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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 249

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[ Magpies who came to return the favor ]

– Korea and If the alliance breaks down, I will leave the United States!

Starting with America’s strongest hero Hercules, who made a bombshell announcement, famous superhumans from around the world gathered one by one at the Devil’s Castle in LA.

They expressed their convictions in front of reporters from dozens of countries.

“Now is the time to think only about winning the war, not politics. I hope there won’t be such a foolish thing where allies keep each other in check and then give the enemy a chance. “I…”

The second guest to arrive at the Demon King’s Castle was Liu Wei (China), known as the world’s strongest telekinetic ability.

She looked straight at the camera and spoke in a calm voice.

“I believe that my proud country will make the right choice for humanity itself, not for immediate interests.”

She flew across the ocean and made such remarks at an official event, putting the Chinese president, who had been putting pressure on Korea along with the United States, to shame.

A few hours later, a third customer came.

“Peace today too! Shinjuku Rangers are always ready to fight for world peace. So, President Trumbo. “Can you stop being so stubborn?”

The Shinjuku Rangers, who have created numerous fans around the world in just half a year – there has been discussion as to whether their name should be changed to ‘Earth Defense Force’ as their activities have recently expanded worldwide – also arrived in LA and was interviewed.


“If this is the case, why don’t we just take the U.S. out of the alliance? “We have nothing to regret.”

Russian monster Ivan Sergei also entered the airport. He chuckled, exhaling cigarette smoke at the reporters surrounding him.


“…Korea has been warning of a coming disaster for the past six months. Not only that, but when you think of the disaster they prevented and the lives they saved…. We all owe a great debt to one man, and indeed to Korea.”

French superwoman Olivia Plé, famous for her beauty as much as her strength, gave an interview with tears in her eyes.

Speculative articles poured in every day in France about who the ‘man’ Olivia accidentally mentioned was.


“I support Korea.”

Mukila Ighalo is called the hero of Africa.

After finishing the interview bluntly, he flew towards the Demon King Castle.


“To repay the favor I owed to that friend, even giving my life would not be enough… Ah, I said I shouldn’t say this. Take back what I just said! “Don’t put it in the news!”

Carlos Jose, a necromancer from Mexico, hurriedly finished the interview and left the venue as if running away.

The superhumans mentioned above were all superhumans of world-renowned fame.

Selected by the BBC as one of the world’s top ten superhumans,

they had greater fame and influence than national leaders in their own countries.

In addition to them, numerous people appeared in front of the camera.

“America’s demands are outrageous! Why should Korea share its technology?”

“How much has Korea contributed to world peace so far? What have other countries done so far?”

“I think this is the equivalent of trying to rob someone who came to help them.”

“Anyway, Trumbo’s personality….”

“Is America really necessary for this alliance?”

“Meeting a girl with red hair changed my life…”

Many super-powerful politicians, religious figures, and influential businessmen around the world began criticizing the United States through various media.

In an instant, public opinion around the world began to fluctuate, and President Trumbo’s complexion was worsening day by day.

“Our past seven months….”

“It wasn’t in vain.”

Joo Sang-wook and Baek Young-hee showed new emotions every time they saw people speaking on TV.

Some of the people on the screen were people they knew, and some were complete strangers.

But they had something in common.

For the past seven months, I met ‘someone’ who traveled around the world and received a great favor from him that would be difficult to repay even if I had to repay him for the rest of my life.

And to repay the favor he received back then, he appeared in front of reporters or came here in person.

The name of the ‘someone’ they were talking about together was never specifically mentioned, but everyone who knew knew it.

Baek Young-hee spoke in a dreamy voice.

“cool. “The vice president isn’t even here, but all these people are only talking about him.”

At her words, Joo Sang-wook quietly shook his head and muttered in a lost voice, wondering what was on his mind.

“His story is endlessly talked about all over the world… He is now becoming a legendary hero.”

There has been no contact from the hero yet.


It only took a few days for the President of the United States to raise the white flag.

President Trumbo stood in front of the microphone with a shit-chewing expression.

“The United States of America… realized the seriousness of the Hellgate incident and resolved to actively cooperate with the World Conference.”

The flashes went on non-stop, enough to turn his face white. Broadcast stations around the world broadcast the scene live with provocative headlines such as ‘Trumbo Surrender’ and ‘White Flag’.

It was an inevitable choice for the president of the world’s most powerful country. As the days passed, public opinion grew against him, and citizens became extremely anxious about the fact that Hercules, the strongest hero, might leave.

There are even signs of riots in some cities.

President Trumbo had no choice but to completely withdraw his request for ‘technology sharing’ from Korea. The Chinese president, who was watching, did the same.

In this way, the power game within the Combined Command ended and the sluggish world conference progressed quickly.

And that evening.

“As you all know, there is an important reason why we held the World Conference here in LA.”

The main conference room in the Demon King’s Castle.

Leaders of each country and superhuman figures representing their countries were gathered in one place.

President Kim Su-ho, who was unanimously appointed commander of the Combined Forces Command, continued his story.

“According to the analysis of the highest authorities in the gate field, the ‘Devil-level’ Hell Gate will open in approximately 50 days. The scope of the gate occurrence is… the entire Earth.”

A huge screen was installed behind President Kim Soo-ho.

A map showing the entire continent appeared on the screen, and red dots gradually appeared one by one all over the map.

Soon most of the world map was colored red.


Sighs erupted from all over the conference room. Everyone had heard a lot of stories, but when I actually encountered the data, I felt like my eyes were going dark.

“The good news among the bad news is that not all of those red dots are devil-level Hellgates. There are a total of 18 Demon King-level Hell Gates.”

Most of the red dots on the map disappeared, leaving only 18 large marks that glowed ominously.

“Please check the data we sent you for expected data on the demon lords and monsters that will appear in the demon lord level Hell Gate.”

After a while, low groans escaped the mouths of those who checked the data.

‘what. These ridiculous numbers…’

‘Every single one of them is on the level of a catastrophe…’ Although

I had heard a lot of stories over the past seven months, this was mostly the first time I had come across such detailed information about Hell Gate.

Frankly, they were caught off guard.

Almost four years have passed since the end of First Gate.

Most countries have regained stability, and superhumans have continued to grow and acquire surprisingly powerful powers.

Research into magic stone energy and new monster materials was added to humanity’s existing scientific technology.

New weapons are being developed every day and hunters are becoming more experienced. Humanity was confident that it had become stronger than in the past.

‘With our country’s current power, we can stop the First Gate even if it comes again.’

‘How strong can these demon lords be?’

It was a confidence and arrogance that was well deserved.

However, the data sent to them by President Kim Su-ho was enough to shatter their confidence in terms of objective figures.

“Each demon lord is strong enough to destroy the continent. Just imagine if eighteen such beings invaded Earth at the same time.”


At that moment, silence fell over the entire conference room.

Some people have already turned an earthy color.

‘If just one of those were to open in our country…’

‘I can’t even imagine the scale of damage.’

‘shit. Why are there two things like that in our country?’

President Kim Soo-ho looked around the hall as if guessing their thoughts.

“Everyone is probably worried about their home country. But there is no point in us only protecting our own homeland. The demon lords who destroyed a country will advance as if competing. In the end, a nation will have to deal with two or three devils.”


In fact, this whole story was a repetition of the warnings that Korea had given many times until now.

However, it is only recently that Korea has obtained such objective and accurate data.

‘I thought Korea was deliberately creating fear in order to install gates around the world…’ ‘

Even if only half of that was true…’ As the

ghost story that was thought to be a rumor became realistic, a huge fear arose among the country’s leaders. I grabbed my heart.

President Kim Su-ho continued speaking with a heavy expression.

“Let me be honest. “There are about seven countries on Earth that can take on at least one demon lord.”

Kim Su-ho did not say where those seven countries were.

Everyone probably knows their objective level of power.

“There are probably three countries that can deal with two demon lords at the same time.”

The leaders of powerful countries such as Korea, the United States, China, Russia, and the United Kingdom nodded slightly, but then became aware of each other and their expressions hardened.

“But the only country that can deal with three demon lords at the same time is…”


President Kim Soo-ho thought so, but considering various factors, he had no choice but to lie.

“Not on Earth.”


At that moment, President Trumbo’s face, which had been showing disapproval the whole time, hardened severely. He fell asleep without realizing it.


A world map displayed on the screen behind President Kim Soo-ho. There were four red dots marked on US territory.

50 days later.

It meant that four demon lords would appear on American territory at the same time.

“You may not want to believe it, but it’s all true.”

President Kim Soo-ho looked at the people in the conference room with a calm expression.

He deliberately delayed revealing information until this moment.

In a situation where opinions were not united, the confusion would only increase.

But things are different now.

Superhumans from all over the world gave strength to Korea. The United States, which was displeased with Korea leading the meeting, raised a white flag.

It was all thanks to a young man who was not here.

‘Vice-President of Landlord. I don’t know how many times I have to thank him.’

“That’s why the first battle is even more important.”

President Kim Soo-ho straightened his back and increased his internal strength.

Giant God Kim Soo-ho.

He was the person who resolved the situation in Seoul at the time of First Gate and became president, and was not a very resourceful politician.

However, he was an outstanding soldier who protected Seoul and one of the strongest men in Korea, which is famous for having the highest level of superhumans in the world.


When Kim Soo-ho showed his strength, the eyes of the super people in attendance brightened. Everyone could not help but be shaken by the magical power beyond what they had imagined.

Kim Soo-ho’s story now got to the point.

“In about 30 days, a large-scale gate phenomenon that is not enough to be called a devil-level Hellgate, but is close to it, is scheduled to occur in the United States.”


The world map on the screen zoomed in on a portion of the U.S. territory and then stopped.

The location is the Great Basin Desert.

“The expected number of gates is more than 3,000,” and

countless virtual gates appeared over the vast, desolate desert, and demons and demons poured down like a torrential rain.

It was a simulation created based on data collected over 7 months.

“We determined that this gate phenomenon was the enemy’s vanguard.”


The sound of someone swallowing in the conference room sounded like thunder. That’s how much everyone was focused on Kim Su-ho.

“This is a prelude to the war that will begin in the future. “If we lose or suffer great damage in this fight, the demon lords will come flooding back to Earth.”

Due to the nature of the demons, it was obvious that if they were underestimated in the first battle, the enemy’s offensive would become several times more aggressive.

“We must achieve a landslide victory in this first battle.”

On the other hand, humanity needed at least a little more time to prepare for war.

‘You have to endure. Until the landlord’s deputy representative returns.’

In fact, President Kim Soo-ho lied.

‘Humanity alone cannot protect the Earth. Mr. President. CEO. Please lead the Allied forces and buy as much time as possible until I return.’

A month ago, Daein visited President Kim Soo-ho and said that.

And he told me what to do until he came back.

‘Reduce the size of the devil’s army and let them know. It was to the point where I thought we could win if we all worked together. If we knew that the enemy was so strong that we could never win, there would be people who would hide in underground bunkers or try to join the Demon Lord’s side.’

The number of devils who will invade Earth is not eighteen, but thirty-six, and the number of Hellgate delivered to the leaders of each country has been reduced by half.

To feel that even though the situation is very difficult, it is still worth fighting for.

‘Sometimes what you don’t know is the cure, right?’

Kim Soo-ho agreed with that opinion and spoke to everyone with sincerity.

“If all mankind joins forces, we will definitely win!”

No one doubted him.

[Magpies who came to return the favor] End

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