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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 270

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[3rd Hellgate]

Shocks the whole world A month has passed

since the press conference was held .

“There are 12 locations where the 3rd Hellgate is expected to occur.”

Demon King-Dimensional Allied Forces Conference Room.

The leaders of the Dimensional Allied Forces were gathered there. I saw some races that I couldn’t see a month ago.

Joo Sang-wook continued the briefing.

“The expected occurrence time is 48 hours, the margin of error is up to 3 hours, and a total evacuation order was issued to cities around the expected gate occurrence point 72 hours ago.”

A world map was displayed on the screen behind Joo Sang-wook, with 12 red dots scattered and sparkling.

“The size of the enemy expected in this 3rd Hell Gate is approximately 17 times that of the last Hell Gate.”


Someone swallowed dry saliva.

17 times.

Considering the scale of the enemy and the damage suffered in the battle a month ago, this is a terrible figure that I don’t even want to imagine.

But this is not the end.

Joo Sang-wook continued speaking with a calm expression.

“Because the Hell Gate passage itself is larger than in the past, it is expected that super-sized monsters, high-ranking demons that have not appeared before, and some demon kings will descend on Earth.”

During the first Hellgate incident, the size of the enemy was deliberately reduced.

Because I did not want the Allied Forces to be divided by despairing numbers from the start.

But there was no need for that anymore.

“As a result of the analysis of the Demon King’s supercomputer, the expected total strength of the enemy is…”

Joo Sang-wook looked around the command staff gathered in the conference room and clearly told the truth.

“It is estimated to be about 32 times that.”


Silence fell in the conference room for a moment.

However, most people quickly regained their composure.

“It’s more than I thought, but…”

“It’s a number worth giving a try.”

“We have become strong enough.”

Although it only lasted a month, humanity gained confidence in the coming war.

‘At least we won’t lose easily. Because….’

The presidents of the Earth, the kings of the Gaia continent, the elders of the Heavenly Demon Church and the political faction, and the races that formed new alliances and joined from various levels….

Everyone’s eyes naturally turned to one place.

‘Because we have that person.’

“It’s just as I expected.”

The great man, whose face was noticeably gaunt compared to a month ago, smiled softly and said.

His face was as pale as a corpse and there were dark circles under his eyes. However, the halo emanating from the body was more dazzling than before.

Seeing that, the leaders of the Dimensional Allied Forces felt sorry.

‘In the end, do I have to ask for another prophecy…’

‘I owe him too much.’

‘I wonder how much longer he can endure…’

People couldn’t help but feel sad as they looked at Daein, who was getting thinner day by day. Their eyes were filled with infinite respect and sadness for the Prophet.

Joo Sang-wook rubbed his red, bloodshot eyes with the back of his hand. My eyes were sore, probably because I had been staying up all night for several days.

But I forced myself to open my eyes and concentrate. He looked at the great man.

‘Some people sacrifice their lives to save humanity. At least a few days of vigil….’

Joo Sang-wook no longer doubted Daein.

Now it was quite the opposite.

He absolutely believed in and believed in the Great Man.

If someone told you to jump into the fire, you could have jumped.

Daein quietly turned away from that passionate gaze.

‘I think he’s a little sick of it.’

In fact, it wasn’t just Joo Sang-wook’s problem.

Most people saw Daein as the son of God who returned three days after his death.

The great man sighed inwardly.

‘I’m getting indigestion because of you guys.’

In order to portray a prophet who grows thinner day by day, Daein used a bone drill to make his face gaunt.

The dark circles under her eyes were makeup, and the naturally flowing halo was thanks to daily practice on how to handle the divine jewels.

‘…I never thought the impact of the press conference would be this big.’

After the press conference a month ago,

an atmosphere of mourning for the ‘Prophet Landlord’ was formed around the world.

Even though he is still alive and well.

-Let us join forces for the Prophet!

-Let the whole world join forces to fight!

-Let’s defeat the devils!

Once formed, the atmosphere burned fiercely.

The media became more favorable to Dae-in, and citizens around the world were moved by what Dae-in said at the press conference.

-I couldn’t just ignore the future I saw. If you saw a future where a child crossing the crosswalk gets hit and killed by a car, who wouldn’t grab it?

-Anyway, I will die within two years.

– Until then, will you believe me?

Daein’s surprising confession and earnest request.

The effect was immediate.

Disputes between national guilds and individuals have decreased.

Companies that felt a sense of crisis released money and factories operated all night long.

Many countries forcibly mobilized their citizens’ labor in the name of ‘preparing for Hellgate’, but complaints were much less than expected.

Of course, there were various noises in the process.

But it was minor compared to the whole.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have come forward a long time ago.’

That’s what death is like.

Even people who were not interested in people tend to feel sad when they hear that someone has suddenly died, and the memory of that person itself becomes glorified.

In the case of large people, there was nothing to say.

A prophet who declared that he would use his powers until the end of his life to save humanity.

Hero (British),

saint (聖人),

no matter what modifier you put in front of him, it was not enough.

If that’s all true.

“…What do you think, Prophet…, about the operation to be carried out in Hell Gate area 8?”

Military experts from various levels put their heads together and explained to Daein the strategy they had devised.

The great man closed his eyes and nodded quietly.

“Of course I think it’s great. However, in the ‘future’ I saw, the enemies that would appear in that location were…”

Daein, a returnee, only knew about the future and was neither a prophet nor a military expert.

Instead, he was able to package his future information or knowledge as a ‘prophecy’ and pass it on.

“oh my god. Something like that…!”

“We will reflect this in our operations immediately.”

Those words alone made military experts feel like they had turned on a map hack, and strategies and tactics were instantly revised for each region.

‘It’s definitely easier to do this.’

Prophecy was equally applied to other fields.

Diplomacy at the military-technical level.

By calling himself a ‘prophet,’ the great man was able to naturally convey the information and knowledge he had.

There was no need to complicate the reason for knowing the future knowledge, nor was there any need to rephrase it.

‘The Prophet has seen the future!’

‘Get ready now!’

In the one month since he came out as a prophet, Daein was able to convey most of the important information he knew to the Dimensional Allied Forces.

“…Vice President. “Aren’t we seeing too much of the future today?”

Daein shook his head in response to Baek Changsu’s worried question.

“no. “Keep going as long as I can…”

But Daein’s intentions were different.

‘I was already planning on doing this today.’


At that moment, people shouted in surprise as nosebleed flowed from one of the great man’s noses.

“Yes Prophet!”

“Medic! “No, tell the priest to come in right now!”

“I am okay.”

The great man stood up, calming down the furious and furious leadership.

“There is no way I can change my lifespan anyway. “Just rest for a while and you’ll be fine.”

‘It would be difficult if I got caught for intentionally causing a nosebleed.’

The great man rejected the approaching priest with a stern expression, then looked around at the leadership and said,

“Sorry, but I’ll go in first. I used a lot of prophecy…”

“No. “We are always sorry.”

“Hurry up and get some rest!”

“We will conclude the meeting ourselves.”

Dae-in left the conference room with Joo Sang-wook, leaving the restless people behind.

“Vice President. “Are you okay?”

“yes. are you okay.”

I also felt a little sorry for Joo Sang-wook.

Daein told the truth to some of his acquaintances, but Joo Sang-wook was not included in it.

Therefore, Joo Sang-wook was now looking at Dae-in with a stone-faced expression.

“Don’t use too much of your abilities. “The more time you have left, the less time you have left.”

“It can’t be helped. The demon lords will attack soon. “You have to do everything you can before then.”


Joo Sang-wook was silent for a while in response to Dae-in’s calm answer.

“…until all these disasters are over. “How much more time do we need?”


The great man made a rough estimate.

About 48 hours later, the full-scale invasion of the demon world begins.

From then on, Daein also planned to move according to his own plan.

‘…Because that’s the only chance to fool their eyes.’

After that, how much more time will it take for everything to be over?

The great man spoke with personal hope.

“well. Another month… three months? Wouldn’t that be the end of everything? “After that, I can rest well.”

‘I’ll really be retiring then.’

Daein grinned as if he was truly looking forward to that day.

However, Joo Sang-wook could not bear to see it properly.

‘Does this person wish for a future in which he died and disappeared for the sake of humanity?…’


“…Team Leader Joo? Are you crying? why?”

“Sigh. Who is crying… sobbing…. Damn…. What the hell are you…. Sigh!”

Daein suddenly looked at Joo Sang-wook, who was banging on the wall and crying, as if he were crazy.

‘Is working overtime very difficult these days?’

That was all the great man could think of.

After a while, Joo Sang-wook, who had managed to calm his emotions, took a deep breath and spoke.

“I’m sorry for showing my ugly side. Stop getting emotional…”

“I’ll go to the room alone. “Team leader Joo, can you get some rest too?”

“no. “I can sleep well after the third Hell Gate is over.”

There was no reason to stop me when I said I would work hard. Daein nodded, telling him to take care of it.

After a while, the two arrived in front of Daein’s door.

Joo Sang-wook bowed his head.

“Then rest. “I will attend the meeting again.”

“Team Leader Joo, please get some rest too. And don’t worry too much.”

Even if he didn’t know anything else, he could predict this one thing with certainty.

“This war. “Because we will win.”

The great man smiled and spoke as usual.


On the day of the 3rd Hellgate.

The Dimensional Allied Forces tensed up and glared at the Hell Gate that was finally starting to open.




At first glance, the sight of thousands of red gates simultaneously coloring the sky looked like a beautiful sunset.

Except for the fact that beyond that sunset, monsters that are not in human history will pour down like a waterfall.


It seemed as if a part of hell had just passed over. Monsters of indescribable shapes tore through thousands of narrow holes, pouring, slipping, and roaring fiercely.



Soldiers, superhumans, knights, wizards, and wizards who completed the siege, warriors of each race grabbed their weapons with nervous expressions.

“Ready for battle!”

Allied soldiers drew their weapons as they heard the voices of commanders coming from all over.

Although it was a short time, they prepared for this fight as best as they could.


Magic appeared in the equipment of the superhumans. At the same time, I improved the internal skills I learned from the martial arts people to the fullest.

In order to build up a little more strength, everyone ate the [Rental Mana Nutrition Meal] six times a day.

“No matter how bad their breath is, it won’t be worse than mana nutrition, right?”

When someone told a joke to ease the tension, laughter erupted from those around them.

“That’s right! That’s the real taste of hell!”

“I would never eat food unless it was made by the Prophet!”

“Let’s show those devils the taste of hell!”


Whatever the reason, the morale soared and the superhumans started running.


A full-scale war between the Demon World and the Dimensional Allies has begun.

At that time,

“Then let’s go.”

The great man secretly crossed the dimension.

[3rd Hell Gate] End

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