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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 26

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[ Mobile Fortress ]

Of course, I am Hyuntae Kim and Seokhyeon Jang. The incident of assault was decided to be quietly covered up.

Baek Chang-soo, who heard my story, responded that it was nonsense.

“Kim Tae-jin said we should just cover this up?”


Our representative looked like he couldn’t understand it.

“why not! At least I came!”

As Baek Chang-soo shook his body in anger, the large call van taxi we were riding in shook.

…this guy. How on earth are you wearing such heavy armor?

I shrugged my shoulders, saying I wasn’t sure why.

“well. They accepted my sincere apology. “Isn’t it true that sincerity communicates?”

“Does that make sense! What kind of guy is that! “He is as cunning as a snake!”

Baek Chang-soo knew Kim Tae-jin better than I thought.

He snorted and continued.

“shit. “I was so looking forward to having a fight with that guy!”

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Baek Chang-soo.

For some reason, he seemed very disappointed.

“Is that your purpose? “You’re not saving me?”

Then Baek Chang-su cleared his throat as if he was embarrassed.

“Hmm. It’s like doing both the job and the job. Anyway, is Team Leader Lim hurt anywhere? “You were threatened?”

“As you can see, it’s completely fine. “I wasn’t even threatened.”

If it was a threat, it was from my side, but Baek Chang-soo, who didn’t know it, said with a worried face.

“If something like that happens in the future, be sure to report it to me.”

I smiled softly and nodded at his sincere words.

“yes. All right.”

Suddenly, I thought it was a good idea to come to White House.

Baek Young-hee, who sent her father to save me, and Baek Chang-soo, who heard that and rushed forward without hesitation… If he

had put the guild’s interests first, he wouldn’t have acted like that.

At that time, Baek Chang-soo looked at me and spoke in a soft voice.

“It’s been a while since I came here fully dressed in armor. “I just want to go back, and I feel dizzy… aren’t you like that too?”


I naturally turned away from Baek Chang-soo’s gaze, but he continued talking while poking my side.

“Hey, Team Leader Lim. “Would you like to spar with me when I return to the guild?”

This guy still hasn’t given up.

I sighed lightly.

“I politely decline.”

“Don’t do that, just this once…”

“Oh, I don’t like it.”

The middle-aged superman was persistent and even sloppy.

“only once! huh? Just once! “These days, I don’t even have a team leader to deal with, and no one spars with me!”

“Take some time to reflect on why you are doing that.”

Baek Chang-su, who had been bothering me until the call van arrived at the guild, was eventually taken away by his daughter who was waiting in front of the guild.

“dad! “A little!!”

In the place where Baek Young-hee disappeared, Lily stood with a dissatisfied expression.

“kid. “You didn’t get into an accident and waited patiently, right?”


Lily looked up at me and pursed her lips.

“what? why? “Do you have anything to say?”

It looked like he wanted to say something, so I waited a little while, and the little boy hesitated for a while before blurting out one word.


That’s right if you do.

I smiled and nodded.

“good. “Then let’s eat chicken today!”

But that day was a bit strange.

Even though the little boy was eating chicken, he didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

Of course, I ate it all without leaving any behind.




The next morning.

A guest came to our tent.

A young man with messy hair who was too skinny for his tall stature, carrying a large backpack.

Wang Guhu bowed his head and said.

“Oh hello.”

I wasn’t really surprised because I heard that it would come in the morning.

“Hmm-. “You came early.”

When I yawned and answered, Wang Guhao bowed his head once more.

“Oh, sorry about yesterday! Hyuntae asked me to renew my contract…”

“That’s it.” It’s all in the past. “Just sit there for now.”

I pointed to an outdoor table. Wang Guho put down his backpack and sat down with a nervous look on his face.

“Do you want to drink something?”

“It’s okay!”

Since he always said he was okay, I brought a drink and put it down in front of him.


“Thank you!”

It was still quite early. The little boy was sleeping without a care in the world, and Sirutteok was busy doing the work I told him to do from early in the morning.

I glanced at Wang Guho, who had a very nervous expression on his face.


“Why, why so….”

I roughly knew how this guy lived.

He was abandoned as soon as he was born and grew up in an orphanage. He was adopted once when he was about 7 years old, but was abandoned not long after.

It is probably because of this that Wang Guho has become the type of person who cannot refuse requests from others.

As I grew up always worrying about what others thought and being afraid of being abandoned, I became a pushover who did whatever I was told.

Wang Guhu, who lived as a nobleman in the past, died when the first ‘disaster’ struck.

Now that I think about it, the first disaster is just around the corner.

Well, Wang Guho won’t die this time.

I said with a generous smile, intending to make the conversation a little easier for now.

“Feel free to call me hyung.”

However, Wang Guho looked troubled.

“I’m twenty-two years old…”


“I heard that the team leader is 20 years old… but he is a bit…”

… That’s right. I’m twenty years old.

I wasn’t aware of it at all.

However, I had no intention of calling Wang Guho my brother.

I said, lowering my voice.

“Just know. “Actually, I’m twenty-three.”

“Yes yes?”

“The family register is wrong. “Why did that happen often in the past?”

“Isn’t that something that happened during the Korean War?…”

That bastard is criticizing you so much.

I slammed my hand on the table! He said, slamming it down.

“Then why don’t you call me team leader? Anyway, you are our team tank starting today.”

“…yes. manager.”

All relevant paperwork was completed last night.

Blackhound handed over all rights to the superhuman Wang Guho to Whitehouse, and Baek Younghee took care of the remaining procedures.

Now Wang Guho was a superman belonging to White House.

If Wang Guho had decided to stay at Blackhound of his own volition, things would have been complicated, but if he had done that, he wouldn’t have even heard the criticism.

Because Wang Guho was just a guy who agreed to do whatever others told him to do.

So, I thought it was surprising when he asked me a question.

“But why me?”


Wang Guhu bowed his head and said.

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand why someone as strong as the team leader would want a tank like me.”

“Of course I brought you because I needed it.”

At my answer, Wang Guho spoke with a frightened expression.

“Ho, I’m telling you in case you don’t know. “This is my only personality.”


Wang Guho’s skin began to turn to stone.

After a while, Wang Guho, who had transformed into a rock man, spoke slowly.

“This…the whole…is….”

And then the petrification was lifted and it returned to its original state.

Wang Guho, who had returned to normal, looked even less confident.

“In the previous state, my speech was slow, my feet were slow… and my body was slow, so I couldn’t fight properly.”

“I know that.”

“…Team leader, you can always find a better tank… Team leader T?! “Why are you like this!”

Wang Guhao looked surprised.

Because I was touching his chest right now.

“Try again.”


“Try [petrifying] again like before.”


Wang Guho turned into a rock man again. I touched and pounded the chest of the guy who turned into a stone.

“…I was just wondering.”

When I saw it again, I could clearly see it.

Wang Gu-ho had a better personality than Geum Min-cheol, who was called a mobile fortress.

Idong Fortress Geum Min-cheol.

He was a superhuman who would become active about 10 years later and was revered as a hero with a personality like Wang Guho.

Geum Min-cheol used this ability to protect countless people when disaster struck.

Wang Guho had a stronger [Petrification] ability than Geum Min-cheol.

I have previously touched a rock sculpture that Geum Min-cheol made during his early days, and Wang Gu-ho’s body is now harder than that.

Besides, it will become stronger in the future.

“Wangguho. “Of all the tanks I know, there is no one better than you.”

“No, don’t make fun of me. There are so many better tanks than me… but there’s nothing like me…”

“You idiot, who said this now?”


“A year, not six months.”

Wang Guho looked like he had no idea what was going on.

I said with confidence.

“After six months, there will be no better tanker than you in Seoul.”

“That doesn’t make sense…”

He said as if he couldn’t believe it, but he seemed shaken by my confident expression.

Wang Guho was born in the wrong era.

Nowadays, there is little research on ‘personality’.

Moreover, except for a select few, most superhumans had very little mana.

Superhumans like Wang Guho, who needed a lot of mana to utilize their individuality properly, had no choice but to suffer losses.

I was able to fill it all.

And above all,

“You don’t know how to fight with that ability, do you?”


“Don’t worry. “I will teach you everything.”

I knew everything about how Idong Fortress Geum Min-cheol fought against his enemies and how he used his abilities.

What would happen if you taught that to Wang Guho?

The strongest dealer, the Fire Witch.

Mobile Fortress, the best tank.

With these two together, I can wipe out countless dungeons just by leaving behind my back.

“I said you didn’t have any talent, right?”


I grinned at Wang Guho, who still had an anxious expression on his face.

“I will give you a talent.”


At that moment, Wang Guhao made an expression that could not be explained.

It was then. I heard Sirutteok calling me from the kitchen at the back of the tent.

“older brother! “I think it’s done!”

I nodded.

“It’s good timing. Sirutdeok! “Bring the whole thing here.”

“yes! older brother!”

I went into the tent and grabbed some dishes.

Today, there were 4 servings, including Wang Guho’s portion.

“Hey Kid. Let’s eat.”

At my words, Lily stood up, rubbing her sleepy eyes.


“Ugh. “Go and wash your face first.”

After a while, the three of us sat around the table.

The little boy said, pointing at Wangguho with a spoon.

“Who are you?”

Yesterday, I taught you to always add the letter “yo” at the end of Korean words, and this is what it looks like.

I said, putting the little boy’s spoon aside.

“You’re not pointing at people with a spoon. And he is the one who will be living here with me from now on.”

“Then are you a servant? Like steamed rice cake?”

“Well, it’s not really wrong.”

At that time, Sirutteok came here carrying a large pot.

For some reason, the guy looked scared.

“My brother… this is really…”

“Good work.”

I patted Sirutdeok on the shoulder and then held the pot lid and said,

“Then, shall we have a nice breakfast today?”

“huh! Give it to me quickly!”

The little boy, who had always been satisfied with breakfast the past few days, begged for food.

I smiled and opened the lid of the pot.

It was filled with something thick that seemed to have been excreted by something enormous.

The third recipe for Mana nutrition from Rendainpyo.

[Monster Innards & Innard Soup]

It was a dish made with monster innards and innards collected from Blackhound headquarters last night.

I poured a bowl full of mana nutrition and placed it in front of each person one by one.

“Now drink it up. There are three bowls per person.”


It’s now four days until the ‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’ is conquered.

It was time to raise the team’s power.

[ Mobile Fortress ] End

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