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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 188

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[Give it to me! ]

Lily crossed her arms and glared through the fog.

“Why aren’t you coming?”

As if that wasn’t enough, Lily rested on her other leg and trembled with one leg mischievously.

He looks like the typical delinquent child.

If Daein had seen this, honey chestnuts would have come flying at once, but Daein was nowhere to be seen.

Lily’s eyes turned pale.

“It was just 4 hours ago.”

With swollen cheeks, the girl repeatedly stared through the fog and looked at the yellow cat watch on her wrist.

Tick tick.

In the meantime, the number indicated by the short needle shaped like a cat’s mustache changed five times.

That means 5 hours have passed!

“I said I would come quickly.”

Lily’s eyebrows came together in the middle and her lips quirked up in displeasure.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

The more the delinquent child glared crookedly at the fog and shook his legs, the more anxious the adult became.

“Hey, Lily….”

Seongmin Choi approached Lily and spoke carefully.


Choi Seong-min hastily changed his title as life was felt everywhere at that moment.

“…Lee Lily. “Would you like to talk to me for a moment?”

Only then will life slowly decrease.

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church were watching Choi Seong-min’s every move.

In particular, Blood Gisura and Yeom Ragui had blood on their black uniforms, as if they had been doing something while searching for the missing person.


Lily looked back at Choi Seong-min with a sullen face.


Seongmin Choi swallowed his saliva and said.

“Isn’t it true that sometimes things don’t go as planned? It might be a little late. So…”

“Everyone else is here.”

Lily pointed her finger at the others.

Every time a finger pointed at themselves, the warriors of the Heavenly Demon God Church got down on one knee as if it were the glory of their third life.

Choi Seong-min, who saw that, felt like he was going crazy.

‘Vice President! ‘What are you asking me to do?’

About 5 hours ago, Daein quietly called Seongmin Choi and said this to him separately.

“CEO Choi. I might go a little further to search. It may be a little late. “If the little boy decides to go look for me, please stop him from going.”

“yes. “Don’t worry and go!”

…I didn’t know at the time. That this work is so dangerous that one must risk one’s life.

“That’s it. Since the Vice President is not someone who will be punished anywhere and is a very free-spirited person…”

“I know.”

Lily sighed and nodded.

Actually, Lily didn’t think he was hurt either.

It was obvious now why I was late.

“You’re coming late because you’re helping poor, kind people. “It’s always like that.”


Seongmin Choi had no idea what was being said. Anyway, I was glad that Lily didn’t seem to have any intention of going into the fog.

“Yes. haha. As the name suggests, he is very personable. ha ha ha!”

“It’s not funny at all.”

“Haha… sorry.”

Choi Seong-min, who was laughing awkwardly alone, closed his mouth and took a step back.

I got some murderous stares in the back of my head just because I was joking.

‘Vice President. Please come quickly and save me…’

While Choi Seong-min returned to the driver’s seat and looked for Cheongsimhwan, Jang Young-shin came up next to Lily.

“…are you okay?”

Lily nodded silently. However, Jang Young-shin could sense anxiety from the girl’s blunt expression.

It was a small difference that only people who were always curious about the other person’s feelings could know.



Lily didn’t answer. I just pursed my lips and looked through the fog.


My legs have been shaking for some reason due to anxiety. I felt dizzy, so I crossed my arms, and I kept checking the time because I was nervous.

“That feels bad.”

Lily got goosebumps from the evil energy she felt beyond the fog.

For some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t get close.

It’s difficult to explain in detail, but I was constantly anxious and afraid.

So I was thinking of telling him to go home quickly when he comes back.

Lily shook her head.

“I will never go in there.”

“…okay. “Please stay here with me.”

Youngshin Jang stood next to Lily. Whatever it was, if Lily said she didn’t like it, Jang Young-shin wasn’t going to do it either.

Jang Young-shin was not the only friend who comforted Lily.


Malang sensed Lily’s uneasiness and first rubbed his face against the girl’s cheek, and


Geum-oh also came over and held the girl’s hand tightly and comforted her shoulder with his long tail.

“Thank you everyone.”

Lily felt her anxious mind calming down as her friends comforted her.

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who returned from the search were watching with happy faces.

“…Mazda is always cute.”

Blood Horseman unknowingly expressed his true feelings, then quickly cleared his throat and said.

“Hmm. That’s not it. This means that you are always brilliant and great.”

“Anyway, guys.”

Yeomragwi clicked his tongue and glared at Blood Gisura, then turned his head and looked beyond the fog.

“Anyway, I can’t believe the savior is this late.”

“under. “What do you think will happen to him?”

Yeomragui snorted at the words of the blood rider.

“Do you think I would think such a blasphemous thought?”

Even if he was not really the savior of the Heavenly Demon Church as he claimed, he was an absolute expert with few people who could rival him with his martial arts alone.

“Blood Rider. “I’m not worried about him.”

“Then what are you worried about?”

“…I’m worried that he might think we’re useless.”


At that moment, even the blood rider and the other warriors around him were silent.

Yeomragwi continued speaking in a cold voice.

“We, who were personally selected by Lord Taesang, have not yet been able to find a single missing person. “Wouldn’t the Savior be disappointed by this?”


No matter how much blood-gisura and yeomragwi were close friends, in the end, they had the same mission.

To establish and revive the Heavenly Demon Church in this land.

Therefore, this mission, which could create debt for the people of Earth, was something that had to be completed.

Blood Rider Sura expressed his opinion cautiously.

“…Shall we look for some more before you come back?”

“Good idea. “You did not give any further orders regarding the mission after this.”

It was a time when the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church were shaking their butts in impatience.


At Lily’s screaming cry, the warriors all drew their weapons. They opened a light attack like a guard and escorted Lily.

“What’s going on!”


Lily held up the [Guardian’s Bracelet] on her left hand.


Unlike usual, the magic power emitted by the bracelet had been reduced to less than half.

“yes? “What is it?”

“My uncle gave it to me! But this shouldn’t be like this, so why is it like this…”

Lily looked at the bracelet and beyond the fog alternately with anxious eyes.

The fact that the strength of the bracelet had weakened and the fact that the man had not returned yet bothered me.

“What do we do?”

Lily looked through the fog. My heart was pounding. I was anxious. I really didn’t want to go there.


What if something happened to you?

If you get seriously injured, something bad happens, or you can’t come back…

In the end, the anxiety of one side overcomes the anxiety of the other.

Lily pursed her lips and said.

“Let’s go find you!”

Whose order will you reject? Blood Gisura and Flame Demon knelt at the same time.


Choi Seong-min, who was listening from behind, came up in surprise.

“yes? Wait. The vice president clearly told me to wait here….”


Choi Seong-min kept his mouth shut because he was sharp.

‘Ugh… Vice President. I think my role ends here.’

Leaving behind the driver who was silently clenching his fists in exasperation, Bloody Sura spoke in a serious voice.

“Mazdashi. It’s full of evil beings inside. If you go in there like this, you will have to face them.”

Next to him, Yeomragwi, who clearly understood what Blood Kisura was saying, took over.

“You could burn them all with the flames of God, but that would take a lot of time. Additionally, missing people who may be hiding may be injured in the fire.”

“Then what should I do?”

Lily asked with a puzzled look on her face. At that moment, the two warriors exchanged glances for a moment and spoke.

“Please leave it to us.”

“I will definitely find traces of him.”

For the two, it was also an opportunity to make up for not being able to find even a single missing person.

“huh! thank you!”

So the three of them, Lily and the Blood Riders, decided to go find the great man.

“You guys wait here. “The savior may return.”

Others decided to wait further in the battle truck.

“…Me too…”

Jang Young-shin wanted to go with Lily, but he kept his mouth shut at the words of Blood Horse that he was in the way.


Instead, Geumo joined the search team. Since they could not be stopped by the martial arts distribution or ability, Blood Gisura and Yeomragwi had no choice but to acknowledge their companionship.

“I’ll bring you here quickly!”

Lily waved goodbye to the remaining people, then turned and entered the fog.

Although she was still anxious and scared, Lily gained courage with the thought of saving the great man.




Blood Gisura and Yeomragwi’s following techniques were excellent.

Although we could not find any traces of Team 7 hiding deep in the underground shelter, we quickly found traces of Daein.

At the place we arrived at, traces of the battle left by Daein remained intact.

And the [Guardian’s Bracelet], broken into two pieces, was also lying on the floor.

“It’s broken…”

Lily looked at the bracelet, broken in two pieces, with a devastated expression.

“It’s broken…”

The red pupil shook violently.

Something fierce inside the girl was awakening.


at that moment ?


Geum-o came to the side and held the girl’s hand, and Malang eagerly rubbed his soft body against the girl’s face.


Lily blinked a few times and looked at Blood Kisura and Flame Demon.

“Where is your uncle?”

“The traces lead to three places.”

They decided to start from a place close to the trail.

First, I found clothes covered in blood in the empty house where Daein had stayed for a while, and I

said, “You must have been hurt a lot!”

Coo coo coo coo!

Then we headed to a huge skyscraper shrouded in black clouds.

Of course, there were monsters blocking their path along the way, but

wow! Bubble bubbling!


There was no way to stop Lily, who was swinging flames and shaking her head.

“mister! “I’ll save you right away!”

The moment she arrived in front of the building’s entrance, Lily felt a different level of ominousness than before.

My legs were shaking and I felt an eerie chill.

“Ugh, I feel bad…”

But Lily didn’t back down or run away. As soon as I could, I took a step into the erosion barrier with all my might.

Demon King Balaam, who was recovering his strength inside the erosion barrier, opened his closed eyes and roared at the appearance of the intruder.

[Who dares disturb the king’s rest!]

“Bad guy!”

The moment Lily saw Balaam’s scary face, she was convinced that the monster was the bad guy who had kidnapped her.

“Give it to me, uncle! “You bastard!”

At the same time, an enormous amount of fireworks bloomed around the girl.

Grumble! Grumble! Grumble!

Grumble! Grumble! Grumble!

Grumble! Grumble! Grumble!

Grumble! Grumble! Grumble!


Balaam’s face became pale as he looked at that.

[Give it to me! ]End

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