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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 304

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[Hey Demon King friend]


Agares’s fist crushed the dozens of layers of protection Vassago had spread.

[Basago! I will definitely destroy you with my own hands!]

The most ferocious beast in hell was roaring.


When Agares took a step, an earthquake occurred, and when she exhaled, a storm broke out. Lightning blazed from his huge horn, and his fists were engulfed in black flame and burning brightly.

The demon king’s body, reminiscent of a bison, was becoming increasingly larger.


Vassago used all his talents to avoid the disaster that befell him.

[Hahaha! Try casting that damn curse again!]

Agares unleashed her power and burst into laughter.

I just got caught off guard last time.

I was confident that if my body was in perfect condition like it was now, I would never fall under Vassago’s curse.

Because he is the Demon King with the strongest body and vitality in the Demon World!


The fire of hell burned in Agares’ eyes. He unilaterally pushed Vasago and scolded him.

[Inviting humans to invade the demon world! And then you are the devil! Is the king of the demon world going to treat humans as his masters and wag his tail!]


[Damn it…]

Vassago kept retreating, struggling to maintain his shield. He clicked his teeth nervously.

‘Why on earth is Agares here?!’

Vassago predicted that Agares would be hiding in a remote area of the Demon World.

In the future, when he overthrew Baal and ascended the throne, Vassago planned to take Agares under his command.

Baal must be eliminated, but Agares had some confidence in controlling it.

‘Baal and Agares. If both are removed, the demon world becomes excessively weak. In order to save the Earth in the future, we need Agares…’

Because he had that thought in his heart, Vassago did not pursue Agares with all his might as he ran away during the last battle.


[I will definitely destroy you with my own hands! Even if it means risking my soul! It will be destroyed without even a trace!]

‘…You judged wrong. Who would have thought that the resentment inflicted on me would have been so great that I would have to bend my pride to Baal…’

In the end, I had fallen for my own trick.

[Hahaha! I guess I suddenly became mute! I see you are not letting that cunning tongue fool you!]

At that moment, dozens of black thunderbolts rained down from the sky and struck Agares.

Rumble- Kwa-kwa-kwang!

However, Agares only trembled once, but instead burst into laughter and charged as if she felt refreshed.

[It doesn’t even tickle!]


Vassago used all the black magic, space distortion, barrier summoning magic he could to block Agares’ advance.

There was no demon who came close to the clash between the two demon kings – because they wanted to. It was just bad luck – thousands of demons died just because they were there.

Blah blah blah…!

Vassago’s bony body was becoming incontinent.

‘What a monster…’

Originally, Agares was stronger than Vassago.

However, it was not as overwhelming as the gap with Baal.

Agares, who has the strongest body in the demon world.

Vassago possesses the strongest magic in the Demon World.

They were rivals who were capable of competing against each other.

At least that’s what Vassago believed.

[You guys think you can fight me alone! Bring in the Allied forces right now! I will kill you all!]

[Don’t be arrogant! You are so good at talking about a subject that has run away like ten thousand tails!]

I shouted loudly, but now the gap was so big that the only thing I could do was bide my time and tie it up.

‘It’s not that I’m hiding my power. It has become noticeably stronger than it was a while ago. How on earth…’

Moreover, the bigger problem is that Agares is not the only enemy on the battlefield that one needs to worry about.




Explosions and screams were erupting from all over the battlefield.

Most of those who were swept away were Vassago’s soldiers.

‘Gamigin Marbas Amon Buer…!’

Amon, the king of demon beasts, grew into a giant monster and devastated the battlefield, and Marvas, the strongest swordsman in the demon world, was slaughtering demons.


The immortal army summoned by Gamigin rose up from underground and engaged in a fierce battle, and Buer took advantage of the chaos to reliably eliminate the demon kings and high-ranking demons one by one with the demon palace.

[Stop it! Stop them!]

[Why are all the 10 seats on that side!]


The demon lords who had sworn allegiance to Vassago were blocking each of the 10 seats by several people, but the difference in rank from the beginning was It was so big.

[Who do you idiots dare to stop?]

[Ah, that’s sad. How many more of our compatriots’ blood must be on this sword before the war will end…]

{A weak demon lord is tasteless!}


{Vassago bones! Give it to me!}

Vassago gritted his teeth as he felt the presence of the friendly Demon Lords disappearing one by one due to the 10 seats.

‘If we continue like this, we will be defeated.’

Although they were still holding on due to the number of troops, there were five entities in the enemy army that made numbers meaningless.

Only by stopping those five demon lords can we win this battle.

And to stop them…

-What on earth are you doing! Why isn’t help coming?

Vassago has already sent requests for help telepathically to Daein dozens of times.

But the great man just repeated the same answer each time.

-Oh, I’ll send it to you right away.

However, support actually came after Vassago’s army had been reduced to less than half.


“Is this really okay?”

The swordsman who was quietly observing the battlefield next to the great man asked.

The burning plain was turning into a plain of corpses. Countless demonic beasts were tearing each other apart, their blood staining the plain red.

But there was no Allied blood in that blood.

“sure. “I originally thought about it like this.”

The great man nodded.

Remorse? There was no way I could feel something like that.

From the beginning, Daein did not trust Vassago and neither did Vassago.

This imperfect alliance was bound to crack at some point, and in the end it was a fight to see who would step out first.

“Of course, Vassago will think that my betrayal was quicker than expected. “You probably thought I would be cooperative, at least until we hit Baal.”

But Daein’s real plan was a little different.

“If the two fight and fight and then destroy each other in moderation… it is the best situation for us.”

Daowang and Shinchang, who were listening to the story with Geomseong, looked at Daein with their mouths wide open.

“Hehe, this guy… I knew he had a deep heart…”

“Brother Namgung and Brother Cheon raised a monster…”

The people in charge of guarding Daein today are the world’s third-best.

Three unrivaled experts, known as living legends in the martial arts world, were having a loud conversation surrounding Daein, half of them looking evil.

“Well, not only Chun hyung, but also Namgoong hyung was famous in the box office for his bad temper…”

“Tsk tsk. “Only the bad things were removed from both sides.”

“That’s why you brought old people like us here by threatening them.”

The great man looked back at them with an expression of bewilderment.

“No, elders. When did I threaten you? Is arranging a meeting with elves of the same age a threat? “It’s a charity project.”

“Hey! Didn’t you just show me a picture and make me fret and tell me that the elves would survive only if we save the Earth? “That is threats and fraud!”

The King of Dao got angry with a red face.

It was a scene that showed who was most looking forward to the 4:4 meeting.

The great man who saw that said with a grin.

“So work hard. “What beautiful woman would say no to being the hero who saved the Earth?”

“This damned bastard…. Hmm. “Aren’t you working hard? So.”

The grumbling Dowang turned his head and muttered, “Just try to be different from the picture.”

“…But I heard that on Earth there is a scary talent called photoshop…” When

even Shin Chang, who usually looked solemn, secretly asked about the story, Daein shook his head with an expression of bewilderment.

‘Well, if you live to be around 130, you might be lonely…’

I thought that for the sake of the pink future of your old people, you should not be defeated in this war.

‘If you don’t want to get stabbed in the back, the best way is to get stabbed in the back first.’

Knowing the consequences of being stabbed in the back by the enemy, Daein surveyed the battlefield with a cautious expression.

…I never told anyone, but the reason my future self died was directly or indirectly related to what happened in the demon world.

‘The kid from the future told me at best. If you do that again, you’re an idiot.’

The great man had no intention of ever dying.

I don’t plan on getting hurt, and I don’t plan on losing or losing anything.

A happy ending for yourself and everyone around you.

That was Daein’s final goal.

‘It looks like Vassago can still hold out. It will be a little while before we deploy the death squad….’

“But are you feeling okay?”


Geomseong was looking at Daein with a worried expression. Even though they were ticking, the expressions on Dowang and Sinchang’s faces were the same.

“You. Is it okay for the energy in your body to remain unstable?

“Do you know how much brother Chun was faithful to you before coming here?”

Surprisingly, Cheonhasamjeol and Cheonmugeuk have now become friendly relations. The relationship between the Murim Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Church was also better than ever.

Cheonha Samjeol knew better than anyone else who was responsible for such a miracle.

‘If it wasn’t for this child…’

‘We would still hate each other.’

Because of this, they were concerned and worried about Daein.

…Even if I hadn’t lured them into a meeting, they would have eventually followed me on their own.

“are you okay. “I’m not going to fight anyway.”

The great man, who reassured them with a grin, turned his head back to the battlefield.

It seemed like it was time to deploy a death squad.

Daein spoke into the ear microphone.

“Everyone had a good rest, right? “It’s finally time to get to work.”

As the deadly force entered battle, the tide of the battlefield began to change again.

The great man carefully examined the battlefield and at the same time looked at the Demon Tree that still seemed far away beyond the plain.

‘Baal will be waiting there.’

And the core that makes up this world called the Demon World is also within the Demon World.

‘In the end, everything will be decided there.’

Daein planned to complete all necessary settings by then.

First of all…

I plan to make a new ally for Vassago.


[Why didn’t they send reinforcements?]

Vassago strode towards Daein, exuding a fierce murderous spirit. The robe was torn here and there and the bones were cracked.

[Answer me, landlord! If you don’t convince me, I won’t forgive you!]

Immediately, the Three Worlds of Heaven raised their internal power and protected the great man.

An ugly atmosphere that wouldn’t be strange even if a battle were to break out right away.

In an imminent confrontation, Daein responded calmly.

“What are you talking about? “Because we provided support, didn’t they at least retreat in time?”

It wasn’t wrong.

Thanks to the Allied Forces’ elite death squad being sent to the battlefield, Vassago was able to keep the five demon kings in check and force his troops to retreat.

But that was after a terrible defeat.

[Are you saying that?]

More than half of the demon kings who had sworn loyalty to Vassago were exterminated or captured, and about 70% of their troops were lost.

I couldn’t help but feel anger rising to the top of my head.

[Even if you had sent reinforcements in time, it would not have been a battle to be lost! You could have won! You are the same as betraying your alliance!]


Vassago shouted fiercely, showing an unusually harsh spirit.

However, he was not a person who would be intimidated by such threats.

“So what? “You want to fight us now?”

Rather, he stares at Vassago with eyes as cold as glass.


The great man just raises the corner of his mouth and smiles.

“If you’ve helped me so far, you should know that I’m grateful.”

[What? How dare you…!]

“How dare you?”


As Daein clicked his fingers, all of the death squad that had been preparing in advance raised their magic power and formed a formation.


Each and every member of the death squad is one of the strongest in many dimensions.

The air was boiling hot just because they were raising their magic power at the same time.

The great man smiled coldly and said.

“Hey Demon King friend. “Behave like a gentleman. If you trample on my favor like this, then I too will become a scoundrel.”

[Hey devil friend] The end

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