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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 284

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[ Red Dragon of the Apocalypse (2) ]

Sisan Blood Sea (屍山血海)

Corpses pile up like a mountain and blood flows like an ocean.

“…It would be difficult to find a more suitable word than that.”

Cheon Muhan, the current leader of the Heavenly Demon Church, muttered as he looked bitterly at the scene unfolding before his eyes.

There were countless corpses piled up. The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church, the superhumans of Earth, the soldiers, and the corpses of races from various dimensions.

And the corpses of dozens of monsters filled the battlefield.

[Whoa! How dare a human…!]


Cheon Muhan lost his limbs and crushed the wriggling head of the devil with his foot.

A guy who called himself one of the devil’s descendants.

It was quite strong, but not enough to kill the leader of the Heavenly Demon Church.


However, because he had only recently recovered from the Juhwa Ilma, Cheon Muhan felt that his body was not the same as before.

-You still need to calm down. It was impossible to go to the battlefield….

Cheon Muhan shook off the lawmakers who tried to dissuade him and went to the battlefield. The reason was simple.

“…How can you tell the leader to lie down when the warriors of our school are shedding blood on the battlefield?”


I cut down another demon and cut down the monsters that rushed at me from all directions. Cheon Muhan personally led the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church and fought at the forefront against the forces of the demon world.


The shouts of warriors coming from behind seemed to pierce the sky. With the religious leader together, morale was high.

However, Cheon Muhan’s expression looked like that of a criminal. He bit his lip.

‘I put our school in danger purely out of my own greed.’

I thought that I lived for Protestantism more than anyone else. Revival of religion, a future where all believers live well. Conquering Wulin for that purpose was a lifelong dream.

However, when I looked back after I was freed from the demon of coinage, I realized that it was just my own greed.

The words that his grandfather, Cheon Mu-geuk, told him kept lingering in Cheon Mu-han’s mind.

-Clark. When you see our school’s warriors dying before your eyes, you can’t help but roll your eyes. But isn’t that the same for the Murim Leaguers? That’s how we have lived hating, hating, and slaughtering each other since the time of our ancestors.’

A memoir of Cheonma, who is considered to have been closest to the unification of the martial arts that

caused the Great War 100 years ago .

-Even though I knew it was wrong… I couldn’t think of another way. The hatred is too deep-rooted to be eradicated.

That hatred has not gone away even now.

Although the Heavenly Demon Church and the Murim Alliance were together within the huge fence of the Dimensional Union, there was still an atmosphere of growling against each other.

Therefore, the Murim Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Church were kept far apart even if they were deployed on the same battlefield.

-It may take hundreds or even hundreds of years for the hatred that has been passed down since our ancestors to disappear.

If it weren’t for the Three World Wars, Cheonmugeuk, and Pacheongeomje, we wouldn’t have even been able to dream of such an alliance.

“Pacheon Sword Emperor…”

Cheon Muhan muttered that star name and strengthened the hand holding the sword.

I knew that Pacheon Geomje had been wandering around all sorts of dimensions for several months.

He also said that from time to time, his grandfather gave him items that were helpful in curing hemorrhoids.

Thanks to this, his ailment was completely cured in less than a year.

-Clark. Still.

Cheon Mu-geuk spoke in a sad yet calm voice as he interrogated his grandson’s paralyzed body all night long, telling him the story of his disciple.

-If we can even begin to eradicate this hatred…

then it was time. The screams of the martial arts people were heard not far away.


“Help, help!”

Cheon Muhan’s gaze turned towards the direction from which the scream was heard. The warriors of the Murim Alliance were being attacked.

A small number. However, seeing that their skills were quite good, I thought that they were late exponents of a political faction blinded by a desire for publicity.

In the past, these were people who would have pretended not to know or would have taken their own lives.


won’t the day come when our descendants will no longer have to shed blood because of the hatred our ancestors built up?

Chun Muhan said, recalling his grandfather’s words.

“…rescue the remaining troops of the Murim Alliance.”

For a moment, bewilderment appeared in the eyes of the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church.

But that was just for a moment.


The elites of the Heavenly Demon Church, centered around Cheon Muhan, rushed through the battlefield like a gale.

Cheon Muhan arrived at the destination in an instant and cut down the demons, and the warriors of the Cheon Demon Church who followed behind took out the demon beasts.

After clearing the area in an instant, Cheon Muhan stood quietly on top of the large corpse of the devil. He said, looking down at the embarrassed later political faction leaders.

“I am the head of the Heavenly Demon Church.”


The bodies of the later political faction index members stiffened. Some people put their hands on swords without even realizing it. I felt extreme caution and hostility.

However, Cheon Muhan continued speaking in a calm voice.

“It looks like you have been separated from the unit, so join us for now. “The wounded will soon be moved to the rear.”

“What can you say…”

The warrior who was about to speak was struck in the side by another colleague and silenced him. The surviving representative of the late Jisoo Murim League briefly expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you… Soida.”

“Then follow me.”

After catching a glimpse of them, Chun Muhan roamed the battlefield again. They were followed by the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church and the newly joined warriors of the political faction with a confused look on their faces.


“If you want to say something, say it.”

The late Jisoo of the Murim League had difficulty speaking.

The story is that there were other comrades who were fighting together, but they were scattered as they fought frantically.

“Maybe other friends…”

It was a difficult topic to bring up, but Cheon Muhan nodded with an expression that it was no big deal.

“If they are alive, let us save them all.”

It was a moment when the expressions of the Murim League warriors brightened.

Cheon Muhan roamed the battlefield and rescued the warriors of the Murim Alliance who were scattered and fighting.

Among them, there were warriors who hated or were uncomfortable with the Heavenly Demon Church, but there was no case in which they refused help in a life-threatening situation.

“Thank you.”

“Hmm. Anyway, since we are in the same boat….”


Everyone looked nervous or hesitant and at least made eye contact.

As he looked at that, Cheon Muhan muttered to himself.

‘If we start eradicating this hatred… someday.’

Deep, deep hatred may be eradicated.

The mood was already changing.

Because the Murim Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Church were fighting together because of a huge and overwhelming common enemy called the Demon World.

‘…Maybe that day will come much sooner than I think.’

With that thought in mind, Cheon Muhan turned his head towards the center of the battlefield.

“Grandfather and the incarnation of Mazda….”

There, a fight was taking place that would determine the outcome of this war.

If his body had fully recovered, he would have been there too, but unfortunately he couldn’t.

“Please win.”

Now all I could do was pray to God.




The dragon fist wind was rushing due to the clash of enormous forces. It had been a long time since a massive shock wave spread out, distorted space, and successive explosions changed the terrain.

radius of several tens of kilometers.

A space that no one can access.

A place where only the best elites within the Dimensional Allied Forces can enter.

“You don’t confront him head-on!”


At Cheonmugeuk’s command, the elders and other top members of the Heavenly Demon Church scattered in all directions.

[Caw! Are you running away?]

Demon Lord Storas, with the face of a crow, spread his wings wide and chased after them.

“conflict! “Your opponent is me!”

Cheonmugeuk spewed out a stream of condensed Heavenly Demon energy from his new sword, Black Darkness, and rushed towards Storas.

Stolas had no choice but to turn around and block Cheonmugeuk’s sword with his wings.


A massive shock wave spread in all directions. Stolas glared at Cheonmugeuk with an unpleasant gaze.

[Caw! It’s you again!]

“Clark. Didn’t you tell me? “Your opponent is me!”

A fierce smile appeared on Cheon Mu-geuk’s lips. The muscles of his entire body wriggled like those of an animal, and infinite energy welled up in his dantian.

The jet-black Divine Suit that covered his entire body increased his physical abilities and assisted his internal strength.

Although he originally hated relying on weapons, Cheonmugeuk accepted this Divine Suit without any hesitation.

‘This is not a fight just for me.’


Cheonmugeuk shouted as he single-handedly tied down Storas’ movements.


The scattered elders of the Heavenly Demon Church suddenly approached and attacked.

Power pouring over the demon king’s body. However, Storas did not suffer any major damage.


When Storas raised his head and roared, the air exploded around him.

Bubble bubbling! Bubble bubbling!

The elders who were relatively nearby suffered internal injuries and staggered. Storas did not miss that gap.


In an instant, Stolas flew in and cut Elder Gu’s waist with his wings.


The old road, separated from the top and bottom, fell to the ground. Storas raised his beak to the sky and let out a frivolous laugh.


The demon kings seemed like beings born to fight. Even after fighting for several days and nights, I did not get tired at all, and the more I fought, the more I became accustomed to the martial arts attack patterns.

Moreover, after learning that the Dimensional Allied Forces were fully prepared to deal with them, the Demon Lords did not hesitate to flee the battlefield or unite with other Demon Lords.

As a result,

[Storas! Move out of the way!]

The moment Stolas moved to the side, a chain made of lightning flew out of the air and aimed at Cheonmugeuk.


Cheon Mu-geuk used Lee Hyeong-hwan Wei and disappeared on the spot. He released his invisibility and swung his sword aiming at the demon lord Binet who had attacked him.


Storas blocked the attack instead.

[Caw! Didn’t you say that your opponent is me?]

“…Cl. “I’ll cut off the head and have it as a snack.”

While Cheonmugeuk collided with Storas with murderous rays pouring out of his eyes, Biene aimed at Elder Pal, who had revealed a gap.


When Elder Pal’s head exploded, Storas raised his beak once again and cried happily.

[Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -!!?

no matter how many days and nights they are assisted by the divine suit, the battle that lasts for days and nights is extremely exhausting to the human spirit.

The fact that they have endured so far was possible because they were highly trained elders of the Heavenly Demon Church.

However, the Demon Lords were not having an easy fight.

[Kkkkkkk. One more guy…!]

The moment the greedy Vinae was about to deal with one more elder of the Heavenly Demon Church,

he roared!

A huge firebird flew in and swept over the place where Binet was. Binet, whose tail was on fire, hurriedly retreated and shouted,

“Elders and grandfathers! are you okay?”

Lily stopped next to Cheonmugeuk and shouted.

Cheon Mu-geuk looked at the girl’s very tired face and smiled bitterly.

“Cluck. Are you really okay?”

“I’m fine!”

Although she was trying to say that she was fine, Lily looked very haggard.

[Astaroth! “Didn’t you decide to capture that kid?”

As Vine, whose arm had been reduced to ashes, shouted fiercely, Astaroth, who had belatedly chased after Lily, ground his teeth.

[If you are dissatisfied, change roles.]

Biene kept her mouth shut at the words of Astaroth, whose body was half reduced to a pile of charcoal.


Astaroth said grimly as he regenerated his body.

[Storas. Rain. There is no need to be impatient. Time is on our side. All you have to do is enjoy it slowly, kill them one by one, and then wipe out the ones outside.]



The three Demon Lords stood side by side in the air and sneered at the remaining humans.


Cheon Mu-geuk looked at the scene with a sombre expression.

Three demon lords who are difficult to deal with one by one have gathered in one place.

Allied interceptors gathered together to deal with each of them, but the synergy was much stronger for the Demon Lords.

‘Obviously we had the advantage at first…’

At first, the interception team pushed back the demon kings. After triggering a trap and entrapping the demon kings with numerous magics and spells, Choi Elite, who was given a divine suit, attacked the demon king directly.

However, the demon lords were not only strong but also cunning.

When the situation became unfavorable, the three gathered together, avoided direct confrontation with the interception team, and began destroying the opponent’s weak points one by one.

Wizards and sorcerers were the first to die, followed by priests.

As a few days passed, the situation gradually reversed.

The number of interceptors remaining is at most a few dozen.

[Kkkkkkk. We have a lot of time, so let’s enjoy it slowly.]

A thick darkness rose from the body of Astaroth, who smiled evilly. The same was true for Storas and Binet.

‘…If we wait any longer, our chances of winning will only decrease. ‘I’d rather look at the game now.’

Cheon Mu-geuk decided that way and conveyed his thoughts to everyone.

The surviving elders nodded, and the few remaining knights and wizards on the Gaia continent also agreed.

Finally, Lily pursed her lips and nodded.


It was a time when they were trying to attack the demon kings with all their might, sending signals through sound and eyes.

-Listen without making a fuss. This is a message from the landlord’s vice president.

Joo Sang-wook’s voice was heard from the ear microphones of all the surviving interceptors.

‘Daein, that guy…!’


With everyone’s eyes shining with excitement, Joo Sang-wook delivered Dae-in’s detailed plan to everyone.

-…The Vice President said he would move immediately. Timing is important in this operation, but he said he will trust you and leave the rest up to you.

When Joo Sang-wook finished speaking, Cheon Mu-geuk could no longer hold back his laughter and burst out.

“Puh-huh… He’s my student, but sometimes I see him like he’s crazy.”


Lily muttered her friend’s name with wide eyes. We also told a little bit in advance that Daein saved Wendy through Joo Sang-wook.

Other people in the interception squad were also lost in their own thoughts.

‘Pacheongeomje is coming!’

‘It’s the landlord’s plan. There’s no way it could fail…’

‘He’s finally returned!’

A strange heat spread among the people. Astaroth, who noticed something strange, turned to the other Demon Lords and said.

[…Those guys. Hasn’t the atmosphere changed a bit?]

[It looks like they’re trying to struggle before they die.]


Only the demon lords didn’t know what was going to happen in a moment.

[ Red Dragon of the Apocalypse (2) ] End

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