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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 305

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[New Alliance]

When Daein came out strong, Vassago instead fell into confusion.

‘Are you really trying to break the alliance? I expected something like this would happen only after Baal was brought down…’

As I was suspicious of the other person’s intentions, my anger subsided and my head became cold.

Vassago asked, glaring at the great man with cold eyes.

[Does that mean breaking the alliance?]

“Ah. I don’t mean that. “But let’s respect each other a little more.”

However, no respect for the other person could be found in Daein’s flirtatious appearance and sarcastic tone.

To put it in one word, he’s a scoundrel.

The great man acted as if he had become a completely different person than before.

“Let’s not come all the way here and be pretentious. Anyway, you and I were planning to use each other moderately from the beginning. But why should I help you even at the expense of loss?”

[What kind of loss have you suffered? All those who died in this battle were my soldiers!]

The great man smiled at Vassago, who was about to get angry again.

“That’s because I don’t use people as tools like you do. If we had sent in the death squad right away, it would have been obvious that there would have been many deaths on our side. Why should I put my people in danger in your war of conquest?”

The members of the death squad, moved by Daein’s words, increased their momentum even more.

‘He just said he was mine…!’

‘This person thought of us so much…!’

As a result of the various ‘good deeds’ Daein had done so far, most of the members of the death squad had a black eye on them.

However, in Vassago’s eyes, the landlord just looked like a bully.

[So, in the future, we will continue to engage in battle only to the extent that your troops will not be lost… does this mean?]

“As you know, we have only a small number of troops, and each and every one of them is the best. This is a force that can no longer be replenished. “You can’t waste it carelessly.”

[under. Now, that’s what I’m talking about…]

The landlord was spewing out nonsensical sophistry. But his attitude was so proud that Vassago didn’t even have the heart to question him.

He had already sensed that Daein’s intentions lay elsewhere.

‘I hope my power will become weaker than it is now. ‘They’re trying to tame me.’

After rebelling against Baal, Vassago achieved one crushing victory after another.

With the help of the Allied Forces, they preserved most of their power and conquered the land of Agares. If they continued at this rate, it would not be long before they would topple Baal from power.

It must have seemed dangerous in the eyes of the lessor.

‘They probably think that if my power weakens… it will be easier to put a leash on me.’

Looking at that, I thought that maybe Agares was right.

Although he may be able to bring down Baal and become the ruler of the demon world, his landlord will try to treat him like a puppet after that.

‘How dare a human make me…!’

When he thought of that, his anger boiled up like an active volcano, but Vassago no longer did anything foolish to show his anger outwardly.

However, he spoke in a voice full of concern.

[Baal’s army is strong. If our alliance goes astray like this, we can never guarantee victory.]

“That’s because we will maintain our alliance.”

Even that sounded like a notice, not a suggestion. This made Vassago’s mood even more unpleasant, but he listened quietly to the great man’s words.

But it became more and more difficult.

“Instead, keep this in mind. If you don’t know how to appreciate our help like before and try to threaten us…”


The smile on the Daein’s face became even deeper.

“Because we can throw it all away and return to Earth.”


At that moment, Vassago felt as if all the patience he had built up over the long years of his life was being tested.



Objects in the spacious barracks were smashed and scattered in all directions.

[I will kill you! I will definitely make you struggle in the most terrible pain and slowly die!]

Thanks to the barrier set up outside in advance, Vassago’s cursed voice did not escape outside the barracks.

The demon kings and demons who followed Vassago were busy paying attention.

[On the topic of humans who haven’t even lived for 100 years! How dare you mock me and despise me!] Vassago

continued to fuss for a while longer, as if his anger didn’t go away even though he was destroying everything he could see.

The voice of the great man mocking him continued to echo in his head.

“Hey Demon King friend. “Behave like a gentleman.”

“So what? “You want to fight me?”

“If you fuss like you do now without even knowing the subject….”

“Because I’ll throw it all away and go back to Earth.”


[Not even Baal has ever insulted me like this!]

He was one of the three overlords who ruled the demon world.

Many demon kings feared him, and even Baal and Agares were always wary and careful of him.

‘But the landlord’s attitude…!’

Arrogant eyes and commanding tone, as if he was already at his feet.

That alone was an unbearable insult, and he did not hesitate to even threaten himself.

I suddenly realized why the landlord’s attitude had changed so drastically.

[I guess I just kept waiting. I kept hiding my teeth until I suffered this one defeat…!]

Vassago muttered in an eerie voice.

In my heart, I wanted to tear the landlord to death right now.

But I knew I could never do that.

Vassago thought as he looked at the surviving Demon Lords in the barracks.

‘The damage suffered in the previous battle was too great. In this situation, if even the Allied Forces turn to enemies… this war will be an inevitable defeat.’

Baal will never forgive himself.

Needless to say, Agares.

If he loses the war like this, he will be destroyed by the monster Agares or taken to Baal and suffer an even worse situation.

‘Landlord. ‘He probably knows that too, which is why he acted in such an arrogant manner.’

It was just one defeat.

However, with that defeat, Vassago was caught in a trap from which he could not escape.

When I thought that all of this might have been planned by the landlord from the beginning, I felt a sinking feeling.

Of course, Vassago had no intention of just sitting there and letting it happen.

‘good night. I’ll bow down this time. ‘I will happily wag my tail at you until the day I become the ruler of the demon world.’

But until then.

After taking control of the Demon World, Vassago vowed to use all his abilities to eliminate the landlord.

Of course, I originally planned to destroy it, but…

[I will kill the humans around him one by one. I will kill this world by making it suffer from the most painful disease, cursing it to rot away its entire body, kidnapping it, and making it suffer unimaginable pain to humans. I will make you pay for insulting Vassago!]

Everyone bowed their necks at Vassago’s prophecy-like declaration in anger. He had enough ability to do that.

But there was one thing Vassago did not know.

The great man had no intention of taming Vassago.

From the beginning, there was no intention of making him the ruler of the demon world and controlling him like a puppet.

[Vasago! A messenger has arrived!]

A demon hurriedly entered the barracks, knelt in front of Vasago and reported.

[…messenger? From whom?]

Vassago tilted his head upon hearing that a messenger had suddenly arrived.

The demon who came into the barracks to report continued his report with a dazed expression, as if he was possessed by something.

[She calls herself a descendant of the demon lord Nibaniva… Ah, who would have thought that such a beautiful being existed in the demon world…] [


Immediately Vassago remembered the last time he had heard that strange name. I did it.

[Are you talking about that little demon lord who rebelled against Baal? Hasn’t it been destroyed yet?]

When I first heard the news, I laughed and mocked Baal, but as the war situation became more urgent, I quickly forgot about it.

Because I thought the little devil king’s rebellion would be sorted out quickly.

However, I heard that a messenger sent by the devil came to visit me… I became a little interested.

[Tell them to come in.]

After a while, a messenger from Nivaniba entered the barracks.

The moment the messenger entered, exclamations of exclamation erupted from everywhere.

The voluptuous body was unique to the race, so it wasn’t surprising, but a strange magical energy that was rarely seen in a messenger was flowing out.

‘Succubus. It’s also quite a strong entity.’

Vassago’s interest in the other person increased slightly.

The succubus kneeling in front of Vassago slightly raised her head.

Her smile was very alluring even for Vassago.

“My name is Abrax, a member of Nibaniva’s household. It is an honor to meet Vassago, the overlord of hell and the master of magic…”

Before the obvious flattery and praise could get longer, Vassago asked for the main point.

[Why did you come to see me?]

[…My king wants an alliance with Vassago.]


If it had been the same a few days ago, it was a proposal that I would have sent away without hearing any more.

Vassago’s army was conquering the Demon World by winning battle after battle, and its alliance with the Allied Forces was solid.

But now things have changed greatly.

‘The landlord is trying to tame me and make me his puppet, and I never know when Agares will march here. If that little demon lord called Nibanibar is useful…’

I became a little more interested.


A blue light flickered in Vassago’s empty eyes.

[It’s an alliance… That’s quite arrogant.]

It’s not a request to be taken under his command, but an offer of ‘alliance’.

Alliances are formed only in relationships of equals to some extent.

[Do you think your master has the right to hang out with me?]

It was a question that meant whether a child who had just become a demon lord would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with one of the three overlords of hell.

At the same time, it was also a pressure to obediently come under his control.

The succubus who introduced herself as Abrax smiled brightly.

“I thought you would say that, so I prepared a gift that you might like.”

She took something out of subspace and politely offered it to Vassago.

It was the head of a monster that looked like a mixture of an eagle and a human.

[…It’s Raum’s head.]

Demon King Raum.

As a demon lord ranked 40th in the demon world, he was by no means an opponent that a young demon lord could kill.

In addition, it was a special species that showed sincere loyalty to Baal, the Demon King.

“Is this enough proof of qualifications?”

…Graum’s final expression was one of extreme fear.

[…Your master. [He seems to be quite young.]

“My king defeated five new demon lords who appeared in the north and took three of them under his command. “It may not yet reach Vassago’s power, but I think it is enough to lend a hand in the great cause of defeating Baal.”

If that was true, it meant that the northern part of the Demon World was being integrated at a tremendous speed.


As Abrax’s story continued, Vassago became more interested in the other person.

The timing was also perfect.

Isn’t this a situation where the landlord can no longer be trusted?

‘We could join hands with Nibaniba and keep the landlord in check… or eliminate him.’

Vassago could not help but find the offer of this new alliance attractive.

[I would like to talk in more detail.]

[New Alliance] End

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