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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 176

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[ Cheonmabirok ]

“Kkekeul. “I heard everything, you scummy disciple.”

Cheonmugeuk greeted the great man with a sinister smile. He was the only one inside Josa-dong.

The great man asked with a puzzled expression.

“yes? “What do you listen to?”

“Cluck cluck. “I heard Hyun gave you a jjub…?”

Do you really have to recreate that look yourself?

The great man was appalled at the sight of his teacher approaching with his lips out. A man who has even been rejuvenated and has grown to a sizeable size.

“Did you hug me like this? Jjuup….”

“Ah, it’s so gross!”

“Cluck, click, click!”

Cheon Mu-geuk chuckled as if it was fun to tease his student. These days, he smiles more often.

The great man sighed lightly and asked.

“But how did you know? “No one has seen it in person.”

Excluding the one witness, the dragon (who saved Moorim), Namgoong Hyun’s surprise kiss was close to a perfect crime. If someone had seen it, there was no way he wouldn’t have known.

Cheon Mu-geuk said with a mischievous smile.

“Cluck. Just now, Jinga came and told me and left. “You were so excited that you were already ready to catch the day.”

“Anyway, that nobleman…”

After doing something(?), Namgoonghyeon ran away and met old man Jin.

Seeing his granddaughter’s flushed cheeks, old man Jin asked her what was going on, and the girl trusted her grandfather and told him the whole truth.

Namgoong-hyeon probably didn’t know that his grandfather would go and spread the word about that story.

“Ugh. “Hyun is also having a hard time because of her abusive grandfather.”

The great man sighed.

Even so, he was barely able to get away from Lily, who was asking questions about what happened while Abraxas was blindfolded.

‘The little one has a secret sense of humor.’

“mister! “You didn’t let me see earlier and you ate something delicious just the two of us?!”

…even though it was kind of like that anyway.

The great man muttered with an expression full of worry.

“I think we need to start cracking down on people joining before spreading rumors around…”

Fortunately, it seemed like his teacher took the initiative.

“Cluck. Don’t worry. “I already hit Jinga’s head a few times to tell him not to go somewhere else.”

“…He’s not dead, right?”

If he had squeezed it properly with a fist the size of a pot lid, old man Jin would have been on the brink of death by now.

Cheon Mu-geuk asked with a mischievous smile.

“okay. Since when did you and Hyun become like that? This guy pretended to be so stupid…”

“Don’t talk nonsense. “What is the age difference between him and me?”

“Aren’t you a few years older? “A guy who only has terms and conditions.”

“…That’s right. In any case, it would be a big problem on Earth both legally and morally.”

“Hey. “In the martial arts world, you must follow the martial arts laws.”

“You didn’t call me here to talk about this, did you?”


The teacher and student had a casual conversation for a while. Cheon Mu-geuk picked on his disciple for a while longer before getting to the point.

“I called you today to give you these.”


Daein looked around the investigation building. The legacy left behind by the Cheonmajosa was neatly organized on one side.

“Gold was made in the form of gold bars to make it easier to take with you, and jewelry was divided into types. Yeongcho dug up and cleaned only properly grown plants. There are some things that are good to dry and use, and others that should be made into pills. “If you just eat it, it becomes a poisonous plant, so I took out the poison.”

During the time when he was roaming the martial arts world while hiding his identity, he was called Cheonmugeuk because he knew nothing.

He was well-versed in magic, amulets, and elixirs.

“Cluck. “It would be much better to eat it this way than to just absorb it.”

Cheonmugeuk personally dug up and cared for the spiritual plants in Josa-dong, putting them in the best condition to absorb their energy.

It was all to be given to people. When the great man saw that large amount, he stuck out his tongue.

“Why so much… I will eat well forever.”

“I’m sure you’re not planning on soaking it all in alcohol, are you?”

Instead of answering, the great man grinned.

The plan was to soak some of it in alcohol, eat it, and take some back to Earth to use when needed.

‘When I return to the guild, I need to train some experts.’

When it comes to learning martial arts, there is no better item than elixir.

If you have an elixir, you can save a lot of time that others would spend training in mind techniques to increase your internal strength.

Of course, absorbing the elixir is not as easy as it sounds. In particular, beginners in martial arts needed the help of at least a first-class expert to use it.

‘And there are so many top-notch experts in the Church of the Heavenly Demon that you’ll get kicked in the foot.’

In other words, there was nothing stopping the superhumans of the Whitehouse Guild from quickly learning martial arts.

Daein first thought of a list of adepts who would teach him advanced martial arts and give him elixirs.

‘First of all, Hogu, Sirutdeok, the CEO, the new members of Team 7, the leader of Team 2, and the leader of Team 3…’ Only

when the superhumans in the guild become stronger will it be easier to prevent a world-class disaster that will come in the future.

‘That way, I will be more comfortable in the future as well.’

Military bridges have already been selected. Among the believers who will first migrate to Earth, there are a few elders and elders…

“But a few roots were used by Wuhan to treat Simma. “I’ll fill it up again later…”

Grinning. The great man said with a smile.

“are you okay. “You just have to work and pay it off slowly.”

The Heavenly Demon of the previous generation will become the guild’s overall martial arts leader.

“This guy… clack. I get it. I must pay back the debt I owe you. “I will pay you back in full.”

Cheon Mu-geuk laughed and took the knife from his waist and handed it to Dae-in.

“And from now on this sword is yours.”

The sword with the mysterious purple sword body was the Heavenly Demon Sword, a sacred item of the Heavenly Demon Church.

The great man widened his eyes in surprise.

“Can I have this? “Is this a new thing?”

Cheon Mu-geuk nodded, saying yes.

“Anyway, if you hadn’t found this cave, no one would have found it. “It is only natural for you to become the master of this sword.”

I have already finished the conversation with So Jyoju.

I decided to leave the Heavenly Demon Sword to the savior of the Heavenly Demon Church.

“Still, this is a bit… too careless to use.”

“Hey. My arm hurts. “Can’t you get it sooner?”

In the end, Daein received the Heavenly Demon Sword. Because he wasn’t the type of person to turn down a gift to the end.

“I will write well.”


When Daein held the Heavenly Demon Sword in his hand, the Heavenly Demon Sword trembled.

Cheon Mu-geuk chuckled.

“Fortunately, he seems to like you.”

“This guy. “It’s a magic sword.”

“To be exact, it is a magic sword. “It has the ability to subdue demon energy.”

It was also a weapon that was like an invincible enemy to the descendants of the Heavenly Family who had learned the Heavenly Demon Divine Art.

The Heavenly Demon God Church decided to entrust such weapons to Daein.

“Cluck. “If I get dementia and go wild, you can beat me with this.”

“Don’t even talk about opening the gate in such a cataclysmic way. “Let your words become seeds.”

The great man looked at the softly shining purple sword body. It had too much of a magical feel to be an item from the martial arts world.

“…I will write well.”

With this, the number of treasured swords that Daein possessed was three.

Shalit. Changcheonshingeom. Heavenly Demon Sword.

Each one was one of the most famous swords in each dimension.

‘This is also fun to collect in its own way.’

Compared to the past when rare comic books were collected, there was a significant difference in the quality of the collection.

The gift prepared by Cheon Mu-geuk did not end there.

“I’ll give you this one last time.”

The great man looked at the book his teacher handed him. On the outside of the book, it was written 『The Records of the Heavenly Demon』.


“This is a book that the founder left behind before he passed away. The original was written in an ancient language that few people in the church knew, so I made a translation myself so that you could read it.”

The book was quite thick.

In order to give it to the great people, Cheonmugeuk translated this book whenever he could and added interpretations to the necessary parts.

The great man asked with anticipation.

“Is this an official document? “Something like Super Heavenly Demonic Art is written down?”

“Cluck. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not a civil service policy. Occasionally, there are words about martial arts that the master says are like Geumgwaokjo… but more than that, it is a book written about the history of our school. “Please unfold it.”

The great man had a puzzled expression.

It’s not officialdom? I am grateful that they translated this thick book so that I could read it…

“Do I really need to read this? “Who am I?”

At that moment, Cheonmugeuk’s insect-like eyebrows twitched. It took 15 days to translate!

“This guy? “Are you going to read it after getting hit?”

The great man quickly opened the first page of the book.

Although he was now strong enough to not be hit, he had no confidence in dodging the rejuvenated teacher’s fist.

As soon as I opened the book, the first verse caught my eye.

“You have passed all the trials I have prepared for you. You deserve to know the whole truth.」

‘I’m sorry, but the dragon solved the ordeal.’

Of course, there was no guilt. The great man continued reading the first chapter.

“My name is Muhwi Cheon. He was the first leader of the Heavenly Demon Church and the king of a tribe.”


The great man tilted his head.

In his previous life, Daein had no interest in the history or doctrines of the Heavenly Demon Church. All I knew was that they revered fire and that the name of the god they believed in was ‘Mazda.’

“Our tribe, who lost the war, crossed the dimensional gap and arrived here.”


From then on, Daein’s hands began quickly turning the pages. My eyes scanned the type quickly, looking for the information I needed.

“My original name is Hugo Dun Carmel.”

“The king of Carmel, one of the seven great tribes….” “

The world we lived in is a place called the Byron Continent.”

“But it is not paradise.”

“ …….”

At that moment, Daein’s hand stopped. Cheon Mu-geuk asked in a cautious voice.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Byron Continent…”

The great man looked at the watch he wore on his left wrist.

[Tichtal’s Wristwatch]

A gift from his friend Joong-cheol on the day he retired, and the culprit that made Dae-in return to the past.

This watch was an item from the Byron continent.

‘That Byron continent?’

Maybe it was another dimension with the same or similar name.

There are countless dimensions and worlds in the universe, and those connected to Earth are only a few of them.

‘But it’s worth checking.’

Even 20 years into the future, when the great people lived before returning, the Byron continent was a new continent that had only recently been connected to Earth.

Because of this, there was almost no information about the Byron Continent even to the people.

‘I was thinking of visiting someday, but…’

“Daein. Are you okay? “It was written about another world, so I thought you might be interested…”

Cheonmugeuk looked at his student, who had a blank expression, with a worried face.

“…are you okay. “I was surprised for a moment.”

Daein quickly recovered his original expression and grinned.

“I found a mysterious clue in an unexpected place.”

The great man put the Heavenly Demon’s Secret Book in his arms. I could feel the teacher’s heart contained in the thick book.

If he had not taken the trouble of translating a book in an ancient language, the great man would never have known this information.

“Thank you, Master. “I’ll read the rest whenever I have time.”

“Cluck. “I’m glad it helped.”

Although not immediately, Daein planned to visit the Byron continent someday.

‘But it’s not urgent. ‘Let’s go slowly.’

Now, the priority was to return to Earth with the Heavenly Demon Church.

Because there are people waiting for them there.


A few days later.

The gate connecting Murim and Earth has been connected.

[The Chronicles of a Heavenly Demon] End

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