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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 285

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[ Red Dragon of the Apocalypse (3) ]

Demon World Baal surname.

The demon kings were gathered in one place and looking at the battlefield on Earth through the demonic mirror.

Baal, who was sitting at the head of the table, had a pleasant smile on his face.

[They are starting to run away.]

The forces of the Dimensional Allied Forces were clearly pushed back a little while ago and were soon seen retreating from the battlefield.

[joy. He attacked me quite violently. It was barely that much.]

Agares said, licking her lips with her tongue. The gaze of the demon world’s second-in-command was always focused on the red-haired girl.


The sight of it spewing out enormous flames and making even the Demon King retreat, even though it was an enemy, was enough to arouse admiration.

[I wanted to hunt that little thing myself.]

[Then why don’t we go to Earth first now?]

Vassago, who was sitting across from her, smiled and encouraged Agares, who was sitting on the other side of her, to see her shaking her hips in disappointment.

Agares’ expression suddenly crumpled.

[why? Are you going to split the back of my head then?]

[Tsk tsk. I gave it a lot of thought, but I couldn’t even say one harsh word…]

[I never asked you to think about me.]

The air was frozen as the spirit battle between the 2nd and 3rd leaders of the demon world took place.

While the other demon kings were watching, Baal intervened in a low voice.

[stop. You must have forgotten that we banned all disputes until the dimensional hub was taken over.]

Even if they are the same Demon Lord, their treatment is very different depending on their rank.

The power of the demon kings in the top 10 and the demon kings below them is of a different level, and

among them, there are three.

Baal Agares. Vasago.

The three overlords who supported the Demon World were leading their respective factions.

There was no way their relationship would normally be good.

Baal did everything he could to protect his highest throne, Agares did not hide his ambition for the throne, and even Vassago, the weakest of the three, had no idea what he was thinking.

The reason those demon kings decided to unite was purely because of the value of the dimensional hub called Earth.

[If we take over the dimensional hub, there will be no need to fight among ourselves anymore. In the future, we will dominate dozens and hundreds of dimensions. Everyone will have as much as they want.]

Baal said this while smiling in satisfaction. Agares and Vassago also nodded in agreement.

But deep down, neither of them believed Baal’s words.

‘joy. Well, in the end, it’s no use if you’re on top of me.’

‘It’s as much as everyone wants… It’s probably as much as you allow.’

However, neither of them did anything foolish to reveal their true intentions. That’s enough after this war is over.

At least until then, this alliance will remain in place.

… Baal and Agares believed.

[Wouldn’t it be better to be prepared just in case?]

It was Vassago who spoke with concern. The other two demon lords looked at him with puzzled expressions.

[What if?]

[If they are defeated.]

Vassago’s bony finger pointed to one of the demonic scriptures.

The three demon kings were engaged in a fierce battle with the best of the surviving dimensional alliance forces.

Astaroth. Storas. Rain.

The demonic energy was spreading everywhere as if it was going to destroy the world, but the elite of the Dimensional Allied Forces opposing it were also formidable.

[I guess it’s because it’s a skeleton with empty eye sockets. Can’t you see the demon lords catching and killing those bugs one by one?]

Agares frowned as if she had been waiting.

However, Vassago still looked calm.

[Isn’t something strange? What if this whole situation was the landlord’s intention?]



At that moment, the expressions of the demon lords, especially Baal, hardened.

After learning that Daein had devastated the Pandemonium headquarters not long ago, Baal’s expression hardened at the mere mention of the name ‘Renter’.

[He boldly set up a fake on Earth and crossed the dimension alone to the continent of Gaia. And Pandemonium was wiped out in one day. If they can form an alliance with Baal, they can’t be weak either.]

[…What do you want to say?]

Flames rose from Baal’s eyes, but Vassago leisurely tapped his fingers on the table and continued speaking.

[After that, the landlord’s whereabouts are unknown. Where is he and what is he doing now?]


Only then did the expressions of Baal and the other demon lords harden.

Everyone was so absorbed in the fact that the war situation was favorable that they forgot the existence of the lessor.

Despite being the most dangerous entity in conquering the demon world’s dimensional hub.

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.

The sound of Vassago knocking on the table sounded particularly ominous.

[As everyone knows, the landlord has the same level of power as the Heavenly Demon or the Fire Child over there. In addition to this, he has the ability to see the future, an excellent plan, and the ability to execute at any cost to save humanity. Will he just sit back and watch this situation?]


All the demon kings were silent and listened to Vassago’s words.

Although he would not admit it, the three letters of the name ‘lessor’ had become an object of discomfort and ominousness to the devils.

[So what do you want to say?]

Agares asked with an unpleasant expression. As he became angry, a mild earthquake occurred in the area.

Vassago said with a grin.

[What if we put our overwhelming power into that place and finish it before the landlord does anything?] [

More specifically.]

Baal asked, leaning over. Vassago’s smile grew even deeper.

He said while looking around at the demon lords.

[I think two of us can go over there.]


The demon kings began to murmur at Vassago’s suggestion. Moloch, a member of the Baal faction, said:

[The gate would no longer be able to withstand.]

The entire Hell Gate was already overheated due to the constant deployment of troops.

If the demon lords cross the gate again, the entire gate currently connected to Earth will disappear much faster than expected.

It will take quite some time before it reopens after that.

Vassago nodded, saying he fully expected that part.

[okay. If two or three more demon lords fall, the passage itself will probably be closed for a while. This plan also carries some risk. So…]

Vassago looked around at the demon kings. At the end of that line of sight were Baal and Agares.

[If everyone agrees, I would like to send Caim and Gremory there.]

The two whose names were called were demon lords belonging to the Vassago faction. The two demon lords nodded as if the conversation had already ended in advance.

At that moment, flames erupted from Agares’ eyes.

[After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to raise the stakes for?]


While Agares was angry, Baal looked at the Demon Lord and was lost in thought.

Is this a gamble or a chance?



While the main force of the Dimensional Allied Forces was gradually retreating due to the forces of the Demon World, the elite fighting against the Demon Lords were holding on tenaciously.

Rather, it looks more like evil.

‘Why are you waiting for something… instead of running away?’

When I thought about it that way, it felt like everything fit together perfectly.

It was clear who they were waiting for.


Those three letters felt like a thorn in my throat.

‘If the landlord is really plotting something, and like Vassago said, that plot is aimed at the demon lords over there…’ [Are you going to

wait until something happens like this? If that’s the case, you should have ordered those three to retreat.]

Vassago spoke as if it was almost a foregone conclusion that something would happen soon. Baal’s anxiety grew a little more at those words.

‘If we send two more demon kings as Vassago said…’

The three and five demon kings are on a different level in terms of power.

Even if there is a risk of the overloaded Hell Gate closing, the number of troops already poured into Earth is enormous.

‘If that’s enough…’

No matter what kind of plan the landlord had planned, that level of power would be enough to destroy it and take over North America.

After thinking about it, Baal looked at Vassago and said.

[good night. I will do that.]

[Then right now…]

The moment Vassago’s voice became excited, Baal cut him off mid-sentence.

[But I don’t think it will be enough for Kaim and Gremory. Just as you said, I don’t know what kind of danger there might be.]

[…What do you mean?]

Vassago’s expression hardened. Anyway, Baal pointed out two other demon lords because they seemed to be the best suited for that battlefield.

One from your faction.

And one from Agares’ faction.

[What is this…!]

Vassago glared at Baal as if he had been struck. Because Baal stole only the essence of his plan.

Agares laughed and looked at Vassago.

[I like it. Are you dissatisfied with yourself?]


Red-hot flames rose from the eye sockets of Vassago’s hollow skull. At the same time, he stood up from his throne and glared at Baal and Agares.


The demon kings tensed their bodies.

If the overlords of the Demon World collide here, the aftermath would not be small.

Fortunately, no collision occurred.


“I don’t think I need to stay here any longer,”

Vassago stormed out of the room. The vicious demonic energy was pouring out from his body, and no one dared to stop his steps.

[Hehehe. Do you think it’s unfair that he pretended to be smart and then got taken away?]


He could feel Agares’ sneer and Baal’s gaze behind him, but Vassago didn’t stop walking.

Vassago left the conference room and looked shabby.

So no one could have imagined it.

The fact that Vassago’s face as he storms out of the conference room is actually smiling with great joy.

After completely getting out of the Demon Lords’ sight, Vassago took out a communicator in his arms and contacted someone.

-What happened?

Surprisingly, the owner of the voice coming from the other end of the communicator was the landlord.

Vassago answered with a laugh.

[I persuaded him by selling your name, and he scared me. They said they would send demon lords belonging to my faction to the battlefield… haha. They are definitely not the kind of people who will ignore that.]

Vassago told Daein everything that had happened at the meeting just now.

Just as Baal joined hands with Pandemonium to conquer the dimensional hub, Vassago also formed an alliance.

The only difference was that the alliance partner was a landlord and Vassago’s purpose was not a dimensional hub.

-There are five demon lords… I think the balance is roughly right now.

[I did what you wanted. What are you planning to do?]

Vassago did not know all of Daein’s plans.

Daein only incited the demon lords to send two or three more demon lords into the battlefield, but did not tell them about his plans after that.

-See for yourself. It will be a sight you will never see in your lifetime.

The great man only answered like that.


Flames exploded and lightning struck. Every time a light flashed as if heaven and earth were changing, the retreating Allied soldiers looked at the huge whirlpool growing bigger and bigger with stern expressions.


Although it was impossible to see inside because the red dust cloud obscured the view, the enormous impact it had on the surroundings was enough to get an idea of how ferocious the fight was going on inside.

Wouldn’t the world be destroyed like this?

“Remain in line and retreat quickly!”

“Transfer the wounded to the rear first!”

Allied officers screamed loudly.

The Dimensional Allied Forces were rapidly retreating.

For several days, we had been fending off endless waves of monsters from Hell Gate, but the order given just now was to retreat.

The faces of the Allied soldiers were very dark.

“Damn it…”

“We fought this far…”

Everyone was fighting for their lives. I took turns taking a nap for a few days, but before the pain from my terrible injuries subsided, I took a potion and went out to fight again.

However, the war situation became increasingly unfavorable for the Allies, and eventually a retreat was ordered.



The whirlpool became more and more violent and increased in size. Flames and lightning continued to rain down around the whirlpool, turning Royalty into hell.

The despair did not end there.

Jiii… Yiiii!

Jiii… Yiiii!

The Hell Gate, where the forces of the Demon World were pouring in endlessly, began to vibrate unnaturally and soon cracked.

After a while, Hellgate expelled the two beings with its last remaining strength and then disappeared.

[You idiots. You can’t believe you’re being dragged around by such insignificant things.]

[Kk. Those who are low in rank are like that.]

Molech, ranked 20th in the Demon World and ranked 21st in Purson, looked around the battlefield and unleashed his power.



Dark magic energy spread, encroaching on the battlefield. The affected demons and demons roared fiercely, and Allied soldiers frothed at the mouth or fell into confusion.

“Increase the speed of retreat!”

“Get out of the range of that black fog as much as possible!”

The officers were screaming at the top of their lungs. The lines of the retreating army were completely disorganized.

The two demon kings watched this with enjoyment.

[Giggle. Shall we tear it all apart?]

[Let’s deal with it from the other side first.]

The two Demon Lords looked at the fierce whirlpool. The clash of forces inside was enough to make my skin tingle.

Demon King Furson, who looked like a cross between a bear and a lion, spoke with his eyes shining bright yellow.

[Let’s kill the guys in there first before the landlord does something crazy.]

[Giggles. [I am also excited to come to the battlefield.] When

Molech, who had the body of an old man and the face of a goat, waved his staff, the bodies of the two demon kings rose into the air.

It was when the two demon kings flew towards the whirlpool.


Black cumulonimbus clouds that had not existed until then began to gather in the sky.

Cumulonimbus clouds proliferated like cancer cells and dyed the entire sky black.

The clouds soon swallowed up the sun and the whole world was covered in darkness.

“What is it?”

“Why is the sky suddenly…”

It wasn’t just the Allied Forces that were surprised. The demons and demons who were pushing them suddenly trembled in fear that engulfed their bodies.


It wasn’t just the sky where abnormal weather occurred. A sudden strong earthquake turned the ground upside down, and a torrential downpour poured down as if a hole had been opened in the sky.


[What nonsense…]

[…Is Baal or Agares coming?]

[No. This is something else…]

What surprised me the most were the demon lords.

The demon kings looked up at the sky with shocked faces, forgetting about the fight against the Allied Forces that were in the midst of a fierce battle.

Blah blah blah…!

A red crack was spreading across the sky where the light had disappeared. Red light emanated from the crack that spread like a spider web.

And in the end,


Part of the world broke apart and a huge red meteor fell, leaving a trail on the ground.

[Red Dragon of the Apocalypse (3)] End

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