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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 257

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[ First Hunt ]

“The sound flowing from Hell Gate The mana pulse is fading. Communications with the ground will be restored soon.”

Inside the Demon Castle.

There were only three people left in a place reminiscent of the cockpit of a space battleship in a science fiction movie.

Joo Sang-wook. Younghee Baek. Youngshin Jang.

They were people who were allowed access to the command and control room, which could be said to be the heart of the Demon King’s Castle.

The three were quite proud of that fact.

“Youngshin. What is the estimated time until the gate closes?”

“…wait a minute.”

In response to Joo Sang-wook’s question, Jang Young-shin tapped the keyboard so hard that it was invisible to the eye and soon came up with a single result.

“4 hours and 32 minutes…”

It was definitely not a short time for someone who was surrounded by numerous enemies and had to block attacks.

However, Joo Sang-wook had a positive mindset and could say at times like this, ‘The glass is half full.’

“Then we can go down and eat dinner tonight.”

The moment Joo Sang-wook smiled and said that, a flock of dozens of monsters crashed into the Demon King’s energy shield.


-Energy shield damage rate 23%

-Energy shield damage rate 24%

The energy shield was steadily being chipped away. The three people checked the situation outside through the monitor.



Among the monsters that poured out of the gate, all those with wings attacked the Demon King’s Castle.

As soon as they came out of the gate, they flew straight towards the Demon King Castle, as if they were attracted by a magnet.

It was because of the unpleasant energy emanating from the Demon King Castle.



Every time hundreds of magic cannons emitted light, demons fell to the ground.

However, because there were so many enemies, only black things could be seen outside the window.

It was a role they took upon themselves.

“We must not allow the enemy’s air forces to leave the battlefield and go elsewhere.”

“I will increase the Divine Field output to the maximum.”

“I will shoot those who try to leave.”

After a while, a stronger energy stimulating the demons emanated from the entire Demon Castle.


The power that beings of the demon world hate the most.

As the Demon King spewed out ‘holy power’, the demons with their eyes turned upside down came pouring in endlessly like moths rushing towards a candle.

-Energy shield damage rate 26%

-Energy shield damage rate 27%


The speed at which the energy shield was being chipped away was unusual.

I won’t be able to last 3 hours like this.

However, Joo Sang-wook looked at the monitor with a calm expression.

The face of the great man who was explaining this operation before leaving for another dimension came to mind.

-Why, in the past, when you go to places like country houses, they put fly traps on the ceiling to catch flies. That’s how I’ll use the Demon King Castle in the first battle. If those flying in the sky spread all over the place, it would be very annoying.

‘This formidable strategic weapon, which far surpasses modern science, can be used to catch flies.’

It was a metaphor that no one but the landlord could make.

-I have things to do while walking around with the little boy. Until then, I will leave control of the Demon Castle to Team Leader Joo, Younghee, and Youngshin.

-…Why me?

The latter two were from the same guild as the landlord, but Joo Sang-wook was a government official.

He had even been suspicious of Daein’s intentions for quite some time.


Daein grinned at Joo Sang-wook, who was looking at him with a puzzled expression, and patted him on the shoulder.

-Of all the people I know, there is no one who works as well as Team Leader Joo.


“Mana pulse extinction confirmed. “Communication has been established with the Combined Forces Command Headquarters.”

Baek Young-hee’s words brought Joo Sang-wook back to reality.

He immediately established communication with the Combined Forces Command Headquarters and President Kim Su-ho.

“This is Joo Sang-wook. “What’s the damage like at headquarters?”

There was no time to prepare etiquette or anything. Joo Sang-wook only asked about the main point.

[The people from the Murim League did a great job solving the problem. All the spies were also found.]

Joo Sang-wook heaved a sigh of relief at President Kim Soo-ho’s answer.

thank god. No one died.

Once again, I thought it was great that he had predicted that the demon lords would attempt to assassinate the joint command headquarters.

‘It’s not the first time I’ve been surprised by the landlord’s vice president… but now he seems like a prophet of some kind.’

“Fortunately, the. Now that communication is connected, I will share this monitor from now on.”

The Demon King’s Castle was floating hundreds of meters above the center of the Hell Gate outbreak site.

In other words, it meant that it had a view overlooking the entire battlefield, which was no different from saying that it could provide map hacks to its allies.

After a while, the movements of the superhuman allied forces began to change.

Doo doo doo doo doo!

According to the information transmitted from the Demon King’s Castle, more efficient military operation became possible. They crushed the enemy more easily than before and the damage to their allies was reduced.

As time passed, the situation tilted in favor of the allies. When the Murim Alliance’s troops joined the battlefield, the tide of the war clearly tilted.


Seeing that, the three people breathed a sigh of relief.

-Energy shield damage rate 29%

-Energy shield damage rate 30%

When the shield damage rate exceeded 30%, the gauge displayed on the monitor changed from green to yellow.

But none of the three were perturbed by that fact.

Because I had already prepared myself for the risk.

In fact, the situation was much better than expected.

Joo Sang-wook said.

“We are dominating the ground war, we have prevented the assassination attempt by the demon lords, and we have hunted down the spies… so it seems to be going according to plan.”

“Did you know that from earlier on, I only chose words that were death flags?”

Joo Sang-wook and Baek Young-hee were now even joking with each other. Jang Young-shin also put down his hand from the cockpit for a moment.


Despite an enemy invasion of unprecedented scale, humanity was able to fend off it with very little damage.

But that wasn’t because the enemy was weak.

This was because humanity was more thoroughly prepared than that.

And in making this much preparation, the influence of one person was absolute.

“How far into the future have you been able to foresee, Vice President?”

Baek Young-hee shook her head and muttered as if she couldn’t even imagine. Joo Sang-wook also felt the same way.

“To think that you predicted all of this from the beginning… I can’t even imagine how genius of a brain you must be. “The usual lazy appearance is a deception to hide one’s purpose…”

Baek Young-hee looked at Joo Sang-wook with an expression asking if he was still saying that.

“Do you still doubt our Vice President? “He’s hiding his ambition to rule the world?”


Instead of answering, Joo Sang-wook looked at the monitor with an ambiguous smile.

Monsters crashing into the energy shield like moths.

Demons falling to the ground after being hit by magic cannons.

And the energy shield value drops little by little.

-Energy Shield Damage Rate 33%

-Energy Shield Damage Rate 34%

“Of course. “I will continue to doubt.”

However, Joo Sang-wook’s inner feelings were a little different.

‘If the Vice President of the Landlord becomes the ruler of the Earth….’

Joo Sang-wook became a little tired of politics as he watched the great powers fighting for leadership even in the midst of a global catastrophe called Hellgate not long ago.

Even at this very moment, someone is constantly running around trying to save the world, but the only thing the representatives of each country can do is… ‘Wouldn’t it be better to

have one outstanding dictator? In order to carry out the future war smoothly…’


At that moment, Joo Sang-wook was surprised at himself for thinking such a thing.

‘What am I thinking…’

“Why is your expression like that all of a sudden?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Joo Sang-wook tried to shake off the thoughts that had begun to settle in his head.

It was then.


The three people stumbled from the shock, which was so great that it shook the entire Demon Castle.

-warning! Energy shield damage rate 57%

The shield damage rate suddenly increased by more than 20% and the monitor’s readings turned red.

-warning! The energy shield is more than half damaged.

– Switch to emergency defense mode. Converts attack energy to restore the energy shield.

The Demon King’s main computer diverted the energy used in attack to defense to repair the damaged shield.

However, the energy shield was destroyed faster than it could be repaired.

-Energy Shield Damage Rate 61%

-Energy Shield Damage Rate 64%

-Energy Shield Damage Rate 68%

-Warning! Energy shield damage exceeds 70%. Escape is recommended.

“No way…”

The three people looked at each other. Everyone looked embarrassed, but no one suggested escaping from here.

“…I found the cause of the shield destruction.”

Jang Young-shin tapped the keyboard, and soon the monitor showed a magnified view of a place outside the Demon King’s Castle.

It was a demon of overwhelming size compared to the demons around it.

It had 8 horns that grew like a crown, 6 pairs of wings, and 12 tentacle-like tails starting from the spine.

A monster of a different class at a glance.


When he struck the surface of the energy shield with his fist, an intense wave spread around the area.

-warning! warning! Energy shield damage rate 73%

Quang! Quang! Kwaaaang!

Every time it struck the shield, a warning sound sounded indicating that the shield damage rate was increasing at an alarming rate.


Joo Sang-wook swallowed his saliva and looked to the side.

Was it because I was so surprised that I actually became calm?

Baek Young-hee had a rather nonchalant expression.

“It’s the devil.”

She said decisively.

The two made eye contact and nodded at the same time.

“Youngshin. Disable the energy shield only on the part where it is. “Bring him in here.”




The smile on Belial’s lips never ceased.

A power that surges throughout the body.

Despite crossing the dimension, he received the protection of other demon kings and was not significantly weaker than when he was in the demon world.

‘I thought it was a gamble when I came over to Earth, but…’

It was a gamble that was completely successful.

Belial, who crossed the dimension as a soul, stole the body of the demon who seemed the strongest as soon as he came out of the Hell Gate, and completed the ‘deficient’ parts by attaching others.

[It’s nothing compared to the real body I left behind in the demon world, but it’s still quite useful.]

He brought his fists together, lifted them up, and struck the energy shield with all his might.


The shock wave spread in all directions, and the shield in the area where it hit became semi-transparent. Belial laughed and continued punching.

[I don’t know who it is, but they’ve grown it into something quite useful. It would be fun to steal it.] If

you add the power you have now and make a contract with the Demon Lord, you will instantly become several times stronger.

Even if other demon kings come to Earth in the future, they will no longer be able to look down on themselves.

It was at that time that the energy shield in the area where I was repeatedly hitting began to disintegrate on its own.

[Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. okay. It will be easier here if you open the door on your own.]

Belial went inside the shield with a willing heart.

The Devil’s Castle will be yours in a while anyway.

I had no intention of destroying everything.


When Belial’s massive body landed on the deck, the floor caved in. Hundreds of demons followed the Demon King inside and came down one by one.

[Are you controlling this castle?]

Belial found two humans walking toward him.

Small and insignificant beings.

In front of the Demon King’s overwhelming power, he was nothing more than a tiny creature that could not even resist and would collapse.



As soon as Belial discovered the humans, he stopped the demons who were trying to tear them apart.

[These are the humans who grew the Demon King into a weapon of this size…]

Belial looked at the two people, greedily licking his lips with his tongue.

[It would be a waste of talent to just kill him.]


Joo Sang-wook and Baek Young-hee trembled at the force that Belial gave off, but they did not avoid their gaze.

Belial smiled with satisfaction.

[Tsk tsk. He seems to have quite a bit of spirit. I will personally give you the honor of becoming part of my family.]

The darkness flowing out from the Demon King’s body took control of the surroundings.


The two people slightly raised their heads, looked at the sky, and then exchanged glances.

‘Youngshin is doing well.’

‘You just need to wait a little while.’


The greatly damaged energy shield was being repaired quickly.

All of the remaining energy of the Demon King Castle was gathered and the Demon King was imprisoned here.

Without even knowing that, that stupid demon king was still smiling.

[Why is there no answer? Are you so surprised that you even forgot to say it?]

“…Yes. “I was so surprised.”

Baek Young-hee nodded with a pale face.

They stood directly in front of the Demon King to buy some time.

Just a little more.

“I had no idea that it would turn out to be exactly as the Vice President said.”

[What do you mean?]

Joo Sang-wook asked her while Belial looked puzzled.

“A trait that the Vice President has awakened. “Is this also a prophecy?”

“Such characteristics have not been discovered yet. “You know it well.”

“It could be the first, right? If not, it’s not some kind of fortune-telling octopus…”

[[How dare you ignore my words!]]


The energy that erupted from Belial’s body swept through the surroundings. However, it had no effect on the two people.


An energy shield formed around the two people’s bodies, protecting them.

“…Devil. “You will collapse here today.”

Joo Sang-wook spoke as if prophesying. Of course, Belial snorted.

[If you trusted me with such a worthless defense and insulted me, I will tear it to pieces myself.]

The Demon King walked towards them with great strides. The demons following him growled fiercely.

But the two did not back down.

Because there was no reason to do that anymore.

This time, Younghee Baek said with a grin.

“We called on God to deal with you.”


The Demon King stopped at that absurd name. And soon he burst into laughter.

[Hahaha! Are you saying you can even summon an angel? Call me somewhere!] I

was wondering what he believed in and why he was so arrogant, but it turns out he was just an angel.

It is absurd to actually summon a god.

The beings that humans can call are at best the level of a chief angel.

[Call me quickly. I will tear it to pieces right before your eyes.]

Belial grew bigger and bigger. A powerful force writhing within the body. It was a power that could kill any enemy.

‘Did you say he was a swordsman? Even if I see him again, I can kill him.’

Belial thought of the man who cut down his people with just two fingers.

After taking over the Demon King’s Castle, the first thing I wanted to do was go find him.

But in the end, Belial did not meet Geomseong.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not the scene we sang.”

The gate opened next to the two smiling people, and a boy walked out.

Kurodama God.

Sweat was beading on the forehead of the boy with the world’s only disaster-level trait.

“Whew… I came as soon as I called.”

“great job.”

Joo Sang-wook stroked the boy’s head. One corner of the Demon King’s mouth twitched when he saw that.

[For a human, he looks pretty strong, but that’s all I can do…]

“Clark. “I was so sick of waiting that I thought I was going to die.”

The moment Belial saw the being walking out of the gate, he felt the muscles of his entire body tense.


And even after Cheonmugeuk, the elites of the Heavenly Demon Church came out of the gate.

Including the Great Elder Poison Blood Demon Emperor, the elders and guardians of the Heavenly Demon Church, and the elite warriors of the armed forces.

A thousand elites selected from the Heavenly Demon Church surrounded the Demon King.

[This doesn’t make sense…]

Belial didn’t want to believe that he had fallen into a trap.

[How can this happen twice…!]

“Unfold the Hundred Eight Assassins!”

After the messenger of Cheonmugeuk, the elites of the Heavenly Demon Church dispersed and formed a formation.


The combined effort of a thousand people resonated with each other, creating tremendous pressure.


The demons who came in with Belial were already screaming under the pressure.


Belial raised his head and looked at the sky. The Demon King’s energy shield had already been completely restored.

Of course, with the strength he had, he could have torn that shield and got out.

But it didn’t seem like the human in front of him would let that happen.

“Cluck. Are you already thinking of running away? “The name ‘Demon King’ will make you cry.”

A tangible ink-colored energy flowed out from the whole body of the Heavenly Demon, who had drawn his sword.

The Heavenly Demon raised his sword and aimed it straight at the Demon King.

“Who is the true master of the devil? Let’s compete today.”


That day, the Allied Forces succeeded in hunting down the first demon lord.

[First Hunt] End

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