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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 324

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[ Star of Transcendence (2) ]

In front of Gigas When they had overcome all the obstacles and almost arrived in front of Baal, Baal suddenly began to behave strangely.



[[Isn’t this different from a promise! Get out of me right now… ugh…!]

The center of the smooth silver giant’s chest bulged out. Hundreds of thick blood vessels stood out and spread out in all directions around the bulging part.

After a while, the raised area in the middle of the giant’s chest changed into a shape similar to a human face.

A bloodless, statue-like face.

The moment that face opens its eyes

– Kwakwakwakwakwakwakwa!

A storm of incredible energy arose.

The shock wave caused the Gigas aircraft, which was moving straight ahead, to shake for the first time.

“That is…”

The moment Baal underwent a hideous mutation, Daein felt the same energy writhing within his body.

I could feel the terrible malice on the face of the enemy as big as the moon.

“Soul Eater…”

The moment Daein muttered softly, his expressionless face changed into an expression of anger.


The entity that took Baal’s body was a part of the soul eater that had been destroyed by Daein, left behind in the demon world.

Soul Eater’s face distorted as he discovered a part of himself trapped in the Daein’s body.

{Do you think you can trap a god?}


The great man felt sick to his stomach and the energy inside his body was fluctuating like crazy.

[warning! warning! Fatal damage is occurring to the user’s body and soul!]

“Mister! are you okay?”

“…It’s worth holding on to.”

Holding back the feeling that he was going to vomit at any moment, Daein pulled the cockpit handle harder.

“It just worked out. “I guess I can finish them both off right now.”

Coming this far, it didn’t matter whether the opponent was Baal or Soul Eater.

I just wanted to end this fight quickly.

“kid. “Hold on tight.”



Longinus burned even more fiercely.

The tip was aimed straight at the forehead of the face that appeared in the middle of the giant’s body.

“let’s go!”

The moment the Gigas accelerated to maximum speed shot out like a beam of light

{Foolish things.}


Immense power gathered into the giant’s body.

Soul Eater is a being who was a god who ruled another dimension in the past. Because of this, he was able to teach Baal how to fuse with the Demon Tree and was able to become a parasite in Baal’s body because he helped with the fusion.

Baal and Soul Eater made a deal.

‘Get the landlord and give it to me. ‘That’s all I want.’

Baal believed that Soul Eater’s purpose was to take revenge on Daein and steal his body, so he joined hands.

However, Soul Eater’s real goal was not to become a great man, but to become a god again.

Baal is a being who already has enough potential to become the god of a world.

Soul Eater quietly waited for his time and eventually succeeded in taking Baal’s body, which had fused with the Demon Tree.

{I’ll show you the true power of God.}


The level of power gathered by the giant was different.

Soul Eater was a being much more familiar with using the ‘power of the world’ than Baal.



Daein and Lily gritted their teeth against the pressure that felt like their entire bodies were being crushed.

The aircraft shook like a small ship shaken by a storm, and the flames on Longinus were in danger of going out.

In that state, the giant’s fist and the tip of Longinus’ spear collided.


For the first time, Longinus’ charge was blocked.

The burning tip of the spear could no longer advance and was blocked by the giant’s hand that filled the sight.

{God is omnipotent.}


Daein took control of the Gigas, hurriedly turned it back, and dived vertically.

A giant whose height it is difficult for opponents to even guess. In that case, the rule would be to gain a relative advantage in speed and then attack from the ankles and break them down.


{also omniscient.}


Before I knew it, the wall came up from below – the opponent was so huge that I couldn’t even tell if it was a hand, a foot, or any part of the body.

The Gigas barely came to a stop after being bounced for several kilometers.

The brilliant radiance that enveloped the aircraft dimmed, and part of the external armor fell off.

“Crazy… ugh….”

The great man was sweating profusely and panting. My hands were shaking and the blood didn’t stop flowing from the corner of my mouth.

{It looks difficult.}

Since the parts of existence were connected to each other, the Soul Eater also knew that Daein’s physical condition was at its worst.

{Do you now understand how little power you have?}

“…Shut up.”

Hahaha – Gigas stumbled in the air due to the storm created by the giant laughing.

The giant waved his hand lightly as if joking.


Gigas, who barely avoided the attack and retreated to the side, stumbled in the air and finally managed to regain his balance and dig into the giant’s gap.

Soul Eater looked so insignificant and ridiculous.

{Ghahahahaha! It’s like a fly!} It’s

like flying around helplessly and trying to fight with a weak body that can be broken with just one hit.

-Wow! Whoops! Whoops!

At most, Gigas’ attacks could barely cause any damage to the giant’s body.

Soul Eater, who had been enjoying the joke for a while, soon spoke in a bored voice.

{I’m bored. Now I have to get a part of me back.}

Soul Eater stretched out his hand a little faster.

Even without using omnipotent power, it was enough to catch a fly.


But it went astray.


The great man grinned with a clear look of exhaustion towards Soul Eater, whose expression hardened as if he could not understand.

“You guys are always like that.”


The brilliance of God surrounding Gigas, which had faded after the first collision, began to gradually become darker again.

“If your opponent is weak, look down on them and ignore them. “It never occurs to me that that weak enemy might be thinking of a way to bite my head off.”

Leisure and arrogance that only the strong with overwhelming power can enjoy.

“battery? omnipotence? god? So what.”

On the other hand, the weak think desperately to survive, prepare tools, and deceive their enemies into traps.

Before returning, the landlord was a complete weakling.

Although I am now stronger than anyone else in the world, I have never forgotten my experience when I was the weak one.

“That’s why you fall for me.”


The flame, which had weakened to the point of almost being extinguished, engulfed Longinus again. The incandescent tip of the spear was aimed at the ‘real target’.

{Are you saying you hid your power and deceived me until the end? Why?}

“Because I don’t have time to fight. “As long as you achieve your goal, that’s enough.”

The reason Gigas flew around the giant like a fly, poking around here and there, was to find a target by flowing magical energy throughout its gigantic body.

‘found. The core of the demon world.’

Slightly below the giant’s right chest.

There, the heart of that silver giant and the source of energy that made up this demon world, was stirring.

The great man no longer hid his power or hesitated.

“Maximize characteristics – overdrive.”


Chi-ik-. Gigas’ magic circuit overheated to the point of burning out, and the remaining magic power in Dragonheart, its power source, was drawn up to the last drop.

Here, Daeyin used his characteristic [Energy Manipulation] to inject the energy within his body into Gigas and Longinus.


A five-colored, brilliant light engulfed Gigas and Longinus and burned brightly.

The giant flew straight towards the giant.

[warning! warning! Fatal damage occurs to the user’s body and soul!]

As the enormous amount of energy was controlled, the Daein’s physical condition worsened.


Blood constantly flowing from the mouth, vision becoming blurry, hands shaking.


But the great man swallowed the blood that came up, widened his eyes, and tightened his grip.


Lily held back the tears that were about to burst out and folded her hands on top of Daein’s hands.

{Just because you’ve been hiding your power until now, what more can you do?}

Soul Eater exploded with anger and fired a huge amount of energy straight ahead.


That power was not at all insufficient compared to the power emitted by Gigas.

At the moment when the two enormous energies were expected to collide,

Daein activated the first characteristic that had saved him several times so far.

“Maximize characteristics – absolute concealment.”

Gigas’ body turned translucent and the energy emitted by the giant passed right through it.


Leaving behind the shattering landscape of the demon world, Gigas advanced and pierced the giant’s body.

At that moment, absolute concealment was broken.


The silver world spread out in front of the two was splitting in two.

[warning! warning! Permanent damage will occur to the user’s body and soul!]

[Continued use of the power may cause the user’s existence to disappear!]

The Star of Transcendence sent a warning more fiercely than ever.

However, the great man looked rather relieved.


The great man burst into laughter and gently stroked the red hair of the girl sitting on his lap.


Tears were falling from Lily’s big eyes.



The surrounding milky world began to narrow and pressure Gigas. It was the Soul Eater’s attempt to trap the Gigas within the body by contracting the muscles within the body.

“Make it a whole roast.”


The girl held back her tears and nodded. And he created a flame with all his might.


The flames that erupted from Longinus began to burn the silver giant from the inside.


The Soul Eater screamed in terrible pain as his body was burning from the inside.

-bang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The silver giant that had been convulsing while destroying the world began to slowly melt.


Daein and Lily arrived at their target location.

To be exact, Gigas stopped a little short of its goal and reached its maneuvering limit.


Smoke rose from the overheated Gigas fuselage.


Daein opened the cockpit with force and walked out with great strides.

– My heart is pounding.

A heart was seen pulsating regularly.

A heart containing a light that can only be described as chaos, with numerous lights mixed together.

The great man looked at it with a pale expression.

“That is the core of the Demon World….”

The source of energy that makes up one world.

If you access that power, you can change the rules of the world, create a new one, destroy it, or start anew.

Therefore, it is a force that is too dangerous for one being to handle.

‘After using it, it should be sealed deep inside.’

The great man turned his head and looked at the Spear of Longinus.


Just like Gigas, Longinus was in a state where more than half of it had melted and could no longer function as a weapon.

‘It’s impossible to swing a spear that size with my current body.’

The great man stretched out his hand toward the Spear of Longinus.


God’s jewels were pulled out from the grooves and swirled around the great man’s body.

It didn’t matter if I didn’t have to use a window. What was important was a gem that could control the power of the core.


“Mister. “Lean on me.”

The great man walked towards the core of the demon world with tired steps. Lily supported the stumbling man from the side.

It was then.

– Do you want to live? –

The core of the demon world spoke to him.

[Star of Transcendence (2)] End

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Regressor’s Life After Retirement

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After the first Gate opened in 2018, Lim Dae-In survived for 20 years on Earth while being connected to other dimensions. The day after his long-awaited retirement celebration, he regresses by 20 years, back to when he had nothing…


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