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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 327

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[ Star of Transcendence (5) – Invitation ]

– Rumbling!

The demon world was breaking apart.

The ground collapsed, the mountain collapsed beneath it, and lava exploded underground and swept across the ground like a tsunami.



The crazy demons attacked and ate each other indiscriminately. He drank the blood and chewed the flesh of the demon who was his comrade in arms just moments ago.


Not knowing that their bodies were melting into the lava, the demons ate each other until their heads melted away.

Most of them were so crazy that they couldn’t even feel pain.


More than a thousand powerful magical storms appeared in the sky. Everything that had wings fell to the ground. There were no exceptions.

-Tsk tsk tsk tsk…!

A thick darkness was created like fog throughout the Demon World.

The darkness came to the demons who were lucky enough to escape and avoid the disasters of both heaven and earth.



The demons consumed by darkness fell down, clutching their necks. They wriggled like bugs, fell limp, and never rose again.

This whole disaster happened in just a few minutes.

Terrible weather events and natural disasters.

It was originally a demon world with a poor environment, but now it was turning into a dead world where no living thing could survive.


It was then that the closed dimensional passage was forcibly opened and two girls who looked exactly like sisters came out of it.

“…It’s worse than I expected.”

The girl who seemed to be the older of the two looked around and said. She spread a spherical magical barrier to protect herself and the little girl.

“What about you, uncle?”

Lily looked around with an anxious expression. I tried to expand my energy as widely as possible and find the energy of a great person.

However, the spirit of the great man was not felt anywhere.

Due to the magic storm and darkness coming from all directions, it was difficult to see even a few meters ahead, and all means of communication were blocked.

“sister! I can’t feel your spirit! “No way, no way…”

Feeling anxious, Lily grabbed hold of her guardian angel’s arm. The girl’s eyes were full of fear.

‘Is it already too late?’

Just thinking about it made my body tremble with fear.

“It’s still okay.”

A hand caressing Lily’s head.

The adult girl called Guardian Angel looked directly into the eyes of her childhood self and spoke.

“If that person had died, these abnormal weather events would have disappeared. hang on. “I’ll look for it.”


Lily looked with wide eyes at the guardian angel who was spreading magical power that was incomparably stronger than her own throughout the demon world.


Lily put her hands together, twisted her fingers, and looked at her guardian angel sister. The guardian angel asked, lightly pinching Lily’s chubby cheeks.

“why? “Is there something you want to say to me?”

“Could it be that you…”

Lily pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something. However, I couldn’t continue and just watched.

Despite the urgent situation, a bright smile appeared on the guardian angel’s lips.

“I was really cute when I was young. Is that the question you want to ask? “Is your sister me?”

“Ah… Yes! that’s right!”

At that moment, a slightly bitter smile appeared on the guardian angel’s face.

“I expected it, but… I guess he didn’t tell you about me in detail. that’s right. I am you from the future. Parallel universe… It’s difficult to explain that, so let’s stop. “I am one of you as an adult.”


Lily looked at herself as an adult, her eyes sparkling.

This super cool and pretty sister is me?

As if reading his thoughts, adult Lily grinned. That smile resembled that of a great person.

“You look pretty, right? When you grow up, you won’t be popular with guys, right? “Unfortunately, everyone around me is just a bunch of useless people.”

Little Lily’s tone of voice became more comfortable as she thought that the other person was herself.

“Hey. Then, will there be a uncle in the future?”


For a moment, adult Lily had a sad expression.

But it was only for a moment. She soon recovered her expression and turned her head in one direction.

“…found. “It’s over there.”

A long, thin finger pointed in one direction.



Although her vision was limited by the enormous magical storm, Lily focused her magical energy in her eyes and stared beyond it.

Then, I vaguely saw something that looked like a mountain.

A huge mountain of ridiculous height.

It was the body of a silver giant that had been defeated while riding a Gigas along with the Giant.

“The man is over there.”

“let’s hurry!”

The two like-minded girls simultaneously spread their flame wings and flew high into the sky.

“I’ll lead the way, so follow me from behind!”

The two girls flew through the terrifying storm of magical power without hesitation.

Adult Lily, who had opened the barrier and was flying in front, looked back and shouted.

“I’ll tell you in advance just in case you don’t know! I can’t stay here for long! “I have to go back to my world in 10 minutes at the most!”

“Just find it! “Can you save him?”

Adult Lily nodded with a confident expression.

“of course. I don’t get hit the same way twice. “If I fly faster, will you be able to catch up?”

“huh! are you okay!”

Adult Lily increased the speed of her wings, and Little Lily followed closely behind. The two became a ray of lightning that pierced the storm.

But the path the two took was by no means smooth.



Monsters born from the magic storm blocked them.

The first thing that appeared was the ghosts of the demon kings.

An abnormal phenomenon that occurred when the core of the demon world went berserk.

The half-mad spirits of the demon kings wandered through the storm, found the two girls, and attacked them.


Due to the abnormal phenomenon of magical power running rampant throughout the demon world, the ghosts were emitting a power several times more powerful than the demon kings of the past.

But that was also a story about attacking while observing the opponent.

“Flies are annoying.”

Adult Lily frowned and waved her hand widely as if shooing away flies.

The small flames that flowed from her gestures instantly grew in size and spread out in the shape of a fan.



The ghosts of the demon king who had rushed in all exploded in the air.

“It’s amazing!”

“Well, this is just gum.”

However, unlike the snorting face, adult Lily’s eyes showed nervousness.

It wasn’t because it was difficult to fight in an enormous magical storm.

She looked at the watch on her wrist – the Star of Transcendence.


The speed of the five clock hands turning was getting faster and faster.

‘I don’t have much time.’

The more power you expend, the less time you can stay in another parallel universe.

“I’m going to increase the speed, so follow me!”

Adult Lily didn’t respond and increased her speed. At a speed that I thought would be a bit too much for someone who was still a kid.



The ghosts kept appearing and attacking me. Lily waved her hands nervously.

“Get out of here you flies! If I go back and can’t meet you again because of you! “I’m going to throw it into a special hellfire brazier made by Yeongshin and use it as firewood forever!”

I don’t know if the threat worked, but at some point the ghosts were no longer visible.

Instead, a predator was seen eating the ghosts.


{It’s not over yet! I will definitely become a god again…!}

A spiritual body in the shape of a gray giant with holes like rags.

It was a Soul Eater that escaped from the melted body of a silver giant.

Soul Eater, who was wandering around inside the magic storm, preying on the demon king’s ghosts, found the two girls and approached them.

{Woman! Offer your body to me!}

Those greedy eyes turned to adult Lily.

“…that’s right. “There was also trash for incineration.”

Adult Lily frowned heavily after seeing Soul Eater.

The culprit who kidnapped his younger self, locked him in a laboratory, and left him with terrible trauma.

The moment I saw him again, the anger I had forgotten boiled over.


The moment a blazing white flame gathered in her hand, she cried out,

“Sister! wait for a sec! “I’ll handle that!”

Little Lily stepped forward in place of adult Lily.

-Howling! Grumble!

There was a large flame forming in each of the girl’s palms.

“The worst guy in the world!”

The flames shot out by Little Lily enveloped the soul of the Soul Eater.


The flames did not go out until the Soul Eater was completely destroyed.


Adult Lily stroked the head of Little Lily, who was struggling to breathe.

“good job. But what is a bad guy? “I should have just cursed.”

“I said you shouldn’t swear….”

“It’s funny. “You’re always fucking around?”

“that’s right!”

After chatting behind the man’s back for a while and regaining their stamina, the two flew toward their destination again.

Soon the body of the silver giant was seen.

And I also saw the figure of a great man lying on top of it.

“Oh my…!”

“Shh! “There is someone.”

But they could not reach Daein right away.

A soul as black as the abyss stood guard next to the great man.

[[Landlord. Why did you reject my offer?]]

It was the soul of Baal. Baal was looking down at the great man who was lying dead as if he couldn’t understand.

[[I definitely promised. I will give freedom to you and the lives you choose. I will heal your cracked body and soul. But why did you choose to disappear?]]

There was no answer from the unconscious Daein.

Baal also knew this. But I felt like I would go crazy if I didn’t do this.

[[Is this some kind of heroism? Did you want it to be recorded forever in history? Is this hypocrisy disguised as sacrifice? You foolish human being! Answer me!]]

Baal shouted as if he were going to tear the great man to death at any moment.

But it didn’t actually cause any harm.

Because Daein absorbed Baal’s soul, if he disappeared, Baal’s soul had no choice but to disappear as well.

[[Wake up! I am not a being that can be destroyed like this!]]

Adult Lily, who was watching from behind, whispered to little Lily.

“It doesn’t seem like much of a threat… but let’s get rid of it quickly just in case.”

“I think the same.”

“Are you ready?”


“good. “Let’s finish it once and for all.”

There was no need to go into any more detail than that.

Because they understood each other better than twins.


The lilies scattered on both sides quickly approached Baal.

When Baal noticed and turned around, they were already running at him from both sides.




Two flames intersected in the shape of an X, engulfing Baal’s soul and burning.

[[…Okay, this is more convenient….]]

Since Baal’s soul was subordinate to Daein, even if he disappeared, it had no effect on Daein.

After defeating all the enemies, the two girls ran to the fallen Daein.



The great man was lying down with a pale expression. There were cracks all over his pale skin and body, and white light was leaking out.

Fusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of…

of hair… of the skin on my fingertips and toes, was breaking off little by little.

Little Lily cried and said to adult Lily.

“hurry! hurry!”

“thank god. “It’s not too late… Move aside for a moment.”

Adult Lily knelt down next to the unconscious man.


After staring at the great man blankly for a moment, she turned her head and looked back at little Lily.

If I don’t tell you this in advance, I’ll be quite surprised.

“Actually, there is only one way to wake up the sleeping man.”


“Princess’s kiss.”


Before little Lily, who had frozen in place, could react, adult Lily lowered her head towards the adult’s face.


Even though it wasn’t her doing, little Lily’s heart was pounding like it was going to explode.

‘But it’s me!’

Even in this serious situation, amidst all sorts of complicated thoughts, adult Lily’s lips slowly moved…


It touched the man’s cheek.


“What is that sigh of relief?”

Adult Lily smiled and looked at the child. Little Lily, who had a surprised expression, pouted her lips with a sullen expression.

But the great man still did not wake up.

“Why aren’t you waking up?”

“Actually, the kiss was a joke. “You need to relax.”

“You idiot!”

Adult Lily clenched her fist and pushed away the forehead of the kid who was attacking her, and took out a potion from inside subspace with her other hand.

“It’s a treatment that is incredibly expensive and took a lot of hard work to create.”

A treatment that was created too late after losing my uncle.

“If you eat this, most of the energy in your body will melt and disappear. Then the breakdown of body and soul will stop. Instead… I may have to live like an ordinary person from now on.”

“doesn’t care! “I just need to protect you!”

Adult Lily smiled at those words.

“okay. “That will do.”

Because the great man’s body was slowly disintegrating, he had to be extremely careful about pouring the medicine into his mouth.


As more than half of it flowed down the side, adult Lily muttered with a serious expression.

“I’m not eating well. Should I also feed it by mouth?…”


Little Lily stands against that with a desperate attitude.

After many twists and turns, the two succeeded in giving Daein the cure.

And after a while

, like a miracle, the great man opened his eyes.

Blink blink.

The great man blinked a few times and looked at the two Lily’s in turn with a blank expression.

“Kid… go… two…?”

Then he closed his eyes again and muttered as if he was sighing.

“I did so many good things before I died, but ended up in hell…”


“You idiot!”

Hearing the two girls’ chorus, the great man opened his eyes again and looked at them.

“…is it real?”

“Of course it’s real!”

The moment little Lily was about to be hugged by the adult with a bright face, adult Lily was one step ahead of her and hugged the adult.


Daein only widened his eyes in awkwardness. A wet voice came from next to my ear. The voice was trembling.

“…It’s been a while since we met. “Is it okay to complain like this?”

“What is this, a big kid…?”

In fact, Lily looked so mature that it felt awkward to call her a kid.

But even when he grew up, the little boy was still a little boy.

Red, bloodshot eyes and a bright red tip of the nose.

The great man smiled and patted her on the back.

“…thanks. “For coming to save me.”

After a while, Daein looked at the adult Lily’s face.

At least he was a high school student, and depending on how you look at it, he looked like he was well over 20 years old.

“But how old are you?”

“Are you asking a woman’s age when you first meet her?”

“It looks suspicious that you’re not talking. Are you older than me…”

“Will you shut up? “Are you still receiving treatment?”

She joked around with Daein – she didn’t mention her age until the end – and treated her wounds with all kinds of potions from the future.

Suddenly, with an apologetic look on her face, she looked back at little Lily and said,

“sorry. “I was the only one talking to you, right?”

“…no. are you okay.”

Little Lily shook her head as if she was really okay.

Because now I know. The fact that there is no uncle in that world.

When I became an adult, I kissed my uncle, hugged him, and told him very mischievous jokes.

‘You missed your uncle a lot….’

So I could understand.

Little Lily took a step back and allowed the two to talk more.


“Ha. “I have now fulfilled my wish.”

After the adult’s treatment was completed, adult Lily stood up and stretched with a refreshed expression.

“This is all I can do. “The rest is up to you.”

‘It’s up to me?’

Those words sounded strangely meaningful to the great man.

But before I could ask any more, she said goodbye.

“Unfortunately, I’m running out of time, so I’ll just leave. “Let’s meet again later.”

She glanced at her watch, smiled brightly, and waved at the two people.

Now it was time to go back.

“huh! bye!”

“Go carefully.”

Just like when she appeared, she turned into a flame and disappeared before the eyes of the two people.

“kid. “Let’s go home too.”


“Please help me. “I have no strength whatsoever in my body.”


“Hey. “Are you upset?”

Only then did Lily open her eyes and glare at the great man.

“I’m not upset, I’m angry!”

And then he ran over and hit Daein. Of course, I didn’t really hit him.

If I did that now, I could have died.

“Even if we die, we die together! Even if we live, we live together! okay? Did you get it? Guu!”

“Okay, just stop! 100 million! hey! “I told you to stop!”

“You need to get hit harder and come to your senses!”

In the end, Daein was beaten for a while longer and was only released after making a strange oath that he would never die alone again(?).

“And take this. Don’t ever think about giving it to me again!”

What Lily returned was the watch transcendence star filled by Daein himself.

“Okay, okay.”

Daein chuckled and put the watch back on his wrist.

At that moment,

[The Star of Transcendence (Transcendence) is activated.]

[You have achieved the last condition.]

[The manager of the dimensional hub has sent you an invitation.]


[Star of Transcendence (5)-Invitation] End

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