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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 263

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[Prelude to a counterattack]


A fairly large number of people were gathered in the Demon King’s conference room.

The Earth Hicks Kingdom, the Murim Rorou race

, and the recently joined sacred Kingdom of Arteria.

Characters representing each dimension and ethnic nation.

Most of them did not even believe in the existence of other dimensions until just a year ago.

But now, we were all gathered together and sharing the same concerns.

“I never thought the power of the demon world would be so strong….”

“Public opinion is not good because of what happened in Cairo.”

“Reporters like hyenas! “The fight for our lives in the desert was put behind us.”

Those who showed anxiety were mainly Earthlings.

Leaders and superhumans of each country.

They were aware of the seriousness and danger of the situation as they were important enough to be allowed to enter the Demon Castle, which can be said to be the heart of the Allied Forces Command.

‘Humanity may really be destroyed!’

On the other hand, the expressions of people not from Earth seemed a little more relaxed.

But there wasn’t a big difference.

If the demon kings succeed in invading and conquering the Earth, they will soon begin to extend their magical arms toward other dimensions.

Even though everyone’s mind was full of various worries, there were many interesting perspectives on people from different levels.

Whisper quietly.

‘My lord. Have you seen the technology called magic? It’s much more destructive than our magic trick.’

‘your majesty. If we can obtain the martial arts they use…’

‘Look at the amazing skills that that small race uses.’

‘The ability to instantly reattach a severed arm…’

Since it wasn’t the mood for that, no one had come forward yet, but they were very interested in technology exchange between each other. The potential of

the dimensional hub

Earth was only just beginning.

In the future, more dimensions will be connected to the Earth and amazing mutual development will be achieved with the Earth as the center.

Therefore, we had to protect the Earth.

“But… when is he coming?”

President Trumbo of the United States frowned and said.

In the past, the U.S. president was the leader of the world’s most powerful country and never waited for others, but now he seemed to be careful about even his words.

It has to be that way.

The person who convened this meeting today may not be well known to the public, but among ‘those in the know’ he was the most famous man in the world.

‘The man who first promoted the global alliance.’

‘The person who played a decisive role in forming the Dimensional Allied Forces….’

‘The rare genius who designed all of this.’

‘The world’s best expert and the world’s best bookmaster.’

‘Prophet and messenger of God….’

Various adjectives were attached to the minds of people who remembered him.

These are fancy modifiers that make you cringe when you hear them and end up covered in chicken skin. Fortunately, there were ‘almost’ no people who would say something like that in front of me.

“He will come soon. “I’m bringing important information with you, so please bear with me for a moment.”

Joo Sang-wook raised his head straight and looked at President Trumbo.

‘What if you don’t wait?’

Trumbo twitched his cheek as if he was dissatisfied with something, but in the end he had no choice but to reply that he understood.

Joo Sang-wook felt great joy from that sight.

‘These amazing people… are all desperately waiting for one person.’

I even had the childish thought that it would be better if today’s protagonist came about 30 minutes later.

But not long after, the protagonist arrived.

“Oh, sorry I’m late.”

A man naturally opens the door and comes in.

The subtle halo emanating from his body seemed to have made people naturally humble, and everyone stood up.

“You don’t even need to stand up… Would you all please take a seat?”

The great man said with a puzzled expression.

Only then did people sit down one by one.


‘It’s an enormous presence.’


Daein calmly accepted those burdensome gazes – he was so used to them that he was getting sick of them – and sent a message to Joo Sang-wook.

[What if you tell me the meeting time is different?]

Joo Sang-wook grinned at Daein’s grumbling.

[sorry. There must have been a mistake in delivery.]

Joo Sang-wook said he did it on purpose to make the main character appear at the end, but he did not tell his true feelings honestly.

The great man stepped forward and spoke.

“hmm. Some people are seeing it for the first time. First, let me introduce myself. “This is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.”


There were many other titles and titles, but the great man did not say any more.

Actually, just three letters of the name were enough.

“The reason we have gathered you all here despite your busy schedules is to discuss future response plans to Hellgate.”

The great man did not raise his voice or

pay attention to his facial expression or gaze.

Still, everyone held their breath to hear his story.

“Before talking about Hellgate, I think we should talk about an organization called Pandemonium.”

The great man spoke calmly about Pandemonium.

A secret organization based on the continent of Gaia that kidnaps children, performs cruel experiments on them, and turns them into monsters.

They even explained that they opened the ‘Second Hell Gate’ and that Earth lost a city because of it.

“That can’t be possible…”

“We have to root out that organization right away!”

Shock and anger erupted among the people.

There is an organization that is in league with the demon world hiding on Earth. It was a much more deadly enemy than the one coming from outside.

“If they even sneak into our army….”

“You can’t imagine the scale of damage.”

Daein also had a headache because of that.

Until just a few hours ago.

“…From here on, this is information I got from a trustworthy source.”


The wall behind the great man turned into a screen, and a world map appeared on it.

There were red dots flashing in several places on the map.

“Could it be…is this the place where another Hell Gate will open?”

In response to someone’s question, Daein grinned and shook his head.

“no. “That point is the location of Pandemonium’s hideout on Earth.”

A disk given by Lily from the future.

It contained a lot of information to win this war. The location of Pandemonium’s hideout on Earth was just one of many pieces of information.

“If that’s true…!”

“I can wipe it out in one fell swoop!”

Admiration erupted from everywhere. Some people clenched their fists, while others looked at the great man with eyes of respect.

The great man looked around at them and thought.

‘kid. I have no intention of dying in a place like this.’

Daein had no intention of dying in the war against the demon world and even afterward.

‘I haven’t even retired yet, so how can I die because of injustice?’

The disk given by Lily from the future contained a lot of information and future technologies.

The great man showed some of them to the people gathered in the conference room.


“Is that really possible?”

Exclamations of exclamation erupted from all directions.

What if we utilize this information properly and commercialize new technologies?

The war situation will be incomparably more favorable than now.

“Let’s launch a full-scale counterattack based on this information.”

The expressions of people who were full of worry and anxiety brightened for an instant. At the same time, trust in others has become stronger.


But the great man’s words did not end there.

“But before that.”

Daein looked around at the large number of people gathered in the conference room.

It’s already been almost a year since he traveled around various dimensions and was busy trying to form a dimensional alliance.

In other words, it meant that it had been a year since Pandemonium found out about the existence of Earth and began hiding little by little.

‘One year is enough time to plant a few spies in each country.’

The disk Lily gave away also contained a list of the spies.

The great man looked at them and smiled coolly.

“I think I’ll start by beating up the traitorous bastards here first.”


“Could it be among us?”


While everyone was confused, there were a few people whose eyes changed.

Some people immediately showed a calm expression, while others secretly increased their magic power.

Even so, they were all within the gap between great people.


“Why don’t you act tired and crawl out on your own?”

“Hi! Hi!”

As Daein raised his magic power, the spies began to hiccup.


A village in Shandong Province, China.

People’s moans were coming out from there, one of Pandemonium’s secret hideouts.

“Please save me…”


“Please, at least the children…”

A huge magic circle spread across the entire village.

Hundreds of people tied to pillars were bleeding and writhing.

A ritual to dedicate the entire village to the devil.

It was a site where large-scale human sacrifices were taking place.


Blood flowed down from the wounds on people’s bodies. Blood slowly flowed from the outskirts of the magic circle to the center.


The magic circle sucked blood like a living creature. The more this happened, the more vitality drained from the bodies of the people tied to the pillars.

“It won’t take that long.”

At the center of the magic circle, a woman wearing a kobold mask nodded at the smooth progress.

Behind her, people wearing hoods were mumbling incantations.

Kobold Mask thought as he looked around the village.

‘It’s been almost a year since I came to this land.’

During that year, they succeeded in finding villages for sacrifice and establishing connections with the Chinese government.

It was a time of patience.

It was never easy to learn the language of an unfamiliar world, understand its culture, politics and economy, and contact its leaders.

The time has finally come for that patience to bear fruit.

“…everything is for Him.”

After learning that the Demon World and Earth would be connected,

her ‘master’ made a contract with Baal, the King of the Demon World.

It was thanks to him that the apostles of Pandemonium were able to open the Hell Gate on Earth.


“Please help us out…”

Liquu rr…

As the people tied to the pillars were drained of their blood and withered like mummies, the entire magic circle glowed with a soft bright red light.

The kobold mask, intoxicated by the beautiful light, shouted excitedly at the sacrifices.

“You foolish and ignorant people! You should be honored to serve Him!”



Painful screams and moans play a beautiful melody.

This is the third village selected for sacrifice.

If you sacrifice just two more places, enough energy will build up to open another Hell Gate.

‘The plan in Cairo failed due to incomprehensible variables… I am different.’

Troll mask.

The fact that the old man failed was a huge shock to her.

Because the old man was one of the ‘master’s’ favorite executives.

A spy planted in the Allied forces said that the old man was captured by the enemy and died miserably.

‘For me, it’s actually an opportunity. A chance to stand closer to Him….’

She raised her head and looked at the sky. The eyes inside the mask sparkled with excitement and madness.

“When He regains His divinity…. Even the King of the Demon World will kneel before Him, and we apostles will enjoy eternal glory.’

Even the heavens seemed to be celebrating His glory.

If you see a red meteor coming here, leaving a trail behind.

…A meteor is falling?


The kobold mask shouted and moved sideways with all its might. However, the subordinates behind her were not able to move as quickly.


All the wizards who were gathered together and chanting spells were blown up.

Part of the magic circle was broken and the magic circle stopped. The villagers, who were moaning and screaming, fell limp and fainted.


The Kobold Mask looked at the place where the meteor fell with a dumb expression.

What I thought was a meteor was a huge flame.

A little girl ambled out of it.


The kobold mask knew that girl.

How could you not know?

The existence that the master desires so much….

“Child of Fire? “How can I get here…”

He shakes his head. Kobold Mask, who was sitting down, took a step back and muttered.

Lily looked very angry. I saw people suffering because of the magic circle.

“Again… making people… hurt…”


Anger flashed in the girl’s eyes. According to that emotion, fireworks bloomed everywhere.

“kid. “Hold on.”


If the great man who walked behind had not grabbed Lily’s shoulder, the kobold mask would never have survived.

Of course, just because they were great people didn’t mean they saved their lives because they were pretty.

“It would be difficult if we already got rid of them. There are more than one thing these things can eat.”

With a devilish smile, the great man walked towards the kobold mask.

[Prelude to Counterattack] End

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Regressor’s Life After Retirement

Regressor’s Life After Retirement

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After the first Gate opened in 2018, Lim Dae-In survived for 20 years on Earth while being connected to other dimensions. The day after his long-awaited retirement celebration, he regresses by 20 years, back to when he had nothing…


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