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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 267

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[Prelude to counterattack – preparation]

Early morning.

Look around, look around.

Lily stood in front of the master’s room and looked around.

Pursed lips, sharp eyes, and even a disciplined posture. It looked like the presidential bodyguard from a drama or movie telling you to go away.

‘good. ‘There’s nothing dangerous around!’

Lily looked around for a while and then nodded as if relieved. In fact, I was able to take a look at the entire Demon Castle just by opening my eyes, but I felt reassured only when I saw it with my own eyes.

Lily placed both hands on her hips and proudly pushed her chest forward.

‘You’re safe today too!’

These days, it has become a routine for Lily to wake up early in the morning, wash her face, brush her teeth, change out of her pajamas, and then go to work in front of Daein’s room.

And he guarded the door like a gatekeeper until Daein woke up and came out.

There was one reason.

This is what was written in a letter that my guardian angel gave me a while ago.

“You’re telling me to be careful because I might die?”

The great man said that to Lily in a carefree voice.

However, it is not enough to say that Lily’s shock was enormous.

‘Absolutely not! ‘I’ll stop it!’

Lily glanced around with eagle eyes.

The night patrol team inside the Demon King Castle recognized Lily and waved.

“Lily. I woke up early again today…”


[I mean, you’re awake! I slept really late last night too!] When

the girl put her finger to her lips and sent a message, the patrol team said they understood and saluted towards the person’s room before turning around.

Lily checked the time with the watch Daein bought her.

5:33 in the morning.

If it were like before, it would be time to sleep peacefully. But you never know when something dangerous might happen to you. So Lily hadn’t had a deep sleep recently. “



That’s why it was really inevitable for me to doze off with my back against the door

. The moment I was about to fall,


With a small grumbling voice, the great man stretched out his hand and supported Lily’s body.

The great man lightly picked up Lily and entered the room. I laid Lily down on the bed and covered her with a blanket up to her neck.

The great man sighed lightly, looking at the face of the girl who was fast asleep.

“Damn little boy. “I’m more concerned about this.”

Lily spread her energy throughout the Demon Castle and could sense anyone approaching, but she could not sense the presence of a great person.

That wasn’t because of Daein’s [Stealth] characteristic.

This was because Lily did not recognize Daein as a ‘man’.

Unless he was consciously alert, he was the only person who could freely enter and exit Lily’s territory.

“Uncle… You can’t die…”

Lily’s expression was frowning, as if she was having a nightmare. A little cold sweat formed on my forehead.

The great man felt a little regret.

‘Content of the letter. Did I say that for no reason?’

At that time, I thought Lily should also know something. I already knew about the existence of my guardian angel, and I had once heard a warning that it would be dangerous.

‘I didn’t expect you to be this anxious.’

Lately, Lily has been sticking to everyone’s side like a piece of gum, except when she’s sleeping.

He always expanded his energy to the maximum and blocked the person’s way if he thought something was going to happen.

“It’s dangerous, so stay still!”

Not long ago, turning the Ogre King, an important executive of Pandemonium, to death was done almost entirely by Lily.

‘…If it had been a little too late to stop it, it would have been completely reduced to ashes.’

They even had to bring in a saint from Arteria to save him.

“Ugh. Do it in moderation. “Even if I tell you to die, I won’t die.”


The great man gently squeezed Lily’s nose, then let go and headed to his desk.

A huge pile of documents was waiting for him.

A sigh came out of my mouth.


In fact, the great man was awake even before Lily guarded the door.

I had to read and review all of the documents here before the meeting started in a few hours.

“Why am I doing this?”

Currently, there was no one in the Dimension Allied Forces to replace Daein.

Like it or not, Daein was the center of the Dimensional Allied Forces and had already become the final arbiter of all matters.

Daein sometimes felt possessed by something.

‘Why don’t those proud people pout at my words?’

It would be quite stressful if everyone complained and interrupted one by one, but everyone said, “I believe!” It was quite a burden to even look at each other the same way.


Daein sighed and reviewed the documents.

The good news was that talented people took care of all the details and he only had to check most of them.

A few hours later, it was time for Daein to check all the documents and put them in order.

“It’s almost time for the meeting…”

“Mister! “It’s dangerous!”

The moment Lily raised her upper body from the bed and shouted, an enormous storm of magical power burst out of the girl’s body.


The magical storm blew the documents on the desk in all directions.

“Oh, no!”

Daein stretched out his hand with a speed that seemed like he could catch all the creatures, but the documents had already been mixed up haphazardly.

Flutter flutter!


While Daein was staring blankly at the documents falling like snow everywhere, Lily, who woke up, sighed in relief when she saw Daein.

“Phew… it was a dream. thank god. uh? mister? Why why!”


Without saying a word, the man grabbed Lily by the back and threw the quivering girl out the door.

“Damn you little boy! “Get out of my room right now!”


“It’s too much.”

Lily glared at the great man with swollen cheeks. However, he did not move away from Daein’s side and walked close to him.

The great man responded with a snort.

“It’s too much. Do you know how much trouble I had to reorganize my documents because of you?”

To be honest, I didn’t have much trouble.

He was just annoyed by the little boy who woke up from a good night’s sleep and looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

Lily protested with an angry face.

“In my dream, you almost died!”

“Are you going to keep treating people who are alive and well like dead? And if you’re going to sleep anyway, just sleep in your own bed. “Why do you keep coming to my room to sleep?”

Daein clicked his tongue and told him to take it in moderation. Lily didn’t like that carefree look.

‘I come here every day to protect you and you don’t even know it!’

“You idiot!”

“This is to get scolded.”

The great man fed chestnuts to Lily’s forehead. At that moment, Lily dodged the attack and stuck out her tongue, saying, “Beeh-”.

“…When did you learn Pacheon Shinbo?”

“I see it every day.”

As if to show off, Lily used the Pacheon Shinbo and circled around the great man. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a roughly structured walking method.

“Anyway, this talented person…”

The great man shook his head with a bewildered expression, and in an instant, he unfolded the Breaking Bad News and caught up with Lily.

And he swung the bamboo stick with the skill of Pacheonsingeom.



The great man said with a grin in front of Lily, who sat down holding her forehead.

“kid. “You’re far from me in terms of martial arts, right?”

“Mr. Lee…”

Daein unfolded the ‘proper Pacheonshinbo’ as if teasing him. He moved slowly so Lily could see the movement clearly.

Lily, with a competitive spirit, snorted and said.

“I won’t lose next time!”

“You said so.”

The great man laughed and started walking again. Lily huffed and walked closely next to him. The two headed to the conference room.

Inside the conference room, most of the representatives of the Dimensional Allied Forces were already seated.

“Forgive me for being late.”

Neither the person apologizing nor the person receiving the apology really cared.

As soon as the person sat down, important agenda items poured out as if they had been waiting for him.

“The sweep of Pandemonium’s secret base has been completed. Some of the remnants that escaped are currently being tracked…”

“The wizards of the Magic Tower are studying the Hell Gate summoning circle that was discovered by interrogating the enemies. If successful, it is expected that we will be able to slow or weaken the natural occurrence of Hellgate.”

“The alliance with the Ulo Joneth Satyr race is progressing smoothly. The Ulo race is a bit tricky, but…” “

…I’m developing a combat robot according to the blueprint you gave me. However, it seems like it will take quite some time before it is actually deployed…”

The words were no different from a one-sided report from a meeting.

Most of the people gathered in the conference room were looking at Daein as if it was natural, and Daein did not avoid their gaze.

He listened quietly and gave advice one by one.

“There is no need to move too many troops to clear out the remnants. “The only ones that have run away are minnows, so they won’t be able to do much.”

“I think it would be good for martial arts magicians to also participate in magic circle research in the future. “Because you can see things that wizards can’t.”

“It will be difficult to persuade the Ulo tribe. Please focus on alliances with the other two races first.”

“Youngshin. I looked at the blueprint again and it seems like it would save time if I omitted some features? First of all…”

Daein answered all questions without hesitation and suggested a better alternative.

Because I had the answer sheet.

‘The information given by the kid from the future is put to good use.’

However, people who were completely unaware of this fact only looked at the great man with admiration and respect.

‘Is this person really a genius sent from heaven?’

‘It’s as if you know everything.’

‘I understand why people from other worlds risk their lives for that man’s words…’

Aura An

aura created by rumors and rumors of the incredible things that the great man has done while traveling through various dimensions so far.

Even if it’s not what you wanted.

Daein has now become a being who can exert tremendous influence on many levels with just a word.

‘Oh my goodness. I feel burdened by all the stares I’m used to.’

In the past, I would have appointed a representative or provided a suitable position and then stepped back.

However, there is less than a month left before the next invasion of the demon world.

There were limits to carrying out the plan without direct involvement.

The great man’s expression became serious.

‘The main base of the demon world will come from the next Hell Gate. At that time, the demon lords will also descend.’

Even if we stopped two Hellgates and wiped out the Pandemonium organization that entered Earth, that is only a small part of the enemy.

Only by using all the future knowledge and information technology that we know can we block the demon lords who will attack us in the future.

And you can live on your own.

‘When this war is really over…’

At that time, I was really thinking of retiring.

The plan has already been made.

Places I want to go to, things I want to do, people I want to meet,


Daein glanced at Lily. Lily, who felt his gaze, sent a signal.


[Kid. Don’t worry, I’ll even pay your college tuition.]

Looking forward to that day, Daein decided to push himself a little harder.

It was then that Baek Young-hee entered the conference room with a stern expression.

“Vice President. “Outside now…”

Baek Young-hee whispered into Daein’s ear for a while.

After a while, the great man nodded with a subtle expression.

“…It’s coming.”

[Prelude to counterattack – Preparation] End

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