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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 219

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[ Shinjuku Ranger (5)-Black]

Tuk Tuk .

The weather began to cool at sunset, and as night fell, raindrops began to fall one by one.

“Where did it go?”

Hayato looked around, looking for someone. He immediately ran out after the man who had left the bar.

It was then that I noticed the back of the man disappearing into the alley.

“for a moment!”

Hayato ran. He had many things he wanted to ask the great man.

When exactly is the disaster called Hellgate starting? What kind of monsters specifically appear? What are their weaknesses? Is there a way to deal with them even with weak forces?… ‘If you know the information, you can prepare a little better.

The government will not provide details.

Because they think of Shinjuku Ranger as a publicity model. In fact, that was the role the government entrusted to them.

‘Lin. I know it even if you don’t say it.’

Although he has awakened to supernatural powers, he is at best only slightly better than a civilian. This level of skill was limited to patrolling the streets of Shinjuku and chasing away looters.

‘I know. But…’

I didn’t care if others laughed at me and called me an otaku. I wanted to wear a red helmet, protect people, and bring smiles to them.

“Please wait a moment! “I want to ask you something!”

When Hayato chased the great man into the alley, there was no one there.

“Where else…”

Hayato checked each of the many alleyways.

The back of the man walking away from the far left end of the road looked like a small dot.


Hayato ran again. But the distance never narrowed. Perhaps because he didn’t hear his voice or because he was ignoring him, Daein walked further and further away.

‘fast. After all, that person was also a superhuman.’

I thought that was the case ever since I saw him wearing three swords on his belt.

‘It’s enough to escort a government official across the sea. He’s probably a very strong person.’

When my friend asked me to have dinner with him, I felt a little happy.

Because of his unusual appearance and behavior, and because of his weakness, the Shinjuku Ranger was often ignored even among the few government superhumans.

“Hey! “Didn’t you ask me to drink first!”

Hayato shouted and called for someone. But Daein only grew further and further away.

I felt myself becoming increasingly out of breath.

Hayato shouted in anger.

“Are you ignoring us because we are weak?”

The inferiority complex that I had been suppressing for so long exploded.

Hayato’s face, which was always smiling even under the helmet, was distorted into a mess.

“I guess they heard a rumor about us in the provincial office! They probably called us a bunch of stupid clowns. Do you think so too? shit! “They are all the same snobs!”

Tap, tap, tap…. Shoot,

the rain got thicker and thicker and soon turned into a shower and poured down on the city.

The distance between the two repeatedly narrowed and grew further apart. I think I can catch it if I run a little more, but if I run a little further…

“Huh!” “Stand there… just!”

It felt like his lungs were going to burst, but Hayato didn’t stop.

I don’t know about his fighting skills, but he was a man I knew from a young age because of his grit.

The two escaped to the outskirts of Shinjuku in the rain.

Under the hazy moonlight, the tomb-like city appeared pale.

This place was a ruin where all of Hayato’s memories from the time he was born were buried.

‘Aunt Misaki’s bakery.’

‘The school I went to with my friends.’

‘Father’s company.’

‘The voice actor academy I went to with my older brother….’


Hayato clenched his fists. Rainwater flowed from my head and down my face.

“I don’t want to lose any more.”

Most of the people he knew died three years ago.

Most people living in this city, or even Japan, experienced the same thing.

“So please help me avoid having to go through this again!”

Hayato shouted at the back of the great man who disappeared into a small dot.

After a while, Hayato stopped in place, looking like a wet mouse. He bent down and took a deep breath.

“I missed it…”

I felt like I was completely made fun of.

Hayato took a deep breath for a moment, then turned around and trudged away.

I burst out laughing out of frustration.

“haha. “I was treated like a complete idiot.”

The rain was weakening again. How long did I walk in that dazed state? Hayato heard a familiar voice.


Rin and Sakai found Hayato and came running. The two also looked like they had been hit hard by the rain.

“It’s you guys.”

“are you okay? “Where did he go?”

“I was chasing it and lost it. “I am like that.”

Hayato smiled like an idiot and scratched his head. Rin punched Hayato on the shoulder.

“Why are you freaking out about something like that, unlike your older brother? “If you have any questions, you can come to my dorm tomorrow and ask.”

“…I know. “I guess I was too excited.”

When I thought about it calmly, I wondered why I chased after him so desperately. Hayato sighed, feeling so foolish.

Lin said, looking around.

“Let’s go back quickly. “This is where marauders roam.”

The place they were was on the outskirts of Shinjuku.

A place beyond the reach of the few government forces. It was the most dangerous area in Shinjuku, which had turned into a slum.

“The marauders won’t dare touch us, but there’s nothing good about meeting them for no reason, right?”

At Rin’s words, the three people quickened their pace.

However, they soon encountered the situation they were concerned about.


Dozens of bikes rushed through the rain with a loud noise. The Shinjuku Ranger, startled, turned his back and stood guard.


A man with a shaved bald head and a lot of tattoos got off the lead bike that stopped in front of them.

He was the leader of a group of marauders who met Daein’s group during the day.

“What are you guys?”

The leader looked at the three people who were completely soaked by the rain. He frowned when he saw that the three people didn’t have any special luggage.

“I don’t think he’s the one we’re after.”

“we are…!”

The moment Hayato was about to shout, “It’s Shinjuku Ranger!” Rin next to him covered his mouth.

Rin whispered into Hayato’s ear.

‘I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even bring a weapon. What should I do? Just stay still for now.’

Hayato closed his mouth with a dissatisfied expression.

The leader of the band of marauders asked them.

“Didn’t you see the guy passing this way? His whole body is black. “He ran away with a large bundle on his back.”

“I’m sorry, but we didn’t see anything.”

Just as the man was about to ask more about Rin’s answer, Hayato stepped forward and spoke.

“Why are you looking for that person?”

When Hayato asked with a frown, the man also wiggled his eyebrows and said.

“That black bastard robbed us. Money is money, but there are important documents inside… you have nothing to know about that. “Did you really not see it?”

“I didn’t see it.”

“…this bastard?”

Hayato’s confident attitude greatly irritated the man.

“under. I’m already in a shitty mood, but things like Bingshin are annoying me. “I guess you don’t understand the situation right now?”

When the man lifted his finger, dozens of men with guns and swords came crashing down from the bikes.

The man grinned and continued speaking.

“I didn’t plan on sending him off in a nice way from the beginning, but I wasn’t planning on killing him as long as I said nice things to him. “Of course, women are an exception.”

“You’re finally showing your true colors!”

Hayato stepped forward with twinkles in his eyes.

“Wait a minute!”

At that moment, Rin hurriedly blocked Hayato’s path. she said to the leader of the band of marauders.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, you should just go.”

At those words, the men surrounding Shinjuku Ranger giggled.

“why? “Are you going to scratch me with your fingernails?”

Lin sighed. I thought things would get complicated, so I was going to end this without even saying this…

“We are Shinjuku Rangers.”


At the same time as those words, Hayato and Sakai came out on either side of Rin and posed.


The bald man was confused for a moment. But that was only for a moment.

“The voices sounded familiar, so they were those otaku guys.”

Lin waved his hand as if he was annoyed.

“If you understand, go on your way. We don’t feel like fighting with you right now. I won’t arrest you and will just pretend not to notice. “You don’t want each other to get tired, right?”


“Oppa, stay still.”

Normally, the looters would have made a run for it as soon as the Shinjuku Rangers showed up.

Just like it was today during the day.

However, the looters’ eyes were different from usual.

“That’s a good thing.”

When the leader gave a signal, the men formed a siege, took out their swords and pointed their guns.

Lin shouted in embarrassment.

“We’re Shinjuku Rangers!”

“So what?”


The leader of the band of marauders grinned at Rin, who looked embarrassed. He took out a pistol from his pocket.

“Do you think we’ve been running away because we’re scared of you? “I avoided it because it would be bothersome if I touched you and even the police were dispatched.”

The man licked the barrel of the gun with his tongue and looked at the Shinjuku Ranger. They didn’t have bikes or weapons like usual.

That is, completely unarmed.

Considering their poor skills, it was more than enough to kill them.

“If we kill both mice and birds here without them knowing, who will know what we did?”

“These crazy people…”

Lin’s expression turned pale. Hayato and Sakai stepped forward, protecting her.

“Lin. “Stay back.”


Those with swords stepped forward, and men with guns pointed their guns and waited for the leader’s command.

The leader of the band of marauders said, stepping back.

“Don’t kill me. “If you sell your talent to Tribe, you can get a lot of money in return.”

At that moment, Hayato rushed into the middle of the enemy lines.


Blades flashed and gunfire erupted. The puddle of water on the floor exploded, sending water droplets flying in all directions.

The rain repeatedly became thinner and thicker.

Red rushed into the enemy camp in the pouring rain.


A man with a crushed nose fell into a puddle, screaming. In return, Red was stabbed in the side.

Phew! Blood spurted from his side. Red blocked his side with one hand and slammed his shoulder into the enemy next to him.

Pow! The man who flew crashed into his colleagues and fell down hard. A crack appeared in the enemy’s siege network.

At that moment, a bullet entered Hayato’s thigh.



Hayato gave strength to his wobbly legs. The magic power was raised and the regenerative ability was activated to the maximum. I was confident I could endure the pain.


The bleeding stopped on his side and the bullet lodged in his thigh was slowly pushed out.

However, the speed at which the wounds grew was much faster than at the speed at which they healed.

“Catch the one playing first!”

Hayato gritted his teeth and watched the blades and bullets raining down in front of him.

‘But they don’t target our hearts and heads to capture us.’

It also meant that their enemies looked down on them.

It was frustrating, but it was the only way out of this situation.

Hayato did not avoid the enemy’s attack and ran straight ahead.


The blade cut the skin and the bullet became lodged inside the body. However, Hayato did not dodge the attack or step back.

Because he has his colleagues behind his back.

“Lin! Sakai! “I’ll bide my time, so run away!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”


Rin and Sakai, who followed Hayato, were also fighting desperately. Although not as severe as Hayato’s, there were already quite a few wounds on their bodies.

Hayato shouted.

“As a leader, this is an order! “At least run away and save your future!”

The answer that came back was rejection. The three fought fiercely, back to back.

And eventually he was captured by his enemies.

dump. dump. dump.

The leader of the band of marauders, who had retreated in front of the three people kneeling on the ground, approached and squatted down.

“Things that aren’t that big of a deal are giving me trouble. “I just wasted time because of you.”


He slapped Hayato’s cheek with the palm of his hand. A sadistic smile appeared on the man’s lips.

“I missed the thief, but if you sell me, I’ll get more than my money’s worth.”


Hayato spat blood-mixed spit at the man. The man wiped the blood from his cheek with his hand and spoke in a somber voice.

“…You haven’t been hit yet, right?”

Dozens of people lynched the fallen Hayato. Knowing that he had the ability to regenerate, the violence was even more merciless.


Hayato fell to the floor, coughing up blood and writhing like a bug. The leader of the band of marauders said as he stepped on his chest.

“Do you understand the situation now? “The ranger game is over.”

“Playing as a ranger is… no.”

Hayato opened his eyes wide. Thick blood flowed between his teeth.

As a child, Hayato dreamed of becoming a voice actor.

I admired the cool characters in animation.

I was happy to see them and my heart fluttered when I heard their voices. I wanted to become that kind of person too.

‘I wanted to become a hero who protects people from misfortune. ‘I wanted to make people happy even a little bit.’

So I intentionally wore childish tights and made a funny pose. They also created stupid slogans.

‘I wish I had been a little stronger.’

“Still… I didn’t do anything that would make a scum like you laugh.”


Hayato looked at his enemy until the end and forced a smile. I lost the fight, but I didn’t want to lose my spirit.

Shinjuku Ranger Red’s will was still alive.

“Today again…. Peace.”

Even if no one was listening anymore, he planned to shout this slogan until the end.

“Peace in Shinjuku….”

“Shut up!”

Pow! Hayato’s body fell helplessly from the harsh kick. Lin screamed.


“You seem like an idiot. Bundle these up and load them up quickly!”

The leader of the band of marauders was giving instructions to his subordinates with an irritated look on his face.

[Shinjuku Ranger guards.]

“What? “What kind of bastard…”

[Red’s will. It was clearly inherited.]

It was then that black lightning struck among the marauders.

Whi profit!

The sword broke and the muzzle was bent. The marauders felt nothing until one part of their body broke.



It took only a moment for dozens of looters to roll around on the floor.

The being who defeated everyone in an instant stood tall in front of the leader of the band of marauders.


The leader looked at the being with a surprised face.

The armor that tightly covered the entire body was black enough to absorb even the moonlight, and the two eyes of the helmet shimmered with a blue spirit like a ghost.

“The dodu who stole our Nawabari…!”


He couldn’t finish his sentence and flew away. Since my jaw was smashed, there would be no more talking.

[He talks a lot.]

Shake it off.

The being that had killed the leader of the band of marauders with one blow turned around.

The Shinjuku Ranger was kneeling and looking at him with a blank expression.

[Ranger Black. I came here after hearing your voice.]


The response was worse than expected, so Daein regretted that he should have prepared a better line.

[Shinjuku Ranger (5)-Black] End

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