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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 151

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[ Heir of the Sword Emperor (3) ]

-Kaaaaang !

The moment sword and sword clashed, Daein had to significantly revise his expectations that this fight would not be easy.

It’s not that it’s not easy,

it’s that ‘…if I screw up, I’ll be embarrassed here.’

As soon as the young man who seemed like a nice person just a moment ago went away and the dance started, Cheongwoon’s eyes changed to look like they were going to eat the other person.


Cheongun’s Songmungosword was bent like a whip and aimed at the great man’s shoulder. Daein twisted his shoulder to avoid the sword and swung his sword to keep Cheongun in check.


Tension swept through the space where Cheongun was standing. However, Cheongun had already taken a step to the side, retrieved the Songmungosword, and performed a second attack.

The Songmungo sword is so curved that it is difficult to read the trajectory of the attack. The great man carefully watched the tip of his sword and swung Shalit.


Sword and sword clashed and sparks flew. In an instant, dozens of agreements were reached.

The two men stepped forward to gain an advantage over each other.

The great man stepped back and thought.

‘To put it bluntly, their swordsmanship skills are one step above theirs.’

Daein also wielded weapons for over 20 years, including his previous life, but Cheongwoon only learned the sword from the time he started walking.

The martial arts practiced by the martial arts people are solely for dealing with humans.

Compared to Daein, who had accumulated experience dealing with all kinds of monsters and different races, Cheongun’s sword was strictly geared towards dealing with ‘humans’.

‘Until now, they said that they had defeated him with overwhelming martial arts and physical strength…’ The

future best man in the world whom we met in the finals was of a different class from those later exponents.

His physical ability and martial arts experience were not that far behind that of Daein.


“Little by little, Sohyeop’s sword is becoming more familiar to my eyes.”

Cheongwoon grinned and attacked Daein. In an instant, I had the illusion that the number of Songmungo swords had multiplied into dozens.

The great man clicked his tongue and made a sword screen. He grumbled in Korean.

“Damn talent.”

Most of the attacks were deflected, but a few sharp blades grazed the great man’s shoulders and thighs.

The great man raised his self-defense gear to protect himself and took a step to the left. And then he kicked the opponent in the stomach.

Cheongwoon also kicked up his foot in response. The two men’s feet clashed with each other, raising a cloud of dust.


They didn’t fall behind each other even an inch. At the same time, the characteristics of the martial arts that the two had learned were being revealed.


Daein, with all his might, swung Shalit diagonally wide, and Cheongwoon jumped back. The great man immediately retrieved his sword and boldly stabbed straight ahead.


The audience, captivated by his straightforward and unconventional appearance, cheered.

On the other hand, Cheongwoon walked smoothly and took Daein’s attack. The Songmungosword flexed wildly and struck Shalit to the side, and the attack was sent away with a soft shaman sword.


The audience, fascinated by the strange movement, burst into cheers.

On one side is the martial arts of a straight and rogue swordsman.

The other side is the martial arts of the Shaman faction, represented by Yungneungjegang (柔能制剛).

Just comparing two martial artists with distinctly different personalities was a treat for the martial arts people.

“Huh. Shaman Jamryong’s skills are beyond what I imagined.”

Murim Lord Yayulgi was watching the two young men dance with admiration.

Perhaps their fight will be recorded as the best fight in the history of Yongbongbimu.

“Those two have already surpassed the level of the late index.”

“haha. It’s a blessing to the martial arts world…”

The martial arts masters around Ya Yulgi also nodded, acknowledging the two young men’s skills.

Except for one of them, they were repeatedly expressing admiration and astonishment.

That one person was Namgung Jeongcheon.

‘A guy who wouldn’t mind tearing to death…’

Namgung Jeongcheon was looking at the dead figure of Namgung Merchant, the ruler of the Geomhwangmun Gate, from Daein.

A person who made himself feel inferior by being compared to him when he was young and in his later years.

Namgung Jeongcheon used that anger as nourishment to increase his strength. Hiding his sense of inferiority under the mask of the great alliance, he sought out and killed black swordsmen to build his reputation, and drew in other members of the Five Great Families to make plans.

And 15 years ago, he destroyed the Geomhwangmun and killed Namgung Merchant. In the end, the ultimate winner was himself.

‘I won!’

However, Merchant Namgung returned as a ghost.

Under the name of the Geomwang’s disciple, Dae-in.

Namgung Jeongcheon did not believe that name.

‘You’re not the son of Merchant Namgung? It’s false. No, that girl is fake. It’s a scarecrow. ‘Do you think I don’t know that you are really the son of Merchant Namgung?’

Namgung Jeongcheon, blinded by anger, thought Daein was the son of Namgung Merchant. It was a complete misunderstanding, but to him it was the truth.


Namgung Jeongcheon gritted his teeth and glared at the great man with a grim look.

‘Merchant Namgung. Do you think I will let your son live?…’

At that moment, the Namgung family’s bodyguards who were nearby trembled at the fearsome death. Because it was a very brief moment, the martial artists who were preoccupied with the dancing did not feel the death.

One of the martial arts masters asked Ya Yulgi.

“Who do you think will win, Lord?”

“well. No one can guarantee the outcome, but wouldn’t the side that overcomes the wall have an advantage?”

Most of the others nodded in agreement.

The landlord has already shown that he has overcome the barrier to perfection.

This means that you can use strong energy.

“In theory, it’s okay if you don’t get hit by a strong person, but….”

Is that an easy thing to do? That too between those who crossed the wall and those who could not.

“Of course, we are at the beginning of the peak of chivalrous swordsmanship, so we won’t be able to use a lot of strength. “I don’t have enough power, so I can only use it once or twice at most.”

However, those one or two shots will have a huge impact on the game at a critical moment.

The Murim Lord’s judgment and prediction were like that, and everyone agreed with that idea.

But then,

“That, that, that…”

“No way…!”

The martial arts masters opened their mouths helplessly at the sight that unfolded on the off-stage.

Even the Murim lord, who would normally have frowned at that sight, reacted in the same way as them.


A white river was rising above Cheongun’s Songmungosword.


Daein thought that although Cheongun was quite difficult, he could still win.

It was also true that there was some room in my heart.

‘I have to fight brilliantly so that the audience will like it, and then use my strength at the decisive moment to win the game in one go.’

But it seemed like that composure was also passed on to the other party.

Cheongwoon paused his sword for a moment, wiggled his thick eyebrows and spoke.

“Im Sohyeop. “Are you not planning on using Ganggi?”

“I will use it at a critical moment. “I don’t have enough strength to use it carelessly.”

Because of the ban imposed by Manbaknogoe, Daein was now only able to use a portion of his inner power.

Therefore, it was true that strong energy could not be used much.

“…That doesn’t mean they’re watching it on purpose.”

The great man shook his head with an expression of bewilderment.

“It can’t be. Absolutely not.”

Then a soft smile appeared on Cheongun’s lips.

“Fortunately, the. “It’s not like I was ignored by the enemy I met for the first time in my life.”

Daein evaluated Cheongwoon as a guy with a good personality.

‘Well, not everyone can become the best person in the world in the future.’

Taegeuk Geomje.

The young man in front of Daein was a person who would later gain a reputation that surpassed that of the Emperor.

After the martial arts were connected to Earth, Taegeuk Geomje actively traveled to and from Earth and established a branch of the Murim League on Earth.

After that, he builds a reputation across multiple levels. By fighting and winning against powerful forces from more than a dozen levels.

In short, he will become a huge figure.

It was a good target to become friends with unconditionally.

‘Even if you lose to me today, you have to make sure you don’t get upset.’

The great man smiled, hiding his dark feelings. Although we were still working, we were able to have a little conversation.

“Isn’t it fun? “The fact that there is someone of the same age as someone I can cross swords with like this.”

“haha! of course!”

Cheongwoon burst out laughing as if he greatly sympathized. It seemed a bit too exciting for an adult.

“ha ha ha! For the first time, I met someone my age who seemed stronger than me. How arrogant I have been all this time. “I realized there was a sky above the sky.”

The great man was satisfied with the answer. It didn’t seem like he would hold a grudge for losing in the competition.

Cheongun continued speaking. He looked a little embarrassed.

“When I think about it, I have never tried my best before. Even without that, I was always stronger than anyone else. Rather, in order not to stand out too much, I would adjust my steps while paying attention to what was going on around me.”


“Even if there is a wall in front of me, I have to climb over it right away. “I guess I didn’t think so.”


For some reason, the great man began to feel anxious.

Why are you talking like a boy’s cartoon character on the verge of awakening?

Cheongwoon continued speaking with an expression as if he had been liberated from something.

“But not anymore. Lim Sohyeop is stronger than me. I can see that. Lim Sohyeop has already overcome the wall. “In order to defeat you, I also have to overcome a wall.”

“That’s easier said than done…”

‘What kind of jumping box is this?’

Daein’s five senses were telling him to stop this conversation immediately and break Cheongun’s earthen pot.

But it couldn’t be done. Because Daein planned to become friendly with the future Taegeuk Sword Emperor.


Cheongun’s momentum changed completely and became stronger. He smiled softly.

“Thanks to Lim Sohyeop, I was able to relearn my mindset. And I came to a small realization.”

‘That realization. Did you really have to get it now?’

Daein barely managed to keep his expression as if he had chewed shit and held Shalit tightly.


The Songmungo sword vibrated and white energy began to rise above the blade.

Do you gain enlightenment and become stronger while fighting? I wondered if there was a child like the protagonist of a martial arts novel like this.

“If only all the damn talented people were dead…”

Daein mumbled in Korean, so Cheongwoon couldn’t understand what he was saying.

He was concentrating all his attention on controlling the energy that formed on his sword.

“…I will put my all into this herbivorous meal. Will you take it?”

The Songmungogeom began to draw a circle in a smooth trajectory.

The great man could guess what that sword technique was. In the future

, Taegeukhyegeom (太極慧劍),

the famous festival of Taegeuk Sword Festival

, said, “…we must accept it of course.”

‘In this atmosphere, it’s no use winning if you don’t accept it.’

The great man felt the gazes of those around him and nodded with a stern expression. And he took the cardinal form of Pacheonsingeom.

Coo coo coo coo!

The internal force was concentrated in one place and Shalit vibrated. A blue sword began to rise above the inky sword body.

When the two people showed off their strength at the same time, the audience watching the dance went into an uproar.

“Shaman Jamryong was also a supreme expert!”

“There are two super experts in that age group?”

“Damn it. “What kind of review index contest is this!”

Shock, admiration, envy, jealousy, admiration.

Eyes filled with all kinds of emotions were looking at the two people.

One thing was certain.

The current fight will be talked about for a long time in the history of Martial Arts, and

the winner will receive a new star and great fame.



The energy waves that erupted from the bodies of the two young men clashed fiercely in the center. Before they even clashed their swords, the two felt a tingling sensation throughout their bodies.



They pointed their swords at each other in silence. Daein opened the Pacheonsin Sword and Cheongun opened the Taegeukhye Sword.


The spectators watching held their breath.

And without even thinking about who went first, the two swung their swords at each other.


Light exploded in the middle of the off-stage. The exploded light obscured the audience’s view.

The sound of swords clashing was heard several more times in the light, but even the most expert experts were unable to see properly inside.

After a while, the light faded and the result of the rain was revealed.


The great man burst into tears and vomited blood. The front lip was completely stained with blood.


flopped in front of him.

Cheongun knelt down. The great sword was touching his neck.

“I lost. “Please try again next time.”

Cheongun raised his pale face and looked at Daein. He was smiling as if he was satisfied.

‘Not twice, you damn talented bastard.’

The great man swallowed the words rising inside him and just smiled.


Cheers erupted from the stands. They applauded and cheered both of them for their incredible martial arts skills.

“They are indeed the disciples of the Sword Emperor!”

“The shaman sleeping dragon was also amazing!”

“If the two of you come forward, the Heavenly Demon will be nothing!”

Daein took Cheongun’s hand and lifted him up. Then the applause and cheers grew louder. The women screamed.

The two men stood side by side and took the sword of the Murim Lord. Yayulgi nodded with a happy face.

The great man looked around and thought.

‘First of all, I gained fame. The Changcheon Shingeom will now be in my hands. Next…’

Daein found Namgung Jeongcheon looking at him with murderous eyes.

As the great man grinned, Namgung Jeongcheon’s eyebrows twitched.


Namgung Jeongcheon looked at the great man standing on the non-stage.

“The winner is the sword of chivalry!”

At the Murim Lord’s declaration, more than a thousand spectators chanted his name and applauded.

There were already people talking about giving him a new nickname, such as Little Sword Emperor, Sword Emperor, or Sword Dragon.

The cheers reached their peak when the Murim Lord brought the Changcheon God Sword and personally handed it to him.


It was a shout that seemed as if the Murim League was about to leave. None of the winners of the previous Yongbongbi dances received such cheers.


In such an excited atmosphere, Namgung Jeongcheon was alone and calm.

He continued to look at the great man. However, his perspective was a little different from others.

‘The guy suffered quite serious internal injuries. ‘I guess I’ll have to focus on recuperation for the time being.’

His front teeth were almost stained with blood, and his face was pale. Considering the amount of blood he vomited earlier, it would be difficult to even stand now.

just as expected. I could see my legs shaking. Nangong Jeongcheon’s keen vision did not miss it.

‘…I can’t show even half of my usual skills right now. It would be very vulnerable to ambush.’

A little smile appeared on Namgung Jeongcheon’s lips.

Did he ask to meet at dawn tomorrow?

“If I were a spy for the Demonic Cult, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this.”

The winner of Yongbongbimu will be killed by a spy of the Demonic Cult.


“But Lim So-hyeop. “I have one question.”

“What is it?

“Why did you vomit so much blood earlier? “The internal injuries probably weren’t that bad.”

Daein answered Cheongun’s question with a grin.

“Oh, that’s right. I feel a little stuffy.”

[ Geomwang’s successor (3) ] End

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