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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 242

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[Giant monster appears (3)]

Crrrrrrr ….

Not many people heard the first cry.

The great people, Lily, and a few superhumans with developed senses felt something ominous. Most of them were busy fighting with each other.

Daein was the only one who figured out the truth.

‘Why is Hellgate over there…’


Daein immediately unfolded the news of defeat. Lily spread her flame wings and followed behind.

“mister! “Let’s go together!”

Even when Izanami’s superhumans began their attack, the superhuman’s expression, which had only been slightly frowning, was now serious.


Then the monster’s cry was heard again.


A louder and deeper sound than the first time. The air trembled and the ground shook with a bizarre howl that sounded like boiling lava from the bottom of hell.


“What is it?”

“Suddenly I got goosebumps all over my body…”

Even more superhumans than before heard the sound. They even stopped fighting for a moment and looked around, feeling a chill running down their spines.

And one more time.


The air became hot and the building shook as if it would collapse. A shock wave spread around the place where the gate occurred.

dump. dump. dump.

People who lost strength in their legs sat down on the floor. They could not resist the fear that gripped their hearts.


“Please help me….”

It wasn’t just a cry.


A predator’s instinct that stimulates the fundamental fear of life.

It was a power that only some of the creatures at the top of the food chain were born with.

The humans who had been killing each other just now stopped fighting and crouched down and trembled at the appearance of an overwhelming predator.

Daein and Lily had arrived in front of the gate.

“What is this….”

Jjii… Iik-!

The great man looked at the gate that was gradually being torn apart and widened.

My eyes met the bright red iris inside – which was turning yellow as it went inward.

The vertically slit black pupils contracted and looked at the great man and Lily who followed behind him.


At that moment, the gate trembled so loudly that it seemed as if it would be torn apart. The guy beyond the gate screamed fiercely and struggled. The speed at which the crack spread became faster and faster.

“Uncle… what is that?”

Lily’s eyes widened and she tugged on the man’s sleeve. The girl hid her body half behind the man.

“well. “I can’t really tell just by looking at your eyes.”

For a guy with eyes the size of a house, there aren’t many candidates for him.

Several candidates were selected in Daein’s mind.

‘I’m sure it’s a monster living in the demon world.’

No matter which of the monsters that came to mind, there was no change in the fact that the moment they came here, a catastrophe would occur.


It’s been a long time since I swallowed my saliva out of nervousness.

“It seems impossible to stop him from coming out…”

It was a time when Daein’s head was spinning to the point where it was hot.

“Ah ahhh….”

When I heard a groan coming from behind me, I turned around and saw God walking staggering forward with a pale face.

At that moment, Daein asked what was on his mind.

“god. “Did you call that by any chance?”

It occurred to him that Shin might have gone berserk due to mental shock, like when his friend died at Kiyoshi.

But God shook his head.

“I’m not myself….”

‘Well, I’m not the size that God can call. But why…’

the great man asked, looking at God.

“why are you like this?”

The boy trembled like an aspen tree. My lips turned pale and my forehead was full of cold sweat.


He wrapped his arms around his body and gritted his teeth. Even though he was so scared, he was walking this way.

As if possessed by something.

The great man narrowed his eyes and looked at the god.

‘Something strange?’

It was clear that the monster beyond the gate was terrifying. In order to escape from this guy’s pear, Daein was also increasing his endurance from a while ago.

But God was afraid of the guy and kept coming. He even reached out to the gate and tried to touch the monster.

“We are all going to die here…. ah….”

“No! Wake!”

Lily, who couldn’t help but pull on Shin’s arm, breathed warm energy into him. Then, a little color returned to his pale face.

“Oh why me…?”

He barely came to his senses.

At that moment, the great man noticed a thin thread-like magic flowing from the brooch on the god’s chest and the staff he was holding, heading toward the gate.

‘…Balaam’s objects react to that monster?’

The great man quietly watched the eyes beyond the gate.

It is so huge that it can fit an entire house.

Reacting to the power of the demon king ‘Balaam’.

The other names that came to mind were erased and only one name remained.


When I called him by that name, he let out a cry that was different from before.


The building collapsed with an indescribable roar and gusts of wind blew from all directions.

Outside the building, numerous human screams and cries erupted.


One of the overlords of the Demon World.

A great monster carefully raised by the third-ranking Demon King Vassago.

It was known that although its intelligence was very low, its physical ability was comparable to the ‘Red Dragon of the Apocalypse’ that would later appear in the apocalypse.

‘Balaam was that guy’s owner, the Vassago faction.’

Not all demon lords are of the same level.

Balaam, previously captured in Busan, was a low-ranking demon king belonging to Overlord Vassago’s faction.

Now I can guess roughly what happened.

“Are you following the traces of the disappeared Balaam? “An outrageous monster…”

If he crosses the gate, Japan as it is now will be destroyed.


The ground shook as if the world was turning upside down due to its cries.

Googoo googung!

The great man thought as he looked at Abaddon beyond the gate.

‘Even if the kid and I join forces…’

we can’t stop it.

Even if we manage to prevent it, most of Japan’s metropolitan area, including Tokyo, will be blown away.


“…mister. “Should we fight that monster?”

A solemn look appeared on Lily’s face. The great man lightly stroked the girl’s hair and said.


You have to risk your life to fight such a monster in a situation where you are unprepared.

‘Is this place worth all that effort?’

The faces I met when I came to Japan passed by.

Shingenji Shinjuku Ranger.

Other than that, most people just saw their faces briefly while coming and going.

To be honest, I had no intention of risking my life to protect this place.

‘It’s too much.’

The great man’s heart became increasingly inclined to one side. The great man turned his head and looked at Lily.

The girl was looking up at the man with her eyes wide open. It was a look in his eyes that made up his mind.

“Don’t worry, uncle! No matter what happens, I will protect you! “I guess this is what my guardian angel said!”

“…What do you mean by that?”

It was then.

[I’m the vice president!]

The voice that came from beyond the gate made Daein’s head turn again.

“Mr. Younghee?”

[Phew. thank god. Communication is connected… I thought you were in front of the gate!]


Baek Young-hee’s voice and Abaddon’s voice were coming from beyond the gate.

“Mr. Younghee. “What happened now?”

Baek Young-hee spoke quickly from beyond the gate.

[I don’t have time to explain in detail. Even if you ask me to explain it, I don’t know exactly. The passage between the gates is still connected, so they first connected the communication channel. Anyway, that’s not important…]

[Big man! Hey, are you okay?]

The voice suddenly changed. The great man opened his eyes wide.

“Master? “Is Master there too?”

[Yes, you bastard! A monster crossed over there a little while ago. If I had known it would come to you, I would have dealt with it… Are you okay?]

“You’re still okay. “He’s glaring at me with his eyes wide open.”


Meanwhile, the gate grew wider and black scales began to appear around Abaddon’s eyes.

[Hey! Don’t be reckless and run away! This is not a guy you can deal with alone!]

“There’s a kid next to me.”

[You mean Lily? If the two of them are dealing with each other, it might be worth it… Still…]

While Cheon Moo-geuk was pondering, Baek Chang-soo took the microphone.

[Vice President!]

“Is the representative there too? “What on earth happened?”

[Isn’t the situation here important now? [Tell me quickly what the situation is like there!]

Daein quickly explained what happened in Tokyo.

People in Korea reacted with a mixture of half surprise and half concern.

[In the end, that scary monster went there…]

[You bastard! I’ll be crossing soon, so don’t be shy and wait!]

[Vice President. You can’t die!]

[Mister! Lily, where is Lily?]

“…It’s so crazy. “How many people are talking at the same time?”

“Youngshin oppa! I’m okay!”

I could feel several people stamping their feet beyond the gate.

Daein could feel that they were worried about him, so even in the midst of this, Daein burst into laughter.

But that’s it.

The situation at hand had to be resolved quickly.

“Thank you for your concern. “There’s nothing you can do to help right now, so let’s change technicians.”

After a while, Kiri’s voice was heard from beyond the gate.

[Landlord. sorry. [It was my mistake…]

“It’s not your fault. This monster was looking for us from the beginning. The demon lord I caught last time. “I think I’ve been following his tracks.”

[That can’t be possible…]

“Let’s talk about the details later. Look at the Seoul-Tokyo Gate. “I think we’re still connected?”

[you’re right. Although we’ve lost control to the monster now, we can use it again when the monster gets out. … It won’t happen right away, but it will take time for stabilization.]

“That’s right.”

A plan began to emerge in Daein’s mind.

“Exactly how long will it take before we can use the gate again?”

[If we start stabilization work as soon as we regain control… it will take at least 6 hours.]

Daein’s brow furrowed.

“It’s too long. “Can’t we reduce it further?”

[If you skip the safety test, you can do it in 3 hours. But the danger is….]

“3 hours….”

Assuming that you gain time by dragging Abaddon around, half of Tokyo will be blown away in 3 hours.


Coo goo goo goo goong!

The gate has now grown large enough to swallow the entire building. Both of Abaddon’s eyes were visible, and even part of his snout was exposed, and a foul smell of sulfur came out.

[It would have been nice if our species had been there… then we could have drastically reduced the time.]

“Even if we talk about the impossible… wait. Gate technician?”

The great man turned his head and looked at God.

The world’s only boy with the [Gate] attribute.

If the skills and knowledge of the Rorou race were added to the power of a god…


Shin, who was standing with a slightly dazed look on his face, was suddenly startled by Daein’s gaze looking at him.

“okay. you.”

The great man smiled and nodded. And spoke to the people beyond the gate.

“everyone. “I think there might be a way if we do it right.”

[also! I knew that!]

[He’s our vice president!]

[Clark! Anyway, who are you?]

The people beyond the gate cheered in unison. The great man laughed because it was absurd.

“I’m going to explain now, so listen carefully. First of all…”

After a while, Daein, who explained the plan to everyone, looked at Lily.

“kid. You are with God. And can you make what I said earlier?”

“huh! Believe me!”

Lily clenched her fists and nodded. The great man tilted his head.

“I don’t know why you’re so motivated these days. Anyway, good. See you later.”

Daein walked out of the building alone, leaving Lily and Shin behind.

‘Then let’s get started.’


The Heavenly Demon Divine Armor covered his entire body watertightly, and the great man transformed into a black ranger.

Jump and jump.

When someone walked out of the building where the gate occurred, everyone’s attention was focused on him.

“Who is that?”

“Why are you there…”

Everyone stiffened at the sound of Abaddon’s pear coming from the gate, so the fight naturally stopped.

The great man looked around at them and opened his mouth.

[I am black. [He is a warrior from another world.]

“What kind of point…”

In order to add persuasiveness to the nonsensical lie, the great man raised his Heavenly Demon God’s skill to the extreme.


The energy of the Heavenly Demon Divine Art exploded from his body and took over a space with a radius of hundreds of meters.


Superhumans with white faces. The stronger the superhuman, the greater the shock he received. Only the Shinjuku Rangers looked happy.


“He is our teacher!”

“He was a warrior from another world. For some reason, I thought that strength was unreasonable…”

The testimony of the Shinjuku Ranger added credibility to Black’s story.

Jump and jump.

The great man stepped on empty space and ascended to the sky.

The state of stepping into the void, which is extremely rare even in the martial arts world.

When the supernormal ability of the Heavenly Demon God, which exudes the intimidation of the Absolute, was added,

‘A being like that can’t be human…’

‘It’s a monster…’

In the eyes of Japanese superhumans who had so far set the highest standard for Musashi, he became black. It didn’t look human at all.

‘It would have been better if it had been like this from the beginning.’

The great man continued speaking, learning a small lesson from the effect beyond his expectations.

[After a while, a huge disaster will strike this place. You must be feeling that energy too. If we don’t stop him, this country will be destroyed.]


Faces turning white.

This is enough to set the mood.

Black slowly opened his mouth, looking around at the people looking up at him with faces filled with fear.

[But there is still hope.]

‘I can’t give up on Japan even if I feel like I regret what I’ve done so far.’

Maybe it was a better thing.

Hunting a monster as large as Abaddon inevitably causes enormous damage.

The city is destroyed and countless weapons and troops are wasted.

It was never my intention, but…

‘It’s better than what appeared in Korea, right?’

Daein decided to think positively.

[Giant Monster Appearance (3)] End

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