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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 185

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The devil The moment he descended, he felt that the air around him had changed.


The demonic energy inside the barrier was getting thicker, centered around the Demon King. Like ink spreading quickly across rice paper, the devil’s power encroached on the surroundings.


Something soared behind the Demon King. A large throne made up of hundreds of skulls.

As the Demon King sat back on the throne, the skeletons decorated on the throne chattered their teeth together, making an unpleasant noise.

[Hmm. A throne made of human skulls isn’t bad either.]

‘What kind of guy is this? ‘I still don’t know just by looking at that appearance.’

The great man did not move hastily. The time for a surprise attack has already passed. Now was the time to find out information about the other person.

Only by finding out the enemy’s true name will we be able to find a way to deal with him.

‘I also want to ask you something.’

Rattling rattling.

As the number of skeletons supporting the throne continued to increase, the position of the throne gradually increased.

[Human. [Do not be afraid.]

The Demon King looked down at the great man from a position more than 10 meters higher. A smile appeared on the Demon King’s lips,

as if it was natural and familiar .

[I am a more generous king than you think.]

When the Demon King stretched out his hand to the side, a staff appeared out of thin air and was caught in his hand.

A two-headed green snake flicked its tongue at the end of a staff.

[He is also a king who recognizes and uses the necessary talent.]


At that moment, an enormous amount of magical energy burst out from the Demon King’s body.

A deep furrow appeared between Daein’s eyebrows due to the powerful pressure pressing down on his entire body.

‘Demon King… he’s definitely on a different level.’

Although he had the same body as the one that Daein had just killed, the Demon King possessed power of a different level.

The difference in literal ‘level’.

Even though the true body was not the descended Demon King, it was still like this.

‘Compared to the real Demon King, that’s nothing.’

“Talent is important… what does that mean?”

The great man’s question brought a bright look to the devil’s eyes.

[Hoo. To be able to withstand this level of demonic energy calmly… All the humans seen through the eyes of this foolish human were as weak as bugs.] The

Demon King continued speaking, licking his lips with his long snake-like tongue. The voice was dripping with greed.

[I’m craving you more and more.]

“…Are you telling me to become your subordinate?”


A hideous smile appeared on the corner of the Demon King’s mouth.

[No matter what dimension he rules, the king prefers to appoint a local as governor.]

The snake’s tongue, split in two at the end, moved strangely.

[Power, strength, immortality. I can make every desire you have a reality.]


The Demon King’s eyes glowed red.

[If you become my subject, I will make you the governor to rule this land on my behalf.]

The Demon King’s voice had the power to make people fall into a daze. Just listening to it made me feel like that was really going to happen.


The Demon King had a huge demonic energy blooming like a haze behind his back. It had the shape of a snake with many heads.

[I will ask. A rare human being. Will you enjoy eternal glory with me?]

The Demon King liked the human in front of him.

A person who tried to ruin his own plans on a mere human subject and dared to leave a scar on the body of the king.

But doesn’t it mean that you have to have this level of ability to be worthy of your attention?


The Demon King spoke while powerfully activating his Demon Eye. His voice rang loudly.

[[Human. Get down on your knees. Pledge your allegiance with your soul. All my glory will shine on you!]]


The Demon King’s magical energy that controlled the space pressed down on the Daein’s shoulders. If it were an ordinary person, it would have gone crazy or exploded.

The great man thought for a moment.


Then he got down on one knee.


The Demon King looked down at the great man with a satisfied face. He smiled kindly at the first vassal he had on Earth.

[Kkkkkkk. I will use you greatly.]

“Demon King. “Before I pledge my allegiance, I have something to ask you.”

The great man raised his head and opened his mouth. The Demon King’s happy expression became slightly distorted.

What a question.

That was not behavior befitting a loyal subject.

However, since he was the first subject to reap money after coming to Earth, the Demon King decided to be especially generous.

[I will give you special permission. What are you curious about?]

“I have seen the power of a being similar to yours in the past.”


The Demon King’s expression hardened. The power of a being similar to yourself?

Are you saying that other demon lords have also moved?

[Tell me in detail!]

The great man asked, adapting the facts appropriately.

“I felt a similar power in a girl’s body that I felt in you. A great wizard I know said this: ‘This is a scar fragment or seed left behind by a certain demon lord.’ The girl wields the power of fire.”


The Demon King listened to the great man’s story with a serious expression. The great man looked at the man’s expression and asked the most important thing.

“Did you do it?”

The Demon King sitting on the skull throne shook his head.

Giving power to other beings? He was not a king who would do such dangerous things.

[I have never done such a thing.]

“Then do you know who did it? “It bothers me for some reason.”

The Demon King’s expression frowned as if he was displeased. Because I felt uncomfortable giving this answer to myself.

[I don’t know.]

“Tsk. okay.”

The great man got up and patted his knees. Then he looked the Demon King up and down as if appraising something and said.

“Hmm. “I’m a little worried about swearing loyalty.”


A look of confusion flashed across the Demon King’s face. Because it was a reaction I had never experienced before in my life, the Demon King’s voice as he asked the question was somewhat timid.

[…What do you mean you’re worried?]

Jump and jump.

The great man walked towards the Demon King’s throne and folded the fingers of his left hand one by one.

“I don’t know because I haven’t worked in that area, but changing jobs isn’t something you do carelessly. There are many things to consider. “First of all, salary, employee benefits, company size, overtime…”

Daein folded four fingers and said while flicking his last little finger.

“Well, overall it’s good. But there’s just one thing that’s not good.”


The Demon King thought for a moment about how much he should endure and listen to this overly arrogant man.

…For now, I decided to listen a little more.

[What are you complaining about?]

The Great Man raised his head and looked up at the Demon King.

A disgusting being sitting on a throne made of human skulls and looking down at the ground.

One corner of the great man’s mouth curled up.

“My boss at work is so shit. is not it? Balaam.”

[How can I find my true name…!]

Jump up!

The moment Balaam got up from the throne in surprise, the great man had already begun his attack.

Shalit and the Sky God Sword rose into the air and flew towards Balaam, and at the same time,


Tichtal’s watch covered his entire left arm and turned into a hand cannon. Ugh! Energy gathered at the end of the hand cannon.

At the same time, the great man pulled out the Heavenly Demon Sword with his right hand. Blue energy surged from the Heavenly Demon Sword.

Cough! Cough!

Balaam swung his staff and struck down Shalit and the Heavenly Sword. He shouted in an angry voice.

[A bug that doesn’t even know the topic! I’m going to catch you and drag you to hell for eternity… What are you doing?]

“First, let’s destroy this dirty magic circle first.”

When Balaam rushed to stop Daein, Daein had already plunged the Heavenly Demon Sword into the floor.

Pooh wow!

Starting from the spot where the Heavenly Demon Sword was inserted, incontinence spreads like a spider web.

The place where the great man walked and stopped was exactly the center of the magic circle.

[I can’t quit!]

“I don’t like this dog.”

The great man once more injected energy into the Heavenly Demon Sword stuck on the ground.

Blah blah blah!

The rooftop he was standing on began to shake and collapse. Balaam’s eyes lit up with evil.

[I will tear you to death myself!]

And then the rooftop began to collapse.


The magic circle carved on the rooftop collapsed, and Balaam’s skull throne also collapsed. Balaam’s angry claws fiercely clawed at the space where Daein was.


The great man immediately jumped down the hole he had made. He swung the Heavenly Demon Sword with his right hand, unleashing strong energy, and used the hand cannon in his left hand to destroy the inner wall of the building.



As the wall was destroyed, the people who had blended into the wall and were in pain also disappeared. The great man swung his sword without hesitation and fired his hand cannon to destroy them.

‘It would be better for you than having your life force taken away to the last drop.’

By the time he jumped from the rooftop and reached the floor, he had destroyed more than half of the wall.


The magic circle that supplies power to the Demon King was destroyed and the sacrifices that formed its basis were also destroyed.


The great man who got down to the floor muttered.

“I did the basics first.”


Balaam’s attack fell on Daein’s head. The great man moved to the side and swung the Heavenly Demon Sword.


The Heavenly Demon Sword and the staff collided and sparks flew.

Daein used his repulsion to step back and aimed the hand cannon in his left hand at Balaam.



Condensed magic cannons exploded on Balaam’s body one after another. However, Balaam, who was thickly covered with demonic energy like armor, was only pushed back little by little.

[Nothing like humans! How dare you deceive the king!]

Demonic energy flowed out from Balaam’s body. It soon turned into dozens of black snakes.



The snakes opened their mouths wide and attacked the great man.

Several attacks passed by, but the great man dodged between the snakes and swung the Heavenly Demon Sword. At the same time, the hand cannon was fired continuously.

The Changcheonshingeom and Shalit, which were floating in the sky, also moved without stopping. Two swords pierced Balaam’s body according to the will of the great man.

Pooh wow! Phew!

Balaam’s body, which had been pierced through his stomach and side, staggered once. But the wound healed in an instant.


Balaam roared as his body suddenly recovered.

[Did you just rely on such a small talent to sink your teeth into me?]

The great man narrowed his eyes as he looked at that figure.

“After all, the devil is the devil.”

Despite destroying the magic circle that provided power by stealing human life force, Balaam did not appear to be weakened much.

The great man could guess the reason.

‘It must be because of the erosion barrier.’


An erosion barrier spreads throughout this building.

As long as the Great Magic that overlaid the environment of the Demon World onto Earth was implemented, the Demon King was able to exercise almost the same power here as in the Demon World.

Resilience close to immortality.

Magical power that never dries up.

And the ‘kingly power’ that each person possesses.

It is not for nothing that the adage that says never to fight the devil within the erosion barrier was created.

[You’re escaping with ease!]

Balaam stopped in place, perhaps deciding that it was too much to chase after Daein at speed.


Balaam’s staff struck the ground. At that moment, a strong wave emanated from the wand.

Balaam waved his staff and chanted a spell in an unknown language. A summoning magic circle was created in the sky and earth, and beasts from the demon world poured out of it.



Monsters with grotesque shapes tried to surround the great man. The great man stepped back and stretched out his hand.

“Wait a minute! Phew… there are a lot.”

The great man looked around and sighed. Balaam approached, gradually narrowing the siege.

[Kkkkkkkk. Are you planning to surrender now? Seeing your talent, I think it would be a shame to just kill you.]

Balaam flicked the snake’s tongue. Daein recovered the Changcheonshinsword and Shalit.


At the same time, the hand cannon on his left hand was also released.

Holding only the Heavenly Demon Sword in his right hand, the great man spoke to Balaam.

“If I surrender, will you let me live?”

[Kkkkkkk. I can give you even greater glory than that.]

Balaam scanned the great man’s body with his shining eyes.

‘I can’t believe that a mere human being has such a strong body.’

It even contained demonic energy within its body and was moving freely even within the erosion barrier, which was no different from the demon world.

What if Balaam himself took over the body?

Obviously, he will be able to draw much greater power than his current body.

Balaam said, licking his lips.

[I guess I should take your body.]

The great man laughed as if it were absurd.

“In Korea, in times like this, they say, ‘I don’t even think about the person I’m going to give rice cake to, but I drink kimchi soup first.’ “Kimchi soup drinking for short.”

The great man raised the Heavenly Demon Sword and aimed it at Balaam. He said while flicking his sword.

“And didn’t I tell you earlier? “I originally came only to ‘reconnoiter’ today.”

[haha. Now what…]

“It’s true.”

At that moment, Daein immediately raised his attack power to its peak and rushed towards Balaam.

Retrieving the Iggyeo sword and disarming the hand cannon were due to one reason.

To put all your strength into just one attack.

‘If it’s Pacheonmu (破天舞)….’

Formidable magical power boiled up at the tip of the great man’s sword.

Balaam, who felt anxious for a moment, shouted to the beasts he had summoned.

[Stop him!]


The beasts of the demon world roared in unison and blocked the great man. That ferocious force seemed to block even the pouring mountains,

but hey!

The great man had already passed them by as a ray of light.



After the great man passed, the bodies of the demonic beasts exploded. The great man rushed towards Balaam.

The Heavenly Demon Sword flashed purple sword light.

‘I got caught.’

The moment the great man felt that he had sense at the tip of his sword,

he shouted!

Balaam’s body was split lengthwise and the great man had arrived at the end of the barrier.

“Huu huu…”

The great man took a deep breath and looked back. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

[Stick ….

] Slurp.

With a painful groan, Balaam’s body, which had been split in two, was coming back to life.

“…I won’t die from this much.”

Because it was expected to some extent, Daein was not overly disappointed by the sight.

[Wow! How dare, how dare…!!]

Balaam got up shakily from the floor. His face was horribly distorted.

At that moment, Balaam felt all kinds of emotions.

Anger, shame, madness and fear…!

The great man said with a pale face.

“Let’s stop here for today. “I came only for reconnaissance.”

Balaam said with a pained face.

[Ugh… Do you think I’m… going to let you go!]

“If you’re confident, you can follow me.”

Chewy profit.

Daein tore off part of the erosion barrier and warned Balaam.

“Then I will kill you for sure.”

After leaving a firm warning, the great man left the erosion barrier.


Balaam could only scream on the spot and couldn’t chase after the great man.

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