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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 190

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[ Si-Balaam Subjugation Operation (2)]

Daein said, looking around at the people gathered in the conference room.

“I think everyone has seen the situation outside.”

They were in charge of survival shelters throughout the city.

Soldiers, superhuman politicians, etc.

About a dozen people sat around with serious expressions and looked at the only person who had a clear understanding of the current situation.

‘This man is the landlord.’

‘Vice President of the White House Guild.’

I heard he’s the person in power behind the scenes…’ Daein continued, receiving everyone’s expectant gaze.

“About an hour ago, an unidentified structure began to appear in the middle of the city. From now on, we will call that building ‘The Devil’s Castle.’”

“The devil’s castle….”

“Ha. “You made an amazing name.”

Googoo googung!

The earthquake was still going on. It also meant that the process of summoning the Demon King was not over.

The great man recalled an old memory.

‘At least a week to a maximum of 10 days until the Demon Lord is completely summoned to Earth. … It would be correct to calculate it as a week and move.’

When the Demon King is completely summoned to Earth, the ‘Demonization’ will gradually take place on Earth, starting from there.

Additionally, when the Demon King settles on Earth, it becomes a gate connecting the Demon World and Earth. From then on, demon beasts and demons from the demon world will flock to Earth.

In other words, the story was that we had to attack that demon castle and defeat Balaam within a week.

“According to our experts’ opinion, we must attack the Demon King Castle within a week to minimize the damage.”

The expert was himself, but he spoke as if he was analyzing the entire guild. It was a way to further increase persuasiveness.

At that time, one of the delegates gathered raised his hand.

“Let me just say something.”

This middle-aged man with half a bald head was the mayor of Busan. The mayor of Busan looked around and spoke.

“I think it is more important than anything to protect the lives of the surviving citizens. “Instead of rushing into that monster’s lair, we should take refuge with the surviving citizens.”

After pausing for a moment, the mayor of Busan looked at the other representatives and asked for their agreement with his opinion. Some nodded slightly.

The mayor of Busan, encouraged by the response, raised his voice.

“We must evacuate to Seoul right now! Since most of the zombies have flocked to the Demon Castle or something, it will be much easier to get out of the city than before…”


The mayor of Busan, who was expressing his opinion by spitting, kept his mouth shut due to the gaze he felt from the other side.

‘It’s that bitch again.’

Joo Da-hye was looking at him with cold eyes.

“I told you last time that that story was impossible. Most of the civilians in the shelter suffered major and minor injuries. “If mass evacuation begins, not even half of them will reach Seoul.”

The mayor of Busan said, beating his chest in frustration.

“Isn’t the situation different then and now? “So you’re saying we should all die here together?”

The mayor of Busan considered himself a reasonable person.

So at first, we decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold out in a shelter until reinforcements from Seoul arrived.

President Kim Soo-ho would definitely send reinforcements as soon as he found out about the situation in Busan.

But now things are completely different.

“Go outside and look again. You said it was the Demon King’s Castle, right? Do you know what will come out of there? “If we stay here, we will all die.”

The number of people nodding their heads with dark expressions increased as if the Busan mayor’s words were persuasive.

However, Joo Da-hye’s stern expression did not change.

“Then what about infected patients? Are you saying we should leave them all behind?”

Inside the shelter, patients named ‘infected’ were quarantined. They were characterized by black spots spreading across their bodies and suffered for several days before turning into zombies or dying.

“About 10% of the civilians in shelters are infected.”

When the evacuation route begins, they have no choice but to leave everything here.

Of course, the mayor of Busan also knew that fact. That’s why the evacuation story fell apart last time.

‘You’re an inflexible military brat. Your words may have resonated with people last time, but…’

This time, the mayor of Busan had no intention of doing the right thing and backing down.

“What if that’s the way to save more people? “This is a time when everyone here needs to make a decision.”

Doesn’t that mean we should abandon the infected people after all?

Joo Da-hye gritted her teeth and muttered lowly at the mayor’s shameless words. The dialect came out without me even realizing it.

“Mundi Jaseugi….”

“What did you say just now?!”

Before the atmosphere on both sides could worsen further, Daein intervened.

“Wow. Please both of you calm down. “It’s fun to watch fights, but I don’t have time to do that right now.”

The two people glared at each other and turned their heads in the opposite direction.

Even though Daein told him to stop, the mayor of Busan raised his voice as if everyone could hear.

“To some people, I may seem like a bad person. But I am also shedding tears of blood inside. “Every citizen is my family and friend.”

With his politician-like rhetoric, the mayor of Busan persuaded those in charge of the shelter who were shaken.

“everyone. Sometimes we have to make painful choices. Because of that choice, someone could get hurt or die. But if more people can live with that choice… I’m willing to make the choice to be a bad person.”

The mayor of Busan sighed with a gloomy expression.

The atmosphere in the conference room became solemn, and more than half of the delegates shook their heads. Joo Da-hye opened her eyes and glared at the Busan mayor.

The mayor of Busan pretended not to notice the look in her eyes and continued speaking.

“So, please persuade the citizens.”

Daein narrowed his eyes and looked at the face of the Busan mayor.

‘I’m playing.’

He could clearly see the Busan mayor’s intentions.

I don’t want to take on all the responsibility on my own.

So, they are trying to persuade the people in charge of other shelters and get everyone’s ‘consent’ to take refuge in Seoul.

Even if nearly half of the refugees die in the process, everyone has already agreed to it and it will be considered an unavoidable sacrifice.

‘It looks like the Demon King’s Castle has just appeared. It’s the best excuse to take refuge. A politician. You must have been waiting for this very moment.’

After returning to Seoul, that bald man will continue his career as a politician.

On the other hand, Joo Da-hye, who has an upright personality but lacks eloquence, could not cope with the mayor.

“Absolutely not. “You can’t just abandon the citizens…”

“Isn’t staying here really the same thing as abandoning all the citizens?”

The great man looked at the two people in turn. And then I saw the people in charge of the shelter divided into two groups following them.

“I think it would be good for me to evacuate too.”

“The sacrifice of the citizens must be great….”

“Isn’t there a time when you have to sacrifice a cow for the greater good?”

“What nonsense are you saying….”

‘That’s so shit.’

The great man sighed lightly.

I felt like I had to sort out this situation first before I could start an operation or anything else.


As Daein slammed the table, everyone’s eyes focused on him.

“Let me tell you a few things to help you make your decision.”

“I’m sorry, but an outsider might interfere…”

Tsk tsk tsk!

As Daein slightly increased his power, the face of the mayor of Busan, who had been talking like a tentacle, hardened.

The great man, satisfied with the silence, opened his mouth.

“I tell you clearly, if we cannot stop this situation in Busan, this disaster will eventually spread to Seoul.”

Hellgate has already begun.

A demon lord came to Earth using an expedient method, summoned the demon castle, and was preparing for war in earnest.

Therefore, Daein planned to subdue Balaam at an early stage by any means necessary.

Even if the method is somewhat rough.

“If we don’t stop it, the entire Korean Peninsula will become a battlefield. “Then there will be no place to take refuge.”

At the same time, the great man naturally revealed the prayer he had consciously suppressed.


The presence of an absolute master filled the conference room.


The crowd was overwhelmed by its huge presence.

The lips of the mayor of Busan, who had been quivering in dissatisfaction, became sticky, and the superhumans who could feel magic broke into a cold sweat.

‘What magical power…’

‘Is this human right?’

The great man calmly ignored the astonished gaze of the superhumans and continued speaking.

“That’s why I say it needs to be stopped here. “Before the situation gets out of hand.”

Tsutssu Hung …

The adults have calmed the prayer. As the suffocation disappeared, people finally began to breathe again.

However, the way people looked at the great people – especially the super people – had changed dramatically from before.

Shock, fear, awe, admiration.

‘I think I threw the bait just right.’

The great man deliberately pretended not to notice those gazes and continued speaking.

“Still, if you want to go, go. “Well, it’s an individual’s freedom, so you can’t stop it.”

Several people, including the mayor of Busan, breathed a sigh of relief. The mayor of Busan thought.

‘It’s wrong to go with everyone. Convince as many people as possible…’

But the great man’s words were not yet finished.

“Just know that instead.”

As I said before, Daein planned to attack the Demon King’s Castle by any means possible.

Daein said while looking at the mayor of Busan.

“The people who come to Seoul from here will use all my connections and power to harass them until they die.”

The faces of the Busan mayor and some representatives turned as pale as corpses.


There was no one among them who did not know who the great man was.

Vice President of the Whitehouse Guild.

Baek Chang-soo’s name is something that only he himself doesn’t know, and he openly says that he is his successor.

The man who could control the greatest power in Seoul, indeed in Korea, was threatening them.

“Now… are you threatening us?”

The mayor of Busan barely asked and said,

“Yes. “It’s a threat.”

The great man smiled and answered like that.

To the mayor of Busan, it seemed like the laughter of the messenger of laughter.

The great man looked around at the others and said.

“Now, who wants to evacuate even if this happens?”


No one raised their hand. The great man nodded with satisfaction and gave everyone his first instructions.

“First, please gather the superhumans in one place.”





The adepts gathered in one place and talked among themselves.

“Suddenly we’ve been summoned?”

“Did you hear that? “I’m a landlord from Seoul…”

“What? Ga-ga-ga-ga?”

The number of superhumans making a fuss was approximately 50.

Most of the superhumans who survived until Busan turned into hell were veterans and highly skilled superhumans.

After a while, a great man appeared in front of them. The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who followed followed politely to the city.

“Nice to meet you all, beginners in Busan. “I am the landlord.”

The reputation of the Whitehouse Guild was already well known in the world of superhumans, so there was no need for the superhumans to introduce themselves any further.

“The reason we have gathered you here is to cultivate your skills ahead of the operation to subdue the demon lord that will take place in six days.”

One impatient superhuman shouted.

“Get to the point right away!”

The great man shrugged his shoulders and got to the point.

“In short, I plan to teach you martial arts. If I could easily explain what martial arts is….”

The great man immediately raised his martial arts skills.


The energy bursting from his body spread out in all directions. The great man’s hair rose to the sky and his clothes fluttered like crazy.

I deliberately overdid the directing, but the effect was amazing.

“What is that!”

“You’re crazy, kid!”

The superhumans of Busan could not help but be astonished by the enormous magical power emitted by the great man. Some people sat down because their legs were shaking.

For those who had already experienced it once in the conference hall, the surprise was slightly less.

Daein, who immediately succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, spoke with great effort.

“If you learn martial arts, you can do things like this. Many other things are possible. To the skilled teaching assistants.”


The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who were standing behind the great man stepped forward.

Like a Charyeoksa who shows a Charyeok show before selling medicine, the great man decided to show martial arts to the adepts.

“First of all, let’s start with Gyeonggong.”

Swish swish!

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church jumped several meters in place, kicked the wall, ran up to the ceiling, and then plummeted.

“Next is Geomgi.”

Sigh! Sigh!

A clear trace of black energy was left on the wall of the underground shelter.

“What else is there….someone capable of interfering in the air?”


“Not even one?”

In the end, the empty space material had to be shown to the person in person.

“And sparring.”

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church were divided into two groups and engaged in a sparring that was no different from a real battle.

Cheaeng! Chachaechaechaeng!

With such power and speed that it was difficult for the eyes to follow, the mouths of the Busan beginners gradually opened and their pupils grew bigger and bigger.

“I’m so sorry….”

“What are those magic demons…”

After showing a sufficient martial arts show, the great man left the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church behind.

Then he looked at the superhumans with a commercial smile. It was time to slowly pull the bait.

“If you learn martial arts, you too can do this.”

I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration, so Daein added quickly.

“…Of course, it is impossible to do this right away, but if you just learn the Mind Method, the amount of magical power will at least double. “If you train consistently, you can become as strong as the assistants here.”

‘If you practice for about twenty years, you will die.’


I heard someone swallowing.

There is no superhuman in the world who does not want to become stronger.

Most of them were superhumans who would give up all their money if they could become twice as strong as they are now.

‘If I learn that too…’

‘Do you think I can become as strong as those monks?’

The great man had thrown them a bait they could never refuse.

“I’m learning! “Galkyajuiso”

“I will learn too!”

“Hang! “What should I do first?”

The adepts rushed to learn martial arts. The adept looked at them with a happy face.

“I didn’t say I would teach you for free.”

At every word of the great man, the expressions of the supermen went back and forth between heaven and hell.

“Oh, a little!”

Deciding that he had had enough of the pause, Daein took out a bundle of documents and a pen that he had prepared.

“If you want to learn martial arts, just sign one here.”

After a while, the superhumans who checked the contents of the document looked at the adult with an expression of bewilderment.


“This guy is running a business.”

On that day, the Whitehouse Guild-Busan branch was established.

[ Si-Balaam Subjugation Operation (2) ] End

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