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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 276

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[ Pandemonium (2) ]

The two scattered in opposite directions.

“Find the kid and hide well. “I’ll pick you up in two hours.”

“…All right.”

After confirming that Philip, who was mortally wounded, had disappeared around the winding road, the great man turned his head and looked straight ahead.

‘Still, I succeeded in sneaking in quietly until about halfway.’

The problem starts here.

This labyrinth, which is as complex as an anthill, becomes more complicated the further you go inside.

Even the executives of Pandemonium within it only knew their respective areas, and no one knew the inside completely.

‘Rather, the executives said they didn’t know the way.’

The organization’s executives are more likely to come and go due to the Soul Eater’s summoning magic. Therefore, middle managers like Philip, who frequently traveled between the outside world and inside the headquarters, knew the way around better.

That doesn’t mean there’s no way to find your way.

“…I didn’t expect to go all the way without being caught anyway.”

The great man immediately raised his magic power and spread it as wide as possible like a net.


This was nothing short of a provocation.

The moment Daein raises his magical power, those powerful above a certain level will notice his presence.

And that was what Daein wanted.

‘If you touch it, it will react.’

just as expected.

After a while, powerful magical powers responded from all over the labyrinth.

‘This must be enough for the executives…’

The great man raised his magic power a little more and spread it even further.

Wider and deeper.

Waiting for a huge magical power response that has not yet responded…


Daein, who flinched as if he had been electrocuted, slowly began to withdraw his magic power.

Just now, I felt an eerie sense of evil energy and divine energy at the same time.


As expected, the Soul Eater seemed to have Arman’s jewel.

And at that time,


As the entire labyrinth began to vibrate, energy felt from various places gathered around Soul Eater.

The great man’s eyes lit up.

“young. “The reaction is quick.”

The moment Soul Eater sensed the presence of an intruder, he was summoning his troops around him.

“From now on, it’s a battle of speed.”

At that moment, Daein’s new model exploded out.

And he began to move forward, destroying everything he could find in the labyrinth.


Soul Eater.

It was a being from a dimension other than the continent of Gaia.

An alien race that forcibly crossed the dimensional gap.

After crossing the dimension, he lost his powerful body, and his soul also suffered great wounds and fell asleep for a long time.

Where Soul Eater crossed the dimension, traces remained as if a meteorite had fallen.

A barbarian tribe, thinking that the traces were left by a god, began offering living sacrifices.


Thanks to the sacrifices, Soul Eater woke up from a long sleep and conveyed his will to the uncivilized humans.

-Give more soul.

“The city god has responded!”

The savage tribe waged war with the surrounding tribes to please the gods, and Soul Eater gave them some strength and made them the strongest tribe in the vicinity.

Soon more living sacrifices were offered and the Soul Eater gradually regained its power.

Humans called him God, and he also came to consider himself a god.

-I am a God.

“Oooh! God….”

“Give us victory!”

The uncivilized tribe became a large tribe that unified the entire region, went to war, and won. In return, the Soul Eater was able to eat plenty of fresh souls.

But the sweet time did not last long.

“Don’t let the barbaric tribes install any more!”

An army armed with knights and wizards wiped out large, uncivilized tribes.

They wiped out the great tribe with less than one-tenth of the number, and even invaded the altar of Soul Eater, which the great tribe worshiped as a god.

“I feel uncomfortable for some reason. “Burn everything!”

Soul Eater quietly watched his altar disappear and pondered.

I thought about it for a long time.

-Humans are weak. But sometimes there are also surprisingly strong humans.

-There are many other races in this world besides humans. Among them, there are beings that are too strong to ignore.

-I can’t defeat them yet with my own strength.

-But I am God.

-God is a being that rules over and rules over all things and eats their souls. The reason I am weak is because I lack soul.

-I need to eat more souls.

Just as a child learns about the world one by one, Soul Eater continued to learn. Because there was no set lifespan, he persevered for a long time. There were

several failures and

sometimes moments of crisis when we were almost destroyed.

However, Soul Eater persevered, increased his disciples, and gradually encroached on the world from the shadows.

In this way, an organization called Pandemonium was created.

His apostles worshiped Soul Eater as a demon god, and Soul Eater neither confirmed nor denied it.

Then one day, Soul Eater realized one very important thing.

-I need a container to contain myself.

Even God needs a body.

His soul had grown so large that it could no longer grow, but he needed a very strong body to properly handle its power.

A body fit for a god.

However, there was no way that such a body could be easily obtained.

The human body is torn too easily. The same goes for elves and dwarves, and even trolls or monsters, which are famous for their toughness, were of no use.

There was a time when they kidnapped a Sword Master or an Archmage with great difficulty, but they only lasted a few days.

-Get a stronger body!

“Ha, but more than this…”

The Grand Sword Master and Grand Mage were people who could not be kidnapped. Although individual abilities were abilities, most of them were major figures of empires or kingdoms.

Moreover, the apostles’ opinion was that even with a body of that level, it would be difficult to handle the soul of the consumed Soul Eater.

-If it’s a dragon’s body…

if it’s that powerful dragon, there’s a high probability that it can handle Soul Eater.

But that was more difficult than kidnapping ten Grand Swordmasters.

In other words, it was impossible.

-You need a body!

God, who wanted to have a body, was disappointed and angry. Due to his anger, a series of unexplained disasters occurred on the continent, and the apostles who served him suffered greatly.

Then one of his apostles said:

“Demon God. If you can’t find it… why not make it yourself?

It was the moment when a long period of experimentation and research began.

The conclusion was that it is better to strengthen children by applying drugs and surgery from an early age rather than modifying adults.

They searched the entire continent, kidnapped children, and used all the black magic, alchemy, forbidden surgeries, and demon summoning rituals in the world.

In the process, Pandemonium became more organized and expanded its power from the shadows, gaining enormous power.

And a few years ago,

a vessel capable of holding the soul of God was completed.



The great man advanced, destroying the labyrinth.

Since I didn’t know the way, I had no choice but to make my own way.

Every time he swung his sword, the bright blue sword expanded by several meters and broke the wall. The great man rarely swung his sword more than twice to pierce a wall.



Occasionally, Pandemonium members and soldiers converted into chimeras would attack Daein.

But the great man did not even look at them.

“Take care of it.”

[I will follow your orders.]

The translucent evil spirit of a witch emerged from the great man’s shadow.

She was once an apostle of Soul Eater, but she was a witch who was forcibly ministered by the Great Man.


The members of the organization sat down, covering their ears, to the evil spirit’s cries. The chimeras also stumbled with painful expressions.

[How dare you point your teeth at the master! I’ll tear you to shreds!]

Damn! Sigh!

The intangible blade cut into the enemies. The opponents were former colleagues, but there was no mercy in the hands of the evil witch spirit.

Thanks to this, Daein’s speed barely slowed down.

Daein unfolded his spirit and checked the destination again.

‘Soul Eater is still there. Judging by the fact that executive-level groups are gathering around him…’

“Let’s stick together, okay?”

There was no reason to refuse this either.

However, there was no reason to wait until the enemy was fully prepared, so Daein increased his speed.

“Stop him!”

“Somehow take the time!”

As we went in, the enemies blocking Daein became more numerous and stronger.

They shouted and attacked the great man.

As the number grew, the speed of the great man had no choice but to slow down.

And after a while, the great man stopped in place.

“Whew… we’ve gathered a lot.”

Hundreds of humans and chimeras were gathered in the wide cavity I had seen for the first time since entering the labyrinth.

Each and every one of them is a powerhouse that cannot be ignored.

They were glaring at Daein, spewing vicious murderous threats.

And behind them, a huge door was seen with a picture of a blurry silhouette being worshiped by countless humans and other races.

“It looks like it’s the boss’s room.”

The great man looked at the iron gate and muttered.

He then looked around at the numerous enemies blocking the door and said.

“Seeing as there are masked guys here and there, I guess Soul Eater is pretty upset too?”

“this guy! “The arrogance ends here!”

A man wearing a goat mask walked forward, waving his cane.

“Your arrogance is sky-high. “How dare you think of attacking this place by yourself?”

When Goat Mask waved the staff made from the skull of a newborn baby in the air, gray magic flowed out from the staff and a magic circle was drawn in the air.

“You will never see His face. “This will be your grave!”

The great man laughed at those words.

“You sound like John. “I know that bastard has no face.”

“This guy-!”

“Stop talking nonsense. “If you’re going to attack me, do it quickly.”


Hundreds of elites, including more than ten Pandemonium executives, rushed towards Daein.

But Daein remained calm. He even sheathed his sword.

“One problem here. Did I really come alone? “Without support in the middle of enemy territory?”

Instead of a sword, the great man operated a watch on his left hand.

“Activate the Star of Transcendence.”

[The Star of Transcendence is activated (level 2).]

[Various functions are provided to suit the user’s convenience.]

[The use of some functions is still restricted.]

“Activate subordinate functions. “Summon a family member.”

[The servant function is activated.]

[A list of servants that can currently be summoned is displayed.]

The great man clicked on several names from the list that appeared before his eyes.

After a while, a subspace opened around him and his descendants walked out.

“I thought you would all run away if I called them from the beginning.”


A monster centipede appeared, sweeping the floor with hundreds of legs to protect Daein,

and yaaaaa!

The monster lizard spewed out a petrification ray and turned the running enemies into stone.


“be careful! “He summons a monster!”

The enemies were confused by the appearance of the monsters.

But their ordeal was only just beginning.

Jump and jump.

The moment he saw the last being walking out of subspace, Goat Mask’s eyes widened in shock.

“Ogre King! Why are you there…!”

[I have received a call from my master.]


The person who knelt before the great man was Ogre King, one of Soul Eater’s most cherished apostles.

The great man frowned at that sight.

“It’s time for them to get into shape.”

[…I obey your command.]

Goat Mask shouted at the Ogre King, who stood up and drew his great sword.

“this guy! “Not only did you betray your master, but you also became the enemy’s dog!”


Instead of answering, the Ogre King rushed forward, swinging his great sword. With that blow, the five charging chimeras were split in half.

Evil spirit witch monster centipede monster lizard ogre king.

The beings who were once Soul Eater’s apostles began massacring their former colleagues.

The great man muttered as he looked at that figure.

“You brought this upon yourself.”

They created the Hellgate summoning circle at the cost of the lives of countless people on Earth, and when they were interrupted, they absorbed the energy and became monsters themselves.

Each and every one of them is a monster of national scale disaster.

However, now he was just a member of the household who could not refuse the orders of a great person.


“This is ridiculous! How could a colleague…!”

“You damned bastards!”

The home of Pandemonium was being destroyed by the four monsters.

The great man walked down a path made of corpses and headed toward the huge door.

“Then why do you touch someone who is still?”

Today, Daein planned to erase Pandemonium from the world.

[ Pandemonium (2) ] End

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