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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 213

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First The one who attacked was Genji.


Genji closed the distance in an instant and stabbed the man in the neck with his fingertips. A sharp energy formed at the tip of his fingernails.

The great man tilted his head to the side to avoid the attack. A fingernail barely grazed his neck.

It was an intended narrow gap. Like a normal person, he grabbed the opponent’s arm and bent it outward.

‘First of all, let’s make him obedient.’

At that moment, Genji’s arm was crushed like clay and the great man’s joints were nullified. At the same time, the opposite nail pierced the great man’s face.


The great man who parried the attack took a few steps back.

Meanwhile, Genji returned his arm, which had turned into clay, to its original state.

The great man looked at that figure and narrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s not a doppelganger, it’s completely slime. “Strikes or joints won’t work at all.”

A wry smile appeared on Genji’s lips.

“The characteristics depend on the application. “I tend to do a lot of research.”

The great man tilted his head and asked.

“I have a question. “If you have such skills, why were you hiding your identity?”

Although they only clashed once, Daein realized that his opponent’s skills were considerable.

Moreover, even before I returned, I had heard countless rumors about him.

‘He was a legend in his industry.’

Later, in the job rankings made by people who like rankings, Genji (Nobu Takeda) was ranked among the top five names in the world for the ‘assassin’ class.

His trait [Doppelganger] was optimized for infiltration, assassination, destruction, and rear-end disruption missions, and Genji had the skill to pull it off 100%.

‘I was so jealous while watching it on TV.’

The great man looked at Genji as if he were looking at a celebrity he once admired.

Because of his anti-India trait of ‘stealth’, he was classified as an assassin in the past and most often performed missions suited to that category.

Naturally, I often looked up people who were successful in the same profession. I was both curious and envious of how they carried out their missions.

One of the legends I was so envious of was here in front of me.

Genji smiled and answered.

“Being the lord of a region is a more stressful job than you can imagine. You have to be suspicious of all humans other than me, and you have to check for poison at every meal. Himura-san, you will find out if you try from now on.”

The great man answered with an expression of bewilderment.

“If you didn’t like it, you shouldn’t have become a lord in the first place.”

“Work for someone weaker than me? Is it possible to live comfortably like I do now? “I can go out again whenever I need to.”

The great man was surprised by the answer, but at the same time, he understood it.

“So you don’t want to take responsibility as a lord, but you want to enjoy all your rights? “Playing and eating comfortably?”

“You hit the nail on the head. “How do you know so well?”

The great man smiled and answered.

“I wanted to live like that too.”

The idea of wanting to play and eat comfortably was similar to that of a great person.

Of course, the two differed in crucial aspects.


Did he feel a sense of kinship with Daein? Genji said with a grin.

“If we hadn’t met like this, we could have become real friends. From the first time I saw him, I liked his easy-going personality. Really. I was planning to work hard behind the scenes and help him gain a place in my territory. “I never thought you would take my place.”


“Won’t you just let me go? I will quietly disappear and never appear here again. “What would be the benefit of fighting among ourselves here?”

Genji slowly backed away.

He didn’t want to go toe-to-toe with the great man.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t confident that I would win if I fought with determination. But for some reason, an ominous feeling crept up on me.

Genji tended to trust his intuition.

“I will quietly disappear from here, so you can enjoy your life as a lord. congratulations. “I became a new lord.”


The great man had no answer. The moment Genji decided that this was consent and turned around, a great man’s voice was heard from behind him.

“Do you guarantee that you won’t come to assassinate me later?”

“It’s no reason to worry. “I’m leaving Tokyo forever…”

“Well, it’s useless no matter what.”


The great man smiled at Genji, who looked back with a puzzled expression.

“No matter what kind of face you change into, I can figure it out. “No matter how much you change your appearance, your inherent magical power does not change.”


“Now that I remember that, I can find you whenever I want.”

For a moment, Genji’s eyes glowed coldly. What the great man said just now was something I couldn’t ignore.

“If you wanted to live, you shouldn’t have said that.”


Genji’s new form increased and poured into Daein. The sharp fingernails flew out, tearing the air viciously.

The great man raised his sword and blocked the attack.

Go go go go!

Under the faint moonlight, shadows collided and sharp metal sounds erupted one after another.

Daein fought defensively and assessed his opponent’s skills.

‘Except for our CEO, is he roughly on the same level as the four greatest superhumans in Seoul?’

Due to the nature of the assassin, I thought he would be weak in head-to-head combat, but he was stronger than I thought.

It was indeed the skill of a tribe lord who divided Tokyo into four parts.

‘With the characteristics it has… it might be quite useful.’

The great man glanced at the watch [Star of Transcendence] on his left wrist.

It seemed to Genji that it would be better to use this guy rather than loneliness.

‘There are restrictions on use, so you need to decide carefully.’

“Let’s do a test first.”


The great man pulled up his breaking sword. A faint blue energy formed on his fist.

“If you die after hitting this, you are eliminated. “If you survive, you will pass.”


The great man threw his fist at Genji.

The great man spontaneously gave a name to the Ilkwon (一拳), which contains the techniques of Pacheonshingong.

“A half-serious punch.”

The fist compressed the space in an instant and hit Genji in the chest.


Genji’s body flew hundreds of meters. The great man unfolded the Pacheon Shinbo and followed him.

“hmm? “Are you feeling better than I thought?”


Genji, inflating his body like a rubber balloon, stood up. The moment the fist made contact, the body changed and most of the shock was relieved.

The great man was a little impressed.

‘I didn’t really hit him with the intention of killing him, but… his ability to utilize his characteristics is very good.’

Daein shook his head, thinking that he was not a legend in his industry for nothing. He liked Genji more and more.

On the other hand, Genji’s expression was completely devoid of composure.

“It’s a real monster…”

Genji wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked around.

“Did you send me here on purpose?”

The place where they were standing was a ruin quite far away from the civilian residential area. It was a place that had not yet been rebuilt after being destroyed by monsters.

“that’s right. It seemed like if we fought there any longer, we would be rushed out. “So you’re both tired, right?”

Genji burst out laughing at the great man’s words. However, there was a beast-like murderous look in his eyes.

“You’re playing with me like a toy.”

“If you don’t like it, try pulling out all the money you have.”

Genji gritted his teeth and glared at the great man.

“…If you want.”


Genji’s body became mushy and began to transform.

“I told you earlier, right? “I tend to do a lot of research on abilities.”

Genji took something out of his pocket. The great man left his actions alone.

“My characteristic, Doppelganger, is not just the ability to change appearance. “You can also bring in the other person’s characteristics and abilities.”

What Genji took out was a blood tube the size of a little finger.


The great man watched Genji’s actions with shining eyes.

There was very little information about the characteristic [Doppelganger] even in the future.

This was because there were very few superhumans with that characteristic and they were all excellent at hiding their identities.

Therefore, the scene unfolding before my eyes was very valuable information.

‘If you have blood, you can use not only your appearance but also your abilities.’

“Himura-san. “You’ll regret giving me your time.”

Smirking, Genji opened the stopper of the blood tube and drank it.

Genji’s body began to change drastically.

The mouth part became pointed and turned into a sharp beak, and a red crest grew from the top of the head, running down the spine to the waist.

The great man knew of a monster with a similar face to that face.


“haha. “That’s not all.”

Genji’s body began to thicken as he let out a bizarre laugh. New arms sprouted from under the armpits, and the skin turned a solid bronze color.

At the same time, a tail grew and the tip turned into a mace.

“…Forehand Ogre Mace Tail Monitor Lizard. “This is a complete chimera, right?”

The great man looked at Genji, who had turned into a monster, with an expression of bewilderment.

Genji, who had transformed into a 4-meter-tall monster, poured all the red blood tubes he had into his mouth.


As he transformed into a monster, Genji, whose evil voice went crazy even to his brain, let out a scream.

Every time he opened his beak, a strong smell of blood wafted out.

“Fresh human blood strengthens my traits. “With this, I have become several times stronger than before!”

Of course, it is not power without a price.

Although he would suffer terrible aftereffects in just 10 minutes, Genji was confident that he would be able to kill the great man and hide quietly.


The great man observed the transformed Genji with interest.

“I definitely never thought I could use the doppelganger trait like this. Is it possible to transform into something smaller? For example, mice or ants?”

Daein was purely asking about the possibility of use, but Genji took the question as an insult.

“I’ll kill you!”


Genji hit the ground and was fired at Daein like a cannonball. The excitement alone was enough to create a whirlpool around them.

Daein also raised his sword without hesitation. His sword and Genji’s fist clashed.


When the two people collided, the shock wave erupted, causing the ruins to shake and a cloud of dust to rise high into the sky.

A moment later, where the dust cloud had settled, Genji was walking backwards with a frustrated expression.


Two of the four arms were cut off and two were crossed in the shape of an X in front of the chest.

Genji looked at the great man with an expression of disbelief.

“How how…”

Even though he used his strongest ability, Daein looked the same as before.

Rather, he was analyzing the other person with a calmer expression.

“The power has increased, but it has become simple and lacks sophistication. It’s not a method suitable for an assassin. “No matter how much it is a head-to-head match, it’s a bit disappointing if this happens, right?”

The great man walked slowly towards Genji. He walked leisurely, as if he were out for a walk, with his arms hanging comfortably.

Genji took a step back without realizing it.

“Cheer up, Genji. This isn’t all you have, is it? “Is there more?”


The great man knew Genji’s personality.

‘Among the legendary assassins, he is the most mean and selfish.’

A person who only steps forward in overwhelmingly advantageous situations and does not step forward if there is even the slightest risk factor.

“If only I had a more proactive personality, I could have been evaluated higher in the future.”

“…What do you mean?”

“There is such a thing.”

Even now, Genji was scanning the surrounding terrain and trying to figure out how to get out of here.

When he decided that he could never defeat Daein in a fight, he changed his plan to run away again.

Of course, Daein had no intention of letting him go.

“Genji. “The only way for you to survive is to show me all your resources.”


The great man walked towards Genji.

He wanted to see the limits of his opponent’s abilities.

I wanted to go beyond the current limitations and see future possibilities.

“So I can decide whether to kill you or keep you.”

ding ding ding.

The great man touched the [Star of Transcendence] in his left hand with his right hand. Then, an interface invisible to others was activated.

[The Star of Transcendence is activated.]

[Various functions are provided to suit the user’s convenience.] [

The user’s current level is level 1 and the use of some functions is restricted.]

[To use more functions, the user’s The level must rise.]

During the month he spent in Busan after catching the Demon King, Daein made plans to prepare for Hell Gate and at the same time studied the Star of Transcendence.

Thanks to this, several functions are now available.

The great man gave an order in his heart.

‘Activate subordination function.’

The Star of Transcendence changed to a soft golden color and the interface changed before the great man’s eyes.

[The vassalization function is activated.]

[Targets that can serve as vassals include most races such as humans, spirits, demons, and angels who have not acquired divinity.] [

However, the user must directly subdue the target.]

[Transcendence Because the star activation level is low, the number of servants that can be controlled is limited (3).] [

When serving a servant, you cannot minister to a new servant for one year, regardless of whether the target is alive or dead.]

[Currently owned familiars: 0/ 3]

The great man gritted his teeth and muttered as he looked at Genji who was attacking him.

“I think a spot will be filled soon.”

[ 0/3 -] 1/3 ] End

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