of perfect empty space.

What was more surprising than that was the much more intense momentum of Manbaknogoe.


It feels like a sharp sword has been pointed at my heart.


The great man swallowed dry saliva and uttered one word.


“Cluck, click, click.”

The old man couldn’t stop laughing. His eyes were looking at the great man, but at the same time, he was tracing memories of the distant past.

“Oh my. “Today, let’s play with Nobu all night long.”

The great man looked around with a serious expression.

‘not good. ‘This is really very bad.’

Old Man Jin suffered quite serious internal injuries, and Nam Gung-hyeon’s complexion was pale.

Moreover, when Danju fell, the warriors of the Dark Blood Corps, who had lost their will to fight and abandoned their weapons, took up their weapons again and surrounded the group.

“Good luck! We will help too…”

Manbaknoge shouted at the warriors of the Amhyeoldan who were trying to narrow the siege.

“conflict! “If anyone gets involved in this fight, we will tear them limb from limb!”


The warriors of the Dark Blood Corps decided to be satisfied with maintaining the siege. Because the old man was a person who would do anything if he wanted to.

The old man smiled brightly and looked at the great man.

“Now let’s mix swords in peace! “Don’t let your excitement die down!”

Then he rushed at the great man and swung his sword.

Daeindo swung his sword with all his might.


The moment Kang Ki collided, a powerful shock wave erupted around the two people.


Fighters with weak endurance suffered nosebleeds. Even the first-class warriors felt sick to their stomachs.

“Oh my god….”

Everyone in the room watched the incredible battle between the two in fascination.

“Was Manbaknogoe that strong? “Shouldn’t I be listed as one of the top ten masters at that level?”

“What about that guy? I’m not too far behind from Manbak Nogee. At best, it could have been just a contract….”

It is a difficult thing to see once in a lifetime, seeing a supreme master who freely handles strength.

And watching such masters compete is difficult even if you pay hundreds of millions of dollars.

The warriors present soon forgot about the enemy and became immersed in the confrontation itself.


It was then that Dok Go-jun, who had fainted, woke up.


As time passed, Daein felt something was strange.

‘Are you looking at me on purpose?’

To others, it will seem like a tense match.

But the person involved knew. The fact that you are far short of your opponent.

‘I won’t be pushed back by my strength.’

But other than that, it fell behind in every way.

Reading the opponent’s movements first, walking techniques to gain a good position, judgment and application based on numerous experiences.

‘To be honest, you are one number or two levels higher than me.’

However, there was only one reason why the tense confrontation continued.

‘You’re playing with me.’

If you listen to what I said earlier, he looks like an old monster who is well over 100 years old, and he seems to have had a bad relationship with the Sword Emperor in the past.

Perhaps, he still hasn’t forgotten that grudge and is trying to take it out on a great person who appears to be his descendant – although he is by no means -.

“You little old man.”

You can never win without martial arts.

However, martial arts was not the only ability that Daein possessed.

Of course, he had a secret weapon.

‘It’s a shame to already use this…’

“Seeing as the tip of the sword is shaking, it looks like you’re having a lot of random thoughts!”

The sword of the Manbaknogoe quickly pierced the Daein’s shoulder along with Ilgal.

Daein first tried to block the attack.

Next, I planned to use the secret trick I had saved.

If only Bido hadn’t suddenly come flying out and struck the sword.


And the sword of the great man pierced the shoulder of the great man.


The startled Manbak Nogee hurriedly withdrew his sword and stepped back.

Almost at the same time, a loud scream was heard.


The two people simultaneously turned their heads towards where the scream came from.

Dok Go-jun, who had fainted after being hit by Dae-in, was grabbing Nam Gung-hyeon’s neck.


Old Man Jin fell next to him and was moaning, as if he had been surprised from behind.

Dok Gojun shouted at Manbaknogoe.

“No monster! Why are you stopping the attack! Subdue him immediately!”

Dok Go-jun’s face was miserable.

His right arm was broken and shaking, and his handsome face hit the ground and his nose was broken. A lot of my teeth were broken too.

He looked at the great man with eyes filled with hatred.

“Put down your sword. “If you want to save these two lives.”

Dok Go-jun also gave orders to his subordinates.

“What are you doing! “Arrest him!”

The warriors of the Dark Blood Corps approached, gradually narrowing the siege.

“…Mountain beyond the mountain.”

The great man did not raise his sword. I stopped the bleeding from my injured shoulder and looked at the situation more calmly than ever.

I sighed.

How did things get so twisted?

As I sighed and looked for a way to resolve the situation, I heard the sound of teeth grinding next to me.


He was a bastard. His face was contorted like a murderous evildoer.

“What did you say you would do if you got involved in this fight?”

[ Manbaknogoe (3) ] End

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