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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 300

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[Operation Yangdong (1)]

-Kwakwakwakwaang !

The walls shook violently as if they would collapse due to the pouring artillery fire.

[Counterattack! I mean, counterattack properly!]

On top of the castle wall.

Demon King Froson shouted, swinging the spear in his hand wildly.

Magic energy drained from his body in bunches, and after a while, his Demon King Castle fired dozens of magic cannons.

-Bubbaebung! Pubbung!

However, compared to the enemy’s barrage, our troops’ firepower was less than half.

The magic cannon filled with red flames struck the castle wall again, swallowing up the clumsy counterattack.


The thick walls of the castle were cracking due to the constant barrage of attacks.

[It’s the same Demon King! Why is there such a difference in firepower?]

Demon King Froson poured fire from afar and glared at the approaching enemy’s Demon Castle.

Hehehe. Hehehe. Kirilik.

A polygonal fortress with multiple legs like a spider.

Using their many legs, they quickly moved forward, backwards, left, and right to avoid enemy artillery fire, while targeting the same part of the castle wall with surprisingly precise artillery fire.


– Jeok Jeok Jeok Jeok….

The cracks in the castle wall were getting worse. At the same time, cracks were appearing on Froson’s expression.

‘It’s only been a few days since I ascended to the position of Demon King that I so desperately wanted…!’

After the Demon Lords disappeared due to the Allied Forces, several territories and Demon Castles that lost their owners were created in the Demon World.

Froson was one of the corps commanders of Baal’s army and became the Demon King by occupying one of the empty Demon Castles by Baal’s orders.

Up to that point, everything went according to plan.

That is, until that monster emitting an ominous red light appears beyond the horizon.

[Crazy guys! How dare you rebel against Lord Baal and still get away with it?]

Froson knew the identity of the person attacking him.


He defeated Berit, the commander of the 3rd legion of the Baal army sent to take over Belial’s castle, and even drove out Baal, who had descended on his body, and became the devil.

Immediately after that, the crazy demon king challenged Baal and started a war!

The entire demon world was now shaking with that name.

[Demon King Castle! You too, stand up like that! I’ll give you as much magic power as you can, so don’t just be stupid and get hit, move and fight!]

Froson gave an order, infusing a lot of magic power into the core of the Demon Castle.

However, his Demon King expressed disapproval.

{It is an order that is currently impossible to fulfill.}

[Why is it impossible!]

{A high synchronization rate is required to change and move the structure of the castle. Currently, our synchronization rate is not up to that level.}

Hearing the Demon King’s calm explanation, Froson got angry and aimed his spear at the enemy’s Demon King.

[It hasn’t been long since he became the Demon Lord, but he’s moving something like that to attack us!] {…I don’t

know why.}

They had no way of knowing.

The fact that the demon king Belial, who was thought to have disappeared from the earth, has become the driver of the red multi-faceted fortress and is assisting Lily.


In the end, one side of the castle wall that had been attacked completely collapsed.

Without missing the opportunity, the multi-faceted fortress quickly moved its legs and approached.

Hehehe. Hehehe. Hehehe.

It looked like a red tarantula approaching its prey caught in a spider web.

[Damn it…!]

Froson gritted his teeth.

He looked back and shouted to his men waiting for his orders.

[Prepare for battle! Lord Baal will soon send reinforcements, so you just have to hold on until then!]

The demons brought directly from his army raised their weapons and roared, but the rest did not respond well at all.

‘I have to hold on somehow. Until Baal sends reinforcements!’

The enemy’s movement was so fast that no one expected it.

In an instant, he rallied the demons that followed him and attacked the nearest proson.

‘Baal already knows this. Reinforcements should be coming by now…’

Froson muttered as if he was brainwashing himself.

The power of the Demon King in front of me was so terrifying that I had to do something like that.

Soon a red spider climbed up the collapsed castle wall.

Froson, who had been waiting for that moment, shouted.

[Now! Tie them up!]

Dozens of huge tentacles rose from the floor and entangled the red spider.

Let’s go…!

The spider’s legs stopped and it stopped standing on the castle wall.

[It’s done!]

Froson clenched his fist and took the lead.

Froson judged that if it were a firefight between the Demon King Castle and the Demon King Castle, they might be pushed back, but if it was a close combat, they might have a chance of winning.

Because he took the castle without much resistance, there was almost no loss of troops.



At his command, tens of thousands of demons and beasts rushed out.

‘If we tie up the enemy’s Demon Castle like this and force it into a melee…’

At that moment, the front part of the Demon Castle, resembling a red spider, opened and a figure walked out from within.



The moment the black light flashed, the hundred or so demons running at the front were split in half.


Froson was also almost swept away by the attack, but thanks to the instincts he developed after wandering around the battlefield for a long time, he was able to barely retreat.

“Hoo. “I thought there were only small pieces, but there are some that seem quite useful.”

An entity that is evaluated by the Demon King as ‘looking quite useful’.

Cheon Mu-geuk, dressed as a satyr, bared his teeth and walked towards the Demon King.

[How dare a lowly satyr…!]

“Clark. I’ve been itching since I haven’t had time to relax. “Why don’t you compete with me?”

Cheonmugeuk rushed towards Froson like a thunderbolt, and Froson also stretched out his spear and pierced the opponent’s heart.


[You are so arrogant! I am the Demon King Froson!]


Proson exploded with momentum and scolded.

He planned to kill Cheon Mu-geuk at once and turn the tide of the battlefield towards his allies.

However, the fight did not go as the Demon King expected.


The Heavenly Demon’s sword and the Demon King’s spear collided, and blue sparks flew out one after another.

A tight battle with neither side backing down.

Froson’s eyes widened in shock.

[Something like a satyr attacked me…!]

On the other hand, a half-moon smile appeared in Cheonmugeuk’s eyes.

“Cluck. “I’ve dealt with many similar guys, and now I’m winning.”

Lily is not the only one who becomes stronger after experiencing the catastrophe called Hellgate.

As he continued to fight and clash with beings stronger than himself, Cheonma was able to look back on his martial arts skills.

I competed with strong players of various levels, learned their techniques, and was constantly stimulated, polishing myself without a single day of rest.

Thanks to that,


The Heavenly Demon was peeking into another realm.

“Go for it. Today, I will teach you a lesson.”

The Heavenly Demon aimed at the Demon King with eyes that were as deep as a lake.


While Proson was stranded by just one Cheonmugeuk, others also appeared one by one outside the Demon King’s Castle.

“Anyway, I’m just impatient…”

Abraxas clicked his tongue as he looked at Cheon Mu-geuk, who had run out alone.

As she lightly waved her hand toward the crowd of demons, seven elemental magic poured down from the sky like rain.


“help me…!”

The numbers meant nothing.

The demons are swept away like bugs swept away by heavy rain.

Although there were some who were lucky enough to escape the heavy rain,

“Sister! “I want to fight too!”

-Blah blah blah!

At the sound of a young voice coming from somewhere, demons within a radius of hundreds of meters instantly turned into ice statues.

When Abraxas and Wendy stepped forward, a large space was immediately secured.

The next person to appear was Berit.

[Demon King. I will open a path for you to walk on.]

Berit, who jumped down from Dagak Fortress, showed stronger sword skills than a few days ago and cut down enemies at random.


“Please save me…”

There were only four people who got off the demon lord’s castle in Nibaniba.

However, each and every one of them is a devil-level strongman.

Tens of thousands of demons were unable to handle the four and were swept away.

[Those who surrender will not be killed! Mercy will be shown to those who swear loyalty to the Demon King Nibaniva!]

Berit cut off the enemy general’s head and held it up on his sword.

The demons who lacked loyalty to Froson were the first to kneel.

dump. dump. dump.

“Ha, I surrender.”

“Long live Nibaniba!”

“Long live-!!”

It was difficult at first, but the number of demons kneeling quickly increased as if contagious.

Soon, all the demons in the Demon Castle fell to their knees.

The Demon King was no exception.


“Cluck. “It looks like things have been sorted out over there too.”


Froson, who was forced to kneel on the floor, looked around in complete disrepair.

All of the loyal subordinates were either dead or captured, and the demons who originally lived in this land had already surrendered and bowed their heads.

And only then,

here and there.

The door to the highest spire of the Red Devil Castle opened and the rumored Devil King appeared.

[The author….]

A chubby body and ears pointed up toward the sky.


The Demon World Rabbit, with the red ribbon on its chest neatly trimmed, walked down vigorously.

Although they had heard about its appearance, the demons who saw it for the first time could only gape in confusion.

‘Are you really a Demon World rabbit?…’

One of the weakest races in the Demon World.

The demon rabbit is famous as a delicacy among demons!

“hi! My name is Demon King Nibaniba! “Please take care of everyone!”

He had his hands on his hips and was greeting the demons kneeling before him as if they were happy to see them.

Froson simply could not admit that fact.

[Wow! I can not admit it! How could such an insignificant race sit on the Demon King’s throne… Ugh!]

Berit punched Froson in the abdomen as he tried to get up from his seat.

Berit spoke to the fallen Froson.

[Old colleague. Aren’t you being too rude to my master?]


Froson glared at Berit as if he were going to kill him.

They had known each other for a long time because they belonged to the same Baal Legion.

[How could you betray Lord Baal!]

[Tsk tsk. It’s not surprising that Baal used and abandoned me, but it’s surprising that I betrayed Baal, right?]

Froson shook his head at Berit’s sarcasm.

[I am asking because it is impossible. You must be… I would have sworn to exist to Baal…]

Oath to exist.

Since it is a pledge to one’s soul, it is a pledge that can never be broken unless one is prepared to be destroyed.

But Berit, who was still fine even after becoming a traitor, just grinned.

[Oh, you mean this?]


The brand of Baal appeared on his forehead.

An ugly goat drawn in the middle of the pentagram.

However, that stigma soon began to be erased by a new stigma.


The flames obliterated the goat’s image and replaced it.

[The brand of oath…!]

[Do you now understand what kind of status my master has?]


Berit faced his former colleague with the flame brand exposed in the middle of his forehead.

[The era of Baal is over. Soon my master will become the ruler of the new demon world. Why don’t you serve the new master with me?]

Although he was surprised to see Baal’s brand removed, Froson shook his head.

[Soon, Baal will personally lead a large army to suppress the traitors. Then no matter how strong you are, you will not be able to withstand….]


This was the first revolt within Baal’s domain.

There was no way Baal would just sit by and watch this situation.


[tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk….] Berit

suddenly covered his mouth as if he was holding back laughter that was about to burst out.

And then he whispered in a sweet voice into the ear of his puzzled former colleague.

[There is nothing to worry about. Baal will never come here.]

[…What do

you mean?] In return for pledging loyalty to Nibaniva, Berit was able to hear part of the events that would occur in the future.

He said, licking his lips with his long tongue.

[By now, Vasago, who has finished subjugating the west, must be advancing north to Baal’s castle.]


[Yangdong Operation (1)] End

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