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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 312

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[ Final Battle (1) ]

Demon World & Dimension Allies After the alliance meeting of.

Inside the Allied Forces barracks, familiar faces that we had not seen in a long time gathered together.


Lily took off the Demon World Rabbit doll and immediately ran towards Daein.


At that moment, Daein, who felt the greatest threat since he came to the demon world, tried to dodge to the side by using the Breaking Heavenly Treasure, but

the speed of Lily running towards him was beyond his imagination.


“Ugh…! “You planned to kill me, right?”

It was such a shock that my eyes turned slightly red.

Lily, who was hanging on Daein’s chest, touched, pulled, and pinched various parts of his body, nagging him.

“Are you okay? Are you in any pain? Why is your face so white? I didn’t eat properly! “What are you going to do if you collapse like this?”

“…If I fall down now, I know it will definitely be because of you. “Just stay away for now.”

“Not yet. “I’m examining you, so stay still!”

“Oh, that’s it. “A little bit of nagging…”

The great man pushed Lily’s forehead, which was hanging on his left arm – but it didn’t push her at all – and sighed heavily.

But the great man’s ordeal was only just beginning.


Wendy, who ran one beat behind Lily, clung to Daein’s right arm and said,

“Cluck. Hey. “Didn’t you miss this teacher?”

Cheonmugeuk hugged the disciple whose arms were blocked tightly with his sturdy arms and chest.

The great man, whose face was white, grumbled and said.

“I never thought I would be killed not by the Demon Lord but by someone on the same side…”

Only after Daein trembled for a while longer did everyone leave.

“Anyway, you did well earlier, kid.”

Lily laughed “hehe” at the familiar hand stroking her head.

The great man looked back at Abraxas and said.

“As. “What is the barrier?”

“No need to worry. “Not even Baal can sneak in here.”

After the tripartite alliance meeting ended, Vassago was the first to leave.

In front of countless demons, Vasago showed an uncharacteristic appearance as a demon king, and in return, Nibaniva’s right to speak became stronger.

During the meeting, Daein also secretly took Nibaniva’s side and each time sent a message to Vassago as if he had no choice.

-You can’t ruin the alliance with something like this, right? We have to deal with Baal first. Let’s give that simple, ignorant rabbit some credit for a moment.


Vassago had no choice but to be convinced, and the meeting was eventually conducted under the leadership of Nibaniva.

However, since all the words that came out of Nibaniba’s mouth were sung by the great man, it was virtually as if the entire rebel army of the demon world had fallen into the hand of the great man.

‘There’s no way that Vassago bastard will go down easily… but there’s still some usefulness left to get rid of.’

The great man looked around at the people in the barracks and said.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

He made eye contact with Lily Wendy Abraxas Cheonmugeuk in turn.

It must have been a difficult mission, but the four men completed the mission much better than Daein expected.

In particular, Lily’s growth was unbelievable.

“What on earth have you been eating while I wasn’t looking?”

Although I was told what to expect from Abraxas, this was far beyond the expected range.

‘I never thought I wouldn’t be pushed back by Vassago at all with my momentum.’

Daein only intended to show that Nibaniba was formidable, but Lily showed a level of power that was on par with Vassago.

Thanks to this, future work has become a little easier.


Lily placed her hands on her hips and spoke with a proud expression.

“From now on, call me the Flame Demon King!”

“You sound like the Great Demon Lord.”

Daein chuckled and pulled Lily’s cheek.

I pretended like nothing was wrong, but a lot of my chubby cheeks had disappeared.

…It must have been difficult.

Still, I was quite proud to see him smiling so brightly.

“But, my disciple. “Since Lily has taken the lead in the rebellion, wouldn’t it be better to get rid of Vassago now?”

People who agreed with Cheon Mu-geuk’s words nodded.

Now that there is Lily to replace Vassago, they were of the opinion that Vassago, who could become a risk factor later, should be eliminated in advance.

“With these members gathered….”

“We can handle at least a Vassago incident.”

“Uniformizing the command system is for the sake of future battles…”

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what they were saying, but Daein shook his head.

“Vasago is still useful.”

Vassago is the greatest wizard in the Demon World.

Not only was he not easily defeated, but if a battle broke out, damage would inevitably occur to our current allies.

“He’s a very cautious guy, so a surprise attack won’t work. “Because he walks around with dozens of barriers spread all over his body.”

Even if Daein’s [Stealth] attribute was used to its full potential, it was not certain whether assassination would be possible.

The risk we had to take to eliminate Vassago now was too great, as we also had to deal with Agares who was encamped in front of us.

And, unknown to others, Daein knew that Vassago was the only being who could lift the barrier spread across Baal’s Demon Castle.

‘If Asu gives us enough time, he can break the barrier… but we don’t have much time left.’

At least until then, we need Vassago.

“mister. Should I go and kill that skeleton demon lord?”

The great man laughed at Lily’s confident tone.

“I said it was done. “Not yet…”

“I was just looking at it. “I could have done a little more, but he said I shouldn’t really fight, so I made it similar.”


I wonder how much more this little boy is planning to surprise himself…

After telling Lily to be quiet since there was no need for him to do that, he turned his head towards everyone again.

“everyone. “Actually, our situation has become a bit urgent.”

Daein explained Baal’s ‘plan to unite the demonic trees’ that Abraxas had discovered.

A crazy plan to merge with the world itself.

Normally, there would be no way to maintain one’s ego after doing something like that, but there is even speculation that Baal may have found a way.

Abraxas added an explanation here.

“If Baal succeeds in fusing with the Demon Tree, we must immediately flee to Earth.”

“Do you mean to become that strong?”

Cheon Mu-geuk, who had a stronger desire to win than anyone else, wriggled his thick eyebrows. He seemed like he wanted to hang out with Baal.

But Abraxas shook his head with a stern expression.

“It’s not just about being strong. This world itself is our enemy. Even the ground you step on and the air you breathe. A being born in the demon world cannot reject the will of the world. It may be possible to resist something at the level of a demon lord, but it is impossible for the rest. “You literally gain power close to omniscience and omnipotence.”

“If it’s omniscience, it’s omnipotence, what’s closer to that?”

In response to the great man’s question, Abraxas sighed slightly.

“…I can only guess, but I have never seen it in person. But if it’s worse than I expected, it’s worse, not less.”

People’s expressions hardened.

If Baal really gained that much power, all the Allied forces’ hard work to come here would have been in vain.

Is it just that? Baal will use his power to control the dimension to connect the Hell Gate to Earth again, and a disaster unparalleled before will hit the Earth.

“…The situation is as you heard. So we must attack Baal as early as possible.”

The great man’s expression as he looked around at everyone was unusually stern.

The Allied forces had not fought too hard so far.

Baal Agares Vassago made us fight among ourselves and caused a rebellion within the demon world, reducing our power.

‘That’s why there was almost no damage to our troops…’

But it was a situation where we could no longer fight like that.

“In the future, there will come a situation where we too will have to make sacrifices.”

At Daein’s words, the leaders of the death squad gathered in the barracks had tense expressions on their faces.

The fact that the landlord, who had never lost his composure in a certain situation, hardened his expression meant that the situation was more serious than expected.


From now on, you will really have to prepare for death.


In fact, Daein was also nervous.

The moment Lily from the future warned us about was getting closer and closer.

-You went to the demon world and fought unreasonably many times in the war.

‘So we didn’t fight this time.’

-In particular, the wounds sustained in the fight with Baal were fatal. Because there was direct damage to the soul.

‘I have no intention of fighting Baal directly.’

The plan was to prepare step by step, completely isolate Baal from the surroundings, and then raid with the most elite power.

‘If you do it again knowingly, you’re an idiot.’

-The damage suffered at that time could not be repaired with potions or artifacts of any dimension. All I had to do was hold on… but my uncle lied to everyone and said he had cured it. Even though it wasn’t true… I just endured it.

‘I said that?’

When Daein first heard the story, he was puzzled, but he gradually made various preparations to avoid dying in the coming future.

The things I prepared back then were still valid, and there were still a few things left behind.

But it was also true that I was a little anxious.

In order to shake off his unnecessary worries, Daein said with a grin.

“But let’s not be scared in advance. Everything will work out in the end. “I just saw the future again.”

That was something he said to himself more than anyone else.

“yes! “I’m not worried!”

“It’s a miracle enough that we made it this far without anyone dying.”

“Prophet, just trust us!”

“I will definitely return you to Earth safely!”

When Daein said, ‘I saw the future,’ the expressions of the death squad members relaxed. Only a few people who knew the true situation only slightly hardened their expressions.

“…don’t worry, mister. “Because I’m next to you.”

Lily’s eyes lit up next to her and she clenched her small fists. The great man chuckled and lightly stroked the girl’s head.

“Then let’s talk about the battle tomorrow.”

The meeting continued for a long time after that.

Everyone gave their opinions passionately, discussed and revised to find the best way.

The person listened to all the opinions, collected them, and made the final decision.

“Then let’s roughly summarize it like this…”

After finishing the meeting, Daein looked back at Wang Guho and continued.

“It’s relief. “What did you get from the CEO?”

Wang Guho was in charge of liaison with the Allied Headquarters on Earth.

“They say preparations are complete. “He said he could move at any time.”

The great man nodded as if he liked it.

“I’ll contact you shortly.”


The next day, the armies of the two demon kings who formed an alliance advanced toward Baal’s demon castle.

Of course, the road was not clear.

[Are you here…!]

Agares, who had been standing there like an old stone statue, took a step forward.

-Kugugu goong!

Agares caused an earthquake with a single foot cloud.

The demons running at the front stumbled and were trampled by the allies following them.

-Kwasik! Kwazijic!

Agares let out a harsh roar at the leader of the enemy, who instantly fell into confusion.

[Basago! Where is that coward?]

At that moment, red-hot flames were seen rising from the enemy camp.

Agares widened her eyes.


Before he could finish speaking, flames engulfed him.


The final battle that will decide the fate of the Demon World and Earth has begun.

[ Last Battle (1) ] End

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