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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 237

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[ Tokyo War Project (4) ]

A few days later

in the metropolitan area Strange rumors began to circulate throughout the country.

“What kind of ranger are you talking about?…”

“Shinjuku ranger? “Everyone is talking about that these days. Have you finally heard about it?”

Inside a small bar.

A big man and a small man were sharing cheap drinks and talking about the world.

The large man frowned at his friend’s bruises.

“It’s hard to make a living, so where do you have time to pick up rumors? “I have to earn at least one more penny to feed my children.”

“Tsk tsk. Human. If you leak rumors these days, you’ll be in big trouble. “Isn’t there a war in Tokyo?”

“You know what. They say they are fighting divided into two groups. But doesn’t this have nothing to do with Saitama Prefecture?”

The small man sighed at the big man’s carefree response.

“This place is just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo. But won’t it have any effect?”

“I see…”

The little man lowered his voice.

“Right now, our lord is probably thinking hard about which side to line up on.”

Most of the people who come to these cheap bars are busy making a living every day, but it was still better to be careful.

“Anyway, back to what we were talking about earlier. “They say that the atmosphere in Tokyo changed drastically when the Shinjuku Rangers appeared.”


“…Do you really know nothing? ha. “When are you going to explain all this?”

“I think I can do that well.”

The two men looked to the side in shock at the sudden introduction of an unfamiliar voice.

A young man I had never seen before was standing there.

“Brothers. “You seem to be having an interesting conversation. Can I join in?”

“It’s a face I haven’t seen in this neighborhood.”

As the larger man glared, the younger man smirked. He said, lowering his voice slightly.

“Actually, I’m from Tokyo. “I barely got out of a mess not long ago.”

The phrase ‘from Tokyo’ seemed to pique their interest, and people at other tables began to glance at them.

“But there has to be someone here who knows. It’s hard to find work… When I asked the owner here, he said that the brothers are holding this neighborhood tightly. lol.”

The young man smiled wryly and naturally joined the table where the two were sitting.

The big man liked the young man, but the short man seemed to be intrigued by the news that he knew about Tokyo.

“You’re from Tokyo? “How’s the atmosphere there?”

“Ugh. Don’t even talk. It’s so brutal that even if it looks even the slightest bit suspicious, they’ll arrest you and interrogate you? Especially in the south of Tokyo…”

The young man was talking as if he was talking too much. He poured out all the information he knew in exchange for a few free drinks.

“Kanagawa Prefecture has almost gone to the Prime Minister’s side. Shinjuku Rangers did a great job there.”

“Those people are amazing. Normally, when you say superhuman, civilians aren’t even treated like humans, right? But these are different. What’s different is….”

“Actually, they were good kids from the time when they used to wear jjoljjolgi and do circus. So, I chose that place and… Oh, there is something like that.”

He spoke as if he knew the Shinjuku Ranger well and said,

“It is a well-established theory that it was the Shinjuku Ranger who destroyed the Mandala in one day.”

They even subtly mixed lies into the truth and

said, “It’s a medicine that saves even dying people?” It’s called a potion. I will be coming over from Korea soon. The price will be set reasonably, so there is a lot of interest…”

Sometimes, he advertised the product like a salesman out to sell something, and

said, “Musashi? “How can a bastard like that be the strongest in Japan?”

“Izanami, those pirate bastards are really of poor quality.”

If you listen closely, the whole story was strangely biased to one side.

However, because the story was told in such an interesting way, the people in the bar did not think it was too strange.

The big man asked a little bluntly.

“You speak as if you were there. “Have you seen Shinjuku Ranger in person?”

“no way. “Would you have just looked at it?”

‘I raised it.’

Daein chuckled and took out a digital camera from his pocket.

“I personally took pictures of their incredible performance. “Take a look.”

Customers flocked to the table where they were sitting.

“hey. “Show us that too.”

Daein played back the video on the rear monitor of the digital camera.

In it, there was a picture of the Shinjuku Ranger performing a great performance against a monster.


Every time Red swung his sword, flame sword energy soared, and every time Blue stabbed his spear, ice appeared in the air. The arrow fired by Yellow went straight through the enemy’s heart.

The Rangers, who were performing overwhelmingly against the monster army, soon gathered together and gathered their weapons in one place.

Red shouted loudly in a voice like a voice actor.

-Arm combination! Elemental Weapon!


Someone muttered in an absurd voice.

Yellow’s bow became the framework at the bottom, and Blue’s spear and Red’s sword were at the top.

Green just watched from afar, but no one was watching him in that situation.

Clap, rattle!

Each part of the weapon was intricately connected and transformed into a machine gun with multiple muzzles.

-Rolling gatling! Attack begins!

The muzzle of the Rolling Gatling gun aimed at the approaching monsters spewed fire.



Thousands of magic bullets per minute crushed all the monsters in front. After a while, all that remained was the corpses of the monsters.

-thank you! Shinjuku Ranger!

The Shinjuku Ranger bowed his head politely to the people who bowed and expressed their gratitude. There was no sense of authority or arrogance anywhere.

-We just did what we had to do. Well then!


The video ended as the rangers on their bikes disappeared over the horizon.

Everyone in the bar looked mesmerized.

“It’s huge….”

“How many on earth did the three of you hunt?”

“shit. “It’s so childish that it makes your hands and feet cringe, but it’s cool…”

Daein smiled happily as he looked at those reactions.

‘The response is better than expected.’

The expressions of the people in the bar changed.

The people in here are all civilians without superpowers.

Most lords and warriors with supernatural powers exploit them. It is basic to make them work hard for long hours, and if they don’t like it, they kill them or kick them out.

Professionals were in a slightly better situation, but they also feared and loathed superhumans.

‘But rangers are different.’

These were people who wore ridiculous jumpsuits and had a burning sense of duty on an absurdly weak topic.

“Do you know what it was like before? There is also an old video here, check it out.”

“…is this really the same person?”

Therefore, the performance they are showing now was bound to leave a deep impression on many people.

“But how did you film this? “I think it was taken from a high place.”

The little man who suddenly changed his title to ‘younger brother’ asked. The attitude was very friendly. I wasn’t asking because I was suspicious of Daein.

The great man lied skillfully.

“I’ve been making a living from this for a long time. I took pictures and video of the handsome super people. “That’s how I ended up filming this video.”

A lot of lies are being told. Unlike fighting by directly moving your body, this was a different kind of fun.

‘I wonder if I have any talent in this field.’

With that thought in mind, Daein looked around at the people.

Everyone was waiting for his story.

“There are other ranger videos as well. Would you like me to show you?”

“If you have it, why don’t you turn it on quickly?”

A video of the Shinjuku Ranger in action was shown inside a small bar.

People were amazed while watching the video, sometimes their hands were sweating, and sometimes they sighed or clenched their fists.

“yes! Well done!”

“Those people. “Aren’t you coming to our territory?”

“I wish they would come and kick out all the bad guys…”

They were helpless civilians.

However, even the lords who wielded omnipotent power could exploit them, but they could not brainwash them.

It is different from the Warring States Period.

The people here are powerless, not uneducated or stupid.

I just endured it.

‘In times like these, people tend to look for someone to rely on. Religion or a hero of justice.’

Hero of justice.

Their stories will spark hope in people’s hearts, and that hope will spread like wildfire across the country.

Eventually, even the lords could no longer control the people.

“A story about rangers. “Can I do some more?”

The great man decided to plant the spark.


Quang! The table split in half.

Nevertheless, Ryunosuke could not calm his excitement.

“Damn it!”

Musashi spoke in a calm voice to Ryuunosuke, who was looking around for something more to break.

“…Don’t lose your strength for no reason.”

However, Musashi’s eyes were bloodshot and red as he said that. It was because I hadn’t slept properly for several days.

“Do you look like you’re staying still now? “All the lords who were supposed to cooperate with us have turned their backs on us!”

Ryunosuke roared.

This was because the situation of the war had changed drastically within a week.

It is not that you are defeated in the battle itself.

Both sides divided Tokyo into northwest and southeast and fought a small-scale local war along the border.

It was a tacit agreement.

Unless you’re planning on dying together in Tokyo, don’t use weapons that cause too much damage, like missiles, against each other.

Therefore, there has been no major damage to either of them so far.

The problem lay elsewhere.

“If time passes like this, we will be surrounded.”

“Shinjuku Ranger. Because of those bastards…!”

Lords who decided to support the Musashi & Izanami alliance.

Trouble arose in the tribe they ruled.

It was a simple problem.

The gate opened and monsters poured out.

And when they were in desperate danger, the Shinjuku Ranger appeared and saved them.

In front of countless people.

‘And the whole alliance with us became a story that never happened.’

Musashi gritted his teeth.

The lords did not betray Shinjuku Ranger simply because he was their benefactor.

All of their territories that were attacked by monsters suffered considerable damage, and

the Shinjuku Ranger who appeared in front of them showed overwhelming power.

At that moment, the lords would have had no other choice.

“How can they appear wherever large-scale gates occur? Does that make sense?”

“…It can be said that they have developed a gate detector with superior performance than ours.”

They could only understand that.

I could never have imagined that it would have the ability to open a gate and pour out monsters.

Now, as time passed, it was the Musashi & Izanami alliance that was at a disadvantage.

The enemy was creating a huge siege network by increasing its allies, and in a few days, Seoul and the gate would be connected.

Shinjuku Ranger’s fame was now spreading throughout the country.

The two lords’ expressions were serious.

“Their videos are circulating even within my territory.”

“It’s the same with us. I arrested the civilians who were watching and shot them down… “No one knew where it came from.”

They also watched the battle video of Shinjuku Ranger.

It was definitely flashy and strong.

However, it was not enough to pose a threat to them.

That’s what they decided.

“Because of trivial things….”

“If I see you, I will kill you right away.”

The two put their heads together for several days and came up with a way to turn the unfavorable situation around.

However, thinking about it did not lead to a sharp number.

As time passes, I only become more and more anxious and anxious.

“Would it be better to fire a missile first and destroy them?”

I tried impulsively, but it was still an impossible method.

If you destroy a city, you lose your cause.

Moreover, there is no guarantee of success.

‘Is the only way left is an all-out war?…’

That was the time.


A knock came from outside the door, and the secretary came with surprising news.

It was an official proposal sent from the Prime Minister.

To summarize the long document briefly,

it was

– Let’s decide the winner with a battle of war .

[ Tokyo War Project (4) ] End

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