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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 280

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[ Checkmate ]

Soul Eater is very difficult to deal with. It is a difficult species.

They are spirit beings without a physical body, and the more they consume other souls, the stronger they become.

In addition, they can live on the bodies of other races and use their abilities freely.

-Soul Eaters are not a breeding species. We still haven’t figured out exactly where it came from or how it ‘occurs’.

-There is one hypothesis…

Daein received information about Soul Eater from future Lily.

Even in the future, only a small number of entities will be discovered, but due to its danger, it is a monster classified as a disaster species that must be dispatched and dealt with by the Dimensional Alliance Defense Force as soon as it is discovered.

‘…They said it was because of that guy that he was classified like that.’

The great man swung his sword and blocked attacks coming from all directions.


Flames, lightning, gusts of wind, and hail collided with the hundreds of swords guarding Daein, and the resulting shock waves tore the entire area apart.

““I held my breath and prepared for a long time!””

The voices of the children surrounding Daein from a distance rang out loudly at the same time.


In the storm, hundreds of fragmentation swords cut through the flames and bounced off lightning. However, the pressure pressing down on Daein from all directions became increasingly stronger.

““A vessel that can fully accept me! The body of God!””

– Ta-da-da-dang!

Hail that was hidden in the storm flew at a speed of hundreds of kilometers. The great man thickened his Heavenly Demon Goddess and at the same time protected his body with self-defense weapons.

““Each of these children is a vessel prepared for me. But unfortunately, they were all flawed failures.””

As time went by, the children were becoming noticeably weaker. This was because he was using his life force as fuel to exert power beyond his limits.

That’s how powerful they were.

Clink! Clink!

Due to the constant barrage of attacks, the fragmentation swords that guarded Daein began to break down one by one.

Hundreds of sacks soon became dozens, and after a while, only three main sacks remained.

-Roaring! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

In the storm of raging flames and thunderstorms, Daein looked very distressed.


The Heavenly Demon Goddess was broken in various places, and it wasn’t easy just to keep the balance in the storm.

Soul Eater looked at the great man with arrogant eyes and continued speaking.

““If I think about it now, I wonder if these children were prepared for today.””

“Why don’t you stop talking nonsense?”

Daein used Cheongeunchu and fell to the floor as if he was falling.


A huge crater hundreds of meters long was created around Daein. The enormous shock wave that occurred at that moment scattered the storm for a moment.

The great man immediately rushed towards the nearest boy.

A boy whose entire body is engulfed in flames.

The great man stabbed the Heavenly Demon Sword towards the boy whose name he did not even know. A purple flash pierced the boy’s heart.

At that moment, the boy was blown backwards by the wind, and the ground on which the great man was standing swelled and exploded.



The explosion did not cause any significant damage to people. However, in the meantime, the boy whom Daein was targeting had already widened the distance sufficiently.

Soul Eater had no intention of engaging in close combat with the Daein.

““It’s no use.””

A fierce storm comes again. The ground is pulverized and the atmosphere is distorted. It is a landscape where an ordinary person would be torn to pieces just by being nearby.

The battle continued like this.

Each of the five children was strong, but Soul Eater dominated them and brought out more than five powers.

““Humans cannot resist God.””

the pale-faced children said at the same time, as if declaring.

A faint divine power was flowing from their bodies.

[Arman’s Jewel] stolen by Soul Eater

‘I get along really well with him.’

Soul Eater that rules the soul.

And [Arman’s Jewel], which has the ‘spirit’ attribute, was extremely compatible.

Due to the influence of the jewel, Soul Eater’s power was amplified several times, so he was able to dominate those children at the same time.

Wendy, who wore the necklace prepared by Daein, could not escape its influence.

[Can you hear me?]

Blink. Blink.

Fortunately, Wendy didn’t seem to be completely controlled like the other children.

‘First, we have to find its body. I need more time…’

In order to waste time, Daein shouted while blocking the onslaught of attacks.

“Let me ask you one thing! “Why do you want to become God!”

The attack weakened briefly in response to Daein’s question.

It meant that the question made Soul Eater worry.

““Because that is my destiny.””

It was an unexpected answer.

I thought he would give such childish and arrogant answers as saying that he wanted to become the master of the whole world or that all life should kneel before him.

However, Soul Eater’s answer just now contained some unknown anger.


At that moment, Daein remembered the information that future Lily had left behind.

-Soul Eaters are not a breeding species. We still haven’t figured out where it came from or how it ‘occurs’.

-There is one hypothesis… but

the hypothesis is so absurd that almost no one believes it other than some scholars who argued for it.

But for some reason, it seemed to Daein that the hypothesis was correct.

-Soul Eater is the real god. God of a destroyed world. Or a god who was kicked out. Forgotten gods who lost their power and fled to another world, looking for a chance to be resurrected.

Putting aside how ‘God’ would be defined in the future, Daein felt that the hypothesis was very plausible.

‘Is there anything wrong with God? The most powerful person who rules a dimension is God.’

If defined in that way, Daein was completely unaware of the fact that he himself was a strong candidate for the God of Earth.

“What will you do when you become a complete god?”


Soul Eater was about to say something, but his expression soon contorted as if he was displeased. The children shouted fiercely at the same time.

““How dare you try to guess God’s will?”

“There is no plan.”

When Daein clicked his tongue, much more powerful attacks than before came pouring in from all directions.



Daein focused on defense. The attacks coming from all directions were so powerful that it was difficult to breathe, but the great man’s eyes shone coldly.

I didn’t have a useless conversation with Soul Eater for no reason. Daein succeeded in finding the counterpart that contained the creature’s body.

A boy who breathes fire.

‘That guy is the real thing.’

After checking the main body, Daein sent a telepathic message to Wendy.

[From now on, listen carefully to what I say. You know Lily, right? I am that little girl’s guardian.]

The necklace the girl was wearing was shining softly.

[We will catch the guy whose body is hiding. I need your help then.]


[Of course, I know that I can’t do anything other than blinking right now. However, it can allow you to move according to your will for a very short time.]

Unlike other children, Wendy’s mind was not completely controlled by the Soul Eater thanks to the necklace. Therefore, the great man’s will was clearly conveyed to the girl.

[I will send the signal. [At that time…]

Daein obtained information about Soul Eater from future Lily in advance and came here after making ‘several’ preparations.

Even if the enemy was stronger than expected, that didn’t mean all the preparation was useless.

[Blink your eyes if you understand.]


Wendy blinked as best she could. The eyes of the man and the girl met for a moment and then passed by.

““You lasted a long time! But that’s over now!””


The five boys and girls raised their strength in unison.

A rushing storm, exploding flames, striking lightning, hail pouring down, exploding earth.


Each one contained the power to destroy the world. All of that power was concentrated towards Daein.

““There is no place to run anymore!””

Soul Eater blocked all ways for Daein to escape.

While Daein took time to find Soul Eater’s body, Soul Eater also consumed Daein’s stamina and waited for the moment to completely neutralize him.

And now Soul Eater has gathered all of his remaining power.

““I will become more perfect by taking your body!””

Five boys and girls let out frantic cries and

a huge explosion occurred.



Explosion explosion and explosion.

Even the intrinsic barrier could no longer withstand the chain of explosions.

The ground turned over completely, and a firestorm swept across the overturned ground. The bitter cold froze it again and a fierce storm turned everything to dust.

At that desperate moment, Daein opened up his two characteristics to their limits.

“Feature optimization.”

[Two user characteristics have been confirmed.]

[Do you want to optimize both characteristics?]


The great man answered briefly, and at that moment, the great man’s body became blurred.


All the attacks that poured in passed through Daein’s body and then exploded.

However, Soul Eater, as if he had already expected this, made the children step back and shouted.

““This is the last struggle. I know that I cannot use that power for long!””

In fact, the Star of Transcendence was fiercely warning Daein.

[warning! Prolonged use may cause strain to the user’s body. We recommend using it within a short period of time!]

However, Daein ignored the warning. It had to be that way now.

The great man said, wiping the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“…Stealth is the ability to hide from the world. “It’s useful in many ways, but once you get stronger beyond a certain point, it’s not that useful.”


As if to appease his opponent, Daein passed through all the attacks and said so.

In his life before returning, Daein used the [Stealth] trait to overcome death several times.

However, in this life where we know the future, hiding is not as helpful as it was in the past.

That is, until the Star of Transcendence becomes a deceptive ability that allows all attacks to pass through.

“So now it’s my turn?”

The great man leaped forward and approached a child.

The boy, whose entire body was covered in flames, hurriedly stepped back and spewed out flames. But all the sparks just pass by the great man.

The great man shouted.


The great man activated the magic on Wendy’s necklace and said,


Wendy, who regained control of her body, erected a wall of ice behind the boy’s back.


The moment the boy whose back was blocked opened his eyes,


The great man immediately closed the distance and plunged his sword into the boy’s heart.



The boy’s eyes lose their shine.

The great man looked at the innocent boy with a bitter expression.

This is a child that cannot be saved anyway.

Since his body and soul were taken over by the main body of Soul Eater, there was no way to save him other than killing him.

But this wasn’t the end.



The great man quickly turned around.

In his field of vision, he saw Wendy walking towards him, smiling evilly.

A pure white chill rises from the girl’s entire body.

At the same time,

blah blah blah!

The coldness that rose from beneath the great man’s feet instantly enveloped him. The children who were away from Daein came and surrounded him.

“…The main body was inside that kid’s body?”

The great man looked alternately at the boy who had fallen on the floor and Wendy.

Soul Eater, who was in a good mood, informed Daein of his mistake.

“Did you think I couldn’t hear your telepathy?”


The great man was silent.

On the other hand, Wendy’s smile grew even deeper. Other children who had stayed back approached and surrounded Daein at close range.

“It was strange. For some reason, I couldn’t completely control this child’s soul. However, all senses and consciousness could be shared. “I heard everything you told me about your plan.”

With Wendy’s help, Daein came up with a plan to attack Soul Eater’s main body and communicated it to Wendy through telepathy.

Soul Eater heard the whole plan.

“It was a great plan. So I decided to use it. “When you hit my body, I decided to ‘replace’ it.”

A cruel smile appeared on the girl’s lips. The girl played with her necklace.

“After the necklace was used, I felt the power that protected this child’s mind weakening. “I originally tried to transfer it to another body, but at that moment I changed my mind and transferred it to this child.”


The girl smiled like a winner to Daein who asked with a stern expression.

“Because this kid will be the hardest person for you to kill.”


The Great Man glares at the Soul Eater without saying a word.

Soul Eater walked towards Daein trapped in the ice and stopped.

“I heard on Earth, this situation is called checkmate.”

At that moment, Daein burst out into laughter that he had been holding back.


Soul Eater, who felt something ominous for some reason at that sight, hardened his expression.

“…Why are you smiling? Are you completely resigned?”

There were even tears in the corners of Daein’s eyes. He said, giggling.

“It’s funny because this guy who calls himself God moves exactly the way he thinks.”

“What nonsense….”

“You’re going to steal telepathy and listen. “Did you think I didn’t know?”


The girl’s face lost all smiles for an instant.

The great man smiled cruelly.

“Just get out of that body, you bastard. “It’s not exactly a body.”

I tried Soul Eater right away. And then I realized that it was impossible.


I couldn’t get out.

The person who controlled all souls and bodies was trapped in the body of a mere young girl and could not move.

At that moment, Soul Eater realized the eerie truth.

“Isn’t this a human body…?”


The necklace around my neck trembled.

The place where the Soul Eater entered was not Wendy’s body, but the necklace.

“This is ridiculous! “I can’t believe I’m trapped in something like this!”

The Soul Eater trapped inside the necklace struggled desperately to escape.

“Something like this. Do you know how much money it took to make just that one thing?”

dump. dump. dump.

The children, except Wendy, fell to the floor unconscious. The connection with Soul Eater was completely broken.

Soul Eater looked at the scene with an expression of disbelief.

“This can’t possibly happen…”

Wendy’s words trailed off as the power over her body gradually diminished.

“I took out insurance just in case.”

The ice that was imprisoning Daein shattered. Daein stretched out his hand and grabbed the necklace where the Soul Eater was trapped.

The simplest way is to deal with the Soul Eater directly, but if that is difficult, lure him into a trap.

The necklace Wendy was wearing around her neck was that trap.

The great man roughly tore off the necklace.

“This is called checkmate.”

And then he used his second characteristic on the necklace.

[ Checkmate ] End

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