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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 157

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[ Cheonma Shingyoro (3) – Order Summary ]

“This child is the successor to the Emperor of Swords?”

A young man who looked like he was no older than 30 looked at the person with wide eyes.

The great man wanted to ask the young man this.

‘So you’re a swordsman?’

Clear eyes like a child with an innocent expression.

He was a young man with a face that looked as if he had never been in a fight, let alone a black man.

Cheongun responded by politely addressing the young man.

“yes. “Master.”

He is none other than Geomseong, one of the three greatest warriors in the world.

He was an absolute expert in the current martial arts world, and no one could match him with a sword.

“You mean Huin… I’m a disciple. “Do you think I need an explanation?”

“I will explain it to you one by one.”

Cheongun told everything, starting with Yongbongbimu, what happened in the Murim Alliance, and even the recent movements of the Demonic Cult.

While Cheongun was explaining to Sword Saint, the members of the Demon Demon Order surrounding them were not even able to make a sound.

‘I can’t believe the Sword Saint was in a place like this!’

‘How can you look so young? ‘I heard you’re over 130 years old?’

‘Ah, I have no time left even if I die now!’

For warriors, especially swordsmen, the swordsman was something closer to a religion than a legend.

A hero who fought against the invasion of the Demon Cult along with the Emperor of Swords in the Great Demon War 100 years ago.

Geomwang disappeared after the final battle with the Heavenly Demon, leaving behind an unexalted reputation, but Geomseong survived and continued to create legends.

The great man recalled the story that old man Jin had told him before.

‘The Emperor of Swords defeated the Demon Cult by killing the Heavenly Demon, but after the war, the power of the martial arts faction was greatly weakened. So, as if they had been waiting, Sima Oedo, who had been holding his breath against Green Forest and his enemies, rose to power and it became a chaotic time.’

It was the third time in the world that the confusion had been resolved. They each traveled around Gangho, punishing the evildoers who were disturbing the martial arts world, and crushing the tyrannical groups of Black Islanders.

‘In particular, I heard that Geomseong gave a lot of help to the main gate. I heard that the Emperor Geom had a close relationship with him.’

Daein thought it was fortunate that the two people were close. If that’s the case, Geomseong won’t have to harm himself.

“Huh? Really? so! “Like this…”

Just looking at the way he was listening to Cheongun’s story, Geomseong was showing an excited reaction like a child.

In fact, the person Daein was more concerned about was that yellow guy rather than the Sword Saint.


A golden monkey sitting on the Sword Saint’s lap. The guy showed his fangs and glared at the great man.

‘Yumma. What you looking at?’

Daein didn’t give up and glared at him.

I felt a little self-destructive, wondering what I was doing against a monkey, but somehow I felt like I would lose if I avoided my eyes first, so I focused on my eyes.

Just like that, while Daein was having a snowball fight with the monkey, Cheongun’s long story ended.

Geomseong muttered with a somewhat dark expression.

“It’s a war between political enemies… Will it end up like that again?”

Cheongwoon said with joy.

“Master. Since you happen to be here, come with us!”

Just having Geomseong participate in the war was like gaining a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses for the Murim Alliance. The members of the Demon Demon Squad also looked at the Sword Saint with anticipation.

But Geomseong shook his head.

“I am not participating in this war. “Not only me, but everyone in the world will have the same thought.”

“yes? “Why?”

Cheongun asked back with an expression of incomprehension.

Sword Saint looked at the face of his youngest disciple and spoke with a sad smile for some reason.

“As I get older, I don’t really know what’s right and what’s wrong. “I don’t want to have blood on my hands anymore.”

“But Master!”


The voice of the Sword Saint was calm but firm. Cheongun, who knew his teacher’s personality, could not ask any more.

Although the teacher was always very playful and easy-going as a friend, he never changed his words once he said them.

“…All right.”

The great man, who had been having a snowball fight with the monkey for a while, moved his eyes slightly and looked at Geomseong.

‘You may say that, but in the end, if the Murim Alliance becomes dangerous, you will join the war.’

The great man knew the outcome of this war between political and evil forces.

The Cult of the Heavenly Demon, who had come down with a terrible attack, continues to win battle after battle against the Murim Alliance. In the midst of this, the Murim lord Ya Yul-gi dies at the hands of the Cult of the Celestial Demon.

At the moment when the Murim Alliance, whose morale is low, is in desperate danger, Cheonha Samjeol, who was known to have turned his back on the Murim, appears and the situation of the war begins to change.

The war lasted longer, the damage on both sides accumulated, and

the ending ended with the death of the Sword Saint and the Cheonma Cult.

‘After that, the Heavenly Demon Church returned to Xinjiang and the Murim Alliance weakened. And in just a few years, the Earth and the Gate will be connected.’

This was the history of Moorim that Daein knew.

I’ll have to rewrite it all soon, though.




“By the way.”

Geomseong said, his face full of dissatisfaction.

“There was a martial arts competition, so why wasn’t I invited? “Are you treating me like a piece of trash now that I’m old?”

Cheongun sighed lightly at his teacher’s protest.

“That’s probably because no one knows where Master is.”

“…Didn’t I tell you?”


Cheongwoon spoke as if comforting a child. To lighten the mood, I intentionally acted more playfully.

“yes. So, I am also seeing Master for the first time in 5 years. “You’ve been doing nothing special all this time, right?”

Geomsung scratched his head.

“For some reason, none of my students were in love… I guess I forgot because I lived so long.”

“no. Master has been like that for a long time. “There were more than a few times when I was embarrassed because he skipped the first part of martial arts and taught me from the second part.”

“Hey. That’s because he’s a guy who learns well no matter how you teach him. “Other students usually realize something strange and say it’s strange, but didn’t you just do it?”

“Yeah yeah. “It’s all my fault.”

In fact, Sword Saint’s wanderlust and unique personality were so famous that he left one day and disappeared for 10 years at a time, and even took on students from other Segana schools as his students.

Cheongwoon was also one of those disciples.

About 10 years ago, Geomseong stopped by a shaman and recognized Cheongwoon’s talent. He then asked Jang Mun-in of the shaman faction to become his disciple.

It was originally impossible, but the reputation of the swordsman and his martial arts made it possible.

Over the next five years, Cheongwoon learned martial arts from Geomseong and was able to develop his talent.

Up to this point, it was a story so famous that even adults knew about it.

Only then did Geomseong look back at Daein and say,

“Yes. “You mean you learned martial arts that Brother Namgung had secretly stored away somewhere?”

The great man politely took the gun and spoke.

“It is an honor to meet you. Greetings again. “It’s called the landlord.”

“I took a quick look at it earlier… Let’s see how much I learned.”



Geomseong suddenly developed internal energy and stimulated the great man. Immediately, Pacheonshingong arose and responded to the external stimulus.

Tsutsu! Tsutsutsu!

Invisible sparks seemed to be flying everywhere.


The members of the Demon Extermination Team, startled by the sudden clash of energies, hastily retreated. Some had pale complexions, as if they were shocked.

Cold sweat began to form on Daein’s back.

‘Anyway, all the old people in this neighborhood are not normal.’

“Oh my. “Don’t try to hide your martial arts skills.”

He was a great man who deceived both the Murim lord and Namgung Jeongcheon.

However, Geomseong was a much higher level expert than them. It was impossible to hide martial arts.


Although he was unable to infiltrate the inside of the great man’s body due to the Breaking Heavenly Technique, he was able to roughly estimate the great man’s skills just by looking at the outside.

“That’s amazing. Who did you learn martial arts from? “There’s no way I learned it from Namgoong, who became a skeleton.”

‘From the Heavenly Demon once upon a time.’

Since he couldn’t be sure what would happen if he told the truth, he just kept quiet.

“I taught myself most of it.”

“her. “You’re not really asking me to believe that, are you?”


Even though he seemed to be smiling innocently, the great man felt as if a sword was aimed at his heart from the look in the Sword Saint’s eyes.


A similar feeling to when I first met Manbaknogoe.

No, I even thought that the swordsman might be stronger.

Ominously, at that moment, I remembered what Manbaknogoe had said about the Sword Saint.

‘Cluck. You mean Sword Saint? He’s the most annoying of the three. In the past, I was a kid who followed that guy wherever he went. I almost killed him with my own hands a few times…’

‘…If possible, don’t get involved with that guy. I was much stronger in my prime… but… ‘What a trick this guy is.’

As he said that, the face of the old man laughing bitterly came to mind.

The swordsman smiled as he lightly placed his hand on the handle of the sword.

“Let me see if you have learned Brother Namgung’s martial arts skills properly.”

shit. Why on earth do I keep encountering stronger monsters when I think I’ve become stronger?

‘Is God giving me trials on purpose?’

The great man even thought this in his mind as he grabbed the handle of the Changcheonshinsword.

It was then.


Cheongun intervened between his teacher and his close friend.

“Now the Demonic Cult is trying to invade Wulin again. This means that my friend and I are going to the Cheonghae Murim League branch under orders from the leader! But if you can’t help me, you’re hindering me!”

“You guy. Who said you were going to kill me? “I just wanted to test your skills…”

“Do I not know your personality, Master?”


At that moment, Geomseong became completely mute. He pouted his lips like a child trying to make an excuse to his mother, but then made a serious expression.

“Eh. I get it. “Shouldn’t you just quit?”

The great man breathed a sigh of relief and raised his arms.

“Thank you for looking into the situation.”

“Even if it’s not me, there’s someone who wants to check out your skills.”


“Isn’t that right, Geumo?”

The golden monkey that had been sitting on the Sword Saint’s lap suddenly stood up and pointed a point at the great man.

Ukki! Ukkkkkkk!


The Great Man frowned and looked at the Monkey and the Sword Saint alternately.

“Are you telling me to have sex with that guy?”

“I didn’t order it. Geumo, this guy has been wanting to fight with you ever since. “I’ve been preventing that from happening until now.”

Ukki-! Boo! Ukkikki!!

The golden monkey pounded his chest. Then, he turned around and shook his red butt in front of Daein, provoking him.


Although Daein was dumbfounded, he still responded calmly.

“I don’t want to fight this guy. The Sword Saint intervened…”

“This guy also learned the Sword Emperor’s martial arts like you. Do you know?”

The great man was momentarily speechless.

I knew it. When I collided with that guy earlier, I couldn’t tell you how surprised I was when I saw his steps and body movements.

『I taught it to monkeys, so it will be easier for people. He is smarter than most people…』

A part of the Geomwangbirok appeared in Daein’s mind.

‘The original crazy old man.’

The monkey that the Emperor taught martial arts as a test had become a 100-year-old spirit.

“yes. “It seemed like that.”

As the great man hesitantly admitted, a mischievous smile appeared on the swordsman’s lips.

“I think Brother Namgung taught this guy as a pastime in his later years. “If this guy had continued to live from then on, he would have lived for well over 100 years.”

“…Is that so?”

The Great Man dared to answer the Sword Saint in a cold tone. However, Geomsung was not offended at all.

Because I was able to say this one thing.

“If you think about it, Geumo is your death sentence!”

Geumoh seems to strongly agree with that statement! Ukkikki! and jumped around in place.

Of course, Daein could not admit it.

“It makes no sense. “How can an animal become a person’s death penalty?”

Daein didn’t want to waste his stamina on something pointless. What is the point of fighting this monkey?

‘It’s somehow uncomfortable to kill him and take out Naedan.’


Geumo said, ‘You cowardly priest! It seemed like he was saying, ‘Are you trying to get rid of me?’, but Daein tried to ignore it and looked at Geomseong.

“I’m sorry, but we’re short on time…”

“How about this? “If you win Geumo, I’ll give you what you want.”

The great man paused for a moment and asked.

“…Do you know what I want?”

Geomsung smiled very innocently. His eyes were focused on the Changcheon God Sword.

“Do you know that I was the one who entrusted the Changcheon God Sword to the Murim Alliance?”

[The herbivorous food written there. Isn’t it necessary?]

[Cheonma Shingyoro (3) – Order Summary] End

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