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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 290

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[To the Demon Realm (3)]

Dimensional Allied Forces – Demon Lord castle headquarters.

About 100 people of various races and races were gathered at a certain location inside the Demon King’s Castle.



I could see nervous looks everywhere.

Although they were all elites selected from the entire dimensional alliance, there was no one who was not nervous at this moment.

They were a deadly force of 100 people selected to end the war against the demon world.

‘Only if we succeed…’

‘The Allies can win.’

Everyone relaxed in their own way.

I took a deep breath, polished my weapon, muttered a spell, or shared a light joke with the person next to me.

But I couldn’t calm down easily.

‘It was all we could do to stop it until now, but now we’re going to attack there first…’ ‘

I believe it because it’s the prophet’s word, but it still seems crazy.’

Everyone was having similar thoughts, although they couldn’t say it out loud.

Allied forces have so far fought to defend against enemy attacks.

We built a defense line several months ago and conducted combat training in familiar terrain. There was no need to even worry about supply.

But now things have changed. They must strike into the heart of enemy territory.

Demon World:

A land teeming with monsters and demons.

A hell where devils wait with their mouths open to devour their flesh and souls.

‘Maybe… we won’t come back alive.’

‘I’ve already made my decision. ‘If I can protect my family and my country with my sacrifice…’ A

solemn feeling appeared in the eyes of those gathered in the room.

A death squad of 100 people.

They all volunteered for this operation.

“You will be deployed on the most dangerous operation.”

“You could go to the devil world and die like a dog.”

“…It would be a good idea to write a will in advance.”

The Allied leadership fully explained the risks of this operation.

They did not tell me about their specific plans, saying it was for security reasons, but they expressed their intention to participate in the death squad and agreed to tell us in detail if they came to this location.

The people here came here despite knowing all the dangers.

Even though we were all out of breath from fear and anxiety, we all stood here with the same heart.

‘We must end this war!’

A moment later, with a solemn atmosphere in the hall, a young man with a pale complexion came up to the podium.

He was a great man. The moment they saw Daein, people’s expressions changed.

“I heard you haven’t seen me for a while…”


The great man’s fame and popularity were growing day by day.

A saint who saw the future in exchange for his lifespan, used that future to create numerous disasters, and is now protecting countless lives from the invasion of demon kings.

Rumors related to Daein spread without a single day’s rest not only within the Dimensional Allied Forces but also in numerous dimensions connected to Earth.

“It must have been a difficult choice for everyone, but thank you for coming here.”

Now, even if the great man said this, people would blush and be deeply moved.

“Compared to your sacrifice, we are nothing!”

“It would be an honor to die with you!”

Thanks to this, Daein was comfortable.

The looks in the eyes of some fanatics were a bit burdensome, though.

‘Who dies together?’

The great man cleared his throat loudly and continued speaking.

“As you all have heard, you will be the first to be sent into the Demon World. And they will be deployed on the most dangerous missions.”

“Because this operation is so important, all of you will be provided with top-quality divine suits and weapons made from dragon materials.”

“Oh, you don’t have to return the equipment later. Considering all the hard work you’ll do, this is a bonus… It’s a joke, but no one is laughing. “Then do you just want to return it?”

Laughter spread among the people.

The great man grinned and looked around at the people gathered at the table.

Among them, there were superhumans, including Baek Chang-su and Wang Gu-ho, and there were also faces who made connections on the Gaia continent and in martial arts.

There were faces I only knew and didn’t know well, great heroes whose names I had heard of before their regression, and some who were completely unfamiliar to me.

They were all looking at the great man and listening to his words.

‘I feel so burdened and ignorant.’

But I am now quite used to that kind of pressure. Did you say that a place makes a person? Daein led the natural atmosphere by joking around.

“When you return here after the war, you will have your names written in the history books. They call it the 100 heroes who ended the war or something like that. Then you can brag about it forever until you get old and die, right?”

At that time, someone shouted in a solemn voice.

“I don’t want you to come back alive! “I will sacrifice my life to end this war!”

Quite a few more people than expected agreed with that voice.

“We are already mentally prepared!”

“You don’t need to motivate me like that!”

“I will die gloriously with you!”

The great man looked at them with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, guys, please calm down and tell me…”

‘If you really want to die, die alone. Don’t keep asking us to die together out of luck!’

In the end, the great man sighed and shook his head.

“Most of you will come back alive and well. And you will enjoy wealth, fame, and power until you die. Of course, I have to live too.”

That was something I said to everyone and also to myself.

The great man continued speaking with a confident voice.

“Because I saw that future. So this is a prophecy.”



Soon, empty laughter began to spread among the people who were looking at Daein with embarrassed expressions.

“To reassure us…”

“There’s no need to lie like that.”

“Thanks to you, my tension has eased a lot.”

Most people thought that big people were lying to reassure them.

“That’s because it’s real.”

The great man just sighed and shrugged his shoulders.


The 100-member death squad that was provided with equipment began intense training.

In the meantime, all the scientists and engineers of the Dimensional Allied Forces mobilized all their technological capabilities to complete two weapons.

“Now this is the completed Longinus.”

Abraxas pointed behind himself with a proud expression.


The great man opened his mouth without realizing it.

The Longinus in his memory was a golden spear tens of meters long.

However, the finished product now visible in front of me had a subtle red glow.

It was reborn as a more powerful weapon by using the dragon heart obtained by hunting the red dragon and the bone, scale, and claws.

On the blade of the spear, five divine jewels formed a pentagram and sparkled brightly.

“The problem of unstable power sources was completely solved with Dragon Heart. Now there is zero chance of it exploding during use. Do you think that’s it? The structure itself was strengthened with the bones left behind by the red guy. Especially since his spine and skull are quite usable…”

“Wait a minute.”

To Abraxas, who was excitedly explaining, the great man spoke with a slightly bored expression.

“Weren’t you quite distraught when she died?”

After the hunt for the red dragon of the Apocalypse was over, Abraxas was the first to leave, saying he could not bear to see his people being slaughtered.

But now his eyes are as bright as a child receiving a new toy as a gift.

“That’s it. Aren’t you stupid for not being able to utilize something that’s already dead? “If not now, when else would you get to touch a dragon’s corpse?”

‘As expected, this guy is not in his right mind either.’

The great man shook his head.

Anyway, thanks to Abraxas’ hard work, Longinus was completed as a much more powerful weapon than Daein expected.

“Thank you anyway. “I think my odds of winning have doubled with this.”

“of course. “Who made it?”

A happy smile appeared on Abraxas’s lips.

The satisfaction of creating a proper artifact for the first time in a long time and the fact that it was a great help to her friend made her happy.

“Actually, at first, I was wondering how you would use such a large weapon. “It’s not the size that a human can swing, is it?”

“That’s right.”

The great man nodded obediently.

Longinus was a weapon measuring tens of meters in length, or rather an object that was more appropriately called a weapon.

‘Of course, there’s nothing you can’t use if you use it like a sword, but it’s too inefficient for that.’

Nevertheless, there was a reason why the great man asked Longinus to be made so large.

“After I came here and saw that monster, I was convinced.”

Abraxas turned his head and looked in the other direction.

There, Jang Young-shin was clinging to a huge combat robot along with technicians.

The final weapon produced as a pair with the Holy Spear Longinus.

The giant god soldier, Gigas,

was a battle robot with joints that were almost the same as those of a human, with a height of several tens of meters.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

Special red gloves were mounted on an endoskeleton that looked complex like human muscles.

That one was almost finished, too.

“That red dragon. They really gave generously, even their scales and claws. Moreover, I also equipped the remaining Dragon Heart that I used on Longinus…”

Abraxas estimated the power of Gigas, which would soon be completed.

The strongest magic engineering weapon that is a culmination of science and magic technology from various dimensions using dragon bone, tendon, and scales.

If such a monster even wields Longinus…

“…it’s better not to think about it.”

After coming to that conclusion, she asked Daein, who was looking at the robot with a full expression even though he hadn’t eaten since earlier.

“Do you like it that much?”

“Of course it’s good.”

The great man pointed to the thick armor mounted on the robot’s chest.

There, the abbreviation for the spelling of the person’s English name, [LDI], was embossed in large letters.

The great man said with his eyes shining brightly.

“Because I finally have my own robot!”

“…Let’s not talk.”

In any case, all of the Allied forces’ secret weapons were completed.


After completing all preparations, Daein returned to his room and took out the magic communication device.

After a while, a golden skeleton wearing a purple robe appeared beyond the communicator.

Blue fire burned in the skull’s gaping eye sockets.

[I’ve been waiting to hear from you… Are you finally ready?]

There was a hint of excitement in Vassago’s voice. The great man nodded.

“This side is ready. “What about that one?”

[This side can also be started at any time.]

Vassago wants to end the war with the Demon World

by bringing down Baal and Agares and become the new ruler of the Demon World.

With their interests aligned, they secretly formed an alliance. And the fact has been thoroughly hidden until now.

Thanks to this, they were able to gain a lot from each other.

And now,

“Then let’s get started.”

[Tsk tsk. The door will open from here.]

They had no intention of hiding their alliance.

[To the Demon World (3)] End

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